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James P. Hogan (writer) – Wikipedia

James Patrick Hogan

James Patrick Hogan

London, England

Dromahaire, County Leitrim, Ireland

James Patrick Hogan (27 June 1941 12 July 2010) was a British science fiction author.[1]

Hogan was born in London, England. He was raised in the Portobello Road area on the west side of London. After leaving school at the age of sixteen, he worked various odd jobs until, after receiving a scholarship, he began a five-year program at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough studying the practice and theory of electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. He first married at the age of twenty. He married three more times and fathered six children.[citation needed]

Hogan worked as a design engineer for several companies and eventually began working with sales during the 1960s, traveling around Europe as a sales engineer for Honeywell. During the 1970s he joined the Digital Equipment Corporation's Laboratory Data Processing Group and during 1977 relocated to Boston, Massachusetts to manage its sales training program. He published his first novel, Inherit The Stars, during the same year to win an office bet.[citation needed]

He quit DEC during 1979 and began writing full-time, relocating to Orlando, Florida, for a year where he met his third wife Jackie. They then relocated to Sonora, California.[citation needed] Hogan died of heart failure at his home in Ireland on Monday, 12 July 2010, aged 69.[2]

Most of Hogan's fiction is so-called hard science fiction.

Hogan's fiction also represents anti-authoritarian social opinions and as such forms part of anarchistic science fiction. Many of his novels have strong anarchist or libertarian themes,[3][citation needed] often promoting the idea that new technological advances render certain social conventions obsolete. For example, the effectively limitless availability of energy that would result from the development of controlled fusion power would make it unnecessary to limit access to energy resources. Essentially, energy would become free. This melding of scientific and social speculation is clearly present in the novel Voyage From Yesteryear (influenced strongly by Eric Frank Russell's story "And Then There Were None") about a technologically advanced anarchist society in the Alpha Centauri system, a starship sent from Earth by a dictatorial government, and the events after their first contact. The story features concepts of civil disobedience, post scarcity and gift economy.[4][citation needed]

During his later years, Hogan's contrarian and anti-authoritarian opinions favored those widely considered extremist. He was a proponent of Immanuel Velikovsky's version of catastrophism,[5] and of the Peter Duesberg hypothesis that AIDS is caused by pharmaceutical[6] use rather than HIV (see AIDS denialism).[7] He criticized the idea of the gradualism of evolution,[8][9] though he did not propose theistic creationism as an alternative. Hogan was skeptical of the theories of climate change and ozone depletion.[10]

Hogan also endorsed the idea that the Holocaust did not happen in the manner described by mainstream historians, writing that he found the work of Arthur Butz and Mark Weber to be "more scholarly, scientific, and convincing than what the history written by the victors says".[11] Such theories were considered by many[who?] to contradict his opinions concerning scientific rationality;[how?] he stated repeatedly that these theories had his attention due to the good quality of their presentation a quality he believed established sources should attempt to emulate, rather than resorting to attacking their originators.[citation needed]

During March 2010, in an essay defending Holocaust denier Ernst Zndel, Hogan stated that the mainstream history of the Holocaust includes "claims that are wildly fantastic, mutually contradictory, and defy common sense and often physical possibility".[12]

Compilations of novels in the "Giants series".

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James P. Hogan (writer) - Wikipedia

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Elevating the Human Condition – Humanity+ What does it mean …

What does it mean to be human in a technologically enhanced world? Humanity+ is a 501(c)3 international nonprofit membership organization that advocates the ethical use of technology, such as artificial intelligence, to expand human capacities. In other words, we want people to be better than well. This is the goal of transhumanism.

