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What’s the Recipe For Longevity in the Mortgage Industry? – Mortgageorb

BLOG VIEW: In a crowded industry where every organization claims to have the best service, technology, products and offerings, it takes longevity to truly stand out from the crowd. Having the proven experience and wherewithal to withstand the cyclical and unpredictable nature of the real estate and mortgage industry is what can differentiate your company as a trusted industry leader.

Wisdom From Executives

To have staying power, companies teams must be comprised of strong leaders who understand the market and mortgage banking space, and know how to handle client needs with the ebb and flow of this industry. A successful team is led by mortgage industry veterans who know that success does not happen overnight, it comes over years. One must keep a close eye on industry fluctuations and pivot as needed, without abandoning ones long-term game plan. This strategic approach coupled with hard work, dedication, and passion are a recipe for longevity.


While it is necessary to bring the wisdom of past experiences to your companys current operations, avoid getting stuck in the rigid mindset that all things be unchanged. Having experienced past market crashes and a global pandemic, lessons learned from the successes and challenges illustrate the absolute need and ability to pivot and mobilize quickly to meet market needs.

With evolving technology and changing regulations, we are in a time where flexibility, adaptability and nimbleness are indispensable qualities.

Predicting Whats Next

During downtimes, it can be tempting to set the speed on cruise-control. However, capitalizing on the opportunity to improve operations, technology and refine processes is the best use of time and resources. The downtime provides an excellent opportunity to prepare for whats next. Using time wisely and having the aptitude to predict clients future needs is pivotal for sustained success.

Openness to Client Needs

Companies with staying power dont develop products and solutions based on assumption of needs, like any business you need to solve for actual pain points and process breakdowns. By taking a client-first and practical approach in solving issues clients face day-to-day, developing solutions becomes simple.

While categorized as financial, the mortgage servicing industry is a people business. Demonstratingopenness with clients and employees by consistently checking in and inviting feedback is crucial for building trust with clients and cultivating passion amongst employees. Fostering a client relationship based on open communication is paramount to success. Products and services should provide a purpose and a solution. Resolving challenges enables the client to manage their portfolio more effectively and compete in the marketplace. An open dialogue with clients and third-party providers helps to gain useful feedback to assess whether an idea worth changing is worthwhile.

Stick to Proven Success

Expanding offerings is an important factor for growing a company. However, it is also important to ensure that your company can grow into new areas. Expansion for the sake of adding revenue does not necessarily equate with capability. During the planning stage for new products and services, reflect on whether the organization has the expertise and proven success to go into that area. If not, it will be nearly impossible to compete or satisfy clients and customers fully.

Ability to Learn From Mistakes

Being a successful company does not come without mistakes. They are inevitable and if a product or service is not operating as it should, having the wisdom and experience to know when to change course is invaluable. Sometimes despite all efforts and careful planning, ideas fail. Organizations have shut down entire units, simply because they realize an offering just is not working. For an organization to last, they must fully understand and learn from its mistakes. Those who reflect and dive deep into those mistakes, make sure they are not repeated and become stronger over time.

Angela Hurst is SVP, business development, for USRES and RES.NET.

What's the Recipe For Longevity in the Mortgage Industry? - Mortgageorb

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What are the solutions to the longevity puzzle? – Investment Week

The need for financial protection against the risk of exhausting savings during a long retirement has become a core concern for many advisers. Aviva Investors look at potential solutions to this challenge

The coronavirus pandemic is a global healthcare crisis. It has also inflicted huge economic damage. In many countries, GDP has slumped, stock-market volatility has risen and central banks have slashed interest rates to record lows, which is supressing bond yields. This brings new challenges for those approaching retirement.

Andrew Scott, professor of economics at London Business School argues that people need to think more carefully about how they plan for a long retirement: it is not just about accumulating more savings, but also investing them wisely. Scott notes: "In a world where we have very low interest rates and very long lifespans, drawdown is a nightmare issue. People will be looking at their portfolios in very different ways. With current interest rates and the length of life you might be living, the old expectations about how much of your assets you might be able to draw down each year (which used to be around four per cent) will just not be sustainable. You might have to be much more active in managing your portfolio."

The current economic environment brings additional challenges. For investors to manage longevity effectively, their assets need to keep pace with inflation. Those that do so are typically higher growth assets, but that often comes with greater volatility. Volatility brings in sequencing risk (the risk that significant falls in asset prices early in retirement compromise an investor's ability to generate returns in the long term).

But there are ways to manage longevity risk through an investment portfolio as well.

