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DNA exclusive: Human urge to reverse ageing can be traced to thousands of years ago – Zee News

Posted: November 28, 2020 at 11:57 am

In good news for the people, Israeli scientists have done revolutionary research that will help a person remain young, and he or she will be able to attain a body like that of a 25-year-old even at the age of 75 years. The elderly people on whom this experiment was done, their body has become like that of a 25-year-old. If this research is successfully done, then this will prove to be a boon not only for the elderly but also for every person in the world.

This research has been done by scientists of the Tel Aviv University of Israel and Shamir Medical Center. In this research, 35 elderly people above the age of 64 years were included. None of these elders had any serious health problems. These 35 people were given pure oxygen for five days, 90 minutes a week. For this, these elders used to be sent to a pressurized chamber and this process lasted for three months. But when its results came, it surprised the scientists all over the world.

Researchers claimed that after this experiment, not only these 35 elderly people stopped ageing, but their bodies at the level of healthy cells became equal to a youth of 25 years. That is, in just three months, scientists successfully carried out the process of Reverse Ageing. When a person starts looking younger than his present age, it is called Reverse Ageing. Scientists succeeded in stopping two age-enhancing processes in their experiments.

Its first effect appeared on the Chromosome. Chromosomes are made up of DNA present in the body and chromosomes contain the complete genetic information of any organism. The last end of these chromosomes is called Telomere. To put it simply, Telomere are exactly like the front and rear bumpers in your car whose job is to protect the chromosomes at the time of the collision. Chromosomes continuously increase their numbers and prepare their own copies.

During this time, Telomere does the job of protecting old and new chromosomes from a collision. But due to this repeated collision, Telomere starts to wear out and become shorter in length. But when they become very small in length, then the chromosomes cannot make their copies, due to which the formation of new cells stops. Cells either die or their growth stops and these dormant cells become the cause of old age and serious diseases.

But scientists, through their experiment, not only prevented the length of telomere to being reduced but also the number of inactive cells due to Oxygen Therapy started to decrease. This not only halted the age of the elderly involved in the research but the birth of new and refreshed efforts made their body as it is.

During this period, these elders were not given oxygen for 90 minutes continuously but this process was also stopped in between. The result of increasing and decreasing the amount of oxygen in the body was that this struggle started, the elders were made young again. However, scientists warn that people should not repeat this use of Oxygen Therapy in their homes, as it can also cause harm to your body.

This experiment has taken place in Israel and some time ago. The famous Israeli author Yuval Noah Harari wrote in his famous book Homo Dais that death for religious people may be a decision taken by God but for scientists death in the body is a technical Glitch. A technical flaw which stops the working of the whole system of the body. Harari says that scientists can correct this technical glitch in labs and death can be avoided. That is, humans can also be made immortal. In Latin language, Homo means man and Deus means deity. That is, the title of the book of Yuval Noah Harari also states that in the coming days man will not be less than any deity.

And now scientists are proving this to be true by performing miracles in Lab. But this is not the first attempt in this context, but humans have been making efforts for thousands of years to stop ageing and make themselves immortal.

Ayurveda is one such medical practice whose history is more than 5,000 years old. The method used to prevent age in Ayurveda is called Rasayana. For example, Chyawanprash is a chemical made from herbs. 5,000 years ago, King Gilgamesh of Egypt designed a complete age-stopping program based on China's medical practice.

Thousands of years ago, women in Greece also prevented their age from growing with honey and a special type of oil. About two thousand years ago there was a very famous queen in Egypt whose name was Cleopatra. It is said that she was very beautiful and she used to use donkey milk to maintain her beauty. One may find it strange but now this milk has started selling once again in the market and the price of a liter is between Rs 5-7 thousand per liter and it is used extensively in beauty products which are made to look beautiful.

In the 7th century, Chinese queen Wu Zetian used a medicine made from a special type of plant to keep her skin young. This plant is called Mother Wort Plant in English.

Israeli scientists gave pure oxygen to the elderly in a very controlled environment and this experiment was successful. But the famous singer and dancer of America Michael Jackson was not so lucky. He spent about seven and a half lakh rupees building an oxygen chamber in his house. Michael Jackson used to sleep in this chamber on the beach. It is said that he wanted to live for 150 years.