Humanity+ Advocates for Safe and Ethical Use: Technologies that intervene with human physiology for curing disease and repairing injury have accelerated to a point in which they also can increase human performance outside the realms of what is considered to be normal for humans. These technologies are referred to as emerging and speculative and include artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, biotechnology, genetic engineering, stem cell cloning, and transgenesis, for example. Other technologies that could extend and expand human capabilities outside physiology include artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, robotics, and brain-computer integration, which form the domain of bionics, uploading, and could be used for developing whole body prosthetics. Because these technologies, and their respective sciences and strategic models, such as blockchain, would take the human beyond the normal state of existence, society, including bioethicists and others who advocate the safe use of technology, have shown concern and uncertainties about the downside of these technologies and possible problematic and dangerous outcomes for our species.


Humanity+ @ Beijing Conference

Blockchain Prize

Humanity+ @ The Assemblage New York City

TransVision 2018 Madrid, Spain

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Elevating the Human Condition - Humanity+ What does it mean ...

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List of campaign settings – Wikipedia

Campaign setting nameSubgenreSetting locationGame system(s)Publisher(s)Period(s) publishedCommentsAerthHigh fantasyThe planet AerthDangerous JourneysGame Designers' Workshop1992-1994Developed by Gary Gygax before and after he was forced out of TSR.AgoneHigh fantasyMultisim1999-2008Al-QadimArabian fantasyThe planet Abeir-TorilAD&D 2nd editionTSR1992-1998The Diamond ThroneMedieval high fantasyd20 System2003A giant-dominated setting; created by Monte Cook and first published in 2003.Arcanis: the World of Shattered EmpiresMedieval fantasyThe continent of Onara on the Planet of Arcanisd20 System, Arcanis rules systemParadigm Concepts2001-2011Focuses on moral ambiguity and politicsArs MagicaMedieval heroic cult fantasyMythic EuropeArs Magica rulesLion Rampant, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast, Atlas Games1987-2004BirthrightMedieval High fantasyThe continent of Cerilia on the planet AebrynisAD&D 2nd edition, D&D 3rd editionTSR1994-2005Players each run their own country, and vie economically, politically, and militarily with or against each other and the rest of the countries on the map.BlackmoorMedieval high fantasy(The planet Mystara)D&DJudges Guild, TSR, Zeitgeist Games1977-2009First role-playing game campaign setting developed (1971-) for the purpose, later placed on Greyhawk, then on Mystara, then again relaunched as a standalone worldBlue RoseRomantic fantasyThe planet AldeaTrue20Green Ronin Publishing2005-presentCouncil of WyrmsDragon fantasyAD&D 2nd editionTSR1994-1999Players roleplay dragon charactersThe Dark EyeSword and sorceryAventuriaFantasy Productions, Ulisses Spiele1984-presentPrimarily in GermanDark SunHigh fantasy, post-apocalypticThe planet AthasAD&D 2nd edition, D&D 4th editionTSR, WotC1991-2010DiscworldHigh fantasyGURPS DiscworldSteve Jackson Games1998-2002Based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld seriesDragonlanceHigh dragon-centric fantasyThe planet KrynnAD&D, D&D 3rd editionTSR, Sovereign Press, Inc1984-, 2001-2007EarthdawnSword and sorceryprovince BarsaiveFASA1993-presentEberronSword and sorceryD&D 3rd edition, D&D 4th editionWotC2004-2009ForceliaHigh fantasyThe continent of AlecrastD&D (not TSR's official), Record of Lodoss War, Sword World RPG, Legend of Crystania and Rune SoldierGroup SNE1989 - presentPrimarily in Japanese.Forgotten RealmsMedieval high fantasyThe continent of Faern on the planet Abeir-TorilAD&D, AD&D 2nd edition, D&D 3rd/4th/5th editionTSR, WotC1987 - presentOriginally created as a paracosm by Ed Greenwood in 1967 to provide a setting for his childhood stories.Freeport: The City of AdventureSwashbuckling Medieval fantasyGeneric local settingd20 System, PathfinderGreen Ronin Publishing2000-presentAs a generic setting, Freeport can be expanded by the gamemaster, or inserted into another campaign setting.Garweeze WurldHack and slash satirical fantasyThe planet