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Whealthcare Solutions Introduces Innovative Financial Wellness Score – Insurance News Net

BELMONT, Mass. (PRWEB) February 17, 2021

Whealthcare Solutions, Inc., a software company dedicated to helping families and their financial advisors more effectively prepare and plan for the challenges of longevity, has announced a comprehensive suite of Financial Wellness Scores. These new scores enable advisors to quickly and easily measure their clients' financial health, and are augmented by personalized recommendations showing the advisor how to help clients improve their scores.

"Nothing matters more to clients than health and wellness a reality underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic" said Dr. Chris Heye, CEO of Whealthcare Solutions. "We are excited to provide Financial Wellness Scores to our users in support of the important work they do preparing clients for the financial challenges of wellness and longevity." The Financial Wellness Scores and educational content are backed in part by insights from a landmark, two-year study of aging and financial decision-making undertaken by the Massachusetts General Hospital's Department of Outpatient Geriatric Psychiatry in collaboration with Dr. Heye.

The innovative, clinically-based financial wellness scoring assessments capture a client's practices, preferences, and levels of preparation across a range of key wellness metrics and generate actionable recommendations for improvement. The unique assessments generate scores for:

The financial wellness scoring assessments enable advisors to better engage with clients on real life issues of greatest concern health and longevity. The assessments are presented in a short and simple structure to ensure easy engagement by all customers with accessibility features designed to support older clients. Most assessments require no more than five minutes to complete and are administered digitally. When the client is finished with an assessment, the advisor can generate detailed reports containing scores and recommendations. Advisors can use the output from the reports to create personalized, comprehensive financial wellness plans for any client. Each report is further supplemented by multi-award-winning educational content, prepared by thought leaders in geriatrics, psychiatry, and advisor practice management, and available for digital delivery to all clients.

"With 70 million Baby Boomers now at a median age of 65, health and longevity planning has never been more important. One in four clients age 65 plus is at risk for experiencing some degree of cognitive impairment" said Dr. Heye. "So financial planning can be complicated, time consuming, and intimidating. Plus, many advisors lack adequate training in health and wellness-related topics. We have made it easy for advisors to get at the heart of financial wellness with scores that show the client where they stand, identify important gaps, and help initiate more in-depth wellness planning discussions and activities."

"Industry research shows that the average financial advisor manages only about half of a client's assets and competes with three to five other providers. The combination of the pandemic and the demographic wave of aging clients is driving the money in motion at a rate 350% higher than normal*. Advisors who don't have these conversations risk losing the clients and their families to more attentive advisors," added Steve Gresham, CEO of The Execution Project, LLC, an industry consulting firm and the author of The New Advisor for Life.

"The innovative Financial Wellness Scores have been designed to help answer some of the most urgent questions I hear from consumers every day," said Jean Statler, CEO of the Alliance for Lifetime Income. "Americans are anxious to address the challenge of longevity, health care costs and decision making as part of their retirement plans. The Alliance is excited to be able to offer these awesome new resources in response to that demand."

*McKinsey study, North American Wealth Management: Money in Motion, December 2020

About Whealthcare Solutions, Inc.

Whealthcare Solutions, the parent company of Whealthcare Planning LLC, created the first cloud-based health, wellness, and longevity-focused client engagement application for financial advisors. The firm's innovative, clinically-based financial wellness scoring assessments capture and measure client practices, preferences, and levels of preparation across a range of key wellness metrics. The assessments are supported by comprehensive training programs that empower advisors to engage more confidently and comfortably with clients on health and longevity-related topics, as well unique client communications and marketing content. Whealthcare Planning received the 2019 InvestmentNews Award for best Educational Materials and the 2019 Award for Thought Leadership from a technology provider. See more at

Contact: Chris Heye, PhD [emailprotected]

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Whealthcare Solutions Introduces Innovative Financial Wellness Score - Insurance News Net

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3 easy habits of the worlds longest-living people that can keep you happy and healthy during the pandemic – CNBC

There's no silver bullet to living longer, says Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and journalist who studies the habits of people living in the "Blue Zones," which are the places in the world where people live the longest. The places are: Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California.

