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DPRK leader visits Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on memorial day of grandfather – Chinadaily USA

PYONGYANG - Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), paid a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the demise of former President Kim Il-sung, the official Korean Central News Agency reported Wednesday.

The report said Kim, together with other senior officials, paid high tribute to the statues of both leaders, and a floral basket in the name of Kim Jong-un was placed at the statues.

At the immortality halls where the two leaders lie, Kim "paid the highest tribute to them who had ushered in the new history of an independent and powerful country," the report added.

Kim Il-sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-un and the founder of the DPRK, passed away on July 8, 1994, at the age of 82. The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is a building in northeast Pyongyang that serves as the mausoleum for Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, father of Kim Jong-un.

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DPRK leader visits Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on memorial day of grandfather - Chinadaily USA

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With Shivraj Chouhan cut to size, era of powerful CMs over in BJP as party goes Congress way – India Today

The Srimad Bhagvat Maha Purana is one of the 18 great Puranas of Hindu philosophy and Kshir Sagar Manthan (churning of the sea of milk) is one of its best known episodes of it.

After the Devas (gods) were defeated by the Asuras (demons) in a battle for the universe, Lord Vishnu suggested a diplomatic coalition between the two to bring out the coveted Amrit (nectar for immortality). Churning brought out the nectar but a battle ensued between the gods and the demons.

Lord Vishnu took form of an enchanting female "Mohini" and lured away the demons. The gods aided by the Amrit thus became immortals and defeated the demons. But the Churn had also produced "Halahala", the deadly poison. Lord Shiva stepped forward and gulped down the deadly fluid and earned the title of "Neelkanth" (blue throated god).

Among the Hindus, Lord Shiva's act of consuming the vish (poison) is considered as an unsurmountable example of selflessness and sacrifice, narrated by grannies to kids in bedtime stories.

If one goes by the Puranas and granny tales, what signal was the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan recently handing out while replying to a question about his "failure" to induct more of his loyalists in the state council of ministers?

Chouhan had cryptically said, "Sagar manthan se amrit nikalta hai. Vish to Shiv pee jaate hain (Nectar of immortality is produced when the seas are churned, Lord Shiva drinks up the poison)."

Chouhan is a deeply religious man and knows the Puranas and vedas. So, his analogy can only be interpreted as an admission that he had to accept an expansion of his council, which was dictated and didn't have his stamp of authority.

Earlier on Thursday last week, standing between his newly minted council of ministers, Chauhan had offered muted smiles.

Now, I have watched Chouhan take oath with ministers in 2005, 2008 and 2013. Compared to the last three occasions, the smile on his face had a grudging character to it. And, that's because unlike the last two times, he had not "earned" the chief ministership and ensuing council of ministers. It was rather manufactured and it had a "made by BJP top brass in collaboration with Jyotiraditya Scindia" stamp on it.

The Scindia factor is a party spoiler for Chouhan. The relatively younger Scindia, by bringing crucial numerical support to the state government, has been negotiating directly with the BJPs top brass in Delhi.

No, he is not creating a direct confrontation. But in the current context, he is leaving subtle "pug marks" of his ambition. In Bhopal after the induction ceremony of 28 MLAs to the council of ministers, Rahul Gandhi-confidante-turned BJP man Jyotiraditya Scindia was asked about his "success" in getting 12 ministerial berths for his loyalists as a reward for ditching the Congress and bringing down Kamal Nath.

Scindia signed off his statement to the media teams with a triumphant "Tiger abhi zinda hai" (tiger Is still alive) comment.

Those who have followed politics in the land of tiger reserves-over the last few months discussed Scindia's remarks in adda chats as Chouhan on the day he lost the election in December 2019 had said -- "Tiger abhi zinda hai".

Scindia's "salmanesque" comment may be directed at his past detractors in the Congress but I am sure it must have made Chouhan realise that Scindia is not merely borrowing much his punch lines, rather he may be eying his thunder.