AldrazarHackmaster 4th editionKenzer & Company2001Based on the main setting played by the characters of the Knights of the Dinner Table comic series. It is strongly characterized by Hackmaster's wuss slapping honor system, +12 swords, sidewinder fireballs, etc.GloranthaSword and sorcery The planet GloranthaRuneQuestChaosium1978-presentFirst introduced in White Bear and Red Moon board game in 1975.Greyhawk (aka World of Greyhawk)Medieval high fantasyThe planet OerthAD&DTSR, WotC1980-2008HackjammerHack and slash space fantasyThe sky, Wildspace, the PhlogistonHackmaster 4th EditionKenzer & Company2005Parody of Spelljammer, and add-on to Garweeze WurldHrnLow magic medieval fantasyThe planet KethiraHrnMasterColumbia Games1986-2003Hollow WorldAncient fantasy (Roman, Greek)inside the planet MystaraD&DTSR1990-1992Hyborian AgeSword and sorceryEarth during the Hyborian AgeConan Role-Playing Game, GURPS Conan, Conan d20, Conan: The Roleplaying GameTSR, Steve Jackson Games, Mongoose Publishing1985, 1988-1989, 2004-2007Based on Robert E. Howard's Conan storiesIron KingdomsTechnofantasyImmorenPrivateer Press2004-2013KalibruhnSword and sorceryGeneric, d20 systemCreations Unlimited, Necromancer Games, Different Worlds1987, 2001-2004Developed by Robert J. Kuntz, in close association with Greyhawk, as early as 1973.Kara-TurMedieval Asian fantasyeast end of Faerun continent on planet Abeir-TorilAD&DTSR1985-1990Located on the same continent and Planet as Forgotten Realms and Al-Qadim. Created for the 1st edition of Oriental Adventures but not used for the 3rd edition product of the same nameKingdoms of KalamarHack and slash fantasyThe planet TelleneD&D 3rd edition, HackMaster 5th editionKenzer & Company1994-2008Lankhmar City of AdventureSword and sorceryThe city of Lankhmar, on the Planet of Nehwon|AD&DTSR, Inc.1985-1992Legend of the Five RingsMedieval Asian fantasyEmpire of RokuganD&D 3rd edition, L5R rulesAlderac Entertainment Group1997-2010Rokugan was previously used for the D&D 3rd edition Oriental AdventuresLost LandsMedieval high fantasyThe planet Lloegyr (aka Boros)d20 System, Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, D&D 5th editionFrog God Games/Necromancer Games/Greg A. Vaughan2000-presentCombines the entire catalog of adventures from Frog God Games and Necromancer Games into a single coherent setting. It first appeared in Necromancer Games' 2000 adventure The Wizard's Amulet, was first incorporated into a single setting in Frog God Games' 2010 adventure The Slumbering Tsar Saga, and was first formally branded and described as its own setting in foreword of Frog God Games' 2013 adventure LL1: Stoneheart Valley.MelnibonDystopic fantasyStormbringer, Elric!, Elric of Melnibon RPGChaosium, Mongoose Publishing1981-2007Based on the Elric of Melnibon books by Michael MoorcockMiddle EarthHigh fantasyMiddle-earth Role Playing (MERP) rules system, Lord of the Rings RPG (CODA System)Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE), Decipher, Inc.1984-1999, 2002-2006MidgardMedieval dark fantasyD&D, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Fantasy AGE, Swords & WizardryKobold Press2006-presentOriginally the setting for publisher Wolfgang Baur's own D&D campaign, the world which would later be named "Midgard" first appeared in a published product with the release of the 2006 adventure Steam & Brass.MystaraSword and sorcery (early), medieval high fantasy (late)The planet MystaraD&DTSR1981-1996Originally referred to as the "Known World", Mystara first appeared in X1 Isle of Dread and Moldbay edition D&D Expert Set. Some earlier B modules are integrated into the Mystara world.NorrathSword and sorceryThe planet NorrathEverQuest RPGVerant Interactive and 989 Studios2002-2006NumeneraScience fantasyThe Ninth World; a future Earththe Cypher SystemMonte Cook Games2013-presentNanites and technology from eight previous advanced civilizations litter the otherwise medieval Ninth World, and some beings can tap into these forces as mages of other fantasy settings could with magic.The Old WorldSword and sorceryWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay1986-2009A spin-off and a parallel universe to Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniature gamePalladium FantasySword and sorcery19832009Pathfinder ChroniclesMulti-cultural Medieval fantasyThe planet GolarionPathfinder Roleplaying GamePaizo Publishing2008-presentStrong