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FCE Abeokuta shut as health worker dies of COVID-19 – TheCable

The Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta, Ogun state capital, has been shut down following the death of a health worker who contracted COVID-19.

In a statement on Friday, Adedayo Adebayo, registrar of the institution, said two other workers at the medical centre also tested positive for the disease.

He added that the infected workers are already undergoing treatment.

A report carried out attributed the cause of death of one of the medical personnel that transited to immortality lately to complications that arose from COVID-19, he said.

Regrettably, the two other staff of the medical centre similarly tested positive to the viral infection and have been placed on isolation and undergoing treatment.

Arising from this untoward development, it is incumbent on the college management to immediately close down the college so as to forestall further spread of the virus.

He advised everyone who had been in contact with the affected medical workers to subject themselves to COVID-19 test.

The college management further advises everyone that has had recent contact with the affected medical personnel to subject themselves to COVID-19 test in order to ascertain their health status and to seek necessary medical intervention, he said.

The management condoles with the bereaved family and the college community and prays that God grants all the succour to bear the irreparable loss.

It also prays for the speedy and total recovery of the affected staff and commits all other staff and students of the College into the care and protection of the Almighty as we all stay safe to outlive this trying period.

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FCE Abeokuta shut as health worker dies of COVID-19 - TheCable

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TV tonight: #MeToo in the music industry – The Guardian

On the Record 9pm, Sky Documentaries

This documentary on the allegations of sexual harassment against the music executive Russell Simmons has had a rocky path to the screen since Oprah Winfrey dropped her support for the film in January, meaning it lost its Apple distribution deal. Yet the forceful testimony from A&R exec Drew Dixon on Simmonss alleged harassment while she was working for the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam in the 90s makes for convincing viewing, adding to the chorus of #MeToo movement voices coming from the music industry. Ammar Kalia

To help tennis fans cope with withdrawal during what would have been peak Wimbledon, Sue Barker presents this in-depth tribute to the wiry super-Scots career, from his early successes to that rollercoaster summer of 2012. Concludes tomorrow on BBC One at 2.05pm. Graeme Virtue

Airing on the most aptly named of channels, a TV premiere for this doc about how the Fab Four changed pop music, and the planet. With the help of archive footage and interviews, we see how the band transformed areas as disparate as pacifism and fashion. Hannah J Davies

Decent dramatic reconstructions and high-end academic talking heads power this three-part bio, which starts by outlining the series of bloody fiascos that defined George Washingtons early military career before a stroke of luck and his own talent for spin set him on course for immortality. Jack Seale

New York in the 1980s is displayed in all its hedonistic and grimy glory in this new doc exploring the life and work of the artist Keith Haring. Featuring some of his final interviews before his untimely death in 1990, the film charts his instrumental role in placing street art in to the confines of the gallery. AK

A schadenfreude-fuelled look at the tabloid disasters that have followed the former royal couple Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. From early rumours of extramarital affairs to Fergies undercover stings and Andrews catastrophic defence of Jeffrey Epstein. AK

Magic Magic, 1.25am, Film4

After their peyote-fuelled Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, director Sebastin Silva and Michael Cera reunite for this creepy tale of mental breakdown. Cera plays Brink, one of a bunch of travellers at a holiday cabin in Chile who make life miserable for fragile outsider Alicia (Juno Temple). Paul Howlett

Premier League Football: Leicester City v Crystal Palace, 2.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event/Pick. Free-to-air clash.

Premier League Football: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal, 5.15pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Live from Molineux.

Premier League Football: Chelsea v Watford, 7.45pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Stamford Bridge head-to-head.

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TV tonight: #MeToo in the music industry - The Guardian

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Madhya Pradeshs new cabinet shows that a slow Congressisation of the BJP is happening – ThePrint

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New Delhi: The newly-formed Madhya Pradesh cabinet signals the Congressisation of the BJP, ThePrints editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta said in episode 512 of Cut The Clutter.

An analysis of the cabinet, and where the loyalty of its members lie, shows that MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been cut to size. In fact, he has been rendered a lame duck whos also been kneecapped.

Fourteen of the 33 cabinet members are former Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindias loyalists; they had defected to the BJP with Scindia back in March. This means more than 40 per cent of the people, who arent even members of the House yet, have been made ministers.