In his earlier terms, Chouhan has displayed deft footwork to edge out competition from the likes of Uma Bharti and Narendra Singh Tomar, now a key minister in Modi cabinet. But Scindia is not like Shivraj challengers in the BJP, or even many other turncoats who joined the party ranks in the past.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan with BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia at state cabinet expansion ceremony. (Photo: PTI)

Though leaders in the state BJP unit remain opposed to Scindia, the central leadership is lending its ears to him, and he seems to be making his weight felt in each decision taken in the state.

Fifteen months after the electoral loss, the BJP engineered defections by 22 congress MLAs. While the top brass held negotiated a deal with Scindia, Chauhan had to hang around in Delhi for long durations.

Then on March 10, while Holi celebrations were on, Scindia had his first public meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Home minister Amit shah had personally taken him to the PM's Lok Kalyan Marg home. Shivraj could take oath on 23 March.

Shivraj had to wait till April 21 to induct first five ministers. Two of these were his loyalists while Narottam Mishra emerged as a new power centre in the state BJP. Remaining two were Congress turncoats or Scindia men.

Round-2 of cabinet expansion took place on July 2. That's over 70 days after the first.

Jyotiraditya had bargained hard and managed to grab 14 ministerial berths (12 loyalists and 2 Congress turncoats). Worse, of the remaining 16 who took oath, only a dozen-odd belong to the Chouhan camp. That means in the final 33 member strong council, Shivraj has only 14 loyalists and 14 are Scindia's men.

Now five days after the expansion, Chouhan has not been able to allocate portfolios to his council. Reason -- Scindia wants plum portfolios for his men.

This alters the power equation in the state and BJP matrix for Chouhan. He has three and half years remaining in this term. Scindia is younger and ambitious. He has a large number of men in the council, a Rajya Sabha seat under his belt and is tipped to get a berth in the Union cabinet in an expansion that PM Modi is likely to go for.

He will be in Delhi close to the BJP's top two who seem to have accorded a lot of significance to Scindia. With most of his loyalists from the Gwalior-Chambal belt, he is a regional warlord -- a parallel power centre.

So, Chouhan may have got a fourth term -- but his weight in the state he lorded over once has diminished. In simple words, he is being cut to size.

BJP insiders say that the party leadership may be heating up the race for Shivraj but the leader with royal roots has to pass the bypoll test. The common refrain in MP and BJP circles is that if Scindia succeeds, it may not be all so good news for Chouhan. But here, I add that the BJP is inviting bad news by its actions in not so distant future.


Scindia may have won the round of negotiations. But another with big hurdle looms ahead of him. Twenty-four assembly seats lie vacant. Of these, the congress turncoats would have to get elected to the assembly before six months are over. That is, by the first week of new year 2021.

To prove his mettle in the bjp and emerge as a prospect for tomorrow, Scindia has to bring the 22 or majority of the defectors back to the assembly. If he fails, some ministers may have to quit the council.

The number game in the state assembly is such that there would be more pressure on Scindia to do better than Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Currently, in the 230-member house, the BJP has the backing of 113 MLAs (107 BJP, 3 Independent, 2 BSP, 1 SP). The Congress has 93 MLAs (including 1 independent). There are 24 vacant seats.

The gap between the two formations currently is 20 MLAs.

Hypothetically, it would be a game on only if the Congress wins 22 seats and BJP two. The final tally in the assembly would be BJP+ 115 and Cong+ 115. To dethrone Chouhan, the Congress has to win 23 of the 24 bypoll seats.

The 24 seats for which bypoll would be held are spread over three regions in MP- Gwalior-Chambal, Malwa-Nimar and Bundelkhand. Of the 24 assembly seats, 16 are in Scindia stronghold Gwalior-Chambal region.

Victory at eight seats -- outside the Gwalior Chambal region -- alone will push the BJP tally to 121. The Congress would be out of contention and Chouhan will feel safe. The oft-repeated question in Bhopal now-a-days is, "Will the old tiger who swallowed poison figuratively help the new tiger?"