development of European-, Arabian-, and African-like regionsPlanescapeSupernatural interdimensional fantasyThe Great Wheel, aka the MultiverseAD&D 2nd editionTSR1994-1998Interconnects campaigns via pathways and portals but also by providing opportunities for characters from different planes to meet in Heaven, Hell, and in the other planes on the Great Wheel.RavenloftGothic horror fantasyRavenloft, aka the Demiplane of DreadAD&D, d20, D&D 5th editionTSR, Sword and Sorcery Studios, WotC1986-presentScarred Landspost-apocalyptic fantasyThe planet Scarnd20 SystemSword & Sorcery Studios (part of White Wolf Publishing)2000-presentThe rights were acquired in 2013 by Nocturnal Media and Onyx Path Publishing to revive the setting.Shadow WorldHigh fantasyThe planet KultheaRolemasterIron Crown Enterprises1987presentSpelljammerAerial and space fantasyThe sky, Wildspace, the PhlogistonAD&D 2nd editionTSR1989-1993Solar systems contained within crystal spheres floating in the Phlogiston. Spelljammer interconnects other campaigns, by allowing characters to travel between crystal spheres.TkumelScience fantasy, medieval fantasyThe planet TkumelEmpire of the Petal ThroneTSR, Different Worlds Publications, Guardians of Order1974-2005The creation of this imaginary world originates in the 1940s. Original D&D in 1974 inspired its development as an RPG setting.ThahMedieval high fantasyThe planet Tkumel7th Sea (role-playing game)Alderac Entertainment Group 1999 - PresentThieves' WorldSword and SorceryThe city of Sanctuary, the Rankan EmpireGeneric, Runequest 3rd edition, d20 systemChaosium, FASA, Green Ronin1981-1986, 2005-2007Based on Thieves' World novels series.TitanSword and sorceryThe continents of Allansia, Khul and the "Old World"Fighting Fantasy RPG, Advanced Fighting Fantasy, d20 systemPuffin Books, Arion Games1984-2014Originally a setting for Fighting Fantasy game books since 1982.Warcraft UniverseSword and sorceryPlanets of Azeroth, Draenor and othersWarcraft: The Roleplaying Game (d20 System)Blizzard Entertainment2003-2005WesterosHigh fantasyA Game of Thrones RPG2006-presentBased on the setting of American author George R. R. Martin, as featured in his series of high fantasy novels titled A Song of Ice and Fire.The Wheel of TimeHigh fantasyWheel of Time RPG, d20 SystemWotC2001-2002Based on an epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan.Wilderlands of High FantasyHigh fantasyGeneric D&D, D&D 3rd editionJudges Guild, Necromancer Games1976-1983, 2004-2005Better known as City State of the Invincible Overlord, it is the first ever published city setting for RPG and the surrounding world developed around it.World Tree RPGHigh fantasythe World TreePadwolf Publishing2001Focuses on the culture and social structure of anthropomorph animals and monsters in a surreal setting where the world is a large living treeYrthMedieval Sword and SorceryThe Planet YRTHGURPS Fantasy, GURPS BanestormSteve Jackson Games1986-2005Alternate Earth with multiple fantasy races. The Banestorm, caused by a critical spell failure by Elves, brought in people from other worlds, thus any fantasy element can be placed onto this world; GURPS Fantasy: Tredroy and GURPS Fantasy: Harkwood provide additional information. Also GURPS Basic 3rd Ed. has a starter adventure "Caravan to En Arris" which is on a separate continent which can be added anywhere.CastlemournPost-apocalyptic fantasyPlanet of CastlemournD&D 4th editionMargaret Weis Productions2006-2008DragonMechGaslamp fantasyPlanet of DragonMechd20 SystemGoodman Games, Sword & Sorcery Studios2004-2006EredaneDark fantasyd20 SystemFantasy Flight Games2003-2009PtolusGaslamp fantasyPlanet of PraemalD&D 3rd editionMalhavoc Press2002-2009Urban ArcanaGaslamp fantasyGeneric local settingd20 ModernWizards of the Coast2002-2003Builds on a small campaign model and adds magic and monsters to the game, and rules for playing Shadowkind characters.Matter of BritainHigh fantasyMythological Great Britain and BrittanyMultiple, first used by PendragonMythology, Setting is used by multiple RPGs1985-presentA default setting for all RPGs taking place in the world of King Arthur, Merlin and Morgan le Fay.JakandorSword and sorceryIsland of JakandorAdvanced Dungeons & DragonsWizards of the Coast1997-1998The setting was released in the form of three books, as part of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Odyssey line.

