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Thoughts on Rejuvenation and Alzheimer's Vaccines

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:16 am

A detailed examination of recent progress from the SENS Foundation: “Recent years have seen both substantial progress, and significant frustration, in the preferred regenerative engineering approach to the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and the eventual regeneration of genuinely youthful cognitive function: immunotherapeutic clearance of beta-amyloid (AmyloSENS). … results appear to many to commend an earlier window of opportunity for intervention, before concomitant [damage] and neuronal losses have made the removal of beta-amyloid alone insufficient for cognitive rescue. Early intervention might also maximize the therapeutic window for vaccination, preventing the burden of beta-amyloid neuropathology from ever reaching levels so high as to interact with other forms of aging damage in already frail and immunosenescent people.” Present work on immune therapies for clearing unwanted biochemical junk from the body looks promising – there is every sign that today’s advances will broaden into a general technology platform for this purpose. Researchers will be able to develop therapies that can be applied incrementally throughout life to remove the age-related gunk like beta-amyloid before it rises to dangerous levels.

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U.S. Hospital Social Media List Includes More Than 600 Hospitals

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:15 am

280 YouTube Channels
382 Facebook pages
470 Twitter Accounts
82 Blogs

Twitter is the easiest and blogs are the most difficult and time-consuming social media channel, respectively. This explains the difference in numbers to some extent – 470 Twitter Accounts vs. only 82 Blogs.

Hospital Social Media List Update. Found In Cache.
Image source:, public domain.

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Approach to evaluation and management of syncope in adults – BMJ Review

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:15 am

Syncope is common in all age groups, and it affects 40% of people during their lifetime, usually described as a “faint” or “blackout”.

Neurally mediated syncope, which is benign, is the most common cause

Cardiac syncope as a result of arrhythmias or structural cardiopulmonary disease is more common with increasing age. Cardiac syncope is associated with increased mortality and must be excluded.

Brain imaging, carotid Doppler ultrasound, electroencephalography, and chest radiography are often not needed in patients with syncope.


An approach to the evaluation and management of syncope in adults. BMJ 2010;340:c880.
Image source: Illustration of the human brain and skull. Wikipedia, Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator, Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License 2006.

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ChemSpider SyntheticPages

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:15 am

I recently mentioned the Reaction Attempts project, which aims to collect organic chemistry experiments – especially those that are “failed”, in progress or somehow incomplete.

For reactions where the desired product has been obtained and fully characterized, ChemSpider SyntheticPages also offers a very convenient publication vehicle. As I mentioned previously there is a need for enabling the publication of single experiments, especially when these are unlikely to become part of a traditional article.

We are in the process of submitting suitable reactions from the UsefulChem project to CS|SP. This will require some re-formatting of procedures and characterization data as they currently appear in the lab notebook.

Here is an example of one of our Ugi reactions: SyntheticPage 406 (UCEXP176C)

A nice feature of these pages is the automatic rendering of 2D structures upon hovering on top of chemical names.

Here are a few more reasons to use ChemSpider SyntheticPages:

* ChemSpider SyntheticPages takes you directly to a procedure. When you get a hit – you get a procedure.
* ChemSpider SyntheticPages provides information that may not generally be found elsewhere, such as frequently encountered problems, trouble-shooting tips, the number of times the reaction has been carried out, scale-variation etc.
* ChemSpider SyntheticPages is the only interactive chemistry database. Information is constantly updated and validated by comments from the user community (Peer Review in the Public Domain™).
* ChemSpider SyntheticPages can provide you with the most up-to-date method, we aim for 95% of submissions to be processed within 48 hours of submission.
* ChemSpider SyntheticPages is free of charge.

[Disclaimer: I am a member of the editorial group at CS|SP]

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Skin Drawings

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:15 am

These ink drawings by Lynn Palewicz are really cool looking. Here’s what she has to say about the collection.

This series of drawings describes a relationship between touch, tension, and surface.  Each piece uses the body to distort a variety of images and marks drawn onto skin.  Pinches, creases, and scratches marked onto its surface function as drawing elements alongside these penned images and marks.  Photography more than documents the performance of these drawings; it disorients the viewer’s relationship to the body and represents the skin as a drawing surface.

Check the rest out here!

[via beautifuldecay]

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Squamous cell carcinoma and Epstein Bar

Posted: May 4, 2010 at 8:14 am

You did not mention ear insuflation. I thought you would since the ears are so close to the tongue. Is there a reason that the ear insuflations would not do the trick for this cancer of the tongue?

Also she lives 15 minutes away from me. Is there a way I could ozonate water for her and the ozone would hold for the day till she drank it? I once heard that you can do something with magnets to keep the water ozonated for a little while. I do not remember all the information on it.

Also you mentioned rinsing her mouth with ozonated water. How much ozonated water should she drink?

We are in total agreement that her body is run down.

thanks a lot Read more…

Immunice for Immune Support

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