Three others are loyalists of BJPs Narottam Mishra while three are loyalists of the partys national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya. This leaves just 13 ministers who are actually CM Chouhans loyalists, which means he has very little space to do or say anything.

But it isnt just Madhya Pradesh which is showing these signs. Of the 17-NDA ruled states, BJP has its chief ministers in 12, but a closer look reveals a slow move towards a complete Congressisation of the BJP.

For one, this indicates the rise of a high-command culture in the BJP, just like that of the Congress. Only one person or a couple of people own that high command space similar to how the Congress is presently run by just a few people, such as Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

This also shows that the BJP now has very weak CMs as well as cabinet ministers. This is because all the power within the party emanates from one source.

One of the main reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power with such a resounding mandate in 2014 was due to the fact that the BJP had built very strong Chief Ministers who could always swing elections in their states for him. But six of these strong CMs are nowhere to be seen now.

Former Rajasthan CM Vasundra Raje is out of power as is former Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh.

Gujarat had Narendra Modi as its powerful vote-catching CM, but his shift to Delhi moved that power with him. In Maharashtra, Nitin Gadkari, who could swing elections single-handedly, has now been sidelined.

In Madhya Pradesh, Chouhan has also been sidelined, cut to size and rendered powerless despite being the CM.

On Wednesday, at the swearing-in ceremony, he cryptically commented that amrit (nectar of immortality) comes out of the churning of the ocean as Shiva consumes vish (poison), in whatmay be a metaphorical reference to himself.

Other BJP-ruled states signal a similar trend. The formula of keeping your chief minister reduced to a nobody who gets instructions from Delhi for anything he wants to do is being repeated in all the states.

For instance, Assams CM Sarbananda Sonowal is seen to have very little power. In fact, it is the Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma who is considered the face of the Assam government. He is also seen as the face of the BJP in all of the Northeast. He won the Northeast for the BJP.

In Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar has had to share power with his deputy and JJP leader Dushyant Singh Chuatala, after the two parties were forced to form a coalition government. Cabinet minister Anil Vij too occupies a very important, powerful position in the state government.

In Gujarat, CM Vijay Rupani is remote-controlled from New Delhi, which is a well-known fact.

Manipur CM Biren Singh was forced to restore the portfolios of his deputy CM, National Peoples Party leader Y. Joykumar Singh, as part of the understanding reached between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the NPP delegation led by its national president and CM of neighbouring Meghalaya, Conrad Sangma.

This means that while Singh may be the CM, the real authority and power lies with the high command in Delhi.

In Karnataka, B.S. Yediyurappas authority has been undermined time and again, most recently when none of his Rajya Sabha nominees were selected by the party high command, which instead backed those of Yediyurappas rival, B.L. Santosh.

The one exception to this rule is Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath. He was seen as a political lightweight with no real following of his own. But the fact is that the way Adityanath has conducted himself has not only made him more of a Hindutva brand ambassador but also a brand ambassador for Modi and Shah. He wasnt chosen to be an exception, but just turned out to be one.

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Madhya Pradeshs new cabinet shows that a slow Congressisation of the BJP is happening - ThePrint

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The Supreme Court surprises us with fairness in LGBTQ decision, but will it last? – Lynchburg News and Advance

And if the employer had additional reasons for the firing? No matter, the decision says in a line suitable for immortality. Intentionally burning down a neighbors house is arson, even if the perpetrators ultimate intention (or motivation) is only to improve the view.

Gorsuchs crisp clarity sent some clear signals yet one must cautiously note, no guarantees regarding future outcomes. He laid his argument on textualism, the popular conservative theory that judges should look to the plain text of the law.

That matters in a subject such as LGBTQ rights, since few people were talking about LGBTQ rights in 1964. Yet, at least since the Stonewall riots broke out during a police raid on a gay and transgender bar in New York and launched the gay and lesbian rights movement in 1969, it increasingly has become a matter of common sense that gender protections should include LGBTQ people.

Looking back, it is all the more ironic to recall that sex was included in the law, which was primarily aimed at racial discrimination, as a sort of last-minute poison pill. Staunch Virginia segregationist Rep. Howard Smith slipped it in, figuring that his fellow lawmakers would see the protection of womens rights as way too extreme. Fortunately, the times were a-changing faster than he realized.