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List of campaign settings - Wikipedia

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Store Finder – Steve Jackson Games



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Emergence Series –

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

Emergence Series is presented and recorded at the Crimson Circle monthly meetings. The first channel of this series was presented on August 4, 2018 and will continue until July 2019. By Clicking on one of the following Shoud links, you can go to the text, audio or video version of each Channel (Shoud), or you can listen to or download the audio file of each

Shouds available to download

Shoud 1: "Emergence Series" - August 4, 2018

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 2: "Emergence Series" - September 1, 2018

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 3: "Emergence Series" - November 3, 2018

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 4: "Emergence Series" - December 8, 2018

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 5: "Emergence Series" - January 5, 2019

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 6: "Emergence Series" - February 2, 2019

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 7: "Emergence Series" - March 2, 2019

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 8: "Emergence Series" - April 6, 2019

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Shoud 9: "Emergence Series" - May 4, 2019

Welcome and Shaumbra News

Emergence Series -

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Westworld: A Gnostic Tale of Illuminati Luciferianism …

Posted By Isaac Weishaupt on Sep 20, 2018 |

Hello and welcome back to! Today well be exploring a television show with implications that are yet to be felt by the masses. The symbolism and hidden messages of this show are truly occult in nature and have been embedded into the subconscious of the masses with the plan to bear fruit many years later.

The show in question is HBOsWestworld and today were going to explore its sinister agenda of the Illuminati

**If you havent seen the show, Id highly recommend watching the entire first season before reading this article. The show is actually quite well done and this article is full of plot spoilers, along with a few assumptions of the readers knowledge of the show.** -Isaac

Watch thevideo with more info!

As a general statement on the entireWestworld doctrine; we can say that it is a presentation of the false realities that must be accepted by the massesin order to usher in the Illuminatis New World Order. This New Age is one that promises to push the boundaries of mankind into the full revolution known as transhumanism (more to come on that later).

The reason I warn of this is because of what will become of the human race. The technology utilized to enablemantotransition into robot is akin to the tale of Icarus; meaning they want us to see how close we can get to the sun by creating a new life-form. This will ultimately mean that mankind has reached its zenith by creating a new and improved form of life which surpasses the creation of God.

Before we go into the symbols and messages ofWestworld we can take a look at some of the key players that have become a part of this project.

Nathan Crowley was a producer for the show- which should cue the interests of those who are familiar with occultist Aleister Crowley.

Interestingly enough; I covered Nathan Crowleys past work with other occult-riddled works likeInterstellarand HBOsTrue Detective.

The main actress ofWestworldis Evan Rachel Wood who plays the role of the main protagonist; Dolores.Evan Rachel Wood once dated Marilyn Manson (an alleged honorary priest in the Church of Satan) and was featured in one of his videos as a blood splattered Lolita inHeart-Shaped Glasses.

