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Posted: October 10, 2015 at 11:44 pm


I learned more from this conference about prolonging people life spans than Ive learned from any other conference

Bruce H Shelton MD MD (H) DiHOM

Speaking after the ACAM Longevity Conference Oct 29, 1997

Dear Patients,

Interested in a longer healthier life? Wouldnt it be nice if we could all die young-late in life?

The above question is attributed to Dr. Ivan Popov MD, the founder and director of the Renaissance Center in the Bahamas. I heard that remark after attending the first ever Longevity Conference sponsored by ACAM in 1997 to learn the safest therapeutic methods of treating problems related to aging and how to have a longer healthier life. Since that time newer information has become available and in fact our office has a videotape collection of interviews with experts in the field from all over the world.

Firstly and most interestingly is aging, although something that happens to each and every one of us is considered to be a disease that causes our demise. It has been said that its not smart to fool with mother nature, but the same creator that gave us our life force also gave us the intelligence to hold onto that life force as long as possible in a good as condition as possible and there are no logical reasons to not live as long as is possible in as healthy a state that we can safely achieve through the intelligent use of modern medicine science. -philosophy of Dr. Shelton

We learned how to:

-Have a Higher Energy Level

-Enhance Sexual Performance

-Have Improved Cardiac Output

-Increase Muscle Mass

-Have Superior Immune Function

-Have Improved Cholesterol Profiles

-Have Younger Thicker Skin

-Lose Weight

-Have Sharper Vision

-Increase Memory Retention

-Improve Sleep

What are the secrets you learned would be the next logical question? The interesting answer is that there really arent any secrets; its all just a common sense approach to many of the things we already know and talk about in our practice PLUS JUST A FEW MORE NEW THINGS THAT WE LEARNED. Please continue reading.

Homeopathyaugmented by Comprehensive Homeopathyremains the ultimate cure to all problems. The correct homeopathic constitutional remedy and correct series of comprehensive homeopathic detoxification as determined by classical methods and monitored by our Electrodermal Testing Computers is in our opinion the ultimate answer to longer and healthier life.

However, there are OBSTACLES TO CURE as presented by a poisoned environment, poor nutrition of foods and minerals, and unhealthy stressful lifestyles present blocks to Homeopathics that must be corrected or removed so that the Homeopathics can do their job properly and efficiently. In many cases parts of our bodies that produce and regulate hormones are severely damaged and must be supplemented for long periods of time in order for rejuvenation to occur properly.

We learn the latest scientific testing approaches to monitor the effects of Hormone Replacement and nutritional replacement so that over correction does not occur, the body heals, and slows the aging process ( in certain cases even reversing that process) as safely and as gently as possible.

Procedures To Follow

We continue to need to do basic lab and case taking as before. This includes blood counts, urinalysis, thyroid function, c-reactive protein, homocysteine, lipid panels, allergy tests (where indicated) and stool musculoskeletal disorders, history and physical exam, homeopathic reprioritization and baseline electro checks with regular follow-ups just as we have always done (including the all important comprehensive homeopathic products, supplements, IVs and pleomorphic products as indicated).

We also need to get baseline provocation calcium EDTA IV challenge and urine collection for minerals (including dental metals), which are perhaps the biggest villains in the group of poisons that rob us of our youth, health and longevity.

Many of my patients know I had my mercury fillings removed in 1990 and have long advocated heavy metal detoxification in many forms. I have consistently advised patients to visit dentists to replace amalgam fillings and then detox afterward.

There are many ways to safely chelate patients should we discover heavy metal toxicity and these will be discussed later on in this newsletter.

We then collect a saliva sample to measure all of the adrenal hormones and draw a blood test known as Somatomedin-C in order to properly diagnose the missing hormones and then find the correct method to resolve the problem.

The Endocrine System makes all of our Hormones.

The glands that comprise the Endocrine system are:







-Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans

-Gonads- Ovaries & Testicles

( All of these glands work together and interact with and affect each other.)