But now, we have the era of Donald Trump vowing under his Make America Great Again slogan to change the times back. Trump, who often seems to be more familiar with breaking the Ten Commandments than citing them, nevertheless appealed heavily to religious conservatives. Among other smart moves, he turned to the right-leaning Federalist Society for court recommendations. The phrase But, Gorsuch ... is routinely cited by evangelicals when asked why they give more than 80% approval to Trump in polls.

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The Supreme Court surprises us with fairness in LGBTQ decision, but will it last? - Lynchburg News and Advance

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Owned, Omor and a dystopian masterpiece – The Daily Star

Writers are usually advised to shy away from words like 'masterpiece', 'classic', 'perfect' or other bold terms and such, especially in an industry that tries to promote mediocrity as a given. Quite often, the lack of equipment, manpower and investment is cited as a reason. Yet, the music video for Owned's latest release Omor was perfect for what it set out to accomplish, even though it was made by just one man.

Before getting ahead of myself, Owned is a rock band from Dhaka that has continuously and diligently delivered nothing but excellence for the better part of a decade now. Consisting of A K Ratul, A K Samee, Fasihuddin Ahmed Itmam and Pritom Arefin, their signature, nuanced grunge sound is recognisable in a heartbeat. Yet, their latest music video helps establish new standards for the band.

"From the outset, we did not want to do a live-action music video this time," says frontman A K Ratul, who is also a talented music producer in his own right. "It was quite a hunt, looking for someone who understood our vision and could get the job done." The band came across animator Ali Arman Asgar, and this is where it instantly clicked.

Ali, who is the CEO of Locust Productions, worked a painstaking eight hours a day for four months to turn the concept for Omor into reality. "When the band came to me with the song, I realised that it deals with the theme of immortality. I, myself had been designing what I had planned to be a web-series with similar themes. I thought it would merge pretty well."

The video, powered by live2web, follows the journey of an anthromorphic pig through multiple dystopian realms. It also includes fully-rendered models of the band members themselves. "I took their photos from different angles and rendered them together," shrugged the nonchalant animator, "In the end, it was the rendering that took quite a toll." Even though the scenes were completed in about four months, the making of the video itself took an entire month for Ali's computer. Essentially, just one person accomplished the job of an entire studio full of animators.

"Ali was cordial when it came to our feedbacks," says A K Samee. "We told him to 'go nuts' with the style, but inserted references from our favourite pop-culture phenomenon for ourselves." Samee insisted that even though the easter eggs were put in the video for the band's own amusement, many found them and shared them online. "I am surprised that so many people picked up on those, as it would require multiple re-watches," said the drummer.

Owned shared that the video is the first of a trilogy, that would be made in partnership with Locust Productions. The band is also set to complete their trilogy of albums with Owned 3. "The pandemic has definitely hurt our plans, but we will finish the album as soon as we can," said Ratul. In the meantime, I will enjoy multiple re-watches of Omor.

The rest is here:
Owned, Omor and a dystopian masterpiece - The Daily Star

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Doom Patrol 204 Review This Ain’t the X-Men – Batman-News

Note: Wed planned to reviewDoom Patrol as it released episode by episode, but WB surprised us by unleashing the first three episodes at once on June 25, so our reviews will be a little bit out of order.

Im constantly comparingDoom Patrolto everything I know about the X-Men. It sounds like a bad idea, right? To compare this obscure team of nobodies to a group of heroes that transformed Marvel and spawned dozens if not hundreds of different books for the company. Except that every time I do, Doom Patrol wins out for me. I like weird stuff.Doom Patrol is the weirdest stuff. This week, the analog between the two is all at once impossible to miss and yet less substantial than in many previous episodes.Spoilers follow forDoom Patrol Season 2, Episode 4, Sex Patrol. Also, warning for sex words below. Get ready to giggle and blush.

This week is all about what Stewie from Family Guy would describe as a sexy party. The Patrol needs to resuscitate Danny the Street, who became Danny the Brick, and then Danny the broken Brick. Out of ideas, Dr. Caulder throws a hail-mary pass and invites the Dannyzens from last seasons awesome Danny episode. All thew weirdoes and freaks that have found safety with Danny after being shunned by society. Like that episode, this one feels like a huge coming-together for many of the characters, where the Dannyzens self-acceptance forces them to come to terms with things about themselves.

