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Alan Watts – Existence is Quite Weird and Why the Apple Tree Apples Fall, Philosophy and Spirituality

Posted: June 18, 2017 at 7:36 pm

Alan Watts – Existence is Quite Weird and Why the Apple Tree Apples Fall, Philosophy and Spirituality from Endocrinology Hormone Clinic on Vimeo.

Recommendation and review posted by G. Smith

Technocalpyse Part 1, 2, 3

Posted: January 24, 2016 at 7:16 am

Recommendation and review posted by G. Smith

The Ethics of the Future: Human Genetic Engineering and Human Immortality Medicine is Coming in 19 years!!

Posted: January 1, 2015 at 12:46 pm

The Ethics of the Future: Genetic Engineering and Immortality Medicine

2015 is Going to Be a Fascinating Year for Longevity Science

By Professor Mark

How do you feel about the potential for great advances in Human Longevity Science that have been occurring in recent years? Do you feel excited about the prospect of living a much longer life, or are you indifferent? Are you nervous about the prospects of what this sort of tinkering with genetics and human nature might bring?

Is the potential for a vastly expanded lifespan going to be something that everyone can enjoy, or will it be an advantage simply for those that can afford it? If you could live 100 years longer, would you want to? Would you care if the opportunity were afforded to you as an individual? Would such a huge opportunity lead to a new and beautiful life on earth, or would earth somehow take these momentous advantages and turn the world on its head?

My Beliefs Regarding Advanced Genetic Engineering

Many years ago, when I was an undergraduate at Penn State, our professor posited similar questions in our Genetics Class, which played a major role in affecting my beliefs toward the subject of hyper-longevity and Genetic Engineering. The class was large, with more than 100 students, and my professor asked the class what their opinions were regarding the use of genetic manipulation and engineering to alter human life.

Surprisingly, the class was completely silent. In response to this silence, the professor called up two students to debate the subject. One of my classmates volunteered to voice his opposition to genetic engineering, and I chose to volunteer, providing an argument in favor of it.

My opponent voiced his opinion to the class that genetic engineering for this purpose would be ethically wrong because it is not in man’s best interest to play God. Most of our classmates seemed to agree, nodding subtly in agreement.

Personal Aesthetic: Choosing to Be Different

I felt as though I was standing upon a grand crossroads of history. As I looked around the class, it felt as though all of my classmates, for all of their cliquish differences, were being incredibly closed-minded, like they just accepted what they had been told all their lives and were afraid to think for themselves.

After the professor gauged the response of the students, I had my opportunity to argue in favor of this advanced human genetic engineering. I glanced around the class, and felt my argument come together cleanly in my mind. I saw white girls with bleached hair stretching down their backs, more than a few of which had fake breasts. I saw black girls with expensive weaves and complex and expensive hairstyles.

There were white students mimicking their hip hop and rap idols, and I even saw a young Asian student that had very obviously dyed her hair red. In my class I saw a great commingling of different styles. People both attempting to exemplify American standards of beauty and those taking on the aspects of other cultures, adopting them as their own.

As I looked around at all of this, recognizing the great diversity in my class, I had a strong feeling that there was not one person in the class that didn’t have at least one thing they wanted to alter about the characteristics they were born with. I continued thinking to myself, that these students probably wanted to be different in a variety of different ways: some wanted to be smarter, some taller. Some girls wish they had larger breasts, and some guys wanted larger penises. Others probably wish that they didn’t have to go through the trouble to put in contacts and hair dyes to look like the person they wish they were. For myself, I would have given anything just to be a few inches taller.

A Call for Genetic Freedom

After standing quietly for a moment, with all of these thoughts running through my at head a rapid place, I spoke from my position, in the back of the class, and suddenly stated loudly: Genetic Freedom!

I felt that just those two words spoke for themselves, but my professor threw a dejected glance in my direction, and I could detect her shaking her head almost imperceptibly. Her silence was a sign that she needed more. After the brief silence, I continued. I argued to the class that the individual should have full control to alter his DNA as he sees fit, so long as it doesn’t negatively impact society or the rights of anyone else.

She seemed thoroughly unhappy with the argument, and the class began to chatter loudly, nearly in unison. After the short spate of controlled chaos, the class continued with liveliness and energy, but I felt that others in the class largely shunned me as a result of the fervent beliefs I expressed in regard to what legitimately amounted to the potential future of the human race.

Will People Be Able to Resist Genetic Alteration?

I still laugh to myself to this day about how my belief met such incredulity in the face of so many. In the future, once science makes it possible to make such powerful changes to humanity at the genetic level, I am confident that these same students, if given the actual opportunity to improve themselves through futuristic genetic methods, would absolutely jump at the chance with no second thought.

It wouldn’t be Playing God. It wouldn’t be unethical. It would simply be the new reality. In fact, once the time comes to pass when Genetic Alteration becomes a reality, the exact same people today that seek out plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery will clamor for these procedures as soon as they become available. In the end, I believe I made a B in the course, which is regretful, because I’ve always remained highly interested in genetics.

The Future of Humanity: The Organic and the Engineered

Another of my professors at Penn State, himself with a doctorate in genetics, explained an interesting aspect of human evolution, one which I had never thought of before. He explained that the many races that make up humanity as a whole developed their differences as a result of dispersing far from one another, and slowly adapting to their new environments over time.

After they migrated, geography, distance, and other factors kept them from interacting heavily with one another, which caused their minor adaptations to become more pronounced. In the same way that they developed their own habits and cultures, their aesthetic and physical makeup also changed. Some grew taller, others grew paler, and each individual culture became maximally resistant to the diseases which were prominent in their area.

Even though these physical and genetic changes were significant, any healthy woman on earth could still mate with any other healthy man, no matter how different he looked or acted. What he said that truly sparked my mind was that if the different races of human beings stayed geographically isolated from one another for longer period of time, eventually the different races could have changed enough to where they could no longer produce children with one another.

Could Genetically Engineered Humans Evolve Beyond Humanity?

This can also apply to the future of genetic engineering. The modern world is so interconnected that geography has no impact on the ability of humans to breed with one another, but genetic enhancement may lead to a point at which a human born today would not be able to mate with an individual that was the result of generations of genetically altered parents.

As Genetic Engineering becomes more advanced, humans may change enough at the genetic level to prevent interbreeding between lineages which have undergone these advancements and those that chose not to. This change would of course be gradual, first reducing the ability to conceive before denying that ability altogether. At this point, it would take genetic engineering just to create a viable child for two disparate humans. Interestingly enough, it may even come to pass that different species of humans evolve from such endeavors, as distinct from one another as they are from humans themselves.

The beginning of this story could begin sometime in the next hundred years, as scientists and medical specialists develop the ability to safely and effectively alter DNA to meet the specifications of the individual.

