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Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine And Therapy Free Consultant

Posted: January 1, 2019 at 1:47 am

Treating an asthma attack without steroids? I didnt even know it was possible. I was having an asthma attack and scheduled for stem cell implantation that day. I called Dr. Frost, because I was afraid that the steroids urgent care would put me on would compromise the effectiveness of the stem cell treatment. Dr. Frost answered my call personally, helped calm me down and then said, He had a technique that would open my lungs without the use steroids.

He explained that certain nerves and vertebrae controlled different parts of the body. The thoracic (T3) vertebrae controlled the lungs. After using his technique to relieve the pressure off my lungs, I could immediately breathe. The next day, he used the same technique and I could breathe even better. Over the next few days, the lungs continued to open up on their own. I was completely amazed! With the wealth of knowledge, I am learning from Dr. Frost, I am an advocate of natural healing techniques and I dont feel alone in this fight in winning back my health.

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Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine And Therapy Free Consultant

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