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To Our Readers: On the Future of Futurism – Futurism

Posted: November 20, 2020 at 2:37 pm

Futurism Readers

Weve got some news. Like the rest of the writing on this site, were giving you the need-to-know, sharp and succinct:

We need your help to survive.

Heres the deal: When the future comes, you gotta adapt, or get relegated to the dustbin of history. Yet the economic realities of both 2020 and the media industry have spelled out, ultimately, a need for us to appeal to our readers for support. Because we dont plan on going anywhere.

And about our community? As a Futurism reader, youre among a global crowd that constitutes engineers, scientists, physicists, entrepreneurs, industrialists, students, teachers, journalists, and of course, Joe Rogan.

Were hoping youll stick with us, and support us in our work: The feature writing of, the market-moving news digest of The Byte, the latest in cutting-edge medical science technology of Neoscope; interviews, trendpieces, and reported investigative features, from a qualified team of career journalists. Weve also been polling you all, to see what youd like to hear more about from us, and well be responding in kind, giving you the latest news and discoveries shaping the world of tomorrow, today.

Which brings us to some exciting news:IdeaFront, the new video platform from our partners at SU. Itll be launching with an original library of shows and features, built for those who want to get closer to the precipice of what comes next. Youll be watching interviews with earthmovers, the most innovative minds in the world, speaking from just over the horizons of technology and science. From artificial intelligence to automated travel, from quantum computing to quark collisions, from machine learning to Mars terraforming, IdeaFront will deliver critical insights and intelligence from the leaders building the next technological paradigms by which well live.

Were excited to take the next step of our journey, with the involvement of you the readership and community of future-forward thinkers, movers, and shakers more central to our mandate than ever before. Subscribe to Futurism today. Together, well continue to shed light on the stories of the technological and scientific news shaping the universe to come, reporting live from the horizons of innovations, and theres nobody wed rather share a seat with it on than than you.

To tomorrow, today,

Team Futurism

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To Our Readers: On the Future of Futurism - Futurism

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