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Dayton speech, debate teacher honored with national award – Chron

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Hes a fierce competitor and a loyal teacher to his students, constantly praising them and giving them invaluable advice. Now hes being recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association for his excellence and longevity in the sport of speech and debate.

Hes a fierce competitor and a loyal teacher to his students, constantly praising them and giving them invaluable advice. Now hes being recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association for his

Hes a fierce competitor and a loyal teacher to his students, constantly praising them and giving them invaluable advice. Now hes being recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association for his excellence and longevity in the sport of speech and debate.

Hes a fierce competitor and a loyal teacher to his students, constantly praising them and giving them invaluable advice. Now hes being recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association for his

Dayton speech, debate teacher honored with national award

Hes a fierce competitor and a loyal teacher to his students, constantly praising them and giving them invaluable advice. Now hes being recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association for his excellence and longevity in the sport of speech and debate.

Dayton High Schools Speech and Debate Coach James Kingsmill will be recognized at the Donus Roberts Award Ceremony at the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 19 with his First Diamond Award.

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A Diamond coach award reflects on excellence and longevity in the activity.

According to the NSDA website, A coachs first Diamond is earned when they receive 15,000 points and have been coaching in the Association for at least five years since achieving the degree of merit (25 points). Five years must pass between each new diamond award, and 15,000 points must be earned to receive a second diamond. An additional 30,000 points must be earned, and five years must pass for each additional diamond.

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Formed in 1925, The National Speech and Debate Association, previously called the National Forensic League until 2014, is the worlds largest forensic organization devoted to speech and debate activities. It bestows numerous awards and recognition to students, coaches, and schools annually. Diamond Coach Awards reflect excellence and longevity in the activity.

Prior to coaching at Dayton, Kingsmill coached at Galena Park and Needville High Schools. Under his leadership, Kingsmills debate teams have had success on the state and national level. His students have advanced to the University Interscholastic League (UIL) State Contest in both Cross Examination and Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Informative and Persuasive Speaking. His students have debated Student Congress in the Texas State Capitol.

Nationally his debate teams have earned spots as National Qualifiers and Finalists for the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament and have earned the distinction of Academic All Americans.

Since his arrival at Dayton ISD, Kingsmills students have regularly competed and won numerous awards.

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Dayton speech, debate teacher honored with national award - Chron

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Improve Longevity By Finding Time Each Year To Do This – International Business Times

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm


Life expectancy statistics bring so much hope in 2020, particularly when tracing the origins of the data. The huge increase in global life expectancy over the past few decades displays a truly pleasing picture. This upward trend may be attributed in part to pioneering studies in the field of medicine and science.

The findings from both kinds of research continue to add weight to universally accepted facts like how eating a healthy and balanced diet can prevent the development of life-threatening ailments. Going on a holiday hasalso been proven by many meticulous studies to be good for your health.

In one such study covering a period of 40 years, going on vacation can help extend your lifespan. The results of the study were published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging.

The Vacation and Life Span Link

Researchers, to prove such a hypothesis, analyzed data on more than 1,000 male executives in their middle age who were born between 1919 and 1934. These participants were asked to join the Helsinki Businessmen Study in 1974 and 1975. increase life expectancy through vacation Photo: Pexels

Each of the volunteers had at least one cardiovascular disease risk factor like high cholesterol, glucose intolerance, smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and high triglyceride levels.They were then divided into a control group comprising of 610 men and an intervention group consisting of 612 men and observed for five years.

The intervention group, during that time, received written and oral advice every four months to perform aerobic physical activity, consume a healthy diet, attain a healthy weight, and quit smoking.They also received drugs, like beta-blockers and diuretics, which were recommended during that time to reduce their blood pressure. They were also given lipids like clofibrate and probucol.

Those in the control group received the usual healthcare and were not examined by the investigators. As expected, those in the intervention group enjoyed a lower cardiovascular disease risk of 46% compared to the control group at the end of the study.

A 15-year follow-up conducted in 1989, however, showed more deaths occurred in the intervention group compared to the control group. The surprising discovery made the researchers conduct some deeper investigation. They found that shorter vacations are linked to more deaths occurring in the intervention group.

3 Weeks is the Golden Number

They found that those who only had 3 weeks or less of annual vacation had an increased 37% chance of dying as compared to those who had more. The data they looked at was between 1974 to 2004.

