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10 Delicious, Greek-Inspired Recipes That Promote Longevity Any Time of Day – Well+Good

Some cultures have really figured out the secret to eating their way to a long, healthy life. In Blue Zones, where its common to live to be over 100 in good health, meals are made primarily from plants, full of antioxidant-rich spices, and largely unprocessed. And just as important, mealtime is a time to connect with loved ones.

Ikaria, Greece is one of the Blue Zones and their meals certainly reflect this way of living. Protein, healthy fats, and lots of veggies are used in abundance at every meal, along with aromatic spices like rosemary, dill, and nutmeg.

If you want to eat like the Greeks, look no further than the healthy Greek recipes included here. Meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert are all includedand all are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. All thats left is to find someone to share them witheven if its over Zoom.

This delicious breakfast is a muffin version of a classic Greek omelet. The ingredientsegg, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and black olivesare the same, but the end result is a batch of savory muffins, which, lets be honest, are more fun to eat.

Get the recipe: Breakfast egg muffins

Maybe you dont have time to bake breakfast egg muffins. Maybe you dont have any time at all. You can still have a Greek-inspired breakfast. Simply top off a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a little honey. Voila, a protein-rich brekki ready in less than five minutes.

Get the recipe: Greek yogurt breakfast bowl

Ready for lunch? This bowl is full of fiber and bursting with Mediterranean flavor. Cauliflower rice makes up the base, chicken serves as the protein, and cucumber, onions, olives, and tomato top it off. The finishing touch is a homemade tzatziki sauce, made with Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, garlic, and lemon juice.

Get the recipe: Chicken bowl with tzatziki sauce

If youre bored of the same old sandwich for lunch, switch things up with this Greek-inspired one that only takes five minutes to make. Hummus serves as the protein and adds a creamy layer to the red onion, tomato, and cucumber. Last, add tzatziki and feta cheese.

Get the recipe: Greek salad sandwich

These mini spinach and feta cheese bites are the perfect afternoon snack or appetizer. You can use either cottage cheese or ricotta for the filling (both work), which is mixed with dill, onion, nutmeg, parsley, and lots of spinach. Its a great way to get a quick hit of fiber and protein with each creamy mouthful.

Get the recipe: Spanakopita bites

Chicken and potatoes are a classic dinner combo in many parts of the world (including the States), but what gives this recipe its Greek flavor profile is all in the spices. Rosemary, nutmeg, garlic, and lemon are all infused with olive oil, which is used to coat both primary ingredients.

Get the recipe: Greek chicken and potatoes

Watch the video below to learn about the health benefits of olive oil:

This recipe gives a fun Greek take on the classic Mexican food. While you still need tortillas, the filling is completely reimagined. In it is spinach, onion, red peppers, black olives, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, oregano, and red pepper flakes. And it all comes together in less than 10 minutes.

Get the recipe: Greek quesadillas

Its always good to have an easy sheet pan dinner recipe on hand, and this one is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The chicken is cooked with red onion, garlic cloves, kalamata olives, and baby potatoes. Everything is coated in a savory olive-oil based marinade, made with paprika, oregano, and cloves.

Get the recipe: Greek chicken sheet pan dinner

Baklava is a classic Greek dessert made with nuts, sugar, and honey all wrapped up in light flaky phyllo. Using an array of different nutsthis recipe calls for almonds, pistachios, and walnutsmakes the taste and texture more interesting. The cinnamon and vanilla are also key.

Get the recipe: Baklava

Portokalopita, orange cake with yogurt and syrup, is another quintessential Greek dessert. The tangy citrus bursts through in every bite.

Get the recipe: Portokalopita

Love these healthy Greek recipes? Join Well+Goods Cook With Us Facebook group for more meal ideas.

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10 Delicious, Greek-Inspired Recipes That Promote Longevity Any Time of Day - Well+Good

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Collagen: What is it and could it be helpful? – Longevity LIVE

The simple answer is that its a protein. The most prevalent one in our bodies. It accounts for at least a third of the bodys protein composition. It forms the building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Its also found in other body parts, including teeth and blood vessels. This even includes the cornea of the eye. So, its the glue that holds our bodies together.