The Future is Coming: the Great Human Divergence and the Neo-Sapient

The people that choose to reject Genetic Modification and Advanced Longevity Treatments in the near future will create an interesting binary world. This could be the beginning of a grand human experiment. This could be the focal point of a genetic divergence so strong that it literally fragments the human race, creating a new class of post-humans that have advanced to a point where they qualify as their own unique species.

I think back to the genetics course I mentioned earlier. I remember the absolute ocean of diversity that was contained within the 100-student course, and I was able to visualize a future in which Genetic Modification leads to even greater diversity, and a uniqueness that has never existed in the history of the human race. It made me think of the diversity of the universe, and the unlimited options for diversity that it represents. As someone with an affinity for astronomy, I find it utterly inconceivable that planet earth is home to the only lifeforms in the universe.

Of course, along with my great optimism, I do recognize that there are risks and unknowns related to the future of Genetic Modification. There is even the potential that the science behind Genetic Modification could be used for Genetic Warfare. There is certainly the potential that the same science that creates a new humanity could be used to destroy large swathes of it. I can imagine an apocalypse that is not nuclear and grandiose, but genetic and nanoscopic.

Post-Humanism and the Search For Other Worlds

In the end, will humans be able to develop interplanetary travel and colonization in order to insure itself against such potential apocalyptic scenarios? It’s a subject that I am particularly concerned with, and is the core reason why I support NASA and the United States Space Program. As the world moves faster and the dangers become greater, it is imperative that we are able to save humanity even in the case of a state of mutually assured destruction.

If there truly is a Genetic Revolution on the horizon, it is vitally important that we use all of the resources we have available in order to make our dreams of space colonization a reality. Imagine a future so spectacular: A future where a multitude of post-human species advance outward from earth in order to colonize space like a rainbow across the galaxy.

This journey will be arduous and epic, as earthlings spread across the cosmos in order to find new viable homes and potentially interact with other life forms.

What Would Aliens Be Like?

Can you imagine how literally otherworldly that would be? If we found advanced aliens, would they have unlocked the key to eternity? Would we have done the same? There is no doubt that the first time that we make contact with an extraterrestrial species, they will come from worlds and cultures which are absolutely unimaginable in the face of everything that we have experienced.

I may have delved a bit into the realm of science fiction, but the future of humanity in the face of Genetic Modification has the potential to be every bit as exciting and otherworldly as the potential future that I just described. It instills a tremendous sense of fear, awe, and most importantly, unlimited potential.

Do You Think That You Could Handle Immortality?

If you ask the average person out on the street about the potential future afforded by Genetic Engineering, Advanced Longevity, and Immortality medicine, you’ll likely get a number of different responses, some positive, some negative, others simply incredulous. If you surveyed 100 people, I believe that you would find that the majority would ultimately reject the idea of immortality.

Some people think that eternity would take the excitement out of life. Others fear that they would eventually just become a broken shell of their former selves as their bodies physically decline in spite of science’s ability to prevent death. For many, the concept of eternity is just as fearsome as the concept of death itself. It’s not all that different from the way that people feel about retirement these days. They are frustrated because they have to work so hard all through the healthiest part of their lives only to be too frail and broken down by the time they retire to enjoy it.

Longevity Medicine and the Future

That’s why Longevity Medicine is so important. We want our retirement years to last as long as possible, and we want to be able to enjoy them. Maybe one day, we will be retired as long in our lives as we are at work, or longer! That’s what the approach to immortality will be like!

There are a growing number of people that are optimistic about a lengthy future. They understand that even with regard to a concept like immortality, life is the sum of individual experience. Some will take advantage of a life bordering on immortality, while others would simply choose to be boring. People that live lives full of happiness and vitality shouldn’t be deprived the opportunity to extend that joy, simply because there are others who wouldn’t appreciate it!

The arguments stemming from the subject of Human Immortality continue to become both more interesting and more complex, both for those that long for such a fate, and those that oppose the concept. No matter how you feel about the idea of Advanced Longevity, there is no doubt that such opportunities to live lives we now consider unimaginable will eventually come to pass.

As long as human beings are able to engage in scientific advancement without destroying ourselves or sending ourselves back to the stone age, such opportunities will present themselves to the human race in the near future.

Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy: The First Steps to Hyperlongevity

The seeds of these future endeavors are being planted today, in the fields of gene therapy, genetic medicine, and stem cell therapy. This is also the core concept behind medical treatments which seek to optimize hormone production in the body in order to alleviate the medical conditions associated with hormone imbalance and aging.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Streamline Your Body for the Future!

Treatments such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Sermorelin Acetate Therapy, and Bio-Identical Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy seek to correct common hormonal imbalances that occur as a result of the aging process. There is even a strong argument that these hormone imbalances are actually the root cause of many symptoms of aging, including frailty, osteoporosis, and cognitive decline.

There are many Health, Wellness, and Longevity Physicians that believe that these forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy are some of the must effective means to prolong a healthy and active life when used in combination with a healthy and conscientious lifestyle. These medical treatments are the best way to decrease your mortality risk so that you are more likely to experience the next great advancement in Anti-Aging Medicine.

If you feel that your quality of life has been on the decline as a result of changes in your body and mind resulting from the aging process, I strongly encourage you to get your hormone levels checked, because there is a significant chance that you may be suffering from a reversible form of hormone deficiency.

The Future of Human Genetic Engineering

This is truly an exciting time to be alive. We are quickly approaching the point at which scientific breakthroughs in health science will continue to occur at an ever-increasing pace, with groundbreaking new health advances occurring on a regular basis. The following years will be incredibly interesting, because there are a multitude of clinical trials regarding the promise and potential effectiveness of both gene therapy and stem cell therapy.

By 2012, these studies, and other similar studies, were already displaying high levels of potential to both treat and protect both animals and humans from disease. Beyond Hormone Optimization and Genetic Therapy, the next stage of advancement will most likely be in the field of nanomedicine. Beyond nanomedicine is femtomedicine.

At this stage of scientific inquiry, this is as far as even the most forward-thinking physician or philosopher could imagine, but there is no doubt as we create new medical treatments and expend our knowledge of medical science, new opportunities for advancement will be conceptualized that could be even more life-altering and fantastic than those that we just mentioned.

When you consider the future of medicine and longevity, you realize that human beings as they are now aren’t simply the end result of millions of years of evolution, but also a gateway to the next state of terrestrial life, a transitional state between what was and what will be, an opportunity to experience even greater consciousness and enlightenment by conquering time, itself.

What is the Idea Behind Human Immortality?

When we discuss the idea of human immortality, it doesn’t just mean allowing a human being to live forever, human immortality represents the idea that it will be possible, with future biomedical and genetic enhancements, for human beings to experience a practical immortality in which one is able to live as they were in the prime of their life, for all of their life.

It seems just as you master your body and your mind in the late twenties and early thirties, your body and mind start to enter a slow and unstoppable decline. What if you could preserve that period of physical and psychological perfection forever? It is during this period that the average person reaches his or her functional peak as an individual, with regard to strength, cognitive ability, immunity, and overall health.

