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Count Down to Human Immortality: Human Immortality Medicine is Two Decades Away (2032), Will You Make it for the biggest party in History??

Posted: January 4, 2013 at 5:42 pm

2013 is going to be an interesting year.

A Fragment of the Immortality Medicine Politics in 2013 as the Debate Begins Now.

By Professor Mark

Are you scared, indifferent or excited about the prospects of Human Immortality Medicine arriving in this lifetime and reality? Will it only be for the wealthy elite or will it trickle down to the masses? Do you even care or want it? Will it lead to a heaven-on-earth or dystopian nightmare?

I remember sitting in the back seat of my Genetics Class I took at Penn State University years ago; the class had more than one hundred pupils and one day the professor asked the students what they thought about the idea of humans using genetic engineering to change themselves. No one answered, the teacher asked for one student to volunteer to debate for it and one against it.

I chose to be for it, my opponent chose to be against it, and he told the class it would be morally wrong because it would be playing God. The whole class seemed to agree with the sentiments, as I saw a sea of subtle nods in every direction. I couldn’t help but feel I was sitting at the cross roads of history, looking down from the stadium seats to the teacher standing on the classroom stage. I couldn’t help but perceive my fellow students as if they were sentient cattle segmented by their different fads and mainstream styles.

Then it was my turn to argue for human genetic engineering. I looked around at the class, at all the Black girls who had spent obscene amounts of money to have their hair straightened and styled, defying their genetics. I looked at the white girls with fried bleach blonde locks down their backs, I even saw fake boobs, I saw White kids who dressed like Rap and Hip Hop stars, I saw an Asian girl with dyed redhair. I saw so many different clothing styles, hair styles, skin colors, races, mixtures of races to every varying degree, I found myself looking upon the diversity of my class and thinking to myself, i bet everyone in this class has something they wish they could change about themselves. I bet to myself, some of these students wish they were taller, smarter, had bigger penis’s, bigger breasts, photographic memory for studying, genetically different hair and eye colors. I then thought to myself at 5’10, I wouldn’t mind being 6’2?.

So I responded from the nose bleed stadium seat where I sat every scheduled class and with an outside voice stated firmly: Genetic Freedom!

The professor frowned and dropped her head dejectedly, looked up again at me, silently wanting more than that and waiting for me to go on.

I said: people should have the freedom over their own DNA to alter it and change it so long as it doesn’t harm society.

She scowled, the class made one big chattering murmur, and the class continued energized and lively, but I noticed afterwards I became invisible in the class, no one ever made eye contact with me again. Little did my domesticated homosapient classmates realize is that when human genetic engineering becomes available, they won’t be playing the “God Card” or “unethical card” or whatever card, but will be clamoring for genetic modification, but they’ll need to make an appointment, because genetic doctors will certainly allow themselves first to be thronged by the same people who once spent obscene amounts of money for aesthetic, cosmetic or plastic surgery. I think I got a B in the class, which is a shame because I find genetics very interesting.

Two New Human Species: One organic and the other engineered.

According to another professor with a PHD in genetics I studied under at Penn State University, the races of humanity, or sub species of humans, were separated by geography and many thousands of years, and within the great durations of time and space, humans changed and diverged: cultures, behaviors, physical appearance and aesthetics, intellectual capacity, propensity for diseases, life span, intelligence and so forth all became different, but it didn’t change enough for humans to be unable to breed with each other. For the most part, any human being can reproduce with any other human during reproductive age on Earth. Had human sub species stayed isolated long enough, interracial breeding would not have been possible to produce mixed children.

In the future, it will NOT be time and space that creates new human species or sub species, but the advancing life sciences of tomorrow will almost certainly cause the human race to diverge like a genetic rainbow. The separation will likely occur because of genetic modification (GM), non-GM humans and GM Humans might be less likely to reproduce, and at some point GM humans will be unable to conceive with organic humans because their DNA will eventually become so different that insemination by egg and sperm might become nonviable, and require genetic engineering to solve the divide. It might even happen that not one or a few, but a myriad of post-human species might emerge in all of the fray. Imagine 10,000 post human species emerging from the genetic revolution – the golden age of genetic medicine – coming sometime in the 21st Century.

