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Frontrunner for the VA GOP’s 2021 Gubernatorial Nomination Rallies in Honor of Far-Right Paramilitary Group Member; As Del. Jay Jones Points Out, the…

How did you spend *your* fourth of July holiday? Probably not like the frontrunner for the Virginia GOPs 2021 gubernatorial nomination, Amanda Chase, who was hanging out in Richmond yesterday with her buddies including right-wing extremist groups, a gun club and white supremacists. Chase was also busy opining that Confederate monuments despite all historical evidence to the contrary are NOT symbols of hate. By the way, since the media didnt report this key information, for whatever reason(s), Chases rally yesterday was as she herself posted on Facebook in honor of Duncan Lemp. Who was Duncan Lemp, you ask? Heres the Wikipedia entry on his fatal shooting by police:

On March 12, 2020, Duncan Socrates Lempwas fatally shot at his home inPotomac, Maryland, during ano-knockpolice raidby the Montgomery County Police DepartmentsSWATteam.Lemp was astudentand asoftware developerwho associated himself with the3 Percenters, a far-right paramilitary militia group

Lemp associated himself with the3 Percenters, a far-right paramilitary militia group, and set up websites for other such organizations.He also frequented the4chanandRedditmessage boards, sites popular withinternet trolls.He was a member of theUnited States Transhumanist Party, having joined on September 6, 2019.A week before the raid, Lemp posted a picture of two people armed with rifles onInstagram, with text referring to boogaloo, a term used by theboogaloo movementas coded language for an anticipated war against the government or liberals.

Thats a pretty important piece of information youd think the media would have reported, by the way, butnope, that might take a minute or two of using Google or whatever. And god forbid they actually give their readers the full context of whats going on. Ugh.

Anyway, so what was the reaction from the Virginia GOP to State Senator Chases rally with white supremacists in honor of a former member of a far-right paramilitary militia group? So far, as Del. Jay Jones (D) pointed out a few minutes ago the silence is deafening here. And its not like Virginia Republicans werent tweeting yesterday; see the Virginia GOP Twitter feed, which has tweets on their U.S. Senate candidate, handing out Trump yard signs, etc. But anything on Chase and her white supremacists rally in Richmond yesterday. Nope, nada. Theres also nothing from the VA Senate GOP Twitter feed either on Chases Fourth of July festivities. Cat got the Virginia GOPs tongue? Do these folks actually *approve* of Chases behavior, are they just terrified of her, or both? Or, ultimately, do they realize that if they condemn Chase, theyd have to also condemn Trump and others in their own party, and thats something they cant bring themselves to do?

See the article here:
Frontrunner for the VA GOP's 2021 Gubernatorial Nomination Rallies in Honor of Far-Right Paramilitary Group Member; As Del. Jay Jones Points Out, the...

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A music and arts festival for Mumbaikars – Times of India

Unrated is an alternative arts & music fundraiser concert hosted on a Real-Time Live 3D Virtual Events platform with a Mission for Raising INR 1 Million Funds for COVID-19 Warriors. Transhuman Collective, an award-winning immersive experience design consultancy and production company introduces its open to all Real-Time Live Virtual Event called UNRATED on 18th and 19th July, 2020 from 6:30 pm onwards. Transhuman Collective has been successfully creating and delivering some of the most spectacular events for brands and Govt bodies over the years. The aim behind UNRATED is to raise funds for the COVID-19 warriors. In association with GiveIndia, Transhuman Collective will be engaging the audience in a never seen before experience through UNRATED. The mission is to raise INR 1 Million in order to provide PPE Kits to COVID-19 warriors. In view of the ongoing circumstances, the minds behind Transhuman Collective thought of creating and providing a unique concept that will engage and motivate audiences across the globe. The event is sure to be one of the best campaigns as UNRATED is a festival by the artist and for the artists.

The concert will not only feature the most eclectic music artists but also visual and graffiti artists, like Ash Roy, Calm Chor, Artist Vinayak, Ox7gen, Zokhuma, Nate08, Helium Project and Nelsonto name a few. It will also feature Live visual artists and street artists like Cursorama, Vj Decoy, Samvida+Viktor, Daku, Arthat and Yantr.

The industry has been noticing various virtual events that have been hosted in India, but somewhere there was a lack of a never seen before concept. Transhuman Collective along with their team of enthusiasts conceptualised a multiple immersive technology like Realtime 3D technology, sound reactive lights, augmented reality, holographic, projection mapping etc to offer a one of a kind experience to their audience. Thereby, the organizers built their own Real Time LIVE 3D Virtual Events platform called TransSpace.

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A music and arts festival for Mumbaikars - Times of India

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This startup is ensuring babies get a good nights sleep with its smart mattress – YourStory

For any new parent, sleep is very important. Not just for themselves but even for their newborn. Studies suggest thata good nights sleepis extremely important for the cognitive growth of infants. And to get a good nights sleep, the mattress plays an important role.

To address this problem, Sameer Agarwal, Swapnil Rao, Aneesha Pillai, and Deepak Gupta founded NapNap in 2017. The Mumbai-based startup is an end-to-end consumer products company, focussed on the global mothercare and baby care segment.