How Much Better Would Life Be if You Lived to 200?

Think about how different and exciting that life would be if you could have the body and mind of a 29 year old for 120 years. There are a number of people that think that humans should not have this opportunity, but it sounds much better than spending the whole sum of those years in slow and steady decline.

How Much Better Would Life Be if You Could Live Indefinitely?

Immortalists subscribe to the belief that individuals that truly enjoy life and are creative or passionate enough to find interesting or fulfilling things to do would be able to easily take advantage of a significantly lengthened lifespan. I do understand how such a long life would feel to someone that lacks passion or imagination, however. I can imagine two hundred years of absolutely drudgery. If one does not have the propensity to invest or save to create wealth, I can imagine two hundred years of hard work with nothing to show for it.

With luck, a more automated world would allow us to enjoy our lives while actually working less. Imagine a world of eco-friendly machines could do the work of one hundred men. This could be a wonderful world of leisure for all, but it could also lead to a world where machines are used as a method of control and domination, like in Frank Herbert’s dystopian novel Dune.

The Temptation of Human Immortality

Whether the opportunity for Human Immortality comes in twenty years or two hundred years, there will be those that seek out the opportunity for such a life, and there will be those that choose to reject the opportunity for immortality.

The central question that Immortalists posit is a simple one: Why would anyone actually want to die or grow old? When you think of it that way, it sounds absolutely silly. Who would ever want to do such things? But in reality, it seems as though most human beings are resigned to such a fate.

Who Really Wants to Grow Old?

More than simply growing old, who wants to lose their lust for life or their libido? Who wants to experience their own body slowly deteriorate as they are beaten down by illness and disease? Human Immortalists are those that are willing to fight against what is perceived as inevitable by society at large. They believe that those that have resigned themselves to decay and death are simply not willing to imagine a post-human age where they could evolve beyond the inevitability of death.

It seems that many humans think of Human Immortalists as harbingers of doom which are going to bring about a new genocide. They believe that Immortalists are going against the will of God by altering the Human Genetic Code in an attempt to foster extreme lifespans, improved aesthetic, and vastly improved health outcomes.

The Great Schism of Humanity

There is a strong chance that a rift will develop between those that choose genetic alteration and those that choose to forgo such opportunities. In the end, it is likely that humanity will rift into two distinct groups. Over time, greater and greater numbers will opt for Genetic Modification, and those that opt out of such procedures may potentially lose footing in society as a result of their choice.

If modification indeed has the ability to create such disparity, genetically modified humans will spread their genes with one another, and their offspring may have greater potential for both prosperity and intellect, which will create a socioeconomic rift between GM Humans and Unmodified Humans.

Will Post-Humans be able to act ethically under these circumstances? Will Unmodified Humans be able to accept a place in the world where they are unequivocally inferior to their GM counterparts? This new world will be different and exciting, and it’s up to us to create a civil world where we can act in the best interest of all.

What Other Strange Opportunities May Become Available in the Future?

On top of our ability to vastly extend and improve our long-term health, the future will also provide us with enhanced opportunities with regard to personal aesthetic. We will not only be able to cure conditions such as psoriasis which plague millions in the world today, but many may choose to move beyond mere optimization and may choose to fully customize their appearance. Perhaps one may choose not to have olive or alabaster skin as many in society desire today, but go for a different color all together.

What if someone chose to color their skin orange, green, or blue? What if they wanted to be leopard print or covered in zebra stripes? This may appear otherworldly and unnatural to our minds, but when presented with an entire array of customization, what would be so strange about doing something like that to stand out? How different would it be to dying your hair blue or rainbow, if there were no dangers in undergoing such a change?

But, given enough time and scientific innovation, skin color and other basic augmentations like genetic breast and penis enlargement will be just another evolution in the concept of general aesthetic. The potential for more extreme changes would eventually become possible. What if humans wanted to take on the characteristics of animals? What if someone wanted the ears or tail of a cat, for example? There would even be the potential to do even more drastic things that we can barely imagine today.

Genetically Engineered Pets

These genetic advancements won’t occur in a human vacuum. They will also apply to animals as well. Today people are paying top dollar for basic genetically modified hypo-allergenic dogs, and glow-in-the-dark mammals have even been developed in laboratories.

In the future, it is likely that scientists will come up with scientific modifications which significantly enhance both the aesthetic and intelligence of animals. It’s even likely that animals will experience the benefits of genetic engineering more quickly than humans, as this future will largely be facilitated by means of animal testing.

The Post-Human Era Starts with Basic Genetic Engineering and Ends with Post-Humanism, Hyperlongevity, and Potential Immortality

You may not be able to tell, but we are already in the midst of the first phase of the Post-Human era. The beginning of this era was marked by the first time that egg and sperm from two different individuals was combined and implanted into an adoptive mother. It was such a grand event in retrospect, but the passing into this new era was not met with massive celebrations, but simply with concerns over the ethics of the new future.

Post-Humanity will have a litany of moral conundrums to unravel, some that we can imagine, and others that are unfathomable to us today. The state of the mortal mind is simply not equipped to handle the moral and ethical quandaries that the genetically modified mind will face. What if there are other lifeforms just like us in other parts of the galaxy, that have also learned to take control of their very existence on the cellular level? What if the number of unique alien civilizations in the universe is unlimited? What if we as earthlings are just one form of intelligent life among a countless litany of others?

The Current State of Genetic Modification and Gene Therapy

Today, scientists, researchers, and physicians are taking the first step into this future, with the quickly growing field of genetic therapy. We are on the cusp of doing some truly amazing things, like genetically altering viruses in order to protect humans from genetic disorders and conditions. At first, these initial treatments have been risky, reserved for those in most dire need, but as medical science becomes more well-versed in these therapeutic advancements, they will become safer and more widely available to the general public. Could you imagine reducing your risk of cancer by 80% just with a single injection? That may be the future for you.

The Current State of Organ Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy

Another aspect of genetic therapy has to do with the advancing field of Stem Cell Therapy. There are new, state of the art treatments available which utilize stem cells in order to improve the health of the heart. Patients that have experienced heart attack or heart disease can be treated with stem cells which have the ability to develop into new and healthy muscle tissue.

Similar techniques have also been used in order to regenerate other parts of the body or parts of individual organs. In one famous case, scientists biomanufactured a windpipe for a patient with the patient’s own cells. They were able to do this by taking the stem cells and allowing them to grow in culture before pouring them over a scaffold in the shape of a windpipe. Just by providing the cells with the nutrients to grow, they were able to recreate a human windpipe in the laboratory just in a matter of days.

Because the windpipe was created from the patient’s own cells, the body did not reject the windpipe when it was surgically implanted into the body. This is one of the first successful cases where a patient’s life was changed through the scientific advancements of genetic organ replacement.

Stem Cell Therapy Will Be Available in the Near Future: Hormone Replacement Therapy is Here Today!