As per the professors who analyzed the findings, they revealed that men who had shorter vacations slept less, and they were the ones to worked more. In short, they had a stressful lifestyle.

In conclusion, Professor Timo Strandberg from the University of Helsinki in Finland said that the results of the study suggest that reducing stress is also essential in programs that aim to reduce cardiovascular risk. A healthy lifestyle and reducing stress may be among the most effective keys to prolonging life.

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Improve Longevity By Finding Time Each Year To Do This - International Business Times

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U.S. ranks 39th in child well-being study – The Hill

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm

The United States ranks below nearly 40 countries when it comes to childrens health and well-being, while the health of children worldwide is under threat due to sustainability issues, according to a new report.

The report was compiled by health experts in a commission convened by the World Health Organization (WHO), Unicef and published in the medical journal The Lancet. It ranked 180 countries on three measures of child well-being: flourishing, sustainability and equity. The categories include health, education, nutrition, sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions and income gaps.

The U.S. came in at No. 39 on the child flourishing index, while Norway, South Korea and the Netherlands ranked in the top three respectively. Meanwhile, Somalia, Chad and the Central African Republic ranked last respectively.

Countries were also ranked by levels of excessive carbon emissions. Researchers looked at projected levels for 2030. The United States ranked number 173 for sustainability.

When the report factors in CO2 emissions, however, the top three countries were ranked 156, 166 and 160 respectively, based on their carbon emissions. The United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia are among the10 worst emitters in the world.

The report notes that while the poorest countries need to do more to support their childrens ability to live healthy lives, excessive carbon emissions from wealthier countries threaten the future of all children across the globe.

Despite improvements in child and adolescent health over the past 20 years, progress has stalled, and is set to reverse, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and co-Chair of the Commission Helen Clark said in a statement.

It has been estimated that around 250 million children under five years old in low-and middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching their developmental potential, based on proxy measures of stunting poverty. But of even greater concern, every child worldwide now faces existential threats from climate change and commercial pressures.

The reports authors called for countries to stop excessive carbon emissions, tighten regulations around commercial marketing of harmful products like alcohol and introduce new policies to protect childrens health, nutrition and rights.

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U.S. ranks 39th in child well-being study - The Hill

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How To Tell If Your New Employee Will Quit On You After 6 Months Or 7 Years. The Mindset Method. – Thrive Global

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Keeping Employees Nowadays Is Tough.

Now more than ever spotting your right employees got more challenging than ever. In its 2018 Employee Tenure Summary, theBLSreported, the median employee tenure was 4.3 years for men and 4.0 years for women. We dont have the data for 2019, but we also know that this longevity varies by age and occupation while retention becomes a catch and release game.

That is why any tool that can help you as an employer to at leastpredict retention probabilitiescan be a game-changer. And here comes the undeniable utility ofthe mindset method.I call it the mindset method because it uses one of thesubconscious mindset filters involved to run us on autopilot. And so, working with the filters is like hacking someones brain.

Every time I used this method it was stunningly accurate. I mean I did it in my training with 10, 20 people, or in private coaching. I did this while helping companies with new hires. I did it with my husband, he with his colleagues. Same amazing accuracy.

The only downfall is I didnt use it enough or speak about it when its so valuable for all of you to know. It can save you time, money, or at least prepare you for some changes in the near future. I couldnt do it with myself because, you know, I was already spoiled with the rules. But other than that it worked magic.

Not to mention it works the same for relationships. That can get intriguing. Thats because the subconscious filter youll use to determine the longevity of your new employee is calledThe Relationship Filter.

Youll need 3 coins for that (nickels, dimes, euro cents, you name it). It doesnt matter what type of coins, just to be the same carrying the same value. They can be fake coins if you want. But you need them for this test.

Once you evaluate a candidate for the job, place the 3 coins in front of the person. Two of them should have the same orientation. Like if its a nickel you have two heads pointing straight up and one of the heads pointing at the other two, or in a different direction. If you use number based coins you orient the numbers straight up for two of the coins and one pointing in a different direction. You got the idea.

Now, ask this question:

Whats the relationship between these 3 coins?

Its crucial to not change the question, ask it exactly this way, using these exact words. This will give you the ability to hear their language using an ambiguous question based on similarities, not differences.

Now its time to listen. Consider every word they say.This wayyoull get the answer youre looking for, based on 5 categories. Youll include your new employee or candidate in one of these 5.

You look for percentages. This way to can plan for the change.

Lets translate the data.