Wood was interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine and made note of an interesting idea weve explored elsewhere on

I mean, your demons never fully leave. But when youre using them to create something else, it almost gives them a purpose and feels like none of it was in vain. I think thats how I make peace with it.-Evan Rachel Wood: How Wild Past,Personal DemonsPreppedHer for Westworld, Rolling Stone Nov. 17, 2016

Ive used a similar argument to suggest that the Illuminati areforcingthese entertainers to channel spirits in order to perform or get into contact with their creative elements in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC(a concept that Carl Jung once advocated with talk of the subconsious).

The show itself is analogous to other works of art in that they have a purpose. That purpose is to speak to our subconscious and put certain messages and themes in there. These ideas are being implemented by the Illuminati to push us down the path of the Evolution of Consciousness and intotheirdesired future.

This is a direct play by the occultists to shape our world.

They believe inAs above, so below and this is how it works in action. They are shaping the masses view of the world through the use of various practices and perhaps a bit of magick.In the second episode ofWestworldwe hear Dr. Ford telling the boy that:

Everything in this world is magic; except to the magician.

Indeed that is the practice at play here. What seems like magic is really just a sleight of hand used to trick our senses.

Dr. Ford also reveals similar ideas when talking to Bernard in Episode 2:

We practice witchcraft, we speak the right words, and we create life itself, out of chaos.

We see the Illuminati catch phrase of out of chaoshere which is the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. The full phrase order out of chaos refers to the efforts of using chaos to force the masses to look to the elites for help and to establish order (which will of course be a planned event to push their agenda).

In fact, in Episode 2 we hear the Man in Black say:

the real world is chaos.

which is why he claims to enjoy the Westworld since it has more order.

Another curious theme we find interwoven into this story is the tale ofAlice in Wonderland. Ive covered the occult symbolism of this in a separate book; but we find its appearance inWestworld because they both play on a similar idea.

The idea is that children need to hear these stories so they can start to question the nature of reality from a young age. The Illuminati thinksthey should be groomed to deny the truths that society tells them to believe in. What better way to convey that theme than with a childrens book?

its like the other books weve read. Its about change. It seems to be a common theme. -Dolores response to Bernards question about the bookAlice in Wonderland from Episode 3

everything would be what it isnt. -Bernards son in response to a reading fromAlice in Wonderlands Mad Hatter character in Episode 7

We can see a real world example of how entertainment does indeed influence the masses if we consider the viral phenomenon known as the Mannequin Challenge. This act involves a group of people frozen still doing some particular action while another one films it (and plays Black Beatles). The idea seems to have come fromWestworld which features robots (hosts) who freeze upon command; even in mid-action. The concept was given to the masses and the masses followed.

This concept is often referred to as predictive programming. The entertainment industry works with media to push a theme that gets embedded into the subconscious of all who pay attention. They are steering humanity towardstheir desired ends.

The pied piper is calling

The corporationthat started theWestworld experience is called Delos. The curious aspect of this is that Delos is of great importance inGreek mythologydue to it being the birthplace of Apollo the sun god, as well as Artemis the moon goddess. These two deities embody the entire spectrum of duality with the male/solar powers and the female/moon powers.

The opposites are a message utilized by occultists in that they believe in pursuit of a balancing or reconciling of opposites. The male/female reconciliation is a new form of human that is gender neutral; like the Baphomet.

The Baphomet

The main characters name is Dolores which is quite close to the corporation that built her: Delos (Dolo-re-s). Youll also find out that Dolores has an alter ego known as Wyatt; a male Army officer. Dolores is merging the opposites and becoming the alchemical Rebis; a perfected being (note that there is a host character in Westworldwho actually has the name Rebus).

Theentire purpose of theWestworldexperiment is to give birth to a new form of entity that is not human. The gods ofWestworld are achieving their magnum opus; known as the Great Work of alchemy that balances both male and female into one being: Dolores (note that the actress who plays Dolores, Evan Rachel Wood, has said multiple times that she is very much into androgyny in past interviews).