Stem Cell Therapy is exciting and will become increasingly common and popular over the next century in the United States. Today, there are a few places where Stem Cell Therapy is available internationally, especially in Asia, but they have yet to be medically certified, and there are still a number of pertinent risks involved. In the Western World, Stem Cell Treatments are currently going through clinical trials. Although the results are mixed, continual progress is being made.

There are many scientists that believe that Stem Cell Research will lead to a new future in medicine, but policies enacted during the presidency of George W. Bush have set the United States behind by at least a decade, and other nations in Europe and Asia are currently taking advantage of their head start, and may one day eclipse us in these new and futuristic medical therapies.

In just a few short years, genetic testing will become affordable enough that it will become a common and recommended part of prenatal care as well as regular checkups throughout the lifespan. Over time, more and more Genetic Disorders will be able to be effectively treated with Gene Therapy, and with every breakthrough, people will be that much more likely to live a longer and healthier life.

Once the clinical science is sound, it won’t even be a difficult ordeal for the patient. It would simply be like going to visit the pharmacist, or making a call to a specialist pharmacy. After receiving the medication, one will be able to administer the medication on his or her own and without the frequent oversight of a medical professional.

Not long after these Genetic Treatments are made available to the public, Stem Cell Therapies will quickly become more and more advanced as well. There are even companies that have expressed a desire to take your stem cells and develop them in a laboratory environment. The goal of this treatment would be to take your own stem cells and foster the healthiest cells to multiply. After these cultures are developed, they would be mailed back to you in order for you to inject them to alleviate health conditions and other symptoms related to the aging process.

Beyond Genetic Engineering and Stem Cell Therapies, will come new forms of medical treatment that we are just beginning to research today, but will surely flourish in the coming decades: nanomedicine and femtomedicine.

Nanoscience and the Healthcare of the Future

These are tiny, genetically engineered cellular machines that will be able to improve your health by altering the functions of your body in a positive manner. They will be able to repair and alter particular forms of cells so that they function optimally, even after a period of long life in which you would expect to see physiological breakdown. It is even believed that these treatments can also preserve and repair the brain itself! Isn’t that exciting?

There are countless people in the world that have a litany of big dreams, more than they could ever hope to accomplish in a single lifetime in some cases. They have these long checklists of things they want to do in their life, a whole wide world they want to explore. Some have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and want to read thousands of books or learn dozens of languages in their life.

There are countless more people that have spent their early lives living on the edge, and suffer from issues such as alcohol dependency or drug addiction which have harmed their bodies and their brains. With these forms of genetic and nanomedicine, it will be possible to repair the bodies and minds of these individuals, allowing them to make a fresh start. It is possible that addiction itself may become a historical curiosity as a result of these medical advances.

What Would Do If You Had 200 More Years to Live?

  • Would you learn to play multiple musical instruments?

  • Would you research for decades in order to write the perfect novel?

  • Would you visit every country on earth?

The number of dreams that humans have yearned for is nearly infinite, and most never live to achieve all of their dreams, if they achieve any of their dreams at all. If you are still alive in the near future, around 2032, you will be able to take full advantage of what Longevity Medicine and Anti-Aging Therapy have to offer!

Some time in the future, we will finally overcome the condition of aging. We will be able to prevent all illness and be able to live in perpetuity, as long as we don’t succumb to an accident or similar fate. This is the extreme vision of Immortality Medicine.

The First Immortals Could be Alive Today!

By the time we make it to the 22nd century, there will already be individuals that have taken the road to Hyperlongevity, and there will likely be millions of humans that have taken part in this great leap forward into Post-Humanism. They will not only be healthier, but smarter too, with further advances in Genetic Science that allow us to amplify the capacity of our brains.

As people continue to develop down this evolutionary road, will we even consider them humans anymore? They will represent a new version of humanity, and they will likely use a new term to define themselves, whether that be Neohuman or some other clever word or phrase.

I believe that this advance into Neohumanism will also lead to a new era in space travel and human colonization. With these extensive lifespans, many Neohumans will inevitably turn their eyes to the stars in a desire to find new worlds and discover new lands and extraterrestrial lifeforms. Brave Neohumans from all over the planet will take to interplanetary space vessels in order to colonize and experience new worlds and lands that are beyond the scope of human imagination.

Can I Live to Experience This New Era of Humanity?

All of the things we’ve discussed may seem incredibly exciting to you, but we understand that these innovations are going to come in the near future. If you want to take part in this grand human experiment, it’s important that you live long enough to seize these innovations as they come! There are steps you can take now to alleviate the negative symptoms of the aging process and increase your odds of experiencing the new, human revolution.

My suggestions will not ensure that you will live for the next twenty years or longer, but they will potentially drastically decrease your mortality risk so that you are able to seek out this new and exciting future that we have laid before you.

Today, the door to Neo-Humanism, Hyperlongevity, and even Human Immortality is slightly open, and there are many alive today that will experience these magnificent and life-altering advances.

Will You Take Advantage of the Advances of Hyper-Longevity and Anti-Aging Medicine? Are You Willing to Commit to a Longer and more Youthful Life?

It’s quite plain to see that we are at the crest of an event horizon, beyond which it will truly be possible to lengthen lifespans indefinitely. The most important thing is to breach that horizon. By taking steps to increase health and lifespan now, you allow yourself the opportunity to take care of further, greater medical enhancements down the road.

The most modern advances available today are in the form of Recombinant Hormone Replacement Therapies. By optimizing your hormone balance, you increase the odds that you will live long enough to experience the new, up-and-coming breakthroughs of the mid-21st century.

If you live just a few more years, new genetic medical treatments will become available which will significantly increase your lifespan. While you are enjoying the benefit of genetic medicine, researchers and medical scientists will advance and perfect Genetic Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy, allowing you to live even longer!

There are a number of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies going through clinical trials as you read this, which show great promise in preventing or treating serious illnesses which severely inhibit lifespan today. As the medical community becomes more adept at using these new tools for the purpose of treatment, they will begin to utilize these treatments as forms of Positive Medicine.

They will be able to treat patients before they even get sick in order to optimize their health and greatly improve lifespans as a result, because the incidence of illness will decline significantly. In addition, these same treatments will be able to streamline existing physiological processes, keeping the body physiologically stronger and more youthful. They will be able to tailor these treatments uniquely to the individual in order to give the best care to each individual patient.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Longevity Medicine to Perpetually Extend the Human Lifespan

With each of these breakthroughs and treatments, we will come one step closer to Immortality. Eventually, scientists and researchers will crack the code of human life, and finally figure out how to allow us to truly live indefinitely. It may take 100 years or it may take 500 years to achieve true Immortality, but each life-extending advance will allow people to survive until the next great advance. Hyper-Longevity will eventually become a universal reality, barring accident, war, or any other form of life-ending catastrophe.

