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Women’s Health, Wealth And Longevity – A Retirement Triple-Threat – Employment and HR – UK – Mondaq News Alerts

28 September 2020

Gilson Gray

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Because women typically live longer than men and may have asmaller pension pot, they need to plan accordingly to make theirmoney last.

While longevity sounds like a blessing, we wouldn't want tobe unwell and struggling financially during our later-life years.But many women run the risk that this will be their future. Notbecause they've got the 'right genes' or live asuper-healthy lifestyle: it's simply because they were born awoman.

A 40-year-old woman has a one in four chance of living to age96, and a one in ten chance of living to 100.1 Betterhealthcare and positive lifestyle changes have helped to raise lifeexpectancies across the board, but women still are likely to livelonger than men. And with several studies finding that more menthan women have died from COVID-19, the life expectancy gap couldwiden further from here.

Women not only need their pensions to last longer, they alsogenerally have smaller pension pots to use during these extra yearsof life. We already know that women typically retire with one-fifthof the pension wealth of men.2 New analysis from theCentre for Economics and Business Research found that, when lifeexpectancy is taken into account, the gender pensions gap could beas much as 108,130 for single women, and 186,120 forwomen who are married or in a relationship.3

Because they tend to live longer, women are more likely to endup in single-person households later in life. This could addfurther to their financial pressures because it can be much moreexpensive to run a household of one, covering all bills alone.

Adding to this, the State Pension age is rising, which meansmany people who will rely on this government payment will have towork longer before they can claim it. Plus, there's noguarantee your health will support you working into your lateryears.

Some women may have taken their first job at 16. If you'replanning on working until your late 60s or early 70s, that's alot of years in the workforce - you might well be feeling burnt outor struggling with health issues. As early as your mid-40s or early50s, you could be suffering from symptoms of the menopause, such as'brain fog', which can make it tough for some women tocontinue working at the pace they once did.

You may want to drop to part-time hours or get a job with lessresponsibility to take some of the pressure off, even if it justfor a few years. But will you be able to afford it?

For women in same-sex relationships, they may think that theirjoint longevity will give them a long and happy retirementtogether. But in fact they could face a triple whammy ofchallenges: both partners might take a period of maternity leavethat could impact their earning power and pension contributions,both may need to work longer, and both may suffer from healthconditions over their long lives.

Luckily, there are things all women can do to increase yourchances of a financially secure life, however long you live. If youdo nothing else, have a think about what you want your future tolook like. Do an appraisal of all your long-term savings plans,rounding up any small savings pots you may have forgotten aboutover time. Sit down and have a chat with a financial adviser to seehow things are actually looking for your retirement years. Takinginto account the money you've already saved, and your capacityto save over the coming years, an adviser can model a likelyoutcome.

You may find that you can retire sooner than you think or canslow down your working pace as you near retirement if you come upwith a sensible plan now. Take charge today and speak to your St.James's Place Partner for help with your finances.


1. ONS life expectancy calculator, accessed 7 September2020

2. Securing the Financial Future of the Next Generation,Insuring Women's Futures and Chartered Insurance Institute,2018

3. Centre for Economics and Business Research, September2020

The content of this article is intended to provide a generalguide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be soughtabout your specific circumstances.

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Mayer Brown

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Women's Health, Wealth And Longevity - A Retirement Triple-Threat - Employment and HR - UK - Mondaq News Alerts

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The Cardano Foundations new CEO says he will prioritize the platforms longevity – Cointelegraph

Cardano recently celebrated the thirdanniversaryof its Mainnet launch. In the run-up to this occasion, Cointelegraph had the opportunity to discuss the project's future plans with the Cardano Foundations incoming CEO, Frederik Gregaard.

Gregaard, who has not yet officially assumed the post of CEO, assured us that he would take on this new role sometime before Nov. 1, though he did not yet know the exact date. Currently, he is finishing his tenure at PwC, where he heads digital financial services for the multinational network. Gregaard believes that there is a natural sense of prejudice against open-source public blockchains, which he refers to as a "trust gap."

Whereas the entire crypto space is barely 10 years old, many established corporate players have been around for decades, if not centuries. They may have business plans that cover longer time horizons than the existence of projects like Cardano. In addition, it is no secret that the average life expectancy of a crypto project tends to be low. This has only been exacerbated by the many crypto-related scams and illicit connections (often amplified by the media), which has created an unbecoming reputation for much of the space in the eyes of corporate users. If a major company chooses to rely on a blockchain for one of its core use cases, it needs to be sure the chosen protocol will continue to receive proper maintenance for the foreseeable future. The lack of surety around this promise has led to what Gregaard refers to as a "trust gap" and one of his core missions will be to make this gap a relic of the past:

Although Cardano has been criticized for chronic development delays (much like its older sibling, Ethereum), this year may be different. The platform underwent a mainnet upgrade, known as Shelley, earlier this year that brought on staking and pools. Yet according to Charles Hoskison, two more important upgrades are expected this year: Goguen, which will add smart contracts, and Voltaire, which will introduce decentralized governance. With this in mind, we asked Gregaard about the industries he sees as most promising for the adoption of Cardano.

