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About the School: Medical School UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

Posted: October 9, 2018 at 4:41 am

UT Southwestern Medical School is one of four medical schools in the University of Texas System and one of the nations top medical schools. UT Southwestern admits approximately 230 students each year, and admission is highly competitive. Were looking for the best and the brightest, the most intellectually curious, and the most caring and compassionate future physicians.

Since our founding in 1943, weve graduated more than 11,000 physicians. This year alone, the Medical School will train about 950 medical students and 1,300 clinical residents.

Our graduates have distinguished themselves at top medical facilities around the world, advancing the cause of medicine, furthering their careers, and adding luster to a UTSouthwestern degree. In fact, one Medical School graduate won a Nobel Prize.

The Medical School is located in the 387-acre Southwestern Medical District, just minutes from downtown Dallas. The medical district is home to two UTSouthwestern University Hospitals, William P. Clements Jr. University Hospitaland Zale Lipshy University Hospital; as well as Parkland Hospital one of the nations top public hospitals and Children's Medical Center, a national leader in pediatric care. All are used to train Medical School students.

Along with educating the physicians of tomorrow to care for future generations of patients, UT Southwestern is a leading research facility ($427.3 million in annual funding). We are home to some of the countrys foremost medical minds. UTSouthwestern's faculty includes more members of the prestigiousNational Academy of Sciencesthan all other academic medical centers in Texas combined.

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About the School: Medical School UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX

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