You may feel that this is a science fiction world that I am describing, but it very well may be possible for you to experience this all for yourself. It is estimated that at some point between 2032 and 2052 we will have perfected medical practices which allow us to live significantly longer lives than we do today. Those that are optimistic feel that we are just twenty years away from this era, while those that are more cautious suggest that fifty years would be a more reasonable estimate.

Twenty to fifty years may not seem like that long in scientific study, but in terms of your own life, it is a significant period of time. Are you willing to make the sacrifices now in order to experience Hyperlongevity in the near future?

Eight Ways to Extend Your Lifespan

There are a lot of steps that you can take in your life today in order to significantly increase the odds that you survive to experience this new and amazing future. If you follow the suggestions below, conscientiously, you will maximize your potential to extend your life until further longevity advances develop in the coming decades.

These eight factors have been shown to be most important when determining the length of an individual’s lifespan:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Environment

  • Social Circles

  • Vice

  • Climate

  • Calorie-Restricted Diet

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Diet of the 21st Century: Caloric Restriction and Fasting for a Longer Life

A recent article in Newsmax Health explained that the future of longevity isn’t fad dieting or strenuous exercise, but a Calorie-Restricted diet which manages metabolism and ensures a long and healthy life.

Over the last century, there have been more than twenty thousand studies regarding caloric restriction in animal species from around the globe. All of these studies have unequivocally shown that restricting the calories in an animal’s diet has the ability to significantly increase the lifespan, and the same appears to apply to human beings..

This may sound like a starvation diet at first, but conscientiously and significantly restricting calories in the human diet is a powerful means to a longer life. Of course, most people consume at least 1500 calories per day and some consume several thousand! But, it appears that the sweet spot for human longevity is quite a bit lower than that 1500 calorie threshold.

For those that are struggling with Caloric Restriction, especially those that are currently overweight, HCG Injections can help relieve the feeling of hunger associated with the initial phase of the diet in order to acclimate to their new dietary lifestyle more effectively.

At first it may seem counter-intuitive, that too much of the Bread of Life can actually shorten the lifespan, but that absolutely seems to be the case. A diet that provides high levels of nutrients through the consumption of a small number of calories is the number one way to increase human longevity effectively. Intermittent Fasting and Caloric Restriction slow down aging and also reduce the incidence of a wide variety of illnesses that plague so many in America today.

The Modern Media and the Culture of Food in the West

In the United States, as well as other countries in the West including the United Kingdom, children were raised in a reality in which starvation was one of the greatest evils of the 19th and 20th century. The various forms of media available all showed the terrible fates of so many who were denied the food needed to live. Nowhere is this imagery more vivid in Western Civilization than in the footage captured after the end of World War II as the true horrors of the Holocaust were revealed to the world at large.

During the Cold War we also experienced further evidence of the horrors of famine as communist Russia and China struggled with providing their populations with proper nutrition, leading countless to die of starvation over many decades. Today, on modern television, there are advertisements for charities throughout Africa and Asia which show the plight of the starving in these third world nations.

I do not mean to discount the real and significant struggles that those that came before us experienced in the not so distant past, but it had a powerful impact on food culture in the West, particularly the idea that it is better to eat too much than too little. In our elementary education and beyond, we are confronted with story after story of mass famine, and it seems that part of the way that we culturally appreciate our current abundance is by partaking in it.

This appreciation for our abundance has led directly to a culture of overeating that borders on obsession. In the West, we simply love our food too much, and the expansion of cuisine in the West has allowed anyone to get whatever they want, when they want it, whether they go to the grocery store, the pizza parlor, or the Chinese buffet.

A Culture of Overeating Develops into a Culture of Force Feeding

Throughout the twentieth century, we have always been taught that we need to eat every last bite on our plates. Often times, we were also strongly encouraged, if not forced, to go back for a second portion. In addition to this, the proliferation of soda drinks has led directly to a significant increase in the empty calories that the average American consumes.

As the twentieth century barreled on, parents on average had less time to cook and prepare meals at home, which led to the greater proliferation of both fast food and microwavable dinners, loaded with sugars, salts, and carbohydrates which increased our caloric consumption even more!

During this age, restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s became the captains of the fast food industry, generating billions of dollars in profit funneling cheap calories into the mouths of men, women, and children all across the country.

Because of all these pressures to overeat, the longevity gains that people in the West experienced as a result of modernization all began to slip away, the combination of unhealthy eating and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle is threatening today’s generation with the prospect of living shorter lives than their parents on average!

The United States would be stronger in every way, if it could foster greater consciousness about the importance of eating smarter to eat longer. If we all just made the proactive decision to engage in a lifestyle of at least mild caloric restriction, it would both decrease the price of health care and allow the citizens of this nation to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Do You Dream of a Healthier, Happier Life? Contact the Conscious Evolution Institute Today!

If you are a man or woman over the age of thirty and currently live in the United States, the Conscious Evolution Institute can help you improve your health and longevity. We provide Doctor-Monitored Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to patients all across the United States.

With just a simple phone call, we can arrange for you to meet with one of our affiliate physicians in order to set you on the road to a new you. We offer a variety of Hormone Replacement options, including Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Human Growth Hormone Injections, Sermorelin Acetate Injections, and HCG Injection Therapy for Weight Loss.

We also provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling in order to help you maximize the results of your treatment by choosing foods, supplements, and exercises that will get your body running on all cylinders!

If you feel that you may be a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy, don’t hesitate, call us today, and one of our friendly specialists will walk you through the process and answer any and all questions that you may have.

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The Transhumanism Cult Now Has Its … – The Daily Sheeple

Posted: April 23, 2018 at 2:46 am

Over the past 30 years weve seen the exponential growth of computing technology change our lives in countless ways. It has done a lot to make our lives easier by increasing productivity, creating new job opportunities, and offering the greatest communication tool in human history, the internet.

But it has also come at a great cost to our humanity. Our gadgets are hurting us in a ways that were only just beginning to understand. They cause stress, depression, eye problems, back pain, and they are one of the biggest drivers of the sedentary lifestyle since the invention of the television. They leave adults socially isolated as they click away on their smartphones, oblivious to the world around them, and they make our children emotionally stunted and socially awkward. And for the icing on the cake, these devices can be very addictive as well.

But for a handful of people, our technological progress has no downside. Theyre not only planning to fully embrace the gadgets of the future, they plan on augmenting their bodies with any piece of technology that they think will help make them smarter, stronger, or live longer. I cant say I blame them, since these are attributes that all humans want, but their beliefs read like the fever dream of a science fiction writer.

Theyre known as Transhumanists, and they believe that the human race will soon be a thing of the past. The lynchpin of their ideology is a hijacking of Moores Law, the idea that computer technology is and will always double exponentially on a regular basis, and will continue to do so until we enter The Singularity.

This is their utopia. Their heaven in the sky. The moment when technological progress and artificial intelligence supasses human reasoning. This point will supposedly usher in a new era of peace and an astounding standard of living, as humans merge with machines, gain immortality, and explore the universe. But first, we have to abandon our humanity before we can step into the light of progress.