Click here for your exclusive first look at our Focus on multi-asset, and read how a fund that combines dynamic portfolio management with ESG metrics can help clients to overcome longevity risk and achieve their retirement goals in 2021.

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What are the solutions to the longevity puzzle? - Investment Week

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Do Short People Live Longer? What We Know – Healthline

You may assume that being tall means, in some part, having good health. In addition to genetics and heredity, adult height is determined largely by nutritional intake during infancy and childhood. The better the nutrition, the healthier and taller youre likely to be.

But multiple studies have thrown this assumption into question. Being tall may have its perks. But, based on some studies, long life may not be one of them.

While much more evidence is needed, research indicates a possible link between height and specific diseases, as well as longevity potential.

Keep in mind, though, that short and tall are relative terms, and more research, and evidence, is needed to confirm these findings. Lifestyle habits also play a strong role in longevity potential.

Well highlight the research on this topic and break it down for you.

There are several studies indicating a correlation between height and mortality risk.

A longitudinal study of men who had served in the Italian military found that those under 161.1 cm (approx. 53) lived longer than those over 161.1 cm. This study looked at the death rates of men born between 1866 and 1915 in the same Italian village.

Researchers found that at 70 years old, the taller men were expected to live approximately 2 years less than those who were shorter.

During the years when study participants were born, the average height for men in the village was around 52. By current standards, this is relatively short.

Its also important to note that the researchers did not correlate variables, such as weight and BMI (body mass index), for this study.

A 2017 study on height and lifespan in former professional basketball players found that larger body size yielded reduced longevity. This study analyzed the height and life span of 3,901 living and deceased basketball players who played between 1946-2010.

The players had an average height of 197.78 cm. (approx. 65 tall). In this study, the tallest players in the top 5 percent for height died younger than the shortest players in the bottom 5 percent. Those born between 1941-1950 were an exception to these findings.

Researchers were quick to note that variables such as genotype variations, socioeconomic factors, medical care, weight, education, nutrition, exercise, and smoking were all factors that also play a role in determining longevity.

The FOX03 genotype and its relationship to height and longevity was analyzed in an observational study of 8,003 American men of Japanese descent.

The FOX03 gene is consistently linked to longevity in human and animal studies. It is also linked to body size, and may be one reason why shorter people may have longer lifespans.

In this study, men who were 52 or shorter were more likely to have a protective form of the FOX03 gene, and lived the longest. Those over 54 had shorter lifespans.

Shorter men were also shown to have less incidence of cancer, and lower fasting insulin levels. FOX03 is a key regulatory gene in the insulin/IGF-1 signaling pathway.

It is not completely understood why, or even if, shorter people are destined to live longer. Much more research is needed.

Currently, there are multiple theories:

Health complications which may be correlated with height include cancer and other conditions. Heres what the science says.

A 2016 study of American men and women found a connection between height and cancer risk, as well as death from all causes. Researchers analyzed death certificate data for 14,440 men and 16,390 women aged 25 and up.

According to researchers, an additional inch increase in height generated a 2.2 percent higher risk of death from all causes for men, and a 2.5 percent higher risk of death from all causes for women.

An additional inch increase in height generated a 7.1 percent higher risk of death from cancer for men, and a 5.7 percent higher risk of death from cancer for women.

The researchers controlled for education level and birthdays. They concluded that their findings indicated a positive increase in accessibility to excellent medical care, for conditions other than cancer, in the participants.

Cancer risk and height was analyzed in a 2013 study of 144,701 postmenopausal women. Being tall was positively associated with getting all types of cancer, including cancers of the thyroid, breast, colon, and ovaries.

Height was found to have a modest, but statistically significant, impact upon acquisition of cancer.

The researchers analyzed data from women who did not have a prior history of cancer. They also attempted to adjust for weight and body mass index.

Many variables may have had an impact on study findings, in addition to height. For example, rates of smoking and alcohol intake were shown to increase with increasing height.

Education level, ethnicity, income level, plus use of oral contraceptives and hormone therapy, may all have had an impact. Rates of cancer screenings were found to play no role in study findings.

Recurrences of VTE were found to occur more often in taller women than in those of shorter stature in multiple studies. In this instance, simply having longer legs and longer veins where a thrombus might occur may be the reason.

Age, obesity, and long-term hospitalizations are other potential risk factors for this condition.

Many factors impact upon longevity, and height may be one of them. However, this doesnt mean that taller people are destined to live short lives, or that short people are destined to live long ones.