The Great Human Divergence is Coming and so is the 21st Century Neo Sapient

Most Interesting will be the people alive in the near future, who reject immortality medical treatment or genetic modification when it becomes available to the masses. Maybe this will be the clear and distinct beginning of the real separation of the human species into two, traditional organic humans vs. genetically modified post-humans. Thinking back to one of my genetics classes at Penn State, I remember the sea of human diversity I saw, I had a premonition of the genetically modified future of even greater diversity and separation. It meant perhaps the Universe is teeming with diverse and unique life. As a student of astronomy, I find it impossible to believe we are the only life in the Universe.

There are also great dangers with Genetic Modification that must not be overlooked, it will most certainly become a weapon of mass destruction and will be used at some point. Perhaps the apocalypse is not grandiose and nuclear, but nanoscopic and genetic. Will the human race escape the Earth’s gravity for good in time to ensure its long term survival? I hope so, this is why I support the United States space program, because the human species seems to have lost its foresight on this planet, we might have no choice but to escape.

If The Genetic Revolution is Coming, Then We Must Apply Our GM Super Intelligence to the frontier of Space Colonization. A Myriad of Post Humans Species Spreading Out Across the Cosmos Like a RainBow at sub light speed!

A dangerous and epic journey across the Cosmos in every direction to colonize and make contact with other life. What will the politics of the Immortals from across the Universe be like? Certainly we will make first contact with other super intelligent species far beyond anything we could imagine.

The future of genetic modification will be stranger than fiction, making people who think about it tingly and frightened.

When you talk about the rapid approach of human immortality medicine, and human genetic modification to average people on mainstreet, at the dawn decade of the 21st century, most people often reject the idea, saying “I don’t want to live forever, it would be boring, and why would I want to live forever as an old person?”. In another vein, other people say, concerning retirement and human lifespan, “What’s the point of working your whole life, to not work when you’re too old, tired, broken down and can’t really enjoy it?” – Both are the most common opinions on human mortality and immortality at the beginning of the 21st century. I hope I make it to see human immortality.

For people who are against human immortality, others might say, “Well that is all fine and dandy, no one should have immortality forced on them, but what about the rest of us who believe only boring people are bored? And what about people that want to live long productive youthful lives? We shouldn’t be deprived!”

The arguments for and against human Immortality are numerous and growing, but one thing is nearly certain: if we don’t destroy our precious white-blue-green-brown world, human genetic modification is going to blossom in the 21st century, before the uprise of the thinking machines (with far greater intelligence then their post human counterparts). At least this is the theory based on the rapid pace of progress in genetic medicine, gene medicine, gene therapy and stem cell therapy, and Anti-Aging Hormone Optimization Medical Treatment (HGH Injections, Sermorelin Injections, HCG Diet and Weight Loss Injections, and Testosterone Injections Treatment for Low T). Hormone Replacement Therapy is thought to be by thousands of anti-aging and longevity medical doctors to possibly be one of the best anti-aging bridges until genetic medicine becomes available. People who feel like their quality of life is declining or rapidly slipping away should get their hormones tested for deficiency. If you are an adult over the age of 30, an American citizen or resident, and feeling tired, fatigued, unmotivated, foggy, depressed, gaining weight, lost your sex drive and other age related ailments, consider looking into Hormone Replacement Optimization Therapy.

Geometric Progress in Human Genetic Engineering 2020 onward

We are reaching a point where there is likely going to be a series of major breakthroughs during every decade that will be more astonishing than the prior, because progress in human genetic engineering is beginning to increase geometrically. Leading up to 2020 is when things are really going to get interesting, because the results from numerous clinical trials using stem cell therapy and gene therapy will be revealed. In 2012, stem cell and gene therapy trials were already showing very promising signs of potential in animals and humans for treating disease. Nanomedicine is coming next and perhaps femtomedicine, are these the final frontier of medicine? At least as far as we can see now, but certainly some new and more advanced medicine will come afterwards. So really humans are not an end unto themselves, but a bridge, a transition to higher states of being and consciousness.

What Human Immortality Should Basically Mean:

What human immortality should mean by ‘Living forever’, should not include living forever and getting progressively worse in health, but living forever young – living youthfully – as someone who is physiologically in their late 20?s or early 30?s, this range is thought to be the optimal physical zone for humans, where the average human body peaks in health, immunity, cognitive ability and strength.