But making small changes to your everyday routine from how you spend your lunch hour to whether you keep in touch with friends can make a big difference in the long run, Buettner tells CNBC Make It.

Especially during the Covid pandemic, as most people's lives have been dramatically changed, here are the top three habits from the Blue Zones that Buettner says are important to start now.

Famous research from Harvard has shown that people who have close relationships live longer than those who are isolated.

"If you're socially disconnected, [or] if you don't have three friends you can count on on a bad day, it shaves about eight years off your life expectancy, compared to somebody who's well connected," Buettner says.

During the pandemic, even video calls can have a positive effect: "If the conversation has emotional content to it, it counts," he says.

"In the pre-Covid days, we would take a lunch break and often go eat with a colleague," he says. Since that's not possible for many people during the pandemic, he suggests a mid-day video call with someone you care about. "Make that part of your daily routine," he says.

Lots of research supports that exercising wards off your risk of disease and death, but you don't need an exercise bike or home gym to reap the benefits.

"People in Blue Zones walk every day and they make it to 100 without all the other gadgetry and pageantry of working out," Buettner says.

People who commute to work and have to walk to a bus or train station have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular issues. If you're working remotely and are more sedentary than usual, take walks around the block that mimic your morning and evening commutes, Buettner says. Leave your sneakers or walking shoes by the front door "to constantly remind you to use them," he says.

Going on walks during the pandemic is an easy way to exercise safely outdoors and also to socialize with someone from outside of your household. Dr. Anthony Fauci has said he powerwalks 3.5 miles a day to de-stress after work.

Studies have shown that walking boosts your creativity, improves your memory and even helps you sleep.

Taking short mid-afternoon naps is common in many of the Blue Zones regions, Buettner says.

"People who report napping at least 20 minutes, five days a week, have about a third lower rate of heart disease than people who just motor through the day," he says.

After a nap, you typically feel sharper and have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, Buettner says. Over time, regular nappers also have less inflammation in their bodies, he adds. (Chronic inflammation is associated with several diseases.)

The key to avoiding grogginess is to only nap for 20 minutes, according to the National Sleep Foundation.If you're working from home, squeeze in a power nap during your lunch break it could improve your performance. Studies suggest that short power naps can increase job performance by up to 34% and improve alertness by 54%.

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3 easy habits of the worlds longest-living people that can keep you happy and healthy during the pandemic - CNBC

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Bolton to Offer Club Vita’s Longevity Service to Plan Sponsors – Business Wire

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Club Vita, the international leader in longevity analytics, and Bolton, a US employee benefits consulting firm focused on independent, objective, and innovative service delivery, today announced their new collaboration agreement. The relationship will bring Club Vitas longevity risk reporting to Bolton, whose clients include public sector plan sponsors, corporate employers, multiemployer pension plans and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

Club Vitas robust analytics enable a plan sponsor or its trustees to become better-informed about their pension or retiree health plan, while equipping their advisors with tools to counsel more effectively on strategy and tactics. Boltons actuaries will have access to Club Vitas proprietary longevity analytics on the ProVal actuarial valuation system, conveniently delivering a more tailored view of longevity for pension plan valuations.

Ellen Kleinstuber, Boltons Chief Actuary, notes that traditional tools used by actuaries to model longevity focus on employment-based factors that dampen the dispersion in longevity patterns within the American population. Offering our clients access to the Club Vita suite of longevity analytics supports our mission to deliver innovative, insightful, and impactful solutions that drive well-informed decision making and management of future financial risks, resulting in enhanced security of pension promises.

Dan Reddy, Club Vitas US CEO, responded Were thrilled to welcome Bolton to our growing family of American advisory partners. Initially, our services will deliver more confidence in the valuation of pension obligations for Boltons clients. Once those firmer foundations have been built, we look forward to working with Bolton to deliver a new generation of pension risk management to plan sponsors.

