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NSI Stem Cell | Stem Cell Therapy Injection Treatment

Posted: March 2, 2018 at 6:47 pm

The process begins first with a physical exam and in depth patient history. We do this to give you the best proper diagnosis and treatment. If additional information is needed, we will conduct the necessary imaging or laboratory reports. We will then discuss patient desires and expected outcomes as well as educate on his/her condition and all possible treatment options.

The Stem Cell procedure is minimally invasive, gathering a sample of adipose tissue from the abdomen. Theses cells remain sterile and after adult stem cells are extracted, they will be readministered back into the patient. This is done by one of the three methods: Intravenous, Intranasal or Localized.

Our Autologous Adipose Stem Cell producer is safe and there are no instances of cell rejection or disease transmission because the adipose extracted always remains in a sterile environment. In addition, all aspects of the procedure are performed in house and under a licensed physician.

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NSI Stem Cell | Stem Cell Therapy Injection Treatment

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