Imagine if you could live 120 years long or longer as someone physically 29. Some people think this should never be allowed, others believe that might not be so bad give the current alternative of on average 80 years of decline.

Immortalists believe if you are the kind of person that looks for interesting things to do, a prolonged youthful life would likely be enjoyable. However on the flip side, for others, it could indeed be boring, imagine 200 years of work drudgery, especially if one doesn’t save or invest, thus ending up working all their time to make ends meet perpetually. Though the world might become so automated with green powered machines that the amount of work necessary to make ends meet would naturally decline in the direction of zero, presuming technological progress continues unabated and machines learn how to repair machines. This might usher in an age where machines were used to dominate or control people as Frank Herbert prophesized.

The Cup of Human Immortality

When human immortality is available in 20 years, some people will naturally reject it, many who said they once rejected it will embrace it, and a whole lot of people can’t wait for it to become available. Humanimmortalists generally ask the rhetorical question: Who the hell on Earth wants to grow old and die? Apparently a lot of people! Who likes losing their sex drive (which is normal for the average person aging)? Who wants to see their body slowly fall apart, fail and accumulate a number of medical problems? Humanimmortalists look at people who accept growing old and dying as cave dwellers, who are out of touch and stuck in the deadend human age, unwilling to embrace the coming of the post human age of the 21st century and beyond.

Many traditional Humans look at Humanimmortalists as tempests of human genocide, who want to do unGodly things by modifying the human genetic algorithm for better health, aesthetics, and even immortality. But what about considering the weird stuff, genetically modified White Lions as small domesticated pets. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

What is likely to happen, is ultimately more than just two new “human” species will emerge, many will certainly remain human and many will choose to be genetically modified – GM humans, more will be born this way. If the genetically modified humans outperform traditional humans intellectually and in terms of prosperity, there will certainly be conflict over wealth disparity, blaming racism and classism, especially when genetically modified humans refuse to date, marry or reproduce with non-genetically modified humans out of fears of racial dysgenics and impurity.

Will post humans see themselves as a new race and practice racial separation?

It Might Even Get Strange, but So What?

Even more shocking will be the number of creative people who use genetic engineering to change themselves aesthetically, not just to heal skin conditions like psoriasis that affects millions, but some people might seek out to have dramatically different skin color, perhaps blue, green, orange, zebra stripes, leopard patterns and other exotic styles of skin will emerge, this will unsettle many people, but that’s only the beginning of what is likely to occur in the post human world of aesthetics. Forget about penis and breast enlargement, expect potentially human animal hybrids, chymeras, as many people are obsessed with any number of different creatures of fantasy.

What about animals who are genetically modified to have human level intelligence? Right now there is Pet Stem Cell Therapy, guess what is coming next for animals.

The Post Human Age Begins with Human Genetic Engineering and Ends with Human Immortality and Post Humanism.

The post human age is here, although the lines seem rather blurred concerning its transition, but its definitely here. The fact that a sperm and an egg from two different people, can be implanted into a third different human thus marked the slow controversial start of the post human age, but there was no world wide celebration, only mutterings of “genuine ethical concerns”. Post humans will likely be faced with ethical dilemmas that we could never imagine or fathom today – like climbing and descending to higher and lower levels of the periodic table in physiology or any other plethora of combinations we can’t even imagine. What if this process of life controlling its own architecture is also going on within millions of other worlds across our galaxy or the universe. What if there are more worlds in the cosmos with unique life on them, than there are grains of sand on every tropical beach on Earth?

Right Now: Gene Therapy and Genetically Modified Humans

Other amazing breakthroughs, include genetically modifying viruses to implant correct or modified genes in people suffering from genetic diseases, at first these gene therapy trials killed people, looking back to the beginning of the new Millenia many old school doctors frowned upon gene therapy, but now Physicians and Scientists seem to be working out the kinks and having much success. Are you ready to be gene tweaked to prevent illness and disease?

Right Now: Stem Cell Therapy and Organ Regeneration

Genetically Modified Lab Grown Stem Cells can be grafted onto patients who have heart disease or had a heart attack, and the stem cells turn into healthy brand new heart muscle. The more dramatic breakthroughs have been organ and body part regeneration, such as the famous creation of a windpipe biomanufactured with patient stem-cells. The cells were amplified first and then poured over a semi-naked scaffold, in a few days they had a human windpipe. The genetically engineered windpipe was successfully transplanted into the patient and shown to be successful without any signs of rejection, because the stem cells came from the patient there was no rejection anticipated. Welcome to the age of biomade organs and no more organ-rejection thanks to stem cell science.