This Transhumanist manifesto sounds like a religion for atheists, which it is. While there are some religious folks who have supplemented their faith with these beliefs, the majority of the movement is populated by atheists and scientists, who are apparently lost on the irony of their situation. They spent their whole lives denying the existence of god, and criticizing his believers, only to find themselves embracing a technological cult that mirrors most religions, albeit in a purely physical rather than spiritual way.

And now their cult has taken on an additional characteristic that was traditional reserved for religions of a spiritual nature. Behold, the Transhumanist Church.

Earlier this month I received a Facebook invitation from an immortalist church in Florida: it was going to hold a ritual called Remembrance of the Resurrectables, a ceremony to commemorate those who had decided to have their bodies frozencryopreserved is the proper termafter their demise, in hopes that technology would at some point allow them to be reawoken.

Over live stream, the liturgy looked like a hybrid between a small church service and a lackluster business event. The officiator uttered a short but inspiring sermon about his conversion to immortalism. Then Bill Faloonthe founder of the church and a much more managerial speakertook the floor to give a presentation about the history of cryonics, using many PowerPoint slides in the process. The churchgoers rose and lit candles to pay tribute to those who had been brave enough to bet against deaths victory.

Loudspeakers pumped out songs like Alphavilles Forever Young. A screen showed pictures, names, and facts about people who had been cryopreserved (information about the cryonites first life cycles was the preachers wording). Finally, the officiator thanked everybody, including three cryonics companies who were involved in the event, and said goodbye.

Their faith has even adopted traditional symbols, and has their very own prophet. I would have guessed their prophet would be Ray Kurzweil, but since hes still alive, maybe theyre saving him to be their messiah at a later date.

It has a symbol (a fiery phoenix) and a prophet (Nikolai Fedorov, a 19th century Russian philosopher who advocated immortality and resurrection of the dead), and holds a monthly service during which experts such as gerontologist Aubrey de Grey or entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt are invited to speak about longevity science. According to its mission, the church wants to help in the advancement of indefinite life extension not only because its desirable but also because its what the Creator planned for humanity to accomplish.

Fortunately, they at least recognize that their is no proof that their dream will ever come to fruition. Thus, their movement relies on faith, rather than knowledge.

We have faith that we dont have to die, he explained to me in a phone call. That we have, on this planet and at this time, people and technologies that will give us the opportunity to not have to die. But our belief is a faith [because] theres no proof in todays technology that well be able to extend indefinitely our lives.

And of course, no self respecting religion would be complete without a bloody apocalyptic showdown, not unlike the Book of Revelations.

In his novel The Transhumanist Wager, Istvan envisions a future where transhumanism and religiosity clash in worldwide wars. He thinks thats no fantasy. As the technology catches up and people realize that a new kind of human beings would walk the planet, therell be clashes, he said. There will be a showdown, a battle between religion and transhumanist aims. Im 100 percent sure of it.

Im not one to crap all over someones religion, so I wont do it here. If this is what these people choose to believe, then more power to them. But I will say this: We live in an age of boundless technology that is granting us convenience at the cost of our humanity. We should approach our computers with moderation and humility, so that we may reap the benefits without losing ourselves.

But to throw caution to the wind, and blindly embrace technology and its warm promises of a new golden age, sounds like a perfect combination of human hubris, arrogance, and folly. If they want to be more like a religion, then I suggest they adopt Icarus as their mascot.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshuas reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshuas website is Strange Danger .

The Transhumanism Cult Now Has Its … – The Daily Sheeple

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Neurology – Rady Children’s Hospital

Posted: April 23, 2018 at 2:46 am

The Division of Neurology cares for infants, children and teens with conditions of the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and neuromuscular system.

Ranked No. 14 in the nation in by U.S.News&WorldReport.

Diagnosing and treating neurological disorders or injuries requires a team of experienced specialists, with access to advanced technology.

Expert care is provided by the highly skilled neurologists ofRady Childrens Specialists of San Diego. And state-of-the-art equipment, including electroencephalography (EEG), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is used to diagnose a wide range of neurological problems.

Amongour services, weoffer acomprehensive epilepsy centeralong with specialty clinics forRett syndrome,movement disorders,neuromuscular disorders, including muscular dystrophy,cerebrovascular disordersandheadaches. We also haveaTic/Tourette Center.

Research is a major focus ofour division, with the goal of improving diagnosis and treatment, especially for neurological conditions that are difficult to treat.

One hundredpercent of your tax-deductible gift benefits RadyChildrens. To make a donation,click here.

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Neurology – Rady Children’s Hospital

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Posted: April 22, 2018 at 1:42 am he was eventually moved into a more prestigious commercial section of his department

Read more: – Immortalitymedicine

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LONGEVITY | Astrogurukul

Posted: April 20, 2018 at 9:45 am

Om namo rudrya vishnva mryture mithahi

Article Compiled by Sh. Ram Nath GoyalExplained by Sh. MK Gupta

Brahma,Vishnu and Rudra(Shiva) are three aspects of GOD. Brahma is the creator. Vishnu is sustainer and Rudra is destroyer.

Division of longevity:-The standard life span for this purpose is 108 years for human charts. It is divided into three parts:-1. Short life (Alp Ayu):-It is 0-36 years.2. Middle life (Madhya Ayu):-It is from 36-72 years.3. Long life (Puran Ayu) :- It is from 72 -108 years.

Movable Signs:-The presiding deity of movable signs is Brahma and energy level of these signs is maximum so these signs give LONG LIFE.

Dual Signs:- The presiding deity of dual signs is vishnu and energy level of these signs is medium so these signs gives MIDDLE LIFE.

Fix Signs:-The presiding deity of fixed signs is Shiva and is destroyer so these signs give SHORT LIFE.

There are three methods to calculate longevity given by rishi Jaimini.1.Three Pair Method.2.Eighth Lord Placement Method.3.Method of Three Lords.

Methods of Three Pairs:- This method allows us to determine the approximate range of ones longevity. In this method, we look at three pairs of planets. In each pair, we look at the two planets and see if they occupy a movable or fixed or dual sign.


:Lagna lord and 8th lord:- If these both are in movable sign or one is in dual sign and other is in fix sign then long life is indicated.

:If lagana lord and 8th lord:- both are in dual sign or one is in movable sign and other is in fix sign, then middle life is indicated.

:If lagana lord and 8th lord:- both are in fix sign or one is in movable sign and other is in dual sign then short life is indicated.

SECOND PAIR:- Second pair is of MOON and SAT. Apply the above three principles to the signs occupied by Moon and Sat.

THIRD PAIR:- Third pair is of LAGNA and HORA LAGNA. Apply the above three principles to this pair also.

RESULT:- If all three pairs indicate identical spans, then the particular longevity is to be declared i.e.

: If all pairs indicate long life span it is up to 108 years.