Theres a great moment early on when Flex Mentallo, the muscle superhero, is using his powers to help prepare the house for the party. He flexes this muscle and lights appear over the windows. He flexes that one and streamers appear all over. Rita goes to put up the disco ball, intending to use her powers to mount it, but her powers wont manifest. So far, shes only been able to do it when her self esteem is low or when shes in a very stressful situation. She has very little control over it, other than not turning into a horrifying flesh blob anymore.

This kicks off two of the interesting storylines this week. Dorothy is in the middle of an existential struggle. She knows her father is dying. She knows she loves Danny. But shes also realizing that Danny wasnt simply her friend for the many years she lived within his streets. Danny was her jail. Meanwhile, Rita is realizing that something is stopping her from controlling her powers. Seeing Flex reminds her that the only time shes been clear of mind is when Flex operated his splenius cervicis muscle, which elicited a very specific reaction from the Patrol.

These two storylines expose just how precarious Dorothy is living with the Patrol. Shes stuck not just physically but mentally and emotionally at the age of 11. Despite being over 100 years old, she is quite literally a child living with a bunch of very adult adults.

Dr. Caulder is in an impossible position with Dorothy. On the one hand, if she were to make a wish to the Candlemaker, there could be repercussions of apocalyptic proportions. Shes an 11-year-old in every sense other than her number of literal years on earth, so wishing is just something shes emotionally predisposed to do. On the other hand, Caulder has been keeping a literal child imprisoned for decades while he searches for immortality to outlast his daughter. I suspect the thrust of the season will be Caulder discovering that there are other optionsthat the search for immortality has been a decades-long goose chase. Well see if that bears out. But Ritas storyline shows that this situation cannot last.

Flex Mentallo is, in short, helping Rita work her way through some trauma by causing her to orgasm. But if you remember back to season 1, Flexs splenius cervicis muscle (its on the back of the neck, down near the shoulder) is quite powerful, and caused the entire street and all the Dannyzens to orgasm when he accidentally engaged it. Listen, these sentences are as absurd to write as they are to read.

The intense, amplified orgasms wake up this weeks monster and summon this weeks heroes, and they literally could not be better than they are. The demon Rita accidentally summons is a sex demon called theShadowy Mr. Evans,a being that meditates in a temple in the far east. The Shadowy Mr. Evans has a periscope on his head and can dissolve into shadows. Wherever he goes, wanton lust follows, and soon he arrives at Doom Manor to spice up the party.

As if by magic, though, someone shows up to stop him. It turns out that the Shadowy Mr. Evans, if unleashed, could turn the world in a childless, hedonistic playground. The SeX-Men appear with back-mounted gun packs and libidometers. Theyre named after the X-Men (by a 12-year-old, probably) and themed after the Ghostbusters.

This pairing sums up the tone of Doom Patrol, something Im calling a silly nightmare. The reality of what could happen is legitimately horrifying, but its very silly to describe, and its good for both laughs and action alike.

So far, Im genuinely enjoying this season ofDoom Patrol. The showrunners are finding great ways to investigate and develop each character. Im enjoying Ritas concerted attempts to become a better person, as well as Vics struggles with continuing to be human while living in a body that is A) not is own and B) custom-built for heroism. Janes struggles to live at peace with herself are compelling thanks to not just Diane Guererros great acting but the other actors who portray her personalities when shes in the underground.

And Cliffs struggles would be heartbreaking if he wasnt so defiant and prone to swearing. He struggles to feelanythingwhile trying to cope with the pain of knowing his daughter has grown up without him while he convalesced in his mechanical body for 30 years.

Im also glad to see the Dannyzens back and for the show to continue to develop who and what Danny is. Danny is a protector, and everything about Danny reinforces that.

I want to see the show get into the meat of the story, but its doing so well with these monster-of-the-week episodes in terms of make-up, set design, special effects and story that Im not going to complain. Plus, Im always down for an episode featuring Flex Mentallo, The Muscle Man of Mystery.

Doom Patrol season 2 is airing now on DC Universe.

Doom Patrol 204 Review This Ain't the X-Men - Batman-News

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