The NapNap Team

According to the founders, its flagship product,NapNap Mat, is a portable baby mattress that mimics a mothers womb using a precise combination of vibrations and white noise to soothe infants and lull them to sleep within minutes.

Based on clinical trials conducted by Harvard Medical Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston, USA), NapNap Mat regularises infant breathing and treats apnea among preterm babies by 50 percent.

Sameer comes with over 12 years of experience in Sales and Business Development, Operations and Finance. Before founding NapNap Mat, he co-founded Art Should Tempt and ClassHopr. Swapnil has over 12 years of experience in product development, brand building, and marketing. Before founding NapNap Mat, Swapnil co-founded Mobizon Media and Transhuman Collective.

Deepak has over 12 years of experience in Quality and Systems Engineering. He earlier founded Future Foundry a product design firm. Aneesha brings over eight years in Engineering, Leadership, and General Management. She has an MBA from JBIMS and has previously worked with JP Morgan.

Sameer and Swapnil got the initial idea to start up in the space after one of their friend had a preterm baby. The baby was in distress due to lack of sleep.

Once they had the idea, they reached out to Deepak Gupta and Aneesha Pillai, who were their engineering classmates. The team had been dabbling with product design and they got together and decided to engineer the product based on the scientific data.

The four of us built the first few prototypes and did the initial round of testing in the market before hiring our first employee. Once we had the market acceptance and the product was flying off the shelf, we didn't need to try hard to attract great talent, says Sameer. They are now a team of 16.

While there are a number of mattress brands in the country, the concept of a vibration-therapy-based baby bed is new in the Indian ecosystem.

So, creating a new category and educating the masses about the benefits of using a NapNap Mat was one of the biggest hurdles faced by the team in the initial months.

Apart from this, consumer product companies require high capital infusion and its even higher when someone creates something totally new and deploys resources towards R&D as theres no reference point. So, managing capital initially to create an MVP in the market was quite a challenge and required lot of planning, says Sameer.

When the baby is still in the womb, it gets accustomed to the sounds and vibrations of the mothers body processes, and when the baby is born, it is suddenly in an unfamiliar territory.

Any little change in temperature, movement, and unfamiliar sound makes the infant feel extremely uncomfortable, and the baby reacts by crying due to distress, and hence finds it difficult to fall asleep.

The product works best for babies up to one year old. The startup claims the mat improves breathing, boosts sleep, reduces crying, reduces colic, it is travel friendly, and safe. It can be used in strollers, car seats, cribs, activity mats, bassinets, etc.

The NapNap mat

Indias mattress market is estimated to be worth Rs 10,000 crore, according to media reports. Startups like Cuddl,SleepyCat, Wink&Nod, and Sunday Mattress are all taking sleep seriously and are using advanced tech and raw materials to build their products. There is also The Sleep Company and Sequoia-backed Wakefit operating in the space.

Horizontal marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and ShopClues also offer branded and unbranded mattresses.

With an ecosystem of smart, inter-connected products, NapNap is redefining how technology and data will enable parenting in the future. NapNap is leading this change by solving one parenting problem at a time. It works with single mothers and gives them a platform to generate wealth in all forms (not just money), says Sameer.

The NapNap Mat is ISO 9001-2015 certified and is also certified by a CPSC-approved lab, and considered safe for 0-2 year old babies. It also meets British safety standards for babies.

The startup claims to have scaled 10X in the first year of its launch. Its average order value is Rs 2,000, and its ARR is Rs 2 crore, with gross margin of 66 percent.

NapNap, which has six products in the pipeline, is available on all online marketplaces in India, including Amazon and FirstCry. It has also expanded its presence to markets outside India, such as Dubai and Australia, and soon plans to start operations in the UK.

Since we go direct-to-customer, we can manage to keep the MRP fairly lower and still deliver a very high quality product by offsetting channel margins, says Sameer.

NapNap has raised a pre seed round led by ThinQbate Ventures LLP and Hatcher Plus. It is currently looking to raise a seed round.

The team aims to become the biggest baby mattress company in the world in the next few years.It aims to pacify babies across the globe using technology, design, and innovation. It also aims to scale and consolidate the Indian market for NapNap Mat and NapNap Nursing cover.

We aim to push traction in the UAE, the UK, and Australia market, launch version 2.0 of the NapNap Mat, launch Shusher + (white noise device), and also launch peripheral products (swaddle, feeding bottle, and pacifier), says Sameer.

Want to make your startup journey smooth? YS Education brings a comprehensive Funding Course, where you also get a chance to pitch your business plan to top investors. Click here to know more.

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This startup is ensuring babies get a good nights sleep with its smart mattress - YourStory

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Who exactly was Jeffrey Epstein? A history of the mogul and his crimes – Film Daily

If you dont pay much attention to the news until recently, then chances are youre a bit confused by Jeffrey Epstein and just what he did. Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Why do people not believe that he committed suicide? Why was Jeffrey Epstein in jail? While weve covered many, many, many aspects of Epstein and hes crimes, its time for some back to basics facts.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein exactly? The story is complicated, sordid, and terrible on so many levels. Jeffrey Epstein was a predator in life. While many people focus on his death, the actions that preceded it should be given your due attention. Heres everything you need to know, just the basic facts, about who Jeffrey Epstein was in life.