: If all pairs indicate middle life span it is up to 72 rears.

: If all pairs indicate short life span it is up to 36 years.

:If two pair gives same life span and third pair gives different life span ,then result given by two pairs dominate and find the resultant longevity using following table:-

If all the three pairs gives different results:-

: Then we should give preference to third pair of LAGNA and HORA LAGNA.

:If MOON is in Lagna or 7th house, then second pair of MOON and SAT will prevail.

Calculation of 8th lord:-We can find the 8th house in the chart zodiacally, but it is found that results are more accurate if we take the 8th house from Varidha Karka chart which is given below.

Eighth house Reckoner (Vridha Karika )

Note:- From the table we find that for Aries, Libra and for Aquarius lagans, both 1st and 8th lord are same. In this case we will take the 8th from 8th. For example let us assume in an chart Lagan is Aries, then from chart we see 8th house is Scorpio, lord of Scorpio is also Mars we will take 8th lord from Scorpio ,from chart 8th lord from SC is Sagittarius ,so we will take Jupiter as 8th lord. We will see the placements of Mar and Jupiter.

Example:- Consider an chart of Taurus ascendant as given below ,Hora Lagna is in Aries, Moon is in Taurus ,Mercury is in Capricorn, Venus is in Capricorn, and Sat is in Gemini.

Pair 1:- Lagna lord Venus is in Capricorn which is a Movable Sign, from the above table 8th house is Gemini, Lord of Gemini is Mercury is in Capricorn which is another Movable sign. Both Movable sign gives Long Life.

Pair2:- Moon is in Ta a fixed sign, Saturn is in Gemini and dual sign, Fix +Dual, Moveable is out so it gives Long Life.

Pair 3:- Lagna is in Ta an fix sign, Hora Lagana is in Aries an Movable sign, Fix + Movable , Dual sign is out so it gives Middle Life.

We see two pairs indicate Long Life so long life will prevail. Third Pair is of Middle life so age comes out to be 108 yrs.

Eighth Lord Placement Method:- Determine the stronger lord between 8th house lords from 1st and 7th house. It means determine the stronger lord between the lords of 2nd house and 8th house. If this lord is placed in:-

Method Of Three Lords:- Third method is based on the placement of the lord of the of 1st house,10th house and 8th house. If three lords are well placed in quadrants etc,Long Life is indicated. If two of the three are strong, Middle Life is indicated and if only one is strong Short Life is indicated. These lords should be well placed, dusthanas are bad for these houses. Malefic association with these lords lowers the longevity. This method is very usefull from these lords we came to know how strong our body is.This method tells us how long the body can live without deterioating.If three lords are well placed body can live long without deteriorating. The peoples who have these lords well placed they live a healthy life without any major disease.

Kaksh Vridhi:- This means increase of term of longevity, Alapayu becomes Madhyayu, and Madhyayu becomes puranayu.

Conditions For Kaksh Vridhi:- There will be kaksha Vridhi when any one of the following conditions are present.

1. Occupancy of Jup in lagna or the 7th house devoid of melefic influence.

2. Occupancy of natural benefices in lagna and seventh house or in its trikona places or in 2/12

3. Natural benefics with Ak or in the 7th, 5th or 9th house or in 2/12

4. Atmakarka is exalted.

5. Jupiter is atmakarka.

6. If lagna lord is in benefic sign other than its debilitation sign or exalted or having benefic association.

Kaksha Harsha:-Kaksha harsha means particular of term of longevity is reduced to the next lower one, thus Puranayu becoming Madhyayu and Madhyayu becoming alpayu.

Conditions Of Kaksha Harsh:- There will be Kaksha Harsha when any one of the following condition is present there.

1. Association of SAT with lagna lord or hora lagna lord.

2. Occupancy of SAT in 8th house of lagana or in 8th house of Hora Lagna.

3. Association of Sat with the 8th house lord of lagna and 8th house lord of Hora Lagna.

4. Both lagna and 7th house or5/9 or 2/12 occupied by malefic.

5. Similarly Ak and 7th or 5/9or 2/12 are occupied by malefic.

6. Atmakarka is debilitated.

7.If lagna lord is in melefic sign other than its exaltation sign or having melefic association.

Rashi Vridhi:-This means increase of longevity by a Rashi i..e. by 9 yrs. If places suggested for Kaksh Vridhi are occupied by Full Moon or Venus then there will be increase of Longevity by one rashi dasa.

Rashi Harsa:- This means the decrease of longevity by one rashi dasa .Rashi harsha will occur When Sat occupies places suggested for malefic for kaksha harsha.

Jagannath Rule:-Divide the Ayur khanda in four parts of 9years each, for example if ayur khanda is of middle life i.e. from 36years to 72 years then four parts will be 36to45years, 45to54years,54to63years and 63 to 72years.

:If 8th lord ( counted zodiacally) is in 10th,11th or 12th from lagna death is predicted in first part i.e. from 36 to 45years.

: If 8th lord is in 7th or 8th or in 9th from lagna death is predicted in second part i.e. from 45 years to 54 years.

: If 8th lord is in 4th or 5th or in 6th from lagna death is predicted in third part i.e.from 54years to 63 years.

: If 8th lord is in 1st, 2nd or 3rd house from lagna death is predicted in last part i.e.from 63 years to 72years.

Yoga Vipareetam:-After having determined the primary longevity, it is necessary to check the position of the AK in the chart. If it is placed in first, third, seventh or ninth houses then yoga vipreetam will function. This cause major change in life span from Long life to Middle life, Middle life to Short life while Short life becomes Long Life. Depending upon the placement of 8th lord.

Vipreetam ayur yoga simultaneously change the longevity of the relative shown by the AK or planet joining it.For example if Short life is indicated initially and AK Sun is in the 9th house ,then native longevity will be increased and that of father will decreased and father will pass away early. In these cases both things are possible either native gives longevity to some relative or someone else gives the longevity to native. All this depends upon the position of the 8th lord. If 8th lord is in:-

:8th lord in kendr no longer gives long life, in this case it gives Middle life

: 8th lord in Panphara gives Short life.

:8th lord in Apokalimas gives Long Life.

In case of 8th lord in Apoklimas you are receiving life. This is due to ATMABALA,atma wants to stay more in body or wants to leave early.

Calculation of Exact Longevity: – The planets involved in final determination of longevity are called Ayur Yogakarkas or Longevity determinates.

If the determinate is in the beginning of sign contribution will be complete and if determinate is in the end of sign, it will be nil. Thus the exact longevity should be fixed proportionately, taking average longitude of all determinates. For example:-

If Moon is at 17degree 5minutes

Sat is at 13 degree 22minutes.

Life span is middle 36 to 72years

Average longitude of determinates=17 degree 5minutes + 13 degree 22minutes/= 15 degree 13 minutes 30

From the end of sign= 30 degree -15 degree 13 minutes 30= 14 degree 46 minutes 30

Contribution by determinations= 14 degree 46 minutes 30/30 and multiply by 36 years= 17 years 8months 23 days

Total longevity= 36 years + 17years 8 months 23 days= 53 years 8months 23 days.

