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Quest Diagnostics : Pharmacogenomics

Posted: April 18, 2019 at 7:50 pm

Quest Diagnostics offers one of the most comprehensive pharmacogenomics test panels available to help you gain insight into a patients potential response to medications and optimize their treatment considerations and outcomes. This includes information for over 280 drugs across 44 genes*. This full panel is particularly advantageous for patients on multiple medications who may otherwise require multiple panelsall at a low cost and coming from a company you trust to meet all of your lab needs.

The Pharmacogenomics Panel from Quest provides pharmacogenetic information for 44 genes, and reports information across multiple classes of medications:

Physicians receive test results in a comprehensive and easy to understand report that may include dosing guidelines from CPIC, FDA-approved labeling, and other pharmacogenomic consortia. Results can be utilized as a reference for your patients throughout their lifetime.

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The Quest Diagnostics Pharmacogenomics Panel is based on pertinent literature sources that may provide clinical insights to help inform treating physicians about a patients genetic attributes to help optimize patient treatment considerations and outcomes.**

Pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics is the study of how inherited genetic differences impact the way drugs or medications affect a person. These genetic differences can impact the way a drug is absorbed or metabolized and thereby influence drug response. Pharmacogenomic tests may provide information about a persons genetic makeup to help doctors decide which medications and doses might work best for him or her. Pharmacogenomic testing can also help reduce the time and costs associated with a trial-and-error approach to treatment.1

Avoiding adverse drug reactions can make a difference

The Quest Diagnostics comprehensive pharmacogenomics test panel (PGx) offers insights into patient potential responses to different medications and over 280 drugs.*

The panel may determine:

A Pharmacogenomics Panel may provide additional insights to:

*Pharmacogenomic information is not assessed for potential alternative medications. These data are provided as alternatives to consider based on information reported in the literature due to pharmacogenomic contraindications in other medications.

**Sources available upon request.

DNA will be extracted from the sample and tested for changes in multiple genes.

***The CPT codes provided are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding coding to the payer being billed.

Download PGx brochure.

Download PGx medication and gene list.

Download PGx Report guide.

Download Patient informed consent form.

Ordering steps

****Get copies of the paper Pharmacogenomics requisition from your Quest Diagnostics account manager.

The information provided herein and in the pharmacogenetics report is for physician consideration and each physician has to determine what is the best treatment for their patient based upon the physicians education, experience, and clinical assessment of the patient.


Quest Diagnostics : Pharmacogenomics

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