Jeffrey Epstein was an investment banker, who, specifically, had clientele with assets worth more than $1 billion. Epstein operated his business in the US Virgin Islands for tax reasons. Epstein himself was also quite wealthy, but the source of that wealth remains pretty unknown.

Still appearances matter, Epstein had cultivated an image with his townhouse, his large charitable donations, and worked with people such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen Elizabeths son Prince Andrew. Epstein, however, also had a criminal past and this is where things get dark.

Jeffrey Epstein was a registered sex offender. In 2008, Epstein pled guilty to felony charge of solicitation of prostitution involving a minor, and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He served 13 and registered as a sex offender.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking in New Jersey after returning to the US from France. According to the indictment, Epstein sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations.

The indictment continued that Epstein paid certain of his victims to recruit additional girls to be similarly abused. The indictment also alleged that some of Epsteins victims were as young as 14. After Epsteins arrest, a search of his New York residence found nude photographs of underage girls.

He was denied bail.

If there is something youve heard about Jeffrey Epstein, then chances are it had to do around his suicide. On July 24, 2019, Epstein was found injured in his cell. In Aug. 2019, Epstein died of what was ruled a suicide. The Federal Bureau of Prisons released the following statement:

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, at approximately 6:30 a.m., inmate Jeffrey Edward Epstein was found unresponsive in his cell in the Special Housing Unit from an apparent suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York, New York. Life-saving measures were initiated immediately by responding staff.

Staff requested emergency medical services (EMS) and life-saving efforts continued. Mr. Epstein was transported by EMS to a local hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries, and subsequently pronounced dead by hospital staff.

Conspiracy theories popped up pretty much immediately. People believed that Epsteins high profile social circle wanted him silenced forever. Others believed that it was due to Epsteins own thoughts regarding eugenics and transhumanism that led to his death. Or, as a good part of the population believed, Epstein killed himself rather than being convicted and sent to prison.

See original here:
Who exactly was Jeffrey Epstein? A history of the mogul and his crimes - Film Daily

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Livestream event on Steve Fuller’s Nietzschean Meditations – Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

On Wednesday, 24 June (7 pm - 8.30 pm, London Time), Luke Mason will be interviewing Steve Fuller about his latest book, Nietzschean Meditations: Untimely Thoughts at the Dawn of the Transhuman Era. The event, which is part of the FUTURES Podcast series, will be livestreamed but registration is required.

In Nietzschean Meditations, Fuller openly discusses the more transgressive elements of transhumanism, often in ways that transgress the norms of transhumanism itself. In particular, the book considers the nature and extent of the movements commitment to morphological freedom and asks whether the opportunity for immortality should be seized or resisted. In short, what is the new metaphysics of personal identity and the ethics of life and death in a transhumanist world? Those interested in dipping into the book, can do so here:

Visit link:
Livestream event on Steve Fuller's Nietzschean Meditations - Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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The Best Way to Handle Your Decline Is to Confront It Head On – The Atlantic

Read: Your professional decline is coming (much) sooner than you think

The good news is that its possible to work on extinguishing the terror of this virtual death by borrowing from techniques used to vanquish the fear of physical death.

The fear of literal nonexistence through death is addressed by many philosophical and religious traditions. Many Buddhist monasteries in Southeast Asia, for example, display photos of corpses in various states of decomposition. This body, too, Buddhist monks learn in the Satipatthana Sutta to say about themselves as they look at the photos, such is its nature, such is its future, such its unavoidable fate.

Some monks engage in a meditation called maranasati (mindfulness of death), which consists of imagining nine states of ones own dead body:

At first, this seems strange and morbid. The objective, however, is to make death vivid in the mind of the meditator, and, through repetition, familiar. Psychologists call this process desensitization, in which repeated exposure to something repellent or frightening makes it seem ordinary, prosaic, and less scary.

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Western research has tested the idea of death desensitization. In 2017, a team of researchers recruited volunteers to imagine that they were terminally ill or on death row, and then to write about the feelings they imagined they would have. The researchers then compared these thoughts with writings by those who were actually terminally ill or facing execution. The results, published in Psychological Science under the title Dying Is Unexpectedly Positive, were astounding: People imagining their deaths were three times as negative as those actually facing it. Death, it seems, is scarier when it is theoretical than when it is real.

Contemplating death can also inspire courage. There is an ancient Japanese story about a band of lawless samurai warriors notorious for terrorizing the local people. Every place they went, they brought destruction. One day they come to a Zen Buddhist monastery, intent on violence and plunder. The monks ran away in fear for their lives--all except the abbot, a man who had completely mastered the fear of his own death. He sat quietly in the lotus position as the warriors burst in. Approaching the abbot with his sword drawn, the samurai leader said, Dont you see that I am the sort of man who could run you through without batting an eye? Calmly, the master answered, Dont you see that I am a man who could be run through without batting an eye?

The Best Way to Handle Your Decline Is to Confront It Head On - The Atlantic

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