About Club Vita

Club Vita is a longevity data analytics company, which facilitates the pooling and statistical analysis of demographic data from defined benefit pension and retiree health plans to reveal insights not evident to plans acting alone. Club Vita has been servicing the needs of plan sponsors and their advisors in the UK since 2008, Canada since 2015 and the US since 2019. Club Vitas innovative team has designed, built and refined ZIP-code based socioeconomic models for understanding the diversity of longevity. These enable plan sponsors to tailor their assumptions to reflect their people and develop strategies to actively manage their longevity risk, so longevity is no longer just an actuarial assumption. In June 2020, Club Vita and WinTech announced that their longevity analytics would be available through ProVal.

For more information

About Bolton

Bolton is a national, independent actuarial, and employee benefits firm established in 1981. It specializes in pension & retirement, health & welfare benefits, and investment consulting services, services for public sector, multi-employer, and corporate organizations. Bolton serves clients all over the country from its offices in Washington, D.C.; Boca Raton, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; and its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

In addition to its core consulting services, it is also the actuarial consultant to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). Bolton provides assistance in assessing the actuarial status of both individual and trusteed pension plans.

Bolton also participates in the actuarial and benefits community, with its staff taking on significant volunteer leadership roles. Its employees are members of the Society of Actuaries, the Conference of Consulting Actuaries, the American Academy of Actuaries, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS), SHRM and the CFA Institute.

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Bolton to Offer Club Vita's Longevity Service to Plan Sponsors - Business Wire

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Virtual Tasting with Phil Long of Longevity Wines :: Shopping & Retail in North Carolina :: Out and About at –

Virtual Tasting with Phil Long of Longevity Wines Categories: Culture and Heritage, Beer, Wine, & Spirits Visit Their Website Pricing info: $30

Ticket Info:

We are thrilled to share two of his wines with you as well as a Q&A session hosted by Angela Thorpe and Taryn Scarborough.

Angela Thorpe works as a public historian by day, amplifying stories around Black history and culture across North Carolina. By night, she is an emerging wine educator with a passion for exploring and sharing how Black people have contributed to the U.S. wine industry over time. She earned her WSET Level 1 in 2020. Her favorite wine is Spanish Tempranillo.

Taryn Scarborough is a Raleigh, NC native who earned her WSET Level 1 in 2019. She has a passion for educating and sharing her joy of wine with others. Taryn works as a project manager in the clinical research industry and loves to travel (pre-COVID) in her spare time. Favorite wine varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

This event is virtual and will be conducted live over Zoom as well as recorded so that participants may revisit the event. Each signup includes 2 full bottles of wine. We hope you will join us!

2019 Longevity - Chardonnay

2018 Longevity - Cabernet Sauvignon

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Virtual Tasting with Phil Long of Longevity Wines :: Shopping & Retail in North Carolina :: Out and About at -

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"LeBron James is proof that Father Time is no longer undefeated": Celtics legend Paul Pierce puts his… – The Sportsrush

LeBron James got some lavish praise from an unlikely source last night long-time rival and Celtics legend Paul Pierce.

Pierce and LeBron have faced each other in 5 playoff series. James holds a 3-2 record in the postseason against Pierce, who was long considered his biggest competition in the East.

This has probably left a bad taste in Pierces mouth, as hes undermined The King on various occasions. While Pierce retired in 2017, James is still going strong nearly 11 years since his last defeat to Pierce in the playoffs.

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James is now 36 years old, but hes still the predominant force in the NBA. LeBron can still do practically whatever he wants on the court against the best players in the world.

If the basketball world needed any proof of how James is still an athletic specimen, they got it last night. The Lakers succumbed to a blowout loss in Mile High City, but there was no stopping the freight train called King James.

LeBron had a signature play at the end of the first half, driving coast to coast and slamming it in emphatically with 1.2 seconds left. This led to a halftime discussion in the ESPN studios, and Pierce was in awe of LeBron James.

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There is no doubt that James can go on for at least the remainder of his Lakers deal at this pace. James has Anthony Davis by his side to pick up the slack on his off-days. Hes expanded his skillset to now become a lethal shooter from downtown.

There is no telling how many years later James will hang his boots up. But he will be considered the most durable superstar in NBA history with all said and done.

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"LeBron James is proof that Father Time is no longer undefeated": Celtics legend Paul Pierce puts his... - The Sportsrush

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Hibs defender Darren McGregor reveals the surprising secret behind his longevity and explains why he is not ready to fade into retirement – The…

SportFootballHibsDarren McGregor has long since passed the accepted expiration date on a football career.