Lifestyle choices can also greatly impact disease acquisition and longevity. To be healthier and potentially increase your lifespan, you can:

Multiple studies have found a correlation between height and longevity. Short people have been found to resist certain diseases such as cancer, and to live longer lives.

But these studies, while compelling, are far from conclusive. The best thing you can do if youre concerned about longevity is to make lifestyle choices that have a positive effect on your lifespan regardless of how tall you are.

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Do Short People Live Longer? What We Know - Healthline

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Destruction AllStars on PS5 is worth a spin, but it lacks longevity – Techradar

PlayStation Plus members should definitely give Destruction AllStars a go. You cant argue with the low price of free subscription fee aside and if youre one of the lucky few who have managed to pick up a PlayStation 5, its a great excuse to play a truly next-gen multiplayer game with your friends for the first time.

The visuals are striking, and live up to the previously released teaser trailers, while the characters are quirky, over the top, and unique. The game makes the most of the DualSense controllers adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology, too, which help give it that next-gen feel.

Destruction AllStars is a good test bed for the PS5s potential, then, but unfortunately for this vehicular arena-based combat game, it can get rather boring... fast. Destruction AllStars ultimately feels like its trying to be too many games at once, without excelling in any one area in a meaningful way. Its also sorely lacking a battle pass or some kind of underlying progression system to help keep people playing right now, though one is on the way.

The DNA of the edgy custom-car-smasher Twisted Metal courses through this game, albeit filtered through a more trendy Rocket League aesthetic. Burnouts famous directional shunting mechanics have also been grafted in for good measure, and this is arguably where the game achieves its greatest success. It feels really good to ram into other players cars, and older players will be reminded of Destruction Derby on the original PlayStation when pile-ups get particularly frantic.

Its clear that the game has some great elements, then, but I wish the developers had focused more on one of these inspirations rather than all of them sadly, everything that surrounds the games Burnout-esque ramming mechanic only serves to drag the game down.

The driving feels satisfyingly weighty in Destruction AllStars. Youre always pulling hard on the sticks to line up a spectacular wreck, and when you miss (and be prepared to miss quite a lot) it's often agonizing. You spend a lot of time trying to position yourself up throughout matches, spinning around and feeling disoriented. But then when you do get into a nasty pile-up, the adrenaline tapers out in seconds as everything grinds to a strange halt.

The chaos feels surprisingly organized, too. When several cars get stuck into each other, everyone starts awkwardly reversing out or leaving their banged-up motor for a shiny new model. And exiting your car to traverse the map on foot should be Destruction AllStars ace in the hole, but Im not convinced it adds much to the actual gameplay. Leaping and bounding over cars sure looks cool in the close-up slow-motion footage on the main menu, but this is far from the in-situ reality.

Your actions dont feel very fluid and they suffer from long cooldowns. You also dont get into satisfying back and forth scraps with your fellow drivers very often youre just running around like a headless chicken on a busy motorway, lunging towards nothing and worrying about your contribution to the scoreboard.

"Destruction AllStars is by nature a competitive game, but its certainly easier to enjoy if you strip out that aspect and just focus on having fun."

Parkour sections are peppered above the maps, providing platforming puzzles that you can complete for gems that let you build your special ability meters. But given how easily they build anyway, I dont see the point. In multiplayer, the objectives are so frantic and demanding that I always felt like I was letting the team down if I stopped committing to KOing the opposing drivers at all times, so its hard to justify the climb.

The only time being outside of your car really makes sense is in the game mode Stockpile, one of only four currently in the game. Stockpile sees you collect gears from wrecked drivers on foot. This teases out some of this ideas potential, but its still not very convincing. Same goes for the carjacking mechanic, which is heavily weighted against the driver, who has to wiggle a control stick to escape, quickly pulling players out of their flow. Youre better off accepting defeat and trying to escape as soon as possible when this happens, as theres always a steady stream of new cars its strangely never a big deal.

Outside of the aforementioned Stockpile, the game offers a mode called Gridfall, a half-baked vehicular spin on the Hex-A-Gon minigame from Fall Guys. Theres also Mayhem, a more stoic demolition derby deathmatch, but the best of the bunch is easily Carnado. Players must accrue points by wrecking others and then wreck their own car in a giant tornado to bank the points. Its dumb fun, which is a neat summary of this games mediocre appeal.