The task ahead for Scindia gets tougher as majority of the Scindia loyalist MLAs had won in 2018 by defeating the BJP rivals in the Gwalior-Chambal belt. The losing BJP candidates, if denied ticket, would contest as rebels in the bypolls. That would aid the Congress.

Already in MP, the state BJP unit is facing protests by workers in several districts. The party's cadres are agitated over the rise and rise of Scindia and decline of those who have grown in BJP stables.

In Sagar, supporters of BJP MLA Shailendra Jain protested by observing a "jal samadhi" last week. Supporters of BJP MLA Gayatri Raje Pawar in Devas, those of Kailash Vijayvargiya-backed MLA Ramesh Bindola in Indore, and of MLA Yashpal Bhadoria in Mansore have been staging protests after these leaders weren't made ministers.

Uma Bharti has protested the absence of ministers from her Lodh community and Bundelkhand region in the council.

So, the BJP in MP has multiple power centres, cut-to-size chief minister constantly looking over his shoulder, dissent in the ranks and a high-command driving the decisions. A senior old-timer in the BJP quipped, "This is what used to happen in the Congress. The party took away power from Congress and has inherited that party's habits. That's why I will say the Congress culture BJP mein zinda hai (Congress culture is thriving in the BJP)"


Many in the BJP admit that the Congress's yesterday is BJP's today all over again when it comes to dealing with its state warlords. Reacting to the situation Shivraj Chouhan finds himself in, during closed door conversations, leaders indicate that BJP's state-level leadership's dependence on the central leadership has gone up.

In 2017, BJP ruled almost 70 per cent of India's landmass. By 2020, it came down to almost 40 per cent. But the real problem for the BJP is not just sheer loss of territory.

During 2014-17, the BJP lost chief ministers who impacted polls like regional satraps. Narendra Modi was Gujarat chief minister till 2014 polls. The BJP won all 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat.

Under Vasundhra Raje in Rajasthan, the BJP had won all 25. Under Shivraj, the BJP won 26 of the 29, 10 of 11 in Chhattisgarh under Raman Singh. Manohar Parikar helped BJP win both Goa seats, plus he rose as a state strongman.


Let's have a quick look at India's political map since 2014. It shows that the BJP has also been witnessing a weight loss by its chief ministers.

First, the powerful CMs like Vasundhara Raje, Raman Singh and Chouhan have had an uncomfortable relationship with the top bosses. All three of the BJP state satraps lost elections. Another budding state-level leader Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra also lost the last election in 2019. Today, he awaits a split in the ruling Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance and central assistance to gain power.

The Raje-Chouhan-Singh trio of regional chieftains suffered more loss in stature when in 2019 polls, riding on the Modi phenomenon, the BJP did well in their states despite opposition Congress ruling the states. Today, Chauhan is the lone old BJP war horse in the CM's chair. Barring Yediyurappa and ML Khattar most are first timers.

In other states too, one way or the other, the CMs aren't Virat Kohli kind of match-winners. Today, the BJP has 12 CMs. Arunachal CM Pema Khandu is an ex-Congressman who chose BJP colours four years ago. Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal is over shadowed by his minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. Manipur CM N Biren Singh is an ex-Congressman.

Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb a giant-killer and Goa CM are inexperienced. Himachal Pradesh CM Jai Ram Thakur is a five-term MLA but wasn't the face of the party in last election.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has emerged as the strongest BJP leader holding this position. (Photo: PTI)

The Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Rawat, an ex-RSS cadre, is known more for being a strong organisational man. Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani continues to live under the shadow of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Haryana CM Khattar is known for fumbles and has strong challengers. Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa has shed a lot of political clout.

One of the lone exceptions is UP CM Yogi Adityanath. The RSS and the BJP top team escorted him to the CM chair but he has used the last three years to emerge stronger as an administrator and also a hindutva mascot.


This is what happened to the Congress over the last few decades before its decline. The high command culture, perceived threat that CMs May grow and challenge the Congress's first family and vested interests of weak leaders and lateral entrants who were close to the dynasty led to dwarfing of its chief ministers. Once its CMs lost weight, party lost state assemblies and then Lok Sabha seats.

