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Posted: June 18, 2018 at 12:40 am

What does it mean to be a genetic counseling student?

At the University of South Carolina it means you become part of the team from day one: an engaged learner in our genetics center.You'll have an experienced primary faculty who are open door mentors in your preparation for this career.

You'll have access in the classroom and in the clinic to the geneticist and genetic counselor faculty in our clinical rotation network of nine genetic centers. The world of genetic counseling will unfold for you in two very busy years, preparing you to take on the dozens of roles open to genetic counselors today.

Rigorous coursework, community service, challenging clinical rotations and a research-based thesis will provide opportunity for tremendous professional growth.

We've been perfecting our curriculum formore than 30 years to connect the knowledge with the skills youll need as a genetic counselor. Our reputation for excellence is known at home and abroad. We carefully review more than 140 applications per year to select the eight students who will graduate from the School of Medicine Genetic Counseling Program. Our alumni are our proudest accomplishment and work in the best genetic centers throughout the country. They build on our foundation to achieve goals in clinical care, education, research and industry beyond what we imagined.

First in the Southeast and tenth in the nation, we are one of 39 accredited programs in the United States. We have graduatedmore than 250 genetic counselors, many of whom are leading the profession today.

During your time with us you'll get hands-on experience through a wide range of clinical opportunities in prenatal, pediatric and adult settings as well as specialty clinics. International rotations are encouraged through our partners in the Transnational Alliance for Genetic Counseling.

Weve received highly acclaimed Commendations for Excellence from the South Carolina Commission of Higher Education. American Board of Genetic Counseling accreditation was achieved in 2000, reaccreditation in 2006 and, most recently, theAccreditation Council for Genetic Counselingreaccreditation was awarded, 2014-2022.

You'll have the chance to form lifelong partnerships with our core and clinical rotation faculty. You can begin to build your professional network with geneticists and genetic counselors throughout the Southeast and across the nation.

One of our program's greatest assets is our alumni. This dedicated group regularly teaches and mentors our students,serves on our advisory board, raises money for our endowment and enjoys the instant connection when meeting other USC Genetic Counseling graduates. As a student, you'll benefit from the network of connections these alumni are ready to offer you. Check out our Facebook group.

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Genetic Counseling - School of Medicine | University of ...

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