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New Netflix Show Is Based On The Legend Of The Mooncake Festival – The Rakyat Post

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Netflix is releasing a new movie based on the legend of ChangE, the lady on the moon. If she sounds vaguely familiar, its because ChangE is closely tied to the annual Mooncake Festival, or the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The new show is called Over The Moon, in which a young Asian girl builds a rocketship to launch herself into the moon, chasing after her deceased mother, who was forced to leave the world just like ChangE.

Legend has it that ChangE took a magic elixir of immortality, forcing her to be separated from her beloved husband. She then took up residence on the moon with a magical rabbit, to be known as The Moon Goddess.

Over The Moon is proving to be a diverse addition to the heartfelt animated movies out there, as the trailer itself shows the vivid culture and traditions surrounding the Mooncake festival, such as lanterns, a family reunion, and even a beautiful snow-white bunny called Bungee.

What makes Over The Moon truly special is also the outstanding voice cast for an animated musical! Yes, there will be lots of singing and new songs for everyone to enjoy. Watch out for recognizable voices from Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo (Hamilton), Ken Jeong (Community), John Cho (Harold & Kumar), Ruthie Ann Miles (The King & I), Sandra Oh (Greys Anatomy), Robert G. Chiu, Margaret Cho (All-American Girl), and Kimiko Glenn (Orange Is The New Black).

The show is slotted to premiere later this year, most likely around mid-autumn, so you dont have to wait too long to watch the movie!

Watch the trailer for yourself here (and prepare a tissue if you cry easily- I did!):

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Anne is an advocate of sustainable living and the circular economy, and has managed to mum-nag the team into using reusable containers to tapau food. She is also a proud parent of 4 cats and 1 rabbit.

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New Netflix Show Is Based On The Legend Of The Mooncake Festival - The Rakyat Post

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Dream Team missed date with immortality – The Herald

The Herald

Allan Muchibwa

Sports Correspondent

THE task of comparing teams across generations is never easy, largely due to the fact conditions are never uniform.

One thing I admit becomes apparent, during these discussions is that success, indeed, means different things to different people.

For some, the consideration has to be more than just cold, bare trophy hauls.

Football is also about intangibles the aura, the style and the effects of a team on generations to come.

The intangibles should be considered in tandem with the tangibles.

To be regarded as the best team has to come along with some measure of success, otherwise, it becomes easy to dismiss as a classic case of nostalgia, as opposed to a matter of fact.

Perhaps the fact that the greatness, or lack of it, of the Dream Team, has generated this debate, confirms we are in a new age in football, and sport, where the generation is obsessed with statistics and tangibles.

Every generation believes subsequent generations have it easier than they did.

The hallmark of great teams is always balance, demonstrated by significant contribution from all team members across the pitch.

The great teams of the world have standout players but they also had other members contributing in equal measure across the park.

The great AC Milan side of Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guardiolas Barcelona, Jupp Heynckes Bayern Munich, and Jurgen Klopps current Liverpool were all characterised by incredible balance right across the park.

The responsibility was distributed among the entire squad.

One could argue this was the case with Reinhard Fabischs Dream Team minus the success.

You would be hard pressed to single out a misfit from back to front.

They had the genius of Peter Ndlovu and the grace of Vitalis Takawira, but the supporting cast were no sloths either.

Can the same be said of the Warriors team, for example, which qualified for the 2017 AFCON finals under Callisto Pasuwa? Hardlife Zvirekwi was an honest, hardworking fullback, but is he in the class of Mercedes Rambo Sibanda?

How does the centre half pairing of Costa Nhamoinesu and Elisha Muroiwa compare to Ephraim Chawanda and Francis Shonhai?

One could argue that the Warriors teams that have come through since have been characterised by a marked and distinct reliance on individuals to carry the fortunes of the team.

It was Peter Ndlovu, for the most part, it has become Knowledge Musona and Khama Billiat lately.

But even when a team is gifted and balanced, how do we measure greatness if it does not translate into some form of achievement or success?

The Dream Team had the second highest number of points amassed in a single qualifying campaign.

We are limited to comparing qualifying campaigns number of points versus number of games played.

Was the Dream Team a great team?


However, for many, they missed an opportunity to become a truly iconic team to create a dynasty, which explains how the younger generation perceives them.