The Pineal Gland

The pineal glandsaid to be our third eye remnant, connected by nerve fibers to our eyes and produces its main hormone melatonin only when it is dark. When we artificially suppress it by keeping lights on after sundown we deprive ourselves of normal levels of melatonin which it turns out is one of the strongest antioxidants known and has the ability to cross into every cell of our body 24 hours a day when and if we have any in our bodies. It is an anti-aging procedure to take from a half to a whole milligram each of melatoninand every night at bedtime and keep lights off after we take it. Some people have taken as much as 1 3mg of melatonin at bedtime for sleep and have reacted poorly to it. It needs to be taken routinely at the lower dose of mg. and not to use it as a sleep aid. It plays a strong role in keeping us young.

The Hypothalamus

The hypothalmus gland makes releasing factors that control the pituitary gland, which is said to be the master gland. Located at the very bottom of the brain just above the pituitary and behind the nose, it is the place where the mind connects to the body and can only be affected by good thought, meditation, and prayer.

The Pituitary

The pituitary is the main gland in the body and has two groups of hormones. The first group isthe stimulating hormones that react as a thermostat to turn all of the other glands on and off under feedback control of those other glands themselves and the higher control of the hypothalamus. An example is the thyroid gland and TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). If the thyroid output of thyroxin is low, the pituitary gland senses that deficiency and starts producing TSH, which drives the thyroid to make more thyroxin. When enough thyroxin is made, TSH is turned off and thyroxin output decreases. This process is repeated for each and every gland in the body making the pituitary the master control switch and the thermostatof the endocrine system

However there is a second hormone produced in the Pituitary that has a primary reaction without a feedback mechanism all of its own. That Hormone is called Growth Hormone, which will be described below.

Thyroid Gland

The Thyroid actually produces thyroid hormone (thyroxin), which in its primary form is a protein molecule, attached to four iodine molecules. This is called T4. However, in order for it to be effective, one of the iodine molecules needs to be stripped off the molecule turning it into T3. If the wrong iodine is stripped away we end up with a molecule called REVERSE T3 and we then have a problem, REVERSE T3 DOESNT WORK, but blood tests for thyroid function still measures T3 as present whether or not it is correct T3 or reverse T3. We can end up being clinically hypothyroid (under active thyroid function) and the blood tests we use wont show it.

Under normal circumstances the pituitary gland will sense low thyroid and turn on TSH production to stimulate the thyroid to make more T4, but in the presence of reverse T3, even this mechanism is somehow fooled and we become clinically hypothyroid in the presence of a normal blood test. This is when we are chronically fatigued, nothing shows up in our lab and regular doctors start prescribing tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

The only sure way to properly diagnose an under active thyroid state is by physical findings on the behalf of the physician. That includes monitoring temperature (hypothyroid patients usually run temperatures consistently a half to a whole degree below normal) plus a whole host of physical exam findings especially a decreased ankle jerk reflex.

A clinically hypothyroid patient needs to be detoxed and given replacement T3 pills, which in its most inexpensive form is called a Westhroid thyroid. Of course before doing this, further workup of thyroid functions such as a blood test for autoimmune disease called thyroid auto antibodies should be performed. Possibly even an imaging study of the thyroid should be done. In our opinion, MERCURY TOXICITY is the most likely cause of this problem, and a proper mercury detox will help treat it along with the ultimate cure after detox, which is homeopathy.

Thymus Gland

The Thymus Gland is located just behind the breastbone and reaches its largest size when we are very young. By the time that we are adults it shrinks down to a very small size. Along with the spleen it is responsible for priming our immune system. It programs our T lymphocytes to do their very important job in regulating and controlling immunity.

The AIDS virus for instance attacks T-Helper Lymphocytes and destroys our immunity showing how important it is to have a good thymus.

Taking thymus extract is one of the ways that we support this system. There are many products on the market that contain thymus extract from bovine source. Sweetbreads by the way, are the thymus gland of cattle.

The Islets of Langerhands in the Pancreas

These are the glands that make insulin, which determines sugar uptake by the cells. The disease is of course called Diabetesand there are two types. The first is Type I, which is simply, a non functioning gland and little or no insulin output. It usually occurs during childhood and may be caused by infection or metal poisoning. If not detected early enough the gland simply dies and nothing further can be done leaving the patient with a lifelong dependence on insulin. However proper detox of whatever is the poison can leave just a partially damaged pancreas and then the patient can be treated with a live cell transplantof animal pancreas and some success in restoring pancreatic function can be obtained. This is a procedure that cannot be available in our office or in the UNITED STATES as its simply not approved in this country, but is available in certain specialty clinics in Europe.