Although the word collagen is often used as a catch-all phrase, there are as many as 16 different types. According toHealthline, type 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the key types to focus on.

Type 1 accounts for a massive90% of our collagen composition. Its composed of densely packed fibers that provide structure to key components of the body. These include teeth, skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, and connective tissue.

This is a more loosely packed structure of the protein and is found in parts of the body. Body parts that need to stretch, bend and move freely. This type is most prevalent in elastic cartilage, which cushions your joints.

Prevalent in and used as a support structure for muscles, organs, and arteries.

Aids in the filtration process and is found mostly in the layers of the skin.

Its important to remember that as you age, your body will produce less and less collagen. And what it does produce is of lower quality. Given that its so vital for key bodily structures,its a good idea to try to increase it through diet. If your diet is already rich in the right nutrients, supplements are another great option.

Collagen production can be easily increased. It starts as pro-collagen which is made through a process in which the body combines two amino acids glycine and proline. A process that makes heavy use of vitamin C.

To aid the body in making this process as easy as possible, we should make sure to get plenty of these nutrients:

Foods such as chicken and pork skin contain a lot of collagen. However, it is unclear whether consuming more of these types of foods benefits the body. When you eat collagen-rich foods, they are simply broken down into amino acids. This means that the pure collagen in the food doesnt necessarilytranslate as more collagen in the body.

Sugar or Refined Carbs:Avoid too much sugar or refined carbs. Sugar interferes with it and prevents it from being able to repair itself.

Sun:Overexposure to UV rays can reduce the production of collagen in the body.

Smoking:Reduces collagen production and can cause wrinkles or stop wounds from healing.

Were all looking for ways to improve our health and keep our youth for as long as possible. And collagen plays an integral part when it comes to maintaining skin, muscles, teeth, and even cartilage. As you get older, it becomes more important to make sure that our bodies have the proper nutrients they require. To keep your skin elastic and healthy and make sure that it stays looking young, keeping up collagen production is vital.

Levels of collagen can be boosted in a couple of ways. For example, through supplements or by making sure your body has the right nutrients to support pro-collagen production. Healthy collagen levels can improve skin quality and muscle function as well as reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis.

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Collagen: What is it and could it be helpful? - Longevity LIVE

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Dem rep blames ‘Republican lawmakers who cruelly and selfishly refused to wear masks’ during Capitol riot for her positive COVID-19 test | TheHill -…

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) tested positive for COVID-19 Monday night after taking shelter in a room with Republican lawmakers who cruelly and selfishly refused to wear masks last week when the United States Capitol was overrun with violent Trump supporters.

Jayapals office said the lawmaker was locked down in a secured room at the Capitol during the Jan. 6 insurrection for multiple hours with several of her Republican colleagues who did not wear masks and mocked colleagues and staff who offered them one.

Our country is in a historic fight against the Coronavirus. Add Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to stay on top of the news.

Video published by Punchbowl News shot from inside the secure room where the lawmakers gathered shows at least six Republican lawmakers without face coverings.

Only hours after President Trump incited a deadly assault on our Capitol, our country, and our democracy, many Republicans still refused to take the bare minimum COVID-19 precaution and simply wear a damn mask in a crowded room during a pandemic creating a superspreader event on top of a domestic terrorist attack, Jayapal said in a statement.

The Democrat, who is currently in quarantine, called for fines to be levied on members of Congress who refuse to wear masks in the Capitol and said those who refuse to do so should be immediately removed from the floor by the Sergeant at Arms.

Our lives and our livelihoods are at risk, and anyone who refuses to wear a mask should be fully held accountable for endangering our lives because of their selfish idiocy, she said.

Jayapal is one of three Democrats in Congress who tested positive for COVID-19 after taking shelter in the room.

Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) and Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) also announced this week they contracted the virus following the lockdown.

On Sunday, the Capitols attending physician warned of a possible risk of COVID-19 exposure following the lockdown and advised all House members and staff to get tested.







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Dem rep blames 'Republican lawmakers who cruelly and selfishly refused to wear masks' during Capitol riot for her positive COVID-19 test | TheHill -...

