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Get to Know your DNA – Genetic Variant

Posted: August 3, 2018 at 12:42 pm

Our research team is developing this comprehensive compilation of resources for you tobetter understand how genetic variants may impact your nutritional status. This websitedoes not cover genetic defects related to disease, but only genetic variants that impactyour nutritional status. Examples would include the genes that make folate, support theuse of B12, break down histamine, support cellular energy production, etc.

From an introductory video available now to upcoming videos on specific geneticvariants and articles, well help you traverse and harness your DNA for optimal health.

The best place to start is to watch the short or expandedintroductory videos found onhis page. Here, you will be exposed to basic DNA information, snps (or variants), and anintroduction to the Methylation Cycle. There are pages for many of the common geneticvariants, which go into detail about them, and link to relevant articles and research thatmay be helpful.

There also are pages (coming soon) on the major anti-oxidants like Glutathione,Superoxide Dismutase and the rest of the good guys, and the damaging oxidantsPeroxynitrite, SuperOxide, other molecules that may be harmful like Homocysteine,Ammonia, Glutamate and Histamine, and other bad guys.

Since this is an emerging field, many people are confused as to how to best approach thenutritional genetic information they now have.

To find a health professional that has been trained in using nutrition to support DNAvariants, please see the Find a Health Care Professionalportion of this site. They havecustom software that can provide detailed reports on your DNA as it relates tonutritional status and ability to detox.

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Get to Know your DNA - Genetic Variant

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