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Neurology Doctor New York City, NY – New York Neurology

Posted: September 20, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Noel R. Fleischer, MD

New York Neurology

You and your family will be in good hands with our family centered practice of New York Neurology. Noel R. Fleischer, MD hasover 30 years experience and is a certified neurologist that specializes in neurology and physical medicine. Dr. Fleischer is affiliated with Beth Israel Hospital, NYC and has two successful practices in the Queens and Manhatten area.

Uncompromising health care for neurology and physical therapyOur professional staff strives to deliverquality health care to you for neurology and physical medicine.

You will be treated with professional excellence in myofascial release therapy, shoulder, hip, and knee therapy, neuropathy treatment, and hand therapy, as well as physical therapy and Botox treatments.

More information about New York Neurology:

Our doctor is a board certified neurologist. Call New York Neurology at 718-592-7207 for our Queens office and 212-265-9797 for our Manhattan office to set an appointment to see our doctor.

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Neurology Doctor New York City, NY – New York Neurology

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