Unfortunately, people do not consider how many runs a striker makes in a game they are more concerned by how many goals he bags.

It is the nature of sport, and life, in general. Will history remember Saul Chaminukas ZPC team or Callisto Pasuwas Dynamos team who actually won the title on that final day?

Charles Mhlauris CAPS United thrilled and delighted but continental history will record that David Mandigoras less fancied Dynamos got to the semi-finals of the CAF Champions League.

Manchester United won the Premier League title in the 1996/97 with 75 points, whilst Liverpool were runners-up in 2018-19 with 97 points.

In fact, this Liverpool team was so good Guardiola said it was probably the most difficult team he has had faced as a player or coach.

Under Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham Hotspur made huge strides both as a team and as a club.

However, they never won trophies they did not achieve the tangible and Pochettino was fired just months after reaching Champions League final.

Instead, Claudio Ranieris direct football at Leicester won them the league in the 2015/16 season.

Again, you can only beat what is in front of you.

The Warriors teams which have gone on and qualified for the AFCON finals have been exposed to possibly the some of the worst possible conditions in their qualifying campaign.

They travelled to Swaziland and Malawi by road, they have had hastily-arranged camps, they were not paid their bonuses, the environment was not conducive for them to do well.

The Dream Team had it better in this regard. Having an expanded format is no guarantee that a team qualifies.

Ghana missed out in 2004, Mali in 2006, Algeria in 2008, Morocco in 2010, Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria in 2012, Cameroon in 2013, Nigeria in 2015 and 2017.

In all these instances, these teams had some top, world-class talents in their respective setups.

The reason the Dream Team are still part of the discussion, decades later, is that the generation they thrilled are still present to add to the discussion.

The 2004 team will become more symbolic 40 years on, with a new generation, because they will be the first Warriors side to qualify for the AFCON finals whatever the circumstances.

What the Dream Team did can be eroded by time, because they are just memories, what the Warriors of 2004 did cannot, because they will always be backed by facts.

Memories fade as generations pass, but trophies, milestones and achievements stand the test of time.

The reality is that the Dream Team will be a favourite team, especially for the older generation, but years from now, they may not be as iconic as the 2004 Warriors team.

They will not have a place in the CAF records of participants like the Warriors of 2006, 2017 and 2019.

All teams encounter challenges and hurdles and they have to find ways to confront them.

Conditions are never perfect, teams will be judged against the conditions of their day, the Dream Team had a limited qualifying quota.

In an expanded format, some argue they would have qualified for the AFCON but, we will never know.

Meanwhile, the Warriors teams, post-2000, have had to deal with diabolical planning and organisation of colossal proportions.

One could argue with better administration, they would have done even better in qualifying, as well as at the competition finals.

The underlying reality, however, and a lesson for any sportsman, is that entertaining alone is not enough.

The Dream Team missed an opportunity to become the immortals of Zimbabwean football no one can question that.

Allan Muchibwa is a part-time guest sports analyst at Capitalk 100.4 FM and briefly worked as Dynamos media liaison officer.

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Dream Team missed date with immortality - The Herald

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Virtual U.S. Open: Palmer, Boros and other challengers – Pro Golf Now

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The field of contenders for the 2020 virtual U.S. Open is sufficiently deep that as many as two dozen players stand at least a plausible chance of winning. After all, there have been a lot of great national champions since the tournament came into being in 1895.

Beyond the 11 favorites whose profiles were outlined yesterday, at least 14 others could seriously contend. Between 1902 and 2018, those 14 have accounted for 19 championships. Their ranks are populated by some of the games immortals: Palmer, Player, and Watson among them.

At the very top of the list of second-tier candidates, though, is a name rarely thought of when golf immortality is measured. Julius Boros was a trained accountant, not a product of a golf academy, who approached the game with the faculties an accounting background brings.

Walking to the ball, Boros gait was deliberate to the point of indifference. During that walk up, it was as if he was calculating in his mind the various ramifications of each aspect of the shot. Once over the ball, though, Boros was both precise and decisive, never spending more than a second or two in his setup.

That pre-set approach led Boros to a pair of U.S. Open titles, at Northwood in Dallas. Eleven years later, Boros beat Arnold Palmer and Jackie Cupit in a playoff for the 1963 title at the Country Club in Brookline.