He did a lot of hard work for this, sometimes changed his complexion, sometimes changed the shape of his face by getting plastic surgery and sometimes tried to stop his age by eating a lot of medicines. It is claimed that Michael Jackson loved his life so much that he did not eat food until his teammates tasted it and decided that it did not contain poison. But despite all these, he died of a heart attack at the age of just 50.

Anti-Aging Products worldwide, the products that claim to stop your growing age, have a market of more than 3 lakh 88 thousand crores. The highest demand for such products is in countries like China, Australia, India and South Korea. The market of Anti-Aging Products in these countries alone will be more than 83 thousand crores by 2027.

American industrialist Bill Marris, who introduced Google Ventures, claimed a few years ago that thanks to science and technology, humans could live for at least 500 years.

In 2013, Calico, a company working in this direction, was founded. These companies are working with big pharmaceutical companies and medical institutes of the world on projects that are aimed at increasing the lifespan of humans. This company is working on a plan to increase the lifespan of humans with a funding of 19 thousand crores.

American inventor and industrialist Ray Kurzweil (Ray Karjvel) claims that by the year 2045 humans will be able to upload their brain into machines. That is, whether you are physically immortal or not, after 25 years from now your mind will definitely become immortal in digital form. That is, even after the body is over, it will be possible to store your memories and feelings forever.

According to research by America's Buck Institute for Research on Aging, it is possible to increase the lifespan of humans by 4 to 5 times. But the question is why people don't want to look old and why people want to stop their growing age and reverse it and is your body really old according to your age or is it something else.

To understand this, an experiment was conducted in New Zealand on 9,400 people for several decades. Those who were involved in this experiment were 26, 28 and 38 years of age. At the end of the research, it was found that the age and physical health of some people were running parallel to each other. But there were some people who were 28 years old but their body parts had become like 60 years old.

Psychologists believe that the desire to always look young is not in humans' minds from today but for thousands of years. A person's body starts growing old, but humans do not want to accept that their body is not as capable as before.

The second sense is of retirement. People do not want to retire, because by doing so, you lose everything you have earned so far. People want to keep their identity and fear of losing their identity does not allow them to believe that they are old now.

In order to explain how people feel happy after finding themselves young again, we found a video today. In this video, with the help of a Mobile Phone Application, an attempt was made to replace the face of elderly people with a young face. That is, these elders were taken back in time and were reminded of how these people looked in their youth.

But to live long, you do not need to depend on science only. If you want, you can start it by changing the way you live your life from today itself. For example, there is a village in China called Chemiyang. There are hundreds of people living in this village, whose age is more than a hundred. That is, these people have seen an entire century. During this time these two people became witnesses of World War two times. They faced many epidemics and witnessed civil wars. But still, hundreds of people in this village were successful in getting a long life. Take note of the reason behind this.

One reason is that the economy here is still based on agriculture and there are no industries around. The environment is clean and the people here work even at the age of 100 and this keeps their physical exercise. The food of these people is healthy, a good amount of fruits and vegetables are easily available here and the essential nutrients in the soil of this village are also abundant. Due to all these reasons, people here have had a long life. You can also give yourself a long life gift by incorporating exercise into your life, making your food healthy and staying away from contaminated air water.

Famous film director Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed a famous film in 1971 in which Rajesh Khanna, who plays Anand, says that Babu Moshay life should not be long. But most people want to make their life bigger, not just longer. Death is a matter of grief or happiness. Humans today need to understand this difference. It cannot be said when science will conquer death. But if you wish, you can overcome the fear of death today.

If death arises in front of any of us today will we be able to accept death happily? Can we tell ourselves what we have done so far, done it with utmost dedication, done with complete diligence and our death cannot take away our labour from us? There will probably be very few people in this world to say this.

Because most of the people spend all their life just storing--someone loves money, someone loves power, someone loves to store material things and this hobby makes people think about stopping immortality or age. Scientists can definitely do this by giving you some medicines. But this too is only to avoid death for a while. If you really want to be immortal, then you can make your life so memorable that even after you leave, the things and memories related to you will always be alive.

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DNA exclusive: Human urge to reverse ageing can be traced to thousands of years ago - Zee News

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