There are 38 chief ministers in India who have occupied the CM's post in different states for more than 10 years. Congress may have ruled most states for a long time since Independence but only 14 of the 38 long haul CMs are Congressmen. Six are pre-Rajiv Gandhi era leaders.

The rot started during Indira Gandhi's time and worsened as dynastic order deepened and Rajiv Gandhi took charge as congress general secretary. In 1982, on a private visit to Andhra Pradesh, he publicly admonished Tantuguri Anjaiah, the then chief minister for bringing party men and a band party playing drums to the tarmac of Hyderabad's Begumpet airport. In front of his supporters, Rajiv called Anjaiah a "buffoon". The CM was later sacked.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is one of the few old-timers in the Congress to retain his regional satrap status.

On 23 July 1983, Congress's Bihar CM Jagannath Mishra in a two-hour statement in the state assembly criticized the Centre. He said Bihar (undivided Bihar included mineral rich Jharkhand) mined 40 per cent of the country's minerals but only got 14 per cent of the royalty earned. Soon Jagannath was summoned to Delhi and he was forced to resign by 14 August 1983.

In the mid-1980s, the Congress high command inducted a breed of leaders who in their anxiety to display their obsequiousness to Rajiv Gandhi, wounded leaders like Kamlapati Tripathi, who had been CM of India's most dominant state -- UP. Appointing "Darbari" leaders from Delhi as state incharges to create multiple power centres in states became a standard operating procedure.

After the 1984 landslide victory, Rajiv Gandhi entered the PMO with his Doon School chums in tow. Leaders like Tripathi, who had worked with four generations of the Nehru-Gandhi family, were sidelined by the then yuppie leadership.

Lalthahawla had been a CM in Mizoram for 21 years till 2018, Virbhadra Singh in Himachal Pradesh for 21 years till 2017 and Pratap Singh Rane in Goa for 15 years till 2007, started their innings in the Rajiv era.

Meanwhile, Shiela Dixit was CM in Delhi till 2013 for 15 years, Tarun Gogoi for 15 years in Assam till 2016, and Okram Ibobi Singh for 15 years in Manipur till 2017 emerged as powerful state leaders and became CMs around the time Sonia Gandhi took over reins of the party.

Ashok Gehlot, the present CM of Rajasthan is the lone old-timer who has spent 11 years in the hot seat and is still around in the Congress's Sonia Gandhi era.


Isn't the BJP doing something similar? Many of its current CMs are central command appointees. Someone like Chouhan battles parallel power centres. Out of power, ex-CMs have little role in decision-making. In some states, green shoots of leadership are emerging but they will take more than usual time as the elbow room to flourish is not vast. In Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, AP, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the BJP either has no prominent state leaders or is totally dependent on allies.

The decline of the state-level leaders in the two major parties stands in sharp contrast to the rise of regional party leaders like Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, K Chandrashekhar Rao in Telangana, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh, Naveen Patnaik in Odisha and Hemant Soren in Jharkhand.

The BJP has Modi, who has turned Lok Sabha elections into a virtual presidential contest. This is making glory depart from state level politics but BJP should take Congress history to the post-mortem table and realise state-level leaders are leaders of tomorrow at the Centre and force multipliers on their turf.

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With Shivraj Chouhan cut to size, era of powerful CMs over in BJP as party goes Congress way - India Today

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Mike Cattermole on Serpentine, Love, Highest Ground and more –

Mike Cattermole Columnist

15:13 July 08, 2020 5 min read

As the dust settles on the Investec Derby, Mike Cattermole says the making of Serpentine, the stallion, is going to make for a fascinating story.

Last Saturdays runaway Investec Derby and Oaks winners, Serpentine and Love, evoked memories of both Slip Anchor and Oh So Sharp, who landed the Epsom Classics in similar style in 1985.

Slip Anchors career ended in anti-climax, while Oh So Sharp went on to equine immortality by landing the Fillies Triple Crown.

What will the future hold for both Serpentine and Love?

Video element not supported

Serpentine - 2020 Investec Derby

Aidan OBriens fourth string of six he may have been, but what an emphatic winner of the Investec Derby Serpentine was.