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Ronaldo sets another goalscoring mark with late strike in Juventus win –

The Portuguese star's longevity has led to yet another unmatched record thanks to a late goal against Sassuolo

Cristiano Ronaldo's latest strike for Juventus has further written the Portuguese into the sport's history books as he set another goal-scoring mark.

The veteran striker struck late in Serie A to add some gloss to the Bianconeri's 3-1 victory over Sassuolo, helping Andrea Pirlo's side to close the gap on leaders Milan in their pursuit of another Scudetto crown.

Juventus saw Weston McKennie and Paulo Dybala forced out due to injury, but the Serie A champions were able to take the lead through a Danilo strike.

Gregoire Defrel provided the equalizer for 10-man Sassuolo, who were up against it after seeing Pedro Obiang sent off just before halftime.

Unfortunately for Sassuolo, they were unable to overcome their disadvantage, with substitute Aaron Ramsey, who replaced the injured McKennie, firing in the 82nd minute.

Ronaldo then sealed the three points in stoppage time, scoring his 15th goal of the season in the process.

While most goals for the 34-year-old are simply a case of adding another to his already remarkable tally, his latest is another reminder of the Portuguese star's longevity.

With Sunday's goal, Ronaldo became the only player to score at least 15 goals in each of the last 15 seasons in the top five leagues, having reached that mark in every campaign since 06-07.

Ronaldo and Juventus currently sit fourth in La Liga, seven points being league-leaders AC Milan with a game in hand.

Juve also sit four points before second-place Inter and one point behind third-place Roma, who have each played one more game than the defending champions.

Next up for Juve is a Coppa Italia clash with Genoa on Wednesday before focus turns towards a clash with Inter on Sunday.

Another cup clash will follow for Juve as they'll then face Napoli in the Supercoppa Italiana on January 20.

Juve will also be looking ahead to the Champions League knockout stages, where they will face Porto in February in the round of 16.

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Ronaldo sets another goalscoring mark with late strike in Juventus win -

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Stepping into the Driver’s Seat and Regaining Control of Your Mental Health Following a Car Accident: The How-to Guide – Longevity LIVE

Longevity Live Partner Content: As the dust settles and state troopers clear glass shards, dislodged car doors and side-view mirrors in shambles, the victim of an automobile accident will have to come to terms with the gaping emotional and physical wounds wreaking havoc on their post-accident lives. In conversations pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, broken bones and strained muscles tend to step into the limelight. All the while, witnesses to the collision turn a blind eye to the emotional anguish taking a toll on a victims quality of life.

Unbeknownst to drivers who havent felt a discharged airbags impact firsthand, motor vehicle accidents can deteriorate the victims mental health in unthinkable ways. That said, bystanders and loved ones need to take note of any signs of emotional distress.

Experts advise seeking compensation for your injuries and emotional gashes if you or a family member were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident. By contacting legal professionals from reputable firms like Schwartzapfel Lawyers, youll receive compensation that can cover the costs of physical therapy or regular counseling sessions. Dont leave a dent in your finances by forgoing legal intervention. Instead, step into the drivers seat and regain control of your mental well-being.

After noticing signs of PTSD or other emotional distress, consider pursuing mental health counseling, which can encourage motor vehicle accident victims to take their first steps down the road to recovery. That way, they can leave this traumatic accident in their rearview mirrors and move on with their lives.

Sadly, its normal for a victim to experience feelings of rage, sadness, and shock the following days after their car accident. When some time has finally passed, these feelings should subside or become manageable. However, this is not always the case. If your emotions reach uncontrollable levels, you may need to confront this debilitating anguish head-on. This can be done with the help of a trained professional.

Surrounding yourself with your supporters will help you streamline the recovery process and heal these emotional wounds. Note that these conversations dont necessarily have to be about the accident. All that matters is that you avoid isolation by interacting with people and maintaining healthy relationships. These relationships will offer you emotional support in the hopes of alleviating crushing anxiety and feelings of sadness.

A healthy lifestyle will aid in the mental health improvement process. Establishing regular sleep patterns and incorporating vegetables and probiotic foods into your diet are excellent practices for improving your mental and physical health post-accident. Remember, its crucial to treat your body with respect and good choices following a traumatic accident.