He said that even with the current state of Cardanos development, it can be used to tackle a number of cases that exist as part of what he calls financial services plus:

Gregaard also believes that COVID-19 has led to an acceleration of digital adoption. It gave us five to six years of digital adoption of worldwide consumers, including enterprises in half a year, he said. Yet it also revealed certain inefficiencies within the healthcare system:

In his view, Cardano could be leveraged for a number of use cases in this space, like tracing the origins of medications or recording patient vaccination records. Though, he admits that this is a heavily regulated industry rather than low-hanging fruit. Still, gaining traction in these big, well-established industries is essential for Cardano if it really intends to stick around for the decades to come.

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The Cardano Foundations new CEO says he will prioritize the platforms longevity - Cointelegraph

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How To Extend the Longevity of Your Wardrobe – Well+Good

Yesterday I took last seasons fluffy white coat to the dry cleaner for a shoulder repair, and my mother was clutching her pearls. Why not buy a a new coat? she asked me. For what? All the people Im going to see during pandemic winter? Denise, no. Weve all gotten more comfortable with recycling our favorite outfits out of a general sense of who gives a fk, so nows a perfect time to learn how to make your clothes last longer and keep your wardrobe down to the basics.

Aside from being generally cost-effective in the long run, its eco-friendly as hell to reinvent what you already have. See, according to a 2018 study by United Nations Environment Programme and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of annual global carbon emissions, and nearly 20 percent of wastewater. Big yikes, right? So taking a little time to invest in the pieces that are getting really loved day-in and day-out is a big win for you, and a tiny win for the environment.

Below, we rounded up a few simple ways to restore and rejuvenate your wardrobe to take you through the year and beyond.

Having some serious denim problems? If the wear and tear is looking less than stylish (and seriously making you feel kind of drafty), you can easily repair it without breaking out the needle and thread. Iron-on patches are hear to save the day and close the gap for good.

Choose a patch that is much larger than the tear and a similar color to the garment, says Adriene Booth of Remade in Brooklyn. Follow manufacturers instructions and iron the patch over the rip from the inside.

One seamless (sorry) option? These simple iron-on patches ($6) do the trick for a fraction of the cost of a new pair of Levis.

Okay, I know you might be grossed out, but heres the situation: You have total permission not towash your jeans until something absolute heinous hits them, or more generously until three or four wears. Thats because research supports that reducing the frequency of washing your jeans extends their life time. Then you have less wear and tear, and can save your iron-on patches for TRUE emergencies.

Maeve Richmond, founder of home organizational companyMaeves Method, championed dish soap as a way to get off stubborn sneaker grime. As it would turn out, the detergent in dish soap creates a light foam excellent for penetrating stubborn stains. So worthwhile for any hard-to-remove

To make white sneakers look like new again, mix a small squirtno more than a teaspoonof dish soap into a cup of water and stir until its frothy, says Richmond. Then use a clean, damp sponge or toothbrush to gently rub the mixture on all surfaces, including the soles.

Tie-dye the quarantine print Du Jour, so youll be sustainable and on trend, not unable to remove the receipts from Spaghetti Sunday. Investing in multiple rainbow-hued inks like this One-Step Tie-Dye Kit ($30) means youll have plenty of ways to customize those pieces that might have dulled over time.

Ugh, shrinkage, the worst but not impossible to reverse. Every fabric is a little different when it comes to unshrinking clothing, but probably the easiest one to restore is cotton. According toMax Appel, cleaning expert and founder of OxiClean, you want to fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water and a tablespoon of fabric softener, detergent or shampoo. It doesnt hugely matter so long as the product fully dissolves. Then let your garment soak in water for 30 minutes, before gently and evenly stretching it. Rinse with cold water, and hopefully your clothes will be doll-sized no more.

If you have a cardigan thats driving you effing crazy with snags, dont toss it yet (especially if its cashmere, that stuffs expensive!). Using a sweater shaver can breathe new life into your favorite knitted pieces. Im into this Conair Fabric Defuzzer ($12) for both shearing off pills and removing lint.

Oh hi! You look like someone who loves free workouts, discounts for cult-fave wellness brands, and exclusive Well+Good content. Sign up for Well+, our online community of wellness insiders, and unlock your rewards instantly.