The Kinks are Being Worked out of Stem Cell Therapy in the Mean Time consider Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Antiageing stem cell treatments though uncertified by the medical community, are available in may parts of the world with the highest concentration of stem cell clinics in Asia. In the West, these treatments are slowly being tested in clinical research trials with mixed results leaning in the positive direction. Many who support the idea of genetic medicine, also believe it to be the holy grail of medicine, and blame George Bush for ideologically holding back stem cell therapy for 10 years and giving the Chinese a decisive advantage in time to advance stem cell research to world leader status.

It won’t be long before genetic tests become so affordable and mainstream, they will certainly become part of the normal yearly doctors checkup in the future. All diseases which are genetically based can then be corrected with a physicians prescription for a gene therapy. Call your local pharmacist, and they will mail the prescription treatment to your home by FedEx, you need only to sign for it and do the injection(s) in the privacy of your own home. After that, companies will offer services involving extracting your stem cells, growing them in medical science labs and stem cell clinics, picking out the best cells and mailing prepackaged needles/syringe kits to you, with your own elite stem cells grown to high population numbers, to inject them back into your body for antiaging health.

As hinted at earlier, then the time will come when medicine is no longer biological or chemical in nature, but centered around nanomedicine, little robots on a nano or femtomedicine scale coursing through your brain, other major organs and body parts, constantly repairing, and tweaking cells to work optimally. I can’t wait!

Some people have big dreams, long to-do lists, dozens of countries they want to extensively travel or reside, languages they want to learn, and books they want to read. Some people who fried their brains with drugs and alcohol would like to have regenerated brains so they can start over. Addiction might become a thing of the past.

What about mastering a few musical instruments?

What about writing a book?

There are so many things people want to do in life, most never achieve them all. For people who want to live forever and are living around 2032, they will be given the opportunity to live longer.

Eventually we will never get old, we will never get sick and we will never die – that is the post human age taken to its logical extreme. Beyond that, the post human age will mean the 22nd century reality will be filled with millions of post humans, genetically engineered with super intelligence and extreme longevity. Can we call these people humans anymore? No, they will be post humans – something else – neohumans or the next stage of evolution whatever that means, but that’s not the end of it, many post humans will certainly get bored with world travel after a few centuries, and so the solarsystem, galaxy and cosmos will see waves of post humans boarding onto cosmic cruise ships, seeking out new life, and civilization, and boldly going where no human has gone before – into a cosmos with more stars and solar systems than drops of water in the ocean of our homeworld – mother planet earth, the 3rd rock from the sun.

So if you’re not a boring person, and don’t want to grow old gracefully, but youthfully, here is what you are going to have to do for the next 20 years to help you make sure the least amount of medical problems creep up on you. This is not a cure all, just a strategy to help you increase your odds of living longer and with less disease until immortality comes.

The Human Immortality Window is now cracked open, and it’s slowly being opened by modern medical science like a person opening a slider window at the slowest pace.

Will You Seize Immortality When it’s Possible? Will you allow yourself to live longer and younger?

You see there is a human immortality event horizon, it might go something like this: If you live long enough, newer medical breakthroughs will occur and new genetic medicine treatments will become available. It will start with stemcell therapy and gene therapy to help cure medical ailments as clinical trials are being worked on right now, then those same technologies will be used for personalized, preventative, anti-aging and longevity medicine, not necessarily human immortality medicine, but treatments that will extend human lifespan long enough for new technology breakthroughs to extend the human life even longer, eventually we are going to figure out how to arrest the aging process, cure all diseases and live with a youthful quality of life indefinitely. Even if there is no such thing as forever, a human living 200 years, or 2000 years – by comparison to humans living 80 years – essentially lives forever if science keeps finding ways to help people live even longer –Which it will– barring war, catastrophe or extinction, all equally likely possibilities.

Well you have about 20 years until immortality medicine, that’s the optimists version, pessimists think its more like 40, so let’s say the immortality window is some where between 2032 and 2052, that is quite some time, in fact a lot can happen in that time, accidents, sickness and death, so what are you going to do to make it to Human Immortality?