Credit where credit is due, for a five-and-half length winner of the Derby has to be given the utmost respect. He looked the part - a lithe, athletic specimen with a long stride - handled the track beautifully and was just way too good for them.

Emmet McNamara, a Derby debutant and riding with confidence on the back of some buoyant instructions from the master of Ballydoyle, rode the perfect race and very much in the spirit of Steve Cauthen on Slip Anchor some 35 years before.

There were some comments made about some of the other jockeys allowing the winner too much rope but, whatever your thoughts about that, you couldnt include Tom Marquand, on the 50-1 shot Khalifa Sat, among them. Nor indeed William Buick on the third, Amhran Na Bhfiann.

In fact the first three home occupied those same positions after the field had covered just the first two furlongs of the race. Nothing else ever threatened to get involved.

Tattenham Corner in the Derby and Serpentine is clear

It was ironic that Marquand, taken off English King due to his inexperience at Epsom, gave his mount every chance and ended up finishing in front of the Ed Walker-trained colt who boiled over before the start and never seemed to get into a rhythm for Frankie Dettori. He only got going in the last furlong.

Kameko ran on odd race, keeping on, but had pulled way too hard early on to give himself a chance of doing himself justice.

It will be fascinating to see how the Derby form works out but Serpentine is clearly very good and will probably make an even better four-year-old.

In fact, what will the future hold for him?

At the moment, the son of Galileo and Oaks runner-up Remember When, looks an ideal type for the St Leger where the expanse of Town Moor will be right up his street.

Note, however, that Ballydoyles last St Leger winner, Kew Gardens in 2018, has just been retired and is being promoted as a jumps stallion at Coolmore. Similarly with their 2017 Leger winner Capri, also a winner of the Irish Derby.

Kew Gardens winning the St Leger

Is that what awaits Serpentine? It would seem the obvious path, so will that always be what any stoutly-bred Derby winner can offer in the breeding sheds, going forward? It makes you think about what is really means, commercially, in this day and age about winning the worlds most famous Flat race.

No doubt Messrs Magnier, Smith and Tabor will be mulling things over. In 1985, Henry Cecil planned to run Slip Anchor in the King George and the Leger but plans were changed when injury intervened.

Cecil was forced to drop Slip Anchor back in trip in the Champion Stakes and he wasnt disgraced when second to Pebbles. Indeed, a Champion Stakes in a straight line at Newmarket, as it was in those days, would have been a better option for Serpentine than the current edition at Ascot.

So how can Serpentine be transformed into a more commercial proposition? Perhaps consider the King George at Ascot later this month and a clash with Enable? Beat that legend and it would help.

Then, what about a drop back in trip and a go at the Juddmonte International?

Mind you, another pretty decent front-runner awaits there in Ghaiyyath.

Or, maybe go full tilt at the Leger with a traditional trial such as the Great Voltigeur on the way and then perhaps tackle the shorter trips next year.

The making of Serpentine, the stallion, is going to make for a fascinating story.

It's all about Love in the Investec Oaks

Love was all class in the Oaks, hacking up by nine long lengths and clocking a time 0.37 seconds quicker than Serpentine did just over an hour later.

If she had run in the Derby, remember she would have received 3lb from the colts and so on the evidence we have, would have won that by around a couple of lengths.

Love has now won the first two legs of the Fillies Triple Crown and has done so more impressively than Oh So Sharp who won the Guineas in a three-way photo and landed her Oaks by a mere six lengths.

So, another decision for the lads. Will they be tempted to try and emulate Oh So Sharp head for the Leger?

Love has a superb temperament to go along with her immense ability and the sky really is the limit for her. Her first clash against the older generations is going to be fascinating, especially when she crosses paths with Enable.

John Gosdens superstar heads to the King George now after her highly satisfactory reappearance in last Sundays Eclipse.

The King George was Oh So Sharps next port of call after Epsom although she was beaten. Will that be the chosen route for Love?

Will Ascot stage the clash of the female titans?