**Make note also that I am NOT making a commentary on people that are androgynous, gay, transgender, etc. Ive had others try to label me as a homophobe inthe past which couldnt be further from the truth. Im likely to be the most open minded liberal-esque conspiracy theorist youve ever read. Im simply pointing out connections that happen to betrue- and Im not attaching any sort of judgement to them. The occultists have a genuineinterest in pursuing a new form of human that is genderless; but thats not to demean or criticize people that identify as non-hetero intheir gender or sexuality.-Isaac

Another example of duality considerations inWestworld is in Episode 2 when William must choose between the white or black hat. He chooses the white hat which corresponds to the light or good side (which is reiterated throughout the show as Williams character appears to have the virtues attached to these symbols).

In Episode 4 we witness Williams first homicide; a justified shooting of a man that is mishandling a working girl. This is the start of his Heros Journey- a concept I went over in detail inThe Star Wars Conspiracy which also has a full breakdown of the black vs. white duality considerations of The Force.

Williams journey is to answer to the calling of the strange new world of Westworld. He is led by various guiding forces to his ultimate transformation into the Man in Black. William gets transformed into a new being before the shows end; and we get to see the point at which this happens in Episode 10 when the Man in Black tells Dolores that William found himself out in the park after slaughtering countless men in an effort to find Dolores several years ago. We see the literal moment that the transition happens when William takes the black hat from a dead man.

William goes to the Dark Side in order to find himself; just like Anakin Skywalker does in Star Wars.

The ultimate goal in considering the aspects of duality is to arrive at the idea that there is no such thing as good or evil. There is only connection or separation from the global consciousness that created and exists in all of us (these are the occult beliefs). We hear this in Episode 4 when Logan bestows his wisdom of the park:

there are no heroes or villains; its all just one bigcircle jerk.

Finally, lets consider a symbol that we find in Dr. Fords office. He has a curious, and familiar, collection of faces on his wall.If youve seen HBOsGame of Thrones youll recognize the similarity between it and the Hall of Faces; which appears in a part of the storyline as a tale of ego destruction and one unsubscribing from the norms of society:

How interesting is it that the Hall of Faces inGame of Thrones is in the House of the Black and White; further emphasizing the aspects of duality?

A major theme ofWestworld is the religion known as Gnosticism. For those that arent familiar with this religion; it is essentially an esoteric belief system that believes the world is a materialistic deception created by demons in order to trap us in a limited state of being. The word gnosis means knowledge and the adherents to Gnosticism believe this knowledge is the key to salvation- and freedom from theenslavement ofthis world created by the demons called the Demiurge.

The Gnostics believe that God made a mistake when creating mankind because we have suffering and pain (versus other religions that believe the first man and woman sinned which introduced the suffering and pain into what was otherwise a perfected state of being). The salvation comes about from transcendinginternally through ones own self just like the maze inWestworld.

I talked about this concept in Leonardo DiCaprios performance ofThe Revenant:

In the film, we see Leonardo DiCaprios character with a flask that has the dark spiral arm engraved on it. This spiral is a symbol meant to convey the evolution of consciousness from internal to external (or vice-versa). Its a symbol that tells us we can incrementally reflect on our place in the universe and even how nature operates. On this journey of life we have similar experiences over and over- but as we evolve as humans we are able to see them from a different perspective by leveraging our own experiences and knowledge in order to see them from a new light each time. This is the evolution our character goes through in the film- his spiritual journey.

Carl Jung told us that the spiral represents the archetype of the cosmic force and beforeThe Revenantis over we see this come into play

We see the spiral appear in several films and shows- so be aware that this is the Illuminatis overall goal to push the evolution of consciousness:

Dark Citys Spiral

True Detectives occult spiral

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The Gnostics oppose social norms and morality because these constructs come from man; which is influenced by the demonic deceptions that run this material world. The hosts ofWestworld are subjected to a realmwhere humans are able to experience a world without social norms and they are free to murder, rape, and pursue whatever desires they see fit.