Destruction AllStars is by nature a competitive game, but its certainly easier to enjoy if you strip out that aspect and just focus on having fun. Its moment-to-moment brainlessness robs it of any esports potential because it just cant strike a meaningful balance between competition and casual silliness. Focusing on the objective doesnt feel like a tactical, rewarding way to play the game. It just leaves you overwhelmed by the end of the round. If you do fancy playing it, dont worry too much about winning, just switch your grey matter off and start smashing up the place.

"It might survive on the basis of being free and one of the few PlayStation 5 exclusives on the market, but it wont' really hold your attention for long, especially if youre looking for a game with substance that can be played regularly with friends."

There are 16 characters in Destruction AllStars, and its a classic case of too many cooks. The character designs themselves are fantastic: theres a box-headed postman wearing short shorts, a Tony the Tiger cosplayer and a Russian influencer donning a skeleton onesie.

But the wide diverse roster means unique abilities are spread so thin that none of them feel meaningful or built to create a sense of balance. Its trying to be a hero shooter, but I dont really feel the difference between, say, the driver that can slice cars in two and the driver that shreds them. Similarly, a handful of heroes have area-of-effect damage abilities that could be interchangeable.

But to be honest, Its not clear how youre even meant to know what specific ability killed you, or how to counter it, or what team compositions might counter certain enemies in battle. These are all competitive considerations when building a hero shooter roster that seem to have been overlooked in Destruction AllStars in favor of manic accessible demolition. This might work for some, but its going to be hard to get players to commit long-term to something so shallow.

It might survive on the basis of being free and one of the few PlayStation 5 exclusives on the market, but it wont' really hold your attention for long, especially if youre looking for a game with substance that can be played regularly with friends. The addition of microtransactions certainly doesnt help sell a promising future for Destruction AllStars either, especially when theyre tied to unlocking challenge runs that reward players with uninspired palette-swap cosmetics.

A distinct lack of nuance is Destruction AllStars most obvious problem. When the fundamentals start to feel stale, how is a free game like this going to sustain a committed audience, when all of their actions feel like a flash in the pan? Theres not much incentive to stick around without the potential for tactical play, or any incentive to communicate with your teammates. This may be another redemption story months down the line, but at the moment, this chaotic hero smasher is fun for a few hours, but quickly loses its admirable introductory shine.

Today's best PlayStation Plus deals

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Destruction AllStars on PS5 is worth a spin, but it lacks longevity - Techradar

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Study examines why college education leads to healthier and longer lives – William & Mary News

Healthy lifestyle: Physical activities abound on college campuses like William & Mary. These healthy habits are among the benefits of college education that contribute to health and longevity, according to a study led by W&M Assistant Professor of Economics Peter Savelyev. Photo by Jim Agnew

by Nathan Warters | February 4, 2021

A study led by William & Mary Assistant Professor of Economics Peter Savelyev and funded by the National Science Foundation argues that college education leads to healthier and longer lives.

The study, Understanding the Mechanisms Linking College Education with Longevity, was published in September in Journal of Human Capital.

Researchers around the world still debate whether education affects health. Savelyev and his team support the claim that education improves heath by demonstrating the mechanisms behind this effect while using state-of-the art statistical analysis.

In our paper, we show that education increases health and longevity though healthier lifestyles, superior earnings and better work conditions, he said.

Savelyev and his co-authors examined data obtained from men and women who graduated from high school in Wisconsin in 1957. This specific timeframe was important to allow for data collection on at least a partially deceased U.S. cohort.

William & Mary News recently spoke to Savelyev about this study. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Variables related to healthy lifestyles that proved to be important are participating in physical exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight and abstaining from smoking tobacco. We also study the role of extremely dangerous work conditions, such as cutting trees or being exposed to infectious diseases. Educated people are less likely to face such jobs. The work conditions mechanism does not necessarily imply diminishing job-related risks for the general population, but it is a personal benefit for those who study hard and receive advanced degrees.

It is well known that many essential life determinants emerge early in life. Later in life, things are harder to change. College education is a powerful contributor to human development that increases health and longevity, among many other good effects, and it should be supported in situations when free market solutions do not work well enough.

Our simulations demonstrate that major health differences created by college education are hard to close later in life, even by strong hypothetical policy interventions, such as greatly increasing taxation of cigarettes.

Partly, this is because the effect of education is strong, and it works through many different mechanisms. It is not easy for an intervention that targets just one specific mechanism to overcome a strong effect created through dozens of mechanisms. Also, some policies, such as taxation of cigarettes, affect behavior of both the college-educated and those who did not go to college, so the effect on the difference between these two groups is small.