Between 1951 and 1960 the peak of his Open performance Boros was seven times among the top 10, finishing third in 1958 and 1960. Never in that period was he outside the top 25, and it is his consistency at peak level that accounts for the -1.24 average standard deviation of his peak Open performance. Thats outside the best 11, but only barely.

Here are profiles of the other 13 in the second tier of serious contenders.

Use your (arrows) to browse

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Virtual U.S. Open: Palmer, Boros and other challengers - Pro Golf Now

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Where do you want Liverpool to win Premier League title and what do you predict will happen? – Liverpool Echo

It's an exciting time for anyone connected with Liverpool Football Club at the moment.

The Reds are the European and world champions and are on course to seal the 2019/20 Premier League title for the first time in three decades as football gets ready to restart and lockdown restrictions ease following the coronavirus pandemic.

With nine games to go, Jurgen Klopp's side are 25-points clear of their nearest rivals Manchester City while it is mathematically impossible for any other side in the top flight to now catch up.

Liverpool need just six points for immortality having lost only once all season and know that should City lose to Arsenal on Wednesday night, an opportunity for them to claim the elusive Premier League trophy will present itself against Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday.

Should those events not take place, Klopp's men could win the title at Anfield against Crystal Palace in the following game or even against City themselves at the Etihad after that.

We want to know what your ideal outcome would be, where you want Liverpool to win the title and what you think will happen during the remainder of the season.

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Where do you want Liverpool to win Premier League title and what do you predict will happen? - Liverpool Echo

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NOS4A2 Viewing Guide: What You Need to Know Going into Season 2 – Anglophenia

The TV adaptation of author Joe Hills NOS4A2 returns for a second season and will premiere via simulcast on both BBC America and AMC on Sunday, June 21 at 10/9c.

The series follows Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), a high school senior from a broken home in New England. She battles against Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto), a different kind of vampire, who kidnaps children and drains them of their innocence to maintain his immortality. McQueen isnt an ordinary teenager going up against an immortal, though she has supernatural abilities of her own.

1. The Origin of the Shows Name

At first glance, one might think the name of the show is pronounced the way it is written out with letters and numbers, N-O-S-Four-A-Two. But, thats not the case. It actually pays homage to the word Nosferatu, which is believed to be derived from the Romanian Nesuferit, meaning offensive or troublesome, which add up to vampire. The 1922 silent film Nosferatu introduced the term to the public, helping to kick off the vampire genre.

2. Where We Left Off with Season One

In season one, McQueen discovers she has a special supernatural power: riding on her motorcycle, she has the ability to find lost things. Meanwhile, Manx has his own power: when he lures children into his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith, he can suck out their energy and spirit them away to Christmasland, a magical place that exists on the fringes of reality, where its Christmas every day. The children become bloodthirsty demon-like husks of their former selves, and can never leave the gates of Christmasland.

When her young friend is lost to Manx, McQueen realizes she can use her power to try to get these children back. In a heated showdown at the end of season one, McQueen finally gets the upper hand: she sets Manxs beloved Wraith on fire, destroying the source of his power, and Manx rapidly ages and falls into a coma.

3. Where We Pick Up in Season Two

Season two begins eight years later. McQueen now has a young son named Wayne, and has stayed in Colorado to build a life with local biker, Lou Carmody (Jonathan Langdon), who helped her defeat Manx in season one. But she hasnt forgotten the trauma of her supernatural fight with Manx. And when circumstances cause the vampire to come back from the brink of death, hes more determined than ever to get his revenge on the one person who ever took him down.

Now that McQuen is a mother, shes more vulnerable than ever to the evils of Manx, as he becomes determined to kidnap Wayne and imprison him in Christmasland. But McQueen makes a promise in the first look trailer above, saying, Im gonna kill him once and for all.

4. Heres Who is Returning

We can look for both Zachary Quinto and Ashleigh Cummings to return in their lead roles. As well, Ashley Romans will return as police detective Tabitha Hutter. We can also look for Jahkara Smith as Maggie Leigh, another Strong Creative with the supernatural ability to answer any question when she pulls Scrabble tiles out of a magical bag.

5. Heres Who is New

In addition to the returning cast, we can look for some new faces like Jason David, who plays McQueens eight-year-old son. Wayne asks his mom, Who is Charlie Manx? Shes shocked to hear the villainous name come out of her sons mouth. He asks after seeing Manx on TV. 6. Is Manx Still in a Coma?

