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Posted: August 8, 2018 at 7:41 pm

PGRN-Hub will encourage and support participation of all investigators with an interest in precision medicine through establishment of an efficient and innovative infrastructure that promotes scientific exchange through the following aims:

Aim 1.Provide support and infrastructure for PGRN meetings, conference calls and webinars that use information technologies and novel meeting activities to enhance communication and scientific exchange. In particular, we will provide logistical and technical support for (a) at least two PGRN annual meetings at designated PGRN sites and (b) regular conference calls and webinars.

Aim 2.Establish a PGRN Virtual Home to enhance and promote communications among PGRN members and with scientific and public audiences while attracting new membership. In particular, we will (a) develop and promote a web interface to unify, organize, and display all PGRN resources and activities at; (b) host lectures and display professional-quality presentations that highlight up-to-date PGRN accomplishments; and (c) establish an intranet to handle PGRN meeting logistics and to support PGRN webinars and internal collaborations.

Aim 3.Promote a collaborative and synergistic network by (a) incorporating networking opportunities into our meetings; (b) soliciting open proposals to develop and incubate new ideas for collaborations; and (c) providing access to information from key resources that will support the conduct of the proposed collaborative projects including PGRN Enabling Resources such as RPGEH.

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