You look for percentages and which comes first. Sameness people will always start with similarities. Those with differences will start with that.

First, dont panic. Especially if you want someone badly but it turns out he/shes in category 5, or 4, and you want that person around for many years to come.

Someone with the difference filter on can stay longer at the job if the job itself changes in that period. If you can count on max. 6 months you need to plan new responsibilities, department changes, different schedules, and a different routine, or even title.

Here is the magic.

If that person perceives the change like a new opportunity it can stay.

Since I am a promoter of a remote work environment, wherever is possible, lets include the simplest way to use this method no matter where your employees are.

It doesnt matter what kind of screening software you use. There are those cool quizzes where you can include this test. You can even do it through a simple form of a questionnaire (text and image).

If its a video interview you just include a slide to share during the question and listen.

If the coin method is not available for whatever reason, here is another question you can ask.

What is the relationship between what youre doing this year on the job and what you did at this time last year?

The same rules apply. Listen to the words your candidate is saying.

These filters are not good or bad. They reflect how you perceive the relationship between things in your life. How they are related to each other. Once you know what youre dealing with you can plan things out.

The same goes for personal relationships. If your significant other is with you for 2 years and you know its differences with exception (or sameness and differences equally) you understand its time to spark up the relationship or create some significant changes. If you want to keep that person of course.

I know its not ideal, especially if you are forever sameness, but at least a big hallo is lifted from your head, and now you know what to expect and evaluate if the sacrifices worth the effort.

Note!Just to be clear. The Mindset Method using the Relationship Filter wont take all the other evaluation methods out of the table. Your employee still needs to match the company, its culture, and be an overall good fit. And then the relationship filter can come into play.

This article was inspired by the emails I received after thisFREE Masterclass. Its still running for a limited time. Feel yourself invited:HOW TO READ PEOPLE BY DISCOVERING THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS FILTERS.

Originally published atMindset to Greatness

How To Tell If Your New Employee Will Quit On You After 6 Months Or 7 Years. The Mindset Method. - Thrive Global

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Shhhhh! We know the secret to living past 100 – The Province

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Grandma in superhero costume standing with arm flexed vector cartoon illustration. Smiling friendly confident Caucasian senior woman wearing cape and mask. Lifestyle, active old age, health theme.

The secret to living past 100 has finally been revealed by scientists looking to understand what makes some people live longer than others.

Arent you dying to know? It turns out that longevity is linked to a supercharged immune system that protects the body from infections.

Known as super-agers or supercentenarians, these older adults tend to have uniquely potent immune cells that specifically target viruses, bacteria and tumours in the body. In fact, research already shows that supercentenarians are able to fight off cancer and infections more effectively than others.

According to the Telegraph, most people have a type of cell called CD4 T-cells that scan the body for invaders, and then release chemicals to attract immune cells to take out the disease.

The study followed seven supercentenarians (all who were 110 years-old or older), and found that a large number of their CD4 T-cells take up arms against body invaders, giving the immune system a huge boost. It was also found that they had about 25 per cent more CD4 T-cells, compared to less than 10 per cent in the average person.

We were especially interested in studying this group of people because we consider them to be a good model of healthy aging, and this is important in societies like Japan where aging is proceeding rapidly, Dr. Kosuke Hashimoto, a researcher at Japan-based Riken Center for Integrative Medical Science (IMS) told the Telegraph.

If we can find the link between the immune system and aging and longevity, we may be able to contribute to prolonging healthy life expectancies, he said.

The team also looked at 40,000 immune cells from the group of supercentenarians and compared them to younger groups between the ages of 50 to 80, finding that supercentenarians have a high level of cytotoxic cells cells that can kill other cells. Researchers discovered that these special cells were developed after being cloned from one single ancestor cell.

IMS Deputy Director Piero Carninci told the Telegraph, We believe that these type of cells, which are relatively uncommon in most individuals, even the young, are useful for fighting against established tumours, and could be important for immuno-surveillance. This is exciting as it has given us new insights into how people who live very long lives are able to protect themselves from conditions such as infections and cancer.

Next, researchers want to find out how and why supercentenarians have these special cells, and if it can be replicated to extend life and boost health.

