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About Living Youthfully

Immortality Medicine TV is a cutting edge science and antiaging medical news aggregate website for American adults interested in having access to all the latest breakthroughs in human longevity, with the long term goal in mind being that of overthrowing human death by 2045. The topics to be found on our website pertain to the most recent discoveries about Transhuman related topics, including: Anti-Aging Medicine, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Cryonics, Futurism, Gene Therapy, Human Genetic Engineering, Human reproduction strategies, life extension, ethical dilemmas of Human Immortality, Integrative Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Medical School, Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology, Pharmacogenomics, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, and Posthumanism.

Approaches to Human Quality of Life

Right now some of the best thing you can do for probabilistically increasing the chances of extending your life is go on a low calorie high nutrient dense diet, exercise regularly, live in a warm climate, and get your blood work done regularly every 3 to 6 months to monitor what is going on with your body. More specifically, Change your lifestyle dramatically when it comes to all behaviors concerning the things you do on a daily basis, especially those associated with the human brain, meditate (yes it works, just takes practice), use math training apps, exercise your mind with new puzzle games each day and download a broad range of brain gym apps on your hand held device to keep your brain young when you have free time or spare moments. Crossword puzzles and Chess training is also a good way to keep the mind young and healthy.

Keep both your body and mind young by approaching its maintenance as both an art and science. Find a big purpose in life, and take on hobbies that require creativity, use your time left in this life for personal growth.

Want help right now to live more youthfully? And experience a high quality of life today?

By combining diet science, low calorie intake of high nutrient dense food, exercise and optimizing ones hormones, it is thought that ones quality of life can be improved.

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