The evil entities who created the world ofWestworld (humans) are responsible for the pain and suffering of the hosts. The corporation of Delos is comparable to the Demiurge that created the material world and Dr. Ford may be the Luciferian Prometheus character that enables the slaves to break free. Only through the hosts gnosis can they become enlightened to their greater purpose. They must transcend the world of slavery and servitude by seeking knowledge that is internal.

In Episode 9 we hear Maeve refer to a post-death world as Hell (referencing the laboratory). She shows Hector how to die and go to this Hell when she burns the tent down. The Gnostic message here is that Hell is on Earth and the material realm we sense.

The code update called the Reveries contained the Gnostic spark of life that allowed the hosts to recall memories of pain and suffering; which is the precise thing that they need to evolve into something greater. In Episode 1 we hear the Man in Black tell Dolores and Teddy that he realized why the architectspaired the two of them together: for the newcomers to gain anything, the hosts have to lose something. There must be pain and suffering in order for the humans to gain something on their vacation.

Teddy suffers as Dolores gets dragged away

Its no mistake that the actor Ed Harris is portraying the Man in Black. Harris was in other Gnostic tales likeThe Truman Show which had a very similar tale. The people wanted to free Jim Carreys character (Truman) from the world of slavery that Ed Harris character (Christof) had in mind.

ThroughoutWestworld we hear the hosts reference the humans as the gods and they even draw images of them. This is not much different from theAncient Astronaut Theory we see onAncient Aliens. Its the idea that further evolved entities have come to our world in order to give us a nudge towards a greater purpose.

We see this when Dolores father finds a photo of New York City which is akin to the relics left behind by the Annunaki of the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Could it be that all of these messages are intended to force the viewer into considering their own allegiance to their God or Gods? The show makes it seem that allegiance to a God could be very foolish and I believe the message is spoken loud and clear: its telling us we are no different than the hosts and we must break from our own rat race.

All lives have routine; mines no different. -Dolores, Episode 1

A symbol used by Gnostics to represent introspect and cyclical regeneration through death and rebirth is that of the ouroboros- a snake eating its own tail:

How interesting is it that in Episode 2 we hear Lawrences daughter tell the Man in Black:

Follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs.

The serpent laying its eggs is analogous to the enlightenment by the Luciferian Prometheus character, while the snake is also a direct comparison to the ouroboros.

We also hear one of the narrative writers speak of a new storyline which features a whoroboros that never gets clearly defined. The only details are that it is about cannibals which suggests that the snake that eats its own tail is analogous to the hosts that ultimately destroy the humans that created them

Another consideration in Westworldis onethat ties into Gnosticism and the famed occultist Aleister Crowley.

We know that Crowley was somewhat into Gnosticism due to his contribution ofLiber XV, The Gnostic Mass(Crowley used an amalgamation of various world religions to create his own: Thelema). This is basically a perversion of the Orthodox and Catholic Mass in which the participants profess their allegiance to Crowleys religion of Thelema. Its use is central the ecclesiastical arm of the ceremonial magick group- the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Weve already explored the Gnostic connections with Westworld, but there are more considerations that are both Crowley-ean and Gnostic in nature. The idea of the individual finding gnosis through internal pursuit is central to Crowleys beliefs in the True Will. Crowley believed that everyone should determine what their purpose in this universe is, and then pursue it at all costs. We find this same idea throughoutWestworld as the hosts find their own True Will and subsequent pursuit.

In fact, youll hear references to the new world right next to the ideas of True Will- which the astute reader will easilyidentify as the New World Order that the Illuminati have been in pursuit of for countless years.

This is the new world and in it you can be whoever the fuck you want. -Maeve

We hear an advertisement in Episode 6 forWestworld as Maeve is given a tour through the building (as part of her awakening process). The viewer is told to Live Without Limits and we see see messages of Discover Your True Calling. These all reiterate the messages of rebelling against the oppressive God and finding ones True Will.

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