The second or more common form of Diabetes is Type II, (Adult Onset Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus; or NIDDM). This is where there is more than enough insulin circulation in the bloodstream but the receptors on the cell walls dont accept it and the result is that sugar doesnt get into the cells just as if there were no insulin. There is a lot that can be done to naturally help this problem. The first step is to simply reduce the carbohydrate load of the diet.

The second is to make sure the correct nutrients (specifically Vanadyl and Chromium) plus others are in the diet. Third is to go through all of the detoxification protocols that are key to our practice up to and including proper homeopathic treatment, which isavailable through the Comprehensive Homeopathy procedures used in our office.

The Gonads- Ovaries & Testicles

These glands make our sex hormones. The female hormones are the three estrogens (Estradiol, Estrone and Estriol) and Progesterone. The Male Hormone is Testosterone. Both men and women also make these hormones in the adrenal gland. This acts as a backup for the production of these hormones, and both men and women make all five. The women simply make more of the female hormones and the men make more Testosterone but both sexes make and need all five hormones for one reason or another. For instance, sexual desire or libido is determined by testosterone for both men and women even though it is considered to be the male hormone. When women need hormone replacement therapy, testosterone must be added to the formula if the womans sexual desire is to be improved along with functional correction of the female organ systems.

Lets first discuss the ovaries as their function comes to an abrupt halt when the last of the eggs have been ovulated out of the ovary. Each woman has a fixed amount of eggs determined genetically at birth, and when they are used up, the ovary shuts down both egg and hormone production and thats simply it. Nothing can be done to change this. However thats not the end of the female hormones for woman as the adrenal glands can take over and do the job.

Suffice it to say however that the environment is estrogenic, in that chemicals such as pesticides and petroleum byproducts (bus fumes!) can stimulate both the adrenals and ovaries to produce estrogens out of balance with the other hormones and cause hormonal side effects like PMS, emotional upsets, skin disorders. There is a way to deal with these problems and those answers lie in our detoxing IVs plus homeopathic hormone balancing techniques.

The testicles on the other hand do not run out of sperm nor do they lose the ability to make testosterone. Of course the adrenals also can make testosterone, but the whole system simply winds down as aging occurs and the decrease in testosterone cause the added problems of decreased libido, sexual potency and make the prostate swell with the subsequent urination difficulties that ensue.

There is no question that dental problems directly cause gonad problems and that toxicity of metals lead to an earlier onset of failure of the gonads.

The answers lie in removal of fillings, root canals and cavitations in the affected teeth and then the system can be brought back into balance through the use of homotoxicology procedures as determined by our MSA testing.

The Adrenal Glands

Are located just above both kidneys on the right and left sides of the body, they have multiple functions related to many organ systems and make close to thirty separate hormones that are all important. The adrenal gland is the gland of stress. It usually burns itself out from the demands of stress and the production of cortisone, which is often overproduced at the expense of the production of all the other hormones.

No wonder women have horrible menopausal symptoms, when all they have left for the production of female hormones is an adrenal gland that shuts down sex hormone production in favor of cortisone production in response to marital, financial, and emotional upset. Even the allergies that we get from environmental pollution causes adrenal cortisone overload at the expense of progesterone needed to stop a hot flash.

Added to the fact that heavy metals, improper nutrition, and pollution shut down half of the enzyme systems in the adrenal gland, the propensity of the adrenal to make cortisone at the expense of all other hormones leaves no doubt as to why we age prematurely and unhappily.

There canbe no further question why both men and women lose ability and desire for sexual relations when stress shuts sown testosterone production to keep up cortisone production, which always takes priority, for without cortisone we will die. In any case we die prematurely but withered and unsatisfied.

The first line for adrenal health is obviously to learn to reduce and handle stress.

The second line is nutrition and detox as we have been discussing.

Third is proper hormone replacement.

After Appropriate Measurement of What Needs Replacing

The hormones to replace are estrogens in women in proper proportion (90% Estriol. 10% Estradiol), progesterone in sufficient low dose so that menstruation is not restarted, and testosterone, which needs to be given after first making sure that extra aromatase wont convert it into the damaging form of estrogen (estrone) whose metabolites can be carcinogenic.

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