Any traumatic and emotionally-wearing experience will impact your life in more ways than one. That said, its essential to recognize that anxiety is a normal reaction to an accident. To recover, you must be patient with your feelings and the healing process. After all, this healing process may take longer than you anticipated. This means that youll need to come to terms with the trials, tribulations, and potential speed bumps of your recovery journey.

Depending on the type of injury and physical limitations, victims of a car accident should remain as active as possible. Activity and movement keep the victims body strong while also liberating the affected parties from traumas painful grip.

If you are experiencing anxiety due to an accident, mindfulness is a form of meditation that could help you overcome the trauma. Practicing this form of meditation requires you to pay special attention to your inhaling and exhaling. The breathing exercises put the body and mind at ease. Additionally, the ability to take measures to overcome your anxiety and stress is a freeing feeling.

Unseen wounds, such as mental injuries, can affect a victim just as much as physical injuries. Mental injuries deserve recognition for their lasting impact on individuals. Whether youre the victim or the loved one of those affected, treat mental health complications with the same urgency as physical injuries. By tending to your mental and physical health, the road to recovery will seem less daunting and eventually lead you to a mentally healthier state.

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Stepping into the Driver's Seat and Regaining Control of Your Mental Health Following a Car Accident: The How-to Guide - Longevity LIVE

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Show Kindness And Volunteer More: New Book Says Improving Human Connections Can Lengthen Life – Here And Now

Making New Years resolutions to lose weight, eat more superfoods or exercise may be all well and good. But in terms of living a long life, science writer Marta Zaraska argues those actions wont help you as much as improving connections to other people.

Human contact is crucial for good health, says Zaraska, author of the new book, Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100. She illustrates this point by explaining how the mind communicates with the body, especially when we are under stress.

In our evolutionary past, being alone usually meant being under stress from potential lurking danger. Humans, innately social beings, evolved to recognize when we are safe with other humans from accidents or predators, she says. One of those adaptations is the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, she says.

The HPA axis starts with the signal in your brain that tells you that there is a reason to be stressed and then sends a soup of hormones throughout your body, basically one triggering another and so on and so on, she explains.

Those hormones cortisol, known as the stress hormone, or adrenaline ramp up your body to face dangers, she says. But over time, humans stressors have changed dramatically. The HPA axis is now chronically activated by stress points such as finances, work, school or even traffic, she says. That means the hormones are constantly flooding the body, putting us in a perpetual fight or flight mode.

There are detrimental downstream effects from the ceaseless barrage of stress hormones, such as higher risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, she says.

But at the same time, so-called social hormones oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and vasopressin can also be activated when were socially connected to other people. Those also have key impacts on our health, she says.

One example is the Roseto effect. In the early 1960s, a close-knit community in Roseto, Pennsylvania, had a death rate that was about 35% lower than the general U.S. population.

By Western standards, Roseto residents werent particularly healthy people many engaged in drinking, smoking and bad eating habits. There was also nothing unusual about their genes, Zaraska says.

But their deep social connections proved valuable. At the time, no one was dying from heart attacks in Roseto, she says. This attracted scientists to study the population.

Researchers found the Roseto community built on 22 civic organizations for only 2,000 inhabitants and principles of volunteering, taking care of public space and caring for each other actually yielded amazing health, she says.

But researchers also predicted that if Roseto residents lost their communal touch, their overall health would deteriorate, Zaraska says.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened generations later in the 70s and 80s and so on, she says. And when people started pursuing the so-called American dream and living in the suburbs, buying cars, working longer hours, they stopped being so connected to their community [and] their health also just went back to American average.

In Growing Young, Zaraska says human connection is not just a want, but a need. Building in-person relationships and being social have all but come to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zaraska is hopeful this time period of social isolation wont shorten lives because its quite a temporary state.

If the pandemic dragged on for years and years, thats when Zaraska says shed be much more worried.

It is true that we need the connection, she says. Loneliness has very serious detrimental effects on our health. People who are lonely have higher blood pressure.

Fortunately, there are still ways to connect with others during the pandemic, she says. Volunteering in person or online is a great way to boost your health and longevity, she advises, as well as performing acts of kindness.