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How To Extend the Longevity of Your Wardrobe - Well+Good

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How Pre-Retirees Should Be Thinking About 401(k) Allocation in 2020 – North Platte Telegraph

Soaring stock valuations, a contentious presidential election, and global economic weakness are likely to create near-term volatility and downside risk, so these considerations are extremely salient right now.

Unfortunately, retirement asset planning is more complicated than replacing all of a portfolio's stocks with bonds. Equities cannot be abandoned entirely, because growth is still required to get through the later years of retirement. Inflation erodes buying power each year, so a dollar may only go 80% as far a decade from now. Stock prices generally rise over time with the prices of consumer goods, making them an accepted form of protection against inflation risk. As a result, 401(k) accounts still need equity exposure, even if a retiree has already begun making withdrawals.

Interest rate risk is also relevant today. Investors who rely on income from bond interest obviously depend on the rates yielded by those bonds. Rates that fall too low affect a retiree's ability to pay bills and live the life they've planned. Interest rates are near historical lows in 2020 with the Fed indicating its willingness to keep things this way for as long as necessary to support the economy. Rates may not have much further to fall, but risk mitigation can still be accomplished with diversified bond maturity dates. Some asset managers have also turned to dividend income within their equity holdings to provide more income, though this could negatively affect growth down the road.

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How Pre-Retirees Should Be Thinking About 401(k) Allocation in 2020 - North Platte Telegraph

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1004 Chronicle week in review: Gym longevity, man with a knife, restaurants open — and the loss and legacy of Stan Olsen – Citrus County Chronicle

Some of the most popular stories of the week

George Harty, front, and Koty House are regulars atMellodies Body Image Gym in Inverness.

Business Spotlight: Inverness gym owner weathers virus shutdown

Mellodie Farfaglia said she was fearful back in March she might have to close her long-time, family-run gym in Inverness for good.

But with the help and generosity of members and staff, Farfaglia weathered the storm. Being an Inverness fixture for 37 years and developing a solid reputation also helped. She calls it amazing a gym can be in existence that long under the same owner and survive a pandemic shutdown.

Gym members not only stuck with her, many agreed to help her financially and refused to take the credit she offered for the time closed and even pitched in the day before reopening with helping sanitize her gym. Staff members offered to work without pay until things returned to some sense of normalcy and the gym was back on its feet.

Mellodies Body Image Gym is at 1101 Middle School Road, Inverness.

School bus involved in wreck

Citrus County Sheriff's Deputy directs traffic Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, at the intersection of North Turkey Oak Drive and State Road 44 in Crystal River following a crash involving a Citrus County School District bus. Traffic in the westbound lanes were slowed as a result of the crash that happened around 10:48 a.m., according to a CCSO spokesman. Five students were on the bus, said Sgt. Lee Carey, spokesman for CCSO.

A three-vehicle wreck, which involved a Citrus County school bus, occurred at 10:48 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, at State Road 44 and North Turkey Oak Drive, according to a Citrus County Sheriff's Office spokesman.

The bus carrying five students was returning to Crystal River High from Withlacoochee Technical College in Inverness where the students had spent a portion of the day.

The students, as well as the driver, were not hurt in the crash, said Lindsay Blair, school district spokeswoman.

CR man accused of breaking into rehab center armed with knife; threatening staff with dogs

Mark Vladimir Khokhlov

Staff at Crystal River Health and Rehab feared for their lives after Mark Vladimir Khokhlov, 34, of Crystal River, allegedly broke into their facility armed with a knife and threatened to sic his dogs on them.

Citrus County Sheriffs Office deputies arrested Khokhlov the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020, on charges of armed burglary and assault.

Rehab staff told deputies Khokhlov was banging on windows with a knife visible on his waist. He then forced open a locked door, entered the building with his two dogs and cornered a pair of employees before he walked in and out of residents rooms clutching the knife, according to his arrest report.

When a staff member approached him, Khokhlov gestured for the dogs to attack them. He then left the building before deputies apprehended him.

Local restaurants can now open to 100% capacity

Morgan Kane and Kason Sundberg said Friday Kane's Cattle Co. in the historic District of Crystal River, will not be open inside just because the limited capacity makes it difficult for a steakhouse.

On Friday, Sept. 25, Gov. Ron DeSantis lifted all restaurant and business COVID-19 restrictions and moved the state into Phase 3 reopening, a move that was celebrated by local restaurant owners and their staff.

This means restaurants can now have a 100% occupancy, up from 50%.

For the consumers fearful of the governor's decision, know that this changes nothing in the amount of precaution, screening, and cleanliness that we will hold our restaurants to, said Morgan Sundberg, owner of Kane's Cattle Co., The Loft Bar & Grill and Lollygaggers Sports Pub & Grill. Im sure there are plenty that think this is the wrong decision, but to me (its) the right decision to a pandemic this unknown.