Highest Ground on his way to Haydock victory

The Derby came too soon for the Sir Michael Stoute-trained Highest Ground and instead he takes his next step forward in the new July version of the Dante Stakes at York on Thursday.

Speaking to Ryan Moore last week, there is no doubt about the potential of the son of Frankel and the former champion will be disappointed that he cant maintain the partnership at York as he is required by Aidan OBrien at Newmarket.

Oisin Murphy steps in and is fully expected to become the latest admiring member of the expanding Highest Ground fan club.

Golden Horde wins from Kimari in the Commonwealth Cup

Lethal Force and Harry Angel won the July Cup for Clive Cox in recent years and now Golden Horde, Lethal Forces son, heads the market for Saturdays renewal at Newmarket.

He goes there with his trainer extremely happy about his well-being and noting that the Commonwealth Cup form passed its first test in Ireland at the weekend, when the Ascot fifth Millisle, beaten six lengths by Golden Horde, chased home the exciting Art Power (at two and half lengths) at Naas.

What the weather does is of no concern to Cox as Golden Horde has demonstrated that he handles any ground, whether heavy or good to firm.

He is the 5-2 favourite with Sky Bet and is very much the one to beat.

We are committed in our support of responsible gambling. Recommended bets are advised to over-18s and we strongly encourage readers to wager only what they can afford to lose.Sky Bet's responsible gambling tools are detailed here and if you are concerned about your gambling, please call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133, or visit support and information can be found at GamCare and

See the rest here:
Mike Cattermole on Serpentine, Love, Highest Ground and more -

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Doctor Who Theory: How Rassilon Fits Into The Timeless Child Retcon – Screen Rant

Doctor Who season 12 revealed the true origin story of the Time Lords - but just how does Rassilon, founder of Gallifrey, fit into this?

The Timeless Child is the biggest retcon in the history ofDoctor Who - but how does Rassilon, founder of Time Lord civilization, fit into this?Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall promised that season 12 would change everything, and he wasn't understating the case. TheDoctor Who season 12 finale, "The Timeless Children," revealed the Doctor's true history has been concealed all this time."They lied to us," the Master revealed. "Everything we were told was a lie. We are not who we think. You or I. The whole existence of our species - built on the lie of the Timeless Child."

The Doctor is the Timeless Child, a mysterious being found at the foot of a Boundary into another universe. She was discovered by a Gallifreyan explorer named Tecteun, who took the Timeless Child as her own. Then, one day, tragedy struck. The Timeless Child suffered what should have been a fatal accident, but instead of dying she regenerated. Tecteun was astounded at what she had seen, and she set about trying to understand the Timeless Child's powers. The Timeless Child thus became thebase genetic code for all Gallifreyans within the Citadel, and the Time Lords were born. This is easily the biggest retcon in the history ofDoctor Who; in general it's foreshadowed fairly well by classicDoctor Who,thoughit sits uncomfortably with the post-2005 relaunched series.

Related:Former Doctor Who Showrunner Changes Regeneration Rules

There is one curious omission, however: Rassilon. Generally regarded as the founder of Time Lord civilization, Rassilon was an explorer who longed to see more of the universe than any man could in one lifetime. According to classicDoctor Who, and countless previous tie-ins, under Rassilon's reign the Gallifreyans discovered the secret of regeneration and became Lords of Time. Rassilon himself is immortal, although he believed no other Time Lords were worthy of this, and left the Game of Rassilon behind as a trap for any successor who would seek immortality. The Time Lords brought Rassilon back to lead them in the Time War, and he was opposed byDavid Tennant's Tenth Doctor in "The End of Time."

Rassilon is apparently entirely absent in "The Timeless Children," which seems odd given that Chibnall is an old-schoolDoctor Who fan. It is important to note, however, that "The Timeless Children" confirms Gallifreyan history has been deliberately obscured; that leaves a lot of wriggle-room. The most likely solution is that Tecteun, the scientist who discovered the Timeless Child and unlocked the secret of resurrection, was in fact Rassilon. Both have been portrayed as explorers who sought immortality; Tecteun gained the power of unlimited regenerations but chose to limit other Time Lords, just as Rassilon believed he alone should be functionally immortal. It's true that Tecteun was female while Rassilon was male, but that is hardly an issue given that regeneration allows a Time Lord to change biological sex.