Engaging in kindness and experiencing empathy cannot be overstated, as Zaraska writes in her book. In collaboration with scientists at Kings College London, she took part in an experiment to measure her cortisol, the stress hormone.

After seven days of performing small acts of kindness and a week of life as usual, she was amazed at the results. She saw measurable differences in her day-to-day. Her levels of cortisol were much better on days where she was kind to others, even if the day was still considerably stressful, she says.

Her results mimicked the positive findings of a research study in California that connected acts of kindness to less bodily inflammation. Study participants did small favors, such as buying a stranger a coffee or letting someone go first in traffic.

Zaraska also writes about dietary fads, including how goji berries arent improving your health in the long term. She argues a healthy, exercise enthusiast who is lonely and antisocial may not live as long as a couch potato with a bountiful social life and a lot of friends.

Of course, the best scenario is when you are socially connected, optimistic, and you eat healthy and exercise, she says. But if something has to give, completely giving up on your social life is not a good health strategy.

Emiko Tamagawaproduced and edited this interview for broadcast withTinku Ray.Serena McMahonadapted it for the web.

By Marta Zaraska

In our culture we tend to think about longevity in terms of healthy food and exercise. Asked in a poll what they were doing to stay healthy, 56 percent of Americans mentioned physical activity and 26 percent watching food/drink. The only category that might have involved boosting relationships or changing mindsets was otherand it got just 8 percent of the vote. We dont realize that volunteering or investing in friendships can help increase our lifespans. Instead, we worry about gluten and obsess about pesticides and mercury in fish. We sign up for Zumba and spinning classes. We search for easy rejuvenating therapies.

The global anti-aging market is already worth upward of $250 billion, and Americans spend more on longevity cures than they do on any other kind of drug, even though most are untested by science. We love pills: about a half of Americans and Canadians take at least one dietary supplement. There are now over 55,000 such products on the US market alone, from moringa leaves to ashwagandha powder. And then, we diet. In one survey, 56 percent of women said they wanted to lose weight to live longer, yet the research on whether this will work is ambiguous.

Of course, eating healthy food and doing sports are important for health and longevity, but not as important as we tend to think (and certainly moringa leaves are not required). Its a bit like with smok- ing and nutrition. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is so bad for you that it overshadows the best of diets, but that doesnt mean that non-smokers can rest on their laurels and stuff themselves with junk food. Apart from shunning tobacco, investing in a thriving social life might be the best thing you could do for your longevity. Consider the numbers. Studies show that building a strong support network of family and friends lowers mortality risk by about 45 percent. Exercise, on the other hand, can lower mortality risk by 23 to 33 percent. Eating six or more servings of vegetables and fruits per day, which is admittedly quite a lot, can cut mortality risk by 26 percent, while following the Mediterranean dietso eating lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, replacing butter with olive oil, etc.21 percent. Of course, such numbers should be taken with caution, coming as they do from studies with varying methodologies which means they are not straightforward to compare, but they do reveal some important general trends.

In recent years science has begun to unveil how much our minds and bodies are intertwined. Technological advances in molecular biology and brain imaging techniques allow researchers to look deeper into the many links between our

thoughts and emotions and our physiology. The vagus nerve, the social hormones oxytocin and serotonin, the stress axes such as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axisall of these emerge as the reasons behind why friendships or kindness matter for longevity. Oxytocin, for example, has been linked with our social skills on one hand, and with health on the other. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain, and helps bone growth, potentially preventing osteoporosis. Studies also show that spraying oxytocin into the nostrils of squabbling married couples makes them more likely to reconcile. It makes us better at reading facial expressions of emotions, and it makes us more trusting. It can even make husbands stand further away from pretty women. Gut microbiota, another link between the body and the mind, play a role in many diseases including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and allergies, while also affecting emotions and personality. The vagus nerve, the longest of the nerves that emerge directly from the brain, which is responsible for breathing, swallowing, and digestion, has been implicated in sudden psychogenic death reported among the tribes of Africa and the islands of the Pacific.

Marta Zaraska, "Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100"

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Show Kindness And Volunteer More: New Book Says Improving Human Connections Can Lengthen Life - Here And Now

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