We find that obtaining a bachelors degree leads to about three additional years of life for men. However, we could not find any effect of college education for women, who live longer than men regardless of their education status. We identified from our data two mechanisms that partly explain the gender difference. One is that men tend to take more dangerous jobs than women. Another is that educated women of this historic cohort born in late 1930s in Wisconsin were less likely to be married, which created a negative contribution to their longevity that masked a positive contribution related to higher income. Marriage is good for your longevity. Since a negative effect of college education on marriage no longer takes place for more recent cohorts of women, we can expect a stronger effect of college on their longevity, as confirmed by our simulations.

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Study examines why college education leads to healthier and longer lives - William & Mary News

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5 Ways to Prevent Life from Jeopardizing Your Health – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

The hectic modern lifestyle certainly has a way of taking its toll on our emotional and physical well-being. The stress of the outside world and the constant worry induced by something as nefarious as the COVID-19 pandemic is enough to make us feel demoralized, stressed, anxious, and completely alone at times. That said, this doesnt mean that you are powerless in the face of adversity.In fact, you have what it takes to revitalize your mind and body and ensure you wake up every morning feeling happier and more refreshed than ever before. To achieve this, though, you need to adopt certain positive habits and make sure that you stay consistent in the long term. After all, health and happiness are journeys, not destinations.

With all of that in mind, today we will be talking about the best ways you can prevent the modern lifestyle from jeopardizing your health and happiness. Heres what you need to do in order to find your bliss once more. Longevity Live Partner Content

Your mindset is one of the key factors that will influence the quality of your everyday life, and the way you perceive the world around you will greatly influence your long-term well-being. With that in mind, we should first set a positive foundation on which you can build the rest of your day. This can be a quick mediation session in the morning as soon as you wake up, or it can be a daily mantra that you will recite.

It can also be both, but the key point to take away from this is that what you say to yourself in the morning can significantly impact the rest of your day. Therefore, you should have a personal mantra that will ensure youre in the right mindset before you start your day, so think of your primary stress triggers.

Weave these stress triggers into your mantra and flip them around. Remember your mantra and recite it to yourself every day, telling yourself that you are worthy, beautiful, grateful and that nothing and nobody can bring you down.

Whether you are stuck at home because of the pandemic or if youre still able to venture outside, it is imperative that you maintain your fitness habits in order to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Physical exercise has many mental and physical benefits, and you can choose to take your workouts outdoors or exercise at home by yourself or with your family members.

Theres nothing quite like getting your kids involved as well because their health and happiness will greatly influence your own. Its also important to retain healthy eating habits during this stressful and, lets face it, utterly boring period. It can be easy to overindulge in unhealthy foods when you and your kids are stressed, which can negatively impact your immune system and increase the risk of health complications. Needless to say, you need to eliminate these risks if you are to safeguard your emotional and physical health.

No matter how well you eat or how much you exercise alone and with your loved ones, there is no excuse for skipping your doctors appointments in todays stressful environment. Stress is the cause of many ailments, and dont just think that it can negatively affect your health it can also take a heavy toll on your kids, as well.

With that in mind, its important to choose accredited pediatric specialists for your children who have the necessary PALS certification to ensure they are using only the leading methods of care and treatment for your little ones. As for yourself, it should go without saying that you should visit your doctor regularly but make sure that the professionals you visit are certified and are always keeping up with the latest medical trends. This will ensure that you and your children are safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

No matter if there is a global pandemic or if youre just facing the typical stress triggers that occur in our everyday lives, one of the best ways you can put your mind at ease is to immerse yourself in a healthy hobby. If it is truly a positive hobby, one that you are passionate about, then it can also become your unique form of meditation.

From gazing up at the stars through an amateur telescope all the way to learning a new language, learning to sing, draw, and everything in between, hobbies help us cope and retain a positive outlook on life. The same goes for your family and kids, so make sure to instill positive daily habits that will keep your mind sharp and healthy.

If you should ever feel overburdened, dont hesitate to reach out to a professional. Clinical psychologists are there to help you cope with stress and anxiety productively, discover the triggers, and over time minimize and even eliminate stress from your life.

Never be afraid to ask for professional guidance and counseling, not for yourself or your family members. It can be exactly what you all need to get through the difficult stages of your life.

The modern lifestyle can be quite overwhelming at times, but that doesnt mean that you are helpless. Be sure to use these tips to minimize stress and anxiety in your life and the lives of those who are dearest to your heart.

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5 Ways to Prevent Life from Jeopardizing Your Health - Longevity LIVE - Longevity LIVE

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