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Genetic Engineering: Do or Die (Chapter 1) – Video

Posted: October 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Genetic Engineering: Do or Die (Chapter 1 of 2) Sarah Loznak -Director, Mother David Haverstick -Digital Editor, Father Martinique Kling -Storyboarder Michael Maile -Web guru Alina Mcdermed -Cinematographer Mehul Patel -Digital Editor Year: 2001 With moments portraying a mother and father conflicted about the use of genetic engineering to treat their child, this student-made documentary examines the controversial topic of genetics and debunks an article published by Johnjoe McFadden of the University of Surrey that proposes genetic engineering must be used to save the human race. The students, of MedStuWant2Bees Productions, interview various experts in the controversy and develop their final thesis. Experts: Dr.

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Genetic Engineering: Do or Die (Chapter 1) - Video

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