Saturday, 13th February 2021, 7:00 am

But, having decided to spice things up, the 35 year-old has proved himself unwilling to be constrained by such arbitrary limitations.

The Hibs defender has had to bide his time this season, regularly restricted to one of the substitute slots as others made the starting berths their own. He managed a few League Cup games as those ahead of him in the pecking order were called away on international duty, but it is only in recent weeks that he has been given the chance to impress on league duty. He has not squandered the opportunity.

He lists several factors but, possibly surprisingly, focuses on the medicinal benefits of turmeric.

It was specifically under Neil Lennon and my knee was giving me all sorts of bother. It was a dull ache and Id tried taking injections or spending a day in and a day out. I dont take any anti-inflammatories but I was advised to take turmeric by the sports science team. Its proven to help with inflammation in your joints. I take them in concentrated form like a tablet and Nathan Ring [physio and Hibs Head of Sports Medicine] has devised a plan along with Colin Clancy, the strength and conditioning coach, which has helped me.

This has maybe been 12-18 months of meticulous work in the background. Trying things and if they dont work trying something else. Now I feel amazing, Im in a sweet spot and I would just like to keep it going.

But, as well addressing his physical predicament, as a team player and mentor, he has also had to consider the bigger picture as he waited to break back into the side.

You have to park your ego and accept that the guys who are playing ahead of you deserve to be in the team. The back three before I came in were doing tremendous and I had to wait for my time.

The gaffer decided to put me in and I think I have taken the opportunity but that is because of a lot of hard work that has been done in the background when no-one was really paying attention. That was in the off chance that I would get an opportunity and I think that has helped me to fit in seamlessly.

The endeavours behind the scenes comprise more than just time on the training pitch or in the gym, it is a lifestyle choice and a willingness to embrace any ideas that could squeeze a bit more out of a body he acknowledges is not getting any younger but remains capable of facilitating his playing ambitions.

Coming into the team for the Rangers game that commanding performance at the heart of the backline, helped the team regain its footing after the Betfred Cup semi-final slip. Retaining his place, he has been part of a winning team ever since.

The Leith side had been heading to Ross County in search of a fourth successive win before a frozen pitch saw that match postponed.

But last weeks important victory over Aberdeen means that they will hold onto third place regardless of results elsewhere. And McGregors strong defensive displays and leadership qualities have contributed to that.

But he admits it wasnt so long ago that he feared time was running out for him and while he concedes that he now treats every game as though it could be his last, he says the turmeric has given him a new lease of life.

You are aware that the clock is ticking and your career is winding down but I can only speak for my own personal feelings and how my body feels. There were times in seasons gone by when i was training some days and not training others just so my body could recover but, this season, touch wood, I have trained every single day and done everything asked of me in the gym.

I just need to keep doing what I'm doing every day and see how long I can go.

As a football player growing up I think you think of 30 as this dreaded age but I think it is definitely changing. Paul Hanlon is 31 now; Paul McGinn is 30.

That gives a combined age of 96 for a back three who have managed two clean sheets in the past three games.

Now, 30 is young. People that dont play the game that are the same age as me, who I maybe went to school with and havent looked after themselves the way I have or done the training Ive done, they maybe put themselves in my shoes and think that at 35 Im definitely past it. But people forget the amount of work we do when we come in here and how meticulous we are with diet etc.

Footballers are definitely getting fitter. Maybe 30-40 years ago, 30 was the age of retirement but I can only be honest. I am training every day and Im sure a lot of the guys will say I do well in training, although some might say I just kick people, and I feel good coming in every day. I still enjoy it.

I'm not at a point when I get up every morning and my body is that sore that I'm thinking I can't be bothered going in. I am appreciating that I am in a hugely privileged position and I want to stay in this position for as long as I can so I am willing to sacrifice whatever needs to be sacrificed for me to keep it going and keep playing for Hibs.

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Hibs defender Darren McGregor reveals the surprising secret behind his longevity and explains why he is not ready to fade into retirement - The...

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