Josh Wooten, president/CEO of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, said he thought DeSantis would up capacity to 75% and was a bit surprised at his decision to fast-track Phase 3 to 100%.

Its certainly good for businesses, Wooten said. Some people may question that for health reasons.

But Wooten said as long as business owners and customers observe the health basics and observe common sense, it should be fine.

That should have been the rule of thumb all along, he said.

Stan Olsen stands with his wife Betty in Nov. 2014 as they officially donate 18 acres of land along County Road 486 in Lecanto for the new Citrus County YMCA. Stan Olsen, developer of both the Black Diamond and Meadowcrest communities, died Wednesday.

When New Englander Stan Olsen first saw the watermelon fields in central Citrus County, he didnt see just watermelons. He, along with Sam Tamposi and Jerry Nash, envisioned home developments that later became Citrus Hills.

Black Diamond. Meadowcrest. Rock Crusher Canyon. K.C. Crumps Stan Olsen saw it all before anyone did.

He and his wife, Betty, also donated the 18 acres that now holds the Citrus Memorial Foundation YMCA in Lecanto.

Its easy to say he was one of the most significant developers and entrepreneurs that ever came to the county, Chronicle Publisher Gerry Mulligan said. He changed the face of Citrus County by developing places like Meadowcrest and Black Diamond. He made huge things happen.

Stan Olsen died Sept. 30, 2020, at age 92.

Hot topic of the week: The CDC recently announced that trick or treating on Halloween during the coronavirus pandemic is a high-risk health activity and should be avoided this year. Chronicle Facebook readers had opinions:

Eddie Gruman: LOL...everyone can go to Walmart, Publix, McDonalds theme parks, etc. but trick or treating is being a high risk (activity)? Whateverrrrr.

Pat Sanders: DeSantis has opened the state of Florida it's time to let parents select how they let their children live and enjoy holidays and any other outings.

Emmy Broadhurst: We wont be doing trick-or-treating this year. Its not the door-to-door thing that bothers me; its the shoulder-to-shoulder and crowds of 1,000 people. My kids will still dress up and still get candy; they just wont have to beg for it.

Lauren Bell: We hand out glow bracelet candy and ice pops every year; well just make the kids get a hand sanitizer squirt beforehand this time.

Quote of the week: And they all cheered in joy, one almost blowing an eardrum with her squeal; its been a long, long six months and Im so glad to come to the end of it." Morgan Sundberg, local restaurateur, about the reaction of her staff when she got word that Gov. Ron DeSantis had lifted all restaurant and business COVID-19 restrictions and moved the state into Phase 3 reopening.

Good news item of the week: Inverness Sertoman Rainer Jakob was recently recognized for 40-plus years of outstanding and dedicated service by both the Inverness City Council on Sept. 15, and the Citrus County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) on Sept. 22.

Jakob was not only instrumental in forming the Inverness Sertoma Club in 1980, he also was the person behind building Citrus Countys first and only speech and hearing clinic in Lecanto and was also the founder of the Oktoberfest held for over 35 years in Crystal River and the annual Golf for Kids golf tournament, which has raised over $200,000 for speech and hearing programs in Citrus County.

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1004 Chronicle week in review: Gym longevity, man with a knife, restaurants open -- and the loss and legacy of Stan Olsen - Citrus County Chronicle

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How to live longer: The hot drink proven to lower cholesterol and boost longevity – Express

Its undeniable that when it comes tolivinga long and healthy life, everyone wants to know the magical secret. Much emphasis is put on foods consumed, however, according to studies, drinking Masala chai lattes may help to boost your longevity.

Masala Chai harnesses 11 different superfoods and super-spices for a drink that truly embodies holistic health management.

The health drink features black tea, an energy booster that helps protect the body from oxidative damage that leads to disease.

Organic holy basil is a sacred herb for all reasons and apoptogenic supplement to assist your body in adapting to stress.

Organic Shatavari root is an Ayurvedic rejuvenator to help prevent aging, increase longevity and build immunity.

Organic cinnamon bark is a bio-enhancing spice to help relieve inflammation and boost longevity.

READ MORE:Best supplements for the heart - the 2p capsules to protect against heart disease

The masala chai tea is generally prepared with cow's milk or soy milk both of which are great sources of protein.

Researchers from Lund University, in Sweden, concluded that "protein had a pronounced effect on suppressing appetite".

Over-eating is greatly linked with obesity, which dramatically decreases a person's overall wellbeing.

By drinking masala chai tea, a person may keep to an ideal weight, improve their heart health and keep blood sugar levels down.

Excerpt from:
How to live longer: The hot drink proven to lower cholesterol and boost longevity - Express

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