This method is usually applied to three pair methods.

Example:- Swami viveka nanda born on 12th Jan 1863 at 6:33 A M(LMT)

At 22n40,88e30

Lag 25 degree 29mnt, Mar 6degree19mnt Venus 7degree 7minutes

Sun 29degree 25mnt (AK) Mer 11degree 47mnt Sat 13degree50mnt

Moon 17degree29mnt Jup3degree57 mint Rahu 22degree 15mnt


Determination of Longevity Compartment.

Method of pairs: – Lagna lord + 8th lord=Jupiter + Moon

= Movable +dual = fix is left out=Short life

Langa +Hora lagna= Dual + Movable= Short Life

Moon + Sat = Dual +Dual =Middle life

Short life combination dominates,

However Sun AK is in ASC so Yoga Vipreetam will be applicable.

8th lord Moon is in quadrant so it will indicate Middle life so father give life to native so father passed away early. Method of pairs gives Middle life of 36to 72 years.

:Eighth Lord Placement:- 8th lord Moon is placed in 10th house.

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LONGEVITY | Astrogurukul

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Arlington Stem Cells | Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas

Posted: April 20, 2018 at 9:45 am

The Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas is helping Arlington, Texas patients stop chronic pain with customized non-invasive treatment options to address your unique health needs and meet your health goals. We specialize in Advanced Regenerative Cell Therapy that offers safe and effective solutions for patients with a wide array of conditions. Our expert staff focuses on total body health and works with you to design your personal path to ending your chronic pain and reclaiming your life. Our innovative Advance Regenerative Cell Therapy has been proven effective in treating degenerative arthritic conditions, hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joint conditions, rotator cuff tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Traditional treatment plans often rely on medications with dangerous side effects and risky invasive surgeries, but The Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas in Arlington is focused on providing patients an alternative path to healing and living a pain free life with Advanced Regenerative Cell Therapy that helps you avoid these harmful options. Patients living with chronic pain from degenerative joint conditions like hip osteoarthritis regularly endure steroid injections, never-ending pain medication protocols and joint replacement surgery often with little to no relief from their pain. Advanced Regenerative Cell Therapy treatments work to heal the underlying cause of your chronic pain and gives patients long-term results they can trust instead of just masking symptoms.

At The Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas we take creating a personalized patient experience seriously so its only natural that we provide a revolutionary treatment like Advanced Regenerative Cell Therapy that works with your body on a cellular level with cutting edge healing power. Advanced Cell Therapy commands growth factors and cytokines to the affected area and helps to repair and regenerate bone, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Our skilled staff is dedicated to helping you stop chronic pain with a healthy, safe, non-invasive treatment. Call our team Arlington, Texas today and discover how Advanced Regenerative therapy can change your life.

Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas offers functional medicine, including physical therapy in Fort Worth, TX, 76132 and Arlington, TX, 76010. For yourFREE consultation, call us today at817-618-6443 in Fort Worth or 817-678-8558 in Arlington.

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Arlington Stem Cells | Neuropathy & Pain Centers of Texas

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Communication in genetic medicine – TGMI

Posted: April 20, 2018 at 9:44 am

Ive noticed over the last few weeks that many TGMI blog posts address challenges that specifically related to communication in genetic medicine. I wanted to highlight some of these mentions here, to illustrate that not all issues in genetic medicine are scientific or medical challenges. Sometimes its all about the way we share information with each other.

Looking back at recent blog posts, these are some of the communication challenges the TGMI team members noticed:

These are just some things that came up on the TGMI blog in the past few months, and while they look like very distinct problems, they are all about communication.

When clinicians and researchers need to use the same information, the requirements they have for how that information is presented can be very different

Of course an important point of communication is when patients need to understand the result of their genetic test and the implications of that result to a degree that allows them to make decisions about their own health. But communication isnt always about communication to patients or to a broader audience of non-experts. Even amongst themselves, researchers encounter communication challenges, with gene names being used inconsistently or inconsistent use of terms that articulate important issues such as the mode of inheritance, the risk of associated disease occurring, inconsistent methods used for annotating variations in genes and even many different ways of describing diseases or disorders and their consequences.

When clinicians and researchers need to use the same information, such as the link between a gene and a disease, the requirements they have for how that information is presented can be very different: Do they need it to understand genetics in general, or do they need it to very specifically understand the role genetic changes can have in one particular disease?

When two people talk to each other about genetics, they make assumptions about the level of genetic literacy the other person has. As Jennifer mentioned in last weeks blog post, the general level of genetic literacy has increased over the years. More people than before now know enough about genetics to talk about it in the context of a discussion about their health and hereditary conditions.

Still, this doesnt mean that all problems surrounding communication about genetics with non-experts have now been solved. For example, various studies have looked at communities where there is less awareness about genetic testing, or where a culture or language barrier affects communication. .

Were never going to get everyone at the same level of genetics knowledge, but that isnt necessary either. Genetically literate people dont need to know everything about genetics. They just need to have access to support and tools to help them find and understand relevant information and whats relevant is different for everyone. However it is important to improve the consistency in how different resources and tools use terms to describe genetic variation and the possible links those have to disease risk.

The same is true for communication between researchers and clinicians, or between researchers in different fields. They cant all be expected to know all the details of each others expertise, but they need to have a way to look up and extract the intended meaning from the information shared through publications, databases and other resources.

Last year, the American Heart Association published a statement to highlight this issue. They pointed out that researchers are rapidly finding new information about the link between genetics and cardiovascular disease, but that the clinician specialists who work with cardiovascular and stroke patients cant keep up with all this new genetics knowledge. The Association provided recommendations on how clinicians can acquire and maintain genetics competencies, and emphasised that clinicians not only need to have access to continued education about genetics, but also to tools and resources: The eventual goal is to empower and enable the cardiovascular clinician to understand, interpret, and apply genetic information to patient care in an effective, responsible, and cost-efficient manner.

These challenges arent unique to genetic medicine. Theyre all broad problems related to many areas of communication. Because these challenges are so ubiquitous, they are themselves the subject of academic study. Even just within science, there are fields such as Science of Team Science, which looks atcollaborations and effective communication between researchers, and Science of Science Communication, which studies how scientific information is disseminated to others.

Some studies look specifically at communication related to genetics and genomics. For example, how genetic literacy is measured, or how population sciences influence translational genomics.

The list at the top of this blog post only includes a few examples of communication challenges in genetic medicine, just enough to give you an idea of some of the different areas where communication is key. Id be curious to hear whether you have come across any other instances yourself either from your own experience or something youve heard or read about.

So, to turn this into two-way communication, please leave your thoughts in the comments below, or talk to us on Twitter. (Or you can always email us.)

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Communication in genetic medicine – TGMI

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