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Scientists have created monkeys with improved brain – The Times Hub

Posted: June 19, 2020 at 12:48 pm

Scientists working at the Central Institute in Kawasaki and Japans Keio University have created monkeys with advanced brains. The study also involved genetics of the max Planck Society and German experts from the Institute of molecular cell biology.

The main feature of the human brain is the neocortex increased. We are talking about areas of the main organ of the CNS that are longer than those of other mammals, including monkeys. Scientists through genetic engineering techniques created the monkeys, which the brain became closer to the human. Because of ethnic barriers the scientists did not allow the monkeys to be born, because 50 days prior to the proposed birth interrupted the experiment.

The experts felt that a mandatory from an ethical point of view, you need to first determine the degree of influence of the new gene on the overall process of fetal development. The increase in brain size was achieved due to the fact that in the genome was added ARHGAP11B. This element is responsible for the enhanced process, the generation of stem cells. The gene is unique, because it has only human.

As scientists assume, ARHGAP11B appeared about five million years ago in the results of mutations. Then came the Neanderthals.

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Scientists have created monkeys with improved brain - The Times Hub

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