There are a number of things you can do right now and if you follow these items carefully, you can give yourself the highest probability of avoiding medical problems and early death.

The controlled factors that have shown the best results for human longevity are as followed:

1. Starvation
2. Hormone Replacement Therapy
3. Exercise
4. Nutrition
5. Environment
6. Climate
7. Social Circles
8. Vice

21st Century Diet: Near Starvation (Extreme Calorie Restriction and Fasting) is the Secret to Adult Human Longevity.

Newsmax Health recently reported, “A leading British scientist claims that the secret to a longer life isn’t exercise and fad dieting, but eating a diet that is as low as 600 calories a day. Dr. Michael Mosley, a presenter on BBC science show Horizon, explores the science behind fasting and lifespan”.

What Dr. Michael Mosley, and thousands of other scientists are suggesting today about fasting, calorie restriction and near starvation is nothing new. More than 21,000 research studies into caloric restriction in more than several hundred species world wide has already been conducted in the last 100 years, with most of those dietary research studies being conducted and built up in concentration during the last 30 years, the consensus is out: Starve yourself with extreme caloric restriction at shocking 600 calories a day (BBC, Mosley, August 6, 2012) to optimize your human longevity. For most people 600 calories is a meal or even a snack, if what Mosley is saying is true, then a typical small portion meal – a person might eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner – should become one meal per day, divided up into small portions and eaten over the course of a day. Adjusting to such a diet is not easy for the average Westerner to say the least who loves to feast on processed or fast food. Hunger pangs are difficult for many people to deal with, but fortunately there is the HCG Diet which can help people control hunger.

It seems so counter intuitive, but everything points to the same conclusion: low calorie, high nutrient density diet ranks #1 on the list of the most effective ways to extend the human life span, slow down human aging and lower incidence of health related problems and disease. Imagine living longer, ageing at a much slower rate than your age demographic cohorts, and needing less visits to the doctor, had you eaten less this would be your reality, so start starving yourself today. Sounds too good to be true and what a horrible thing depriving ourselves of things so many people love passionately, but that is the price of living longer, more youthfully and with a lower incidence of disease. Most people will likely choose food over longevity, youth, and health.

21st Media and Educational Culture of Eating in Western Civilization.

In the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK), we grew up on horrific social and political education and media showing that starvation was the worst evil. The media revealed the horrors concerning people suffering because of a lack of victuals and it was seared into our collective consciousness by both imagery and videos taken from the WW2 Holocaust, showing living human skeletons that hobbled about like zombies, we also heard stories of war ravaged Europe, millions starved to death at the height of WW2 and under communism. On TV modern Western charities relocated to Africa and showed uncountable children starving with swarms of flies beating against their flesh.

In public school and college history, political and sociology classes, we learned that the cheapest and most horrible way to kill people was to restrict the amount of food they eat or outright starve them to death. The 20th century is filled with man made famines that resulted in 100 million people starving to death and decades afterwards, food and drink became the focal point of civilized life that evolved into an obsession. International food going mainstream around the world means there is no shortage of “exotic” fast food feasting available everywhere and processed food in grocery stores for mass consumption.

Many People Alive today in the 21st Century likely Grew Up Being Force Fed to one degree or other.

Growing up in the 20th century we were forced to eat every portion of food on our plates, and sometimes we were forced to have seconds. As we in the West got older during our formative years, the media told us we should drink soda, so we drank carbonated soda like Sprite, Coca Cola, Pepsi and Ginger Ale. We ran out of time in our busy schedules, so mom made TV dinners or ordered take out. When we were on the road or wanted a cheap lunch or dinner we went to McDonald’s or Burger King. Fast food companies became multi-billion dollar, and the belt lines of Western Civilization’s citizenry swelled to epic proportions. All the human longevity gains made in the last century because of advances in medical science are suddenly being erased because of the Western style sedentary lifestyle that includes a high calorie diet of unhealthy food.

It seems daunting the idea of getting people to eat a fraction of what they normally eat in a day, but if it were possible to do, the collective cost of health care in the West would decline significantly, and people would live more youthfully.

If you are an Adult man or woman, over the age of 30, a US Citizen or Resident, Try Optimizing your hormones with The Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy and trying their simple diet that can help you lose weight safely.

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