He is. But, not for long. When his Rolls-Royce Wraith is restored, Manx regains his own strength along with it. He ages backward, once again youthful. His assistant, Bing Partridge (lafur Darri lafsson) comes to his aid, saying, Mr. Manx. Are you awake? Rather than answering, all we hear is his disturbing giggle which is very foreboding. He is pissed, and McQueen is on the top of his hit list.

7. Does Christmasland Still Exist?

Yes and no. Its created by Manxs imagination, manifesting into something that is also very real. We can see why the children walk into the magical land without fear, as its very welcoming. The world itself is based in Manxs inscape, a place that exists in the world of thought on the edges of the physical realm, and can only be accessed by Manxs knife his beloved Wraith which helps cut through the fabric of reality. Despite being mystical, McQueen keeps getting phone calls from the children in Christmasland, leaving others to question her sanity.

8. What Author Joe Hill Thinks About the TV Adaptation

Author Joe Hill chatted with Den of Geek about his 2013 novel being made for screen, saying, (Season one is) a little less than the first half. When Jami (OBrien) read the book, she sort of correctly saw that there was a breakpoint where the story shifts into a different gear. Her feeling was, really, in some ways, NOS4A2 is two or maybe three stories that could be full seasons. She found one of these breakpoints and so yeah, season one is a totally self-contained, totally satisfying story. But it is not the full book. Fun fact: Hill is son to Stephen King, but wed like to think Hill can stand on his own (but for all you King fans, this might up your interest a tad?). Another fun fact: his second novel, 2010s Horns, was made into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

9. What Showrunner Jami OBriens Plans Are for Season Two

Jami OBrien, who brought season one to the screen, is ready for season two, saying, I am so excited for the opportunity to bring the rest of Joe Hills amazing novel to television. Joes imagination is unparalleled, reports She goes on to say, I love the characters and the world, and our colleagues at AMC have been wonderful partners. Im grateful to be playing in the NOS4A2 sandbox. OBrien isnt new to the AMC family; she was a co-executive producer on both Fear the Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels.

10. How to go into Season Two

Wed suggest, make sure you have a blanket nearby so you can pull it over your eyes if needed! And, while you can watch season two on its own, you can also find full episodes of season one and behind the scenes clips over at BBC America and AMC online.

You can look for new episodes of NOS4A2 starting June 21.

Are you caught up on season one?

NOS4A2 Viewing Guide: What You Need to Know Going into Season 2 - Anglophenia

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Star Wars Just Wiped Darth Plagueis Backstory From Continuity – We Got This Covered

When Disney started up their newStar Warscontent, wiping the previous Expanded Universe material from continuity, there was dismay from fans who were furious that this wealth of novels, comics, games, etc., was now relegated to Legends status. As the years have gone by, though, certain concepts, storylines or characters have been carried over from the old canon to the current one. The Clone WarsandRebelshave been good value for this, for example.

But a new novel has made a major change that completely separates it from the Legends canon, and its all to do with Darth Plagueis. After the reference to Palpatines Sith master in Revenge of the Sith,fans had to wait until 2012sDarth Plagueisnovel, written by James Luceno with input from George Lucas, for his full story. Thats now a Legends title, however, and E.K. JohnstonsQueens Perilhas officially contradicted its recount of Plagueis the Wise and his mentorship of Darth Sidious.

For one, Lucenos novel revealed that Palpatine was actually still an apprentice inThe Phantom Menace,only killing his master when he became Chancellor of the Senate.Queens Peril,meanwhile, which is set in a similar period, establishes Palpatine as the numero uno Sith Lord operating in the galaxy during this time. Plagueis himself may still be canon, then, but his reign now ended much earlier than it did in the old canon.

Of course, this is the second major retcon to the Palpatine/Plagueis dynamic Star Warshas served up over the past year.The Rise of Skywalkerfinally albeit indirectly revealed the secret to immortality that Sidious discovered from his master: Essence Transfer, which is how he was able to survive his death in Return of the Jediand transplant his soul into a back-up clone body on Exegol. How, when and why he murdered Plagueis, however, is now once again a mystery.

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Star Wars Just Wiped Darth Plagueis Backstory From Continuity - We Got This Covered

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