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People think Dippin’ Dots can help with COVID vaccines – Mashed

Posted: December 22, 2020 at 10:57 pm

Dippin' Dots might have the answer because it developed an equipment line called Dippin' Dots (D.D.) Cryogenics that currently sells equipment to other industries. They've even sold some of their ultra-cold freezers to medical facilities for vaccine storage. The company's chief development officer, Stan Jones, says they've gotten a few questions about using their facilities to store the coronavirus vaccine."Most of our inquiries are coming from pharmacies and places that might be administering the vaccines and are anticipating what they might need for storage," Jones tells Today.

In case you're wondering whether your next batch of Dippin'Dots ice cream might end up rubbing shoulders with celebrity vials of the COVID-19 vaccine, the answer is no. "We don't recommend storing vaccines in a freezer that was used for food or food in a freezer that has stored vaccine," Jones says "We want to be very cautious about what we tell the end user, because foods and vaccines should not be mixed."

If anything, Dippin' Dots is well placed to give advice. Because the company's been doing this for decades, it isn't their first rodeo, putting them in the best position to help distribute the potentially life-saving vaccine.

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People think Dippin' Dots can help with COVID vaccines - Mashed

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