Excerpt from:
Shhhhh! We know the secret to living past 100 - The Province

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Mass Adoption Of AI In Financial Services Expected Within Two Years – Forbes

Posted: February 21, 2020 at 2:50 pm

Percentage of reported significant AI-induced increases in profitability by current R&D ... [+] expenditure on AI (Figure 2.17 in Survey)

A significant number of executives from 151 financial institutions in 33 countries say that within the next two years they expect to become mass adopters of AI and expect AI to become an essential business driver across the financial industry. This information was collected as part of a survey on AI in Financial Services conducted by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and supported by EY and Invesco. The objective of the study was to understand the opportunities and challenges that will result from mass adoption of AI in Financial Services.The research was published in a 127-page report entitled Transforming Paradigms A Global AI in Financial Services Survey.

Financial Services sectors represented in the survey sample.

Highlights from the Survey

Perceived strategic importance of AI over time.

Insights from the Survey

R&D expenditure spent on AI.

My comments about the Survey

The report addressed the widening technological gap between high and low spenders as high spenders increase funding for AI R&D. Researchers speculated that AI supremacy might be determined between high-spenders vs. low-spenders rather than incumbents vs. disruptors.That may prove to be true, but consider that in the last 10 years investment in the FinTech industry exceeded $350 billion dollars. During the same period, a similar amount of funding was invested in other industries such as AI, healthcare, and aerospace. There have been a number of important breakthroughs in these other areas but not in FinTech. So far, the money invested in FinTech has not yielded significant results compared to other domains. FinTech received more investment but accomplished less with it.

Long term AI supremacy in financial services is likely to result from a combination of factors including funding, technical prowess, domain expertise, and AI friendly senior management driving AI strategy. The companies most likely to achieve AI supremacy will be the ones capable of attracting interdisciplinary teams with deep experience in both AI and financial services who can design, build, and implement AI-powered novel FinTech solutions. Companies with AI-friendly executives will demonstrate how the effective use of AI can increase company valuation and their presence could be an indication that a company is more likely to succeed.

Development teams with experience using AI will understand AIs potential and its limitations. Teams with domain specific knowledge in financial services will understand the real-world processes that they are modeling and thus will develop superior products. Companies that achieve AI leadership in FinTech will be the ones that assemble experienced teams with deep expertise in both AI and financial services.

FinTech, AI, and data-driven technologies will converge into a single advanced technology


In the near future, FinTech, AI, and data-driven technologies will converge into a single advanced technology. Next-generation financial companies will use engineering methods with integrated systems to treat business, finance, and technology as a single unit with complementary parts. The resulting FinTech 2.0 will offer unprecedented potential for growth and disruption.The 7 components of FinTech 2.0 are:

In the HealthTech space, the application of data science and AI has already enabled P4 Medicine (personalized, predictive, precision, participatory). The integration of data science, AI, and FinTech will result in P4 FinTech (personalized, predictive, precision, participatory). AI will enable personalized financial products optimized for individuals. Several cycles of feedback between the user and the AI system will deliver products specifically tuned to each individual. This level of AI enabled personalization is already standard in progressive medical clinics and soon will be incorporated in progressive FinTech companies. Companies using AI enabled FinTech 2.0 will surpass low tech FinTech companies and financial institutions using outdated technologies.

Longevity Banks will offer financial inclusion

There has never been a bank that focused on developing financial services optimized for people over 60. The AI-enabled Longevity Economy presents an opportunity for the financial industry to provide financial inclusion to people over 60, many of whom have been excluded in the past. With FinTech 2.0, financial institutions will be able to serve this untapped multi trillion dollar market comprised of 1 billion people over 60 who make up the wealthiest part of the financial system. The global spending power of this demographic is $15 trillion per year, and is expected to grow to $27 trillion by 2026.

Advanced FinTech is already emerging in London and AI tools for FinTech 2.0 are already in development there. AI-powered Longevity Banks will provide services to help people 60+ optimize their wealthspan. Clients of Longevity Banks will have more time to accumulate wealth, will have a longer investment horizon, and will benefit from compounding.These age friendly banks will utilize AI to develop and deploy fully integrated AgeTech-WealthTech solutions to grow their clients healthspan and wealthspan simultaneously in a coordinated way. FinTech innovators will use AI to provide personalized financial products that provide a comprehensive view of investments, taxes, insurance, and regulation without unneeded complexity. AI will make it possible for people to enjoy a high quality life in their golden years.

The complete report is available here: Transforming Paradigms A Global AI in Financial Services Survey.

Margaretta Colangelo is co-founder of Longevity Bank which is expected to launch in Switzerland later this year.

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Mass Adoption Of AI In Financial Services Expected Within Two Years - Forbes

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