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Adult Stem Cell FAQs | Treatment, Cost & General Information

Posted: September 15, 2019 at 5:43 pm

Be aware that representatives at certain stem cell clinics/companies will claim your stem cells are too old to provide therapeutic benefit when utilized as a treatment. This is simply not true since a vast number of clinical trials have demonstrated the therapeutic effects of stem cells derived from individuals of advanced age. This therapeutic effect has been reliably repeated and well documented in medical literature.

However, many representatives will argue that placental/amniotic/umbilical cord cells or cell products are a more appropriate therapy for individuals of a certain age. Unfortunately, this is a marketing ploy with the intent of selling a treatment or add-on treatment of little value. Placental/amniotic cell treatments utilize off-the-shelve products that lack real therapeutic benefit. A recent study demonstrated that these products contained only dead cells or cell fragments. Further, these products contained very low levels of growth factors, levels no higher than ordinary blood. Be highly cautious of any clinic or company that claims to provide living placental/amniotic cells as part of their therapy. This likely indicates the cells are from an unknown source and could be contaminated with any number of viral or bacterial pathogens.

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Adult Stem Cell FAQs | Treatment, Cost & General Information

Recommendation and review posted by G. Smith