This is a simple retcon, and it fits rather well. If this is the case, then during the Time War the Doctor found himself going up against the one being who truly understood what he was capable of. Little wonder Rassilon was so shocked and surprised in "The Day of the Doctor," when he realized how many incarnations of the Doctor were in play. It is ironic that Rassilon, the explorer who sought immortality to explore the cosmos, ultimately led Gallifrey to a pocket dimension where his people lived on in isolation, unable to return.

More:Doctor Who Already Has The Perfect 15th Doctor Actor

Warrior Nun Theory: The Angels and Demons Are Actually Aliens

Tom Bacon is one of Screen Rant's staff writers, and he's frankly amused that his childhood is back - and this time it's cool. Tom's focus tends to be on the various superhero franchises, as well as Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek; he's also an avid comic book reader. Over the years, Tom has built a strong relationship with aspects of the various fan communities, and is a Moderator on some of Facebook's largest MCU and X-Men groups. Previously, he's written entertainment news and articles for Movie Pilot.A graduate of Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom, Tom is still strongly connected with his alma mater; in fact, in his spare time he's a voluntary chaplain there. He's heavily involved with his local church, and anyone who checks him out on Twitter will quickly learn that he's interested in British politics as well.

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Doctor Who Theory: How Rassilon Fits Into The Timeless Child Retcon - Screen Rant

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TV: Immortal mercenaries confront reality of forever in Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’ – Gulf Digital News

Los Angeles: Audiences are used to seeing comic book superheroes come to life on screen but in The Old Guard the heroes only have one power - immortality.

Charlize Theron stars in the action film, arriving on Netflix on Friday, as the leader of a small unit of immortal mercenaries who are trying to help humanity. It is based on the 2017 comic book by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez.

I just saw a lot of potential to explore something on a sci-fi level scale but somehow stay true to the very insular human emotions that I felt an audience could really appreciate in the sci-fi world, Theron said.

The diverse cast includes Black actress KiKi Layne as Nile, the first immortal to have been born in a few centuries, as well as 12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tunisian-Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari, Italian Luca Marinelli and Belgian Matthias Schoenaerts.

I love that there were two females at the head of this which just felt different. And most notably, theres a young, Black female hero in this which is absolutely a rarity in the genre, said director Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Ejiofor said the movie tries to delve into what it would be like for people if they could live as immortal, if they could live forever, and what theyre actually confronted with is a lot of this kind of angst.

Its also a project that demonstrates what inclusion should look like in Hollywood, Ejiofor said.

Everybody is celebrated in this experience and that is, I think, part of what film and television should be aspiring to. That shouldnt be something radical, that should be a natural evolution of our medium, he said.

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TV: Immortal mercenaries confront reality of forever in Netflix's 'The Old Guard' - Gulf Digital News

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Gucci Expands The Alchemist’s Garden With Two New Whimsical Scents – Tatler Thailand

Gucci is broadening its luxury fragrance line with a duo of contrasting characters: A Midnight Stroll and A Chant for the Nymph. Born off the magnetism of two alchemistscreative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillasthe two novel concoctions complete a total of nine scents within The Alchemists Garden line, which is all about encapsulating the essences of natural plants and flowers while layered with modern molecules.

Let us guide you into the different scenes conjured by each of the two new fragrances: first a dark and deep exploration, and second a warm sensual bouquet on a summer night.

An homage to nocturnal allure, A Midnight Stroll is epitomised by a jaguar, an animal of strength, stealth and elegance. The note is intense with thick, smoky incense and dark Cade wood. As the jaguar moves under night's veil, a sudden gleam of vitality from the fresh Cypress breaks the solemnity.

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Gucci Expands The Alchemist's Garden With Two New Whimsical Scents - Tatler Thailand

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