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Clinical Trials | Genetic Medicine

Posted: June 15, 2018 at 8:48 am


Biology of the Oral Epithelium of Electronic Cigarette Smokers

Little is known about the oral health risks of smoking electronic cigarettes, an increasingly popular form of inhaled alternative tobacco products. Based on the knowledge that adverse effects are observed at the biologic level long before clinical abnormalities manifest, we propose to evaluate the oral epithelium of chronic e-cigarette smokers and those who have never smoked. This study involves a telephone questionnaire, a screeningvisit and a study visit.

Primary Investigator: Ronald G. Crystal, M.D.

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH), Weill Cornell Medicine

Study Type: Study Type

Phase I Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Control Study for an Anti-Cocaine Vaccine

This dose-ranging, placebo-controlled, double-blind study assesses the safety and preliminary efficacy of an anti-cocaine vaccine called dAd5GNE, designed to prevent cocaine from reaching the brain. The study will take place over a period of 32 weeks from the time of vaccine administration. The subject will be randomly assigned to receive either the active dAd5GNE anti-cocaine study drug or placebo, and will receive a total of six doses. The first dose will be administered at week zero, and five boosters will be administered at four-week intervals, during weeks four, eight, 12, 16 and 20. Subjects will receive $25 per visit (up to $75 per week) for ~32 weeks, in order to compensate for travel (this is a total of ~$2,400 per subject over the course of the entire study).

Primary Investigator: Ronald G. Crystal, M.D.

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Study Type: Study Type

Collection of Airway, Blood and/or Urine Specimens from Subjects for Research Studies

This clinical trial is a protocol to obtain blood, urine and/or airway specimens, from individuals with or without lung disorders, in order to carry out laboratory studies concerning genetic expression, gene transfer, infection, proteins and human genes, and to store specimens for future genetic studies. Specimens collected may include blood, urine and airway samples (nasal, airway brushing, biopsy, lavage and/or washings) from consenting subjects.

Primary Investigator: Ronald G. Crystal, M.D.

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Boehringer Ingelheim and Weill Cornell Medicine

Study Type: Study Type

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Clinical Trials | Genetic Medicine

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Resveratrol – Phytochemical

Posted: June 15, 2018 at 8:47 am

What is Resveratrol?Resveratrol is a flavonol belonging to the group of flavonoids. It is produced by the plant as a defence against diseases.DistributionResveratrol is present in many plants and fruits, including red grapes, eucalyptus, spruce, blueberries, mulberries, peanuts, giant knotweed. Also red wine contains a lot of it. The longer the grape juice is fermented with the grape skins the higher the resveratrol content will be. Health Benefits of ResveratrolResveratrol is an antioxidant but its antioxidant properties are weaker that those of quercetin and epicatechin. It has anticancer properties and inhibits lipid peroxidation of low-density lipoprotein and prevents the cytotoxicity of oxidized LDL. Resveratrol also increases the activity of some antiretroviral drugs in vitro.

AntioxidantIn vitro studies have shown that resveratrol inhibits the oxidative damage caused by the heavy metal cadmium. The antioxidant activity of resveratrol reduces damage to endothelial cells exposed to nitrite radicals and protects skin cells against damage caused by UV radiation.

AnticancerThe antioxidant action of resveratrol helps to prevent damage to DNA but it also influences the transcriptions of genes responsible for redox metabolism and inhibits proliferartion of cancer cells. Resveratrol appears to decrease tumor promotion activity by inhibiting the enzyme cyclooxygenase-1, which converts arachidonic acid to substances that promote tumor growth. In vitro experiments provide support for resveratrol to serve as a candidate preventive agent against prostate cancer, but in vivo effects of resveratrol and the mechanisms of action of resveratrol on prostate cancer prevention remain largely unknown.

Benefits for diabetesResveratrol may be benificial for diabetes. Administration of resveratrol may protect against oxidative damage caused by high glucose levels. It also reduces diabetic neuropathic pain.

Heart healthResveratrol protects our heart and blood vessels by directly scavenging oxidants, which could cause oxidation of lipids, and by preventing apoptosis of endothelial cells. It may also help to prevent heart damage after a cardiac arrest. Reduced platelet aggregation has been attributes to resveratrol, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Increase of lifespanTests with animals have shown that that high food intake reduces lifespan. One study showed that resveratrol was able to able to increase the life span of mice on a high calorie diet.

AntitoxicMany studies on animals have shown antitoxic effects of resveratrol. Resveratrol was able to reverse damages caused by the administration of the chemotherapeutic drug bleomycin. Resveratrol also helped to reduce brain damage and oxidative damage of the liver during ethanol intoxication. It also reduced kidney damage of rats treated with the antibiotic gentamicin.

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Resveratrol – Phytochemical

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Body Focus Midland & Odessa | Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Posted: June 15, 2018 at 8:45 am

Welcome to Body Focus Laser and Longevity Center, an office committed to the health, beauty, safety and comfort of all of our patients. Our professional staff, headed by Dr. Anna Rosinska, offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments and wellness programs to help you look and feel your best at every stage of life. Our dedication to patient care is evident from the time you call our office for the very first time, until your last follow-up appointment after your procedure.

Customizable Solutions

Body Focus offers treatments and procedures customized to the unique needs of each patient. Aesthetic procedures include non-invasive options in skin rejuvenation, hair removal and treatments for specific conditions. We also move beyond skin care treatments to medically-supervised weight loss programs and non-invasive body shaping procedures to give our patients even more options in a single location.

We believe you dont have to undergo invasive surgical procedures and long recovery periods to achieve your cosmetic goals. Instead, our procedures offer excellent results with minimal discomfort and downtime, so you can get the look you want without a major disruption to your life.

Innovative Treatments, High Quality Care

We provide the latest technology and techniques to bring you the best possible results. Through innovative procedures using lasers, radiofrequency energy and injectables, we can address a broad spectrum of skin conditions and concerns. You can rest assured your comfort is our top priority and we will ensure your procedure is a positive experience from the moment you walk in our door until your treatment is complete. Our staff is also available to answer questions and provide you with the information you need to make the best choices for your health and personal appearance.

Feel free to browse our website and learn more about the various treatments and programs we offer. You can also give us a call at 432-219-2270 or complete the online form in the box at the right to get more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Body Focus Midland & Odessa | Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

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Intermountain lab expands precision medicine with …

Posted: June 13, 2018 at 11:54 am

Intermountain Precision Genomics Core Laboratory announced today it is expanding RxMatch. The pharmacogenomics service the study of how genes affect a patients response to medication will be made available to all Intermountain Healthcare providers.

The growth of the effort is indicative of how precision medicine programs across the world are taking off like never before, fueled by the adoption of early diagnosis, an increasing number of adverse drug reaction cases, high prevalence of chronic diseaseand advancements in genetic science.

The global precision medicine market is expected to reach $141.7 billion by 2026, according to a recent report by BIS Research.

The Intermountain lab launched RxMatch as an antidepressant panel in September 2017, the RxMatch Comprehensive Panel introduced today expands the gene targets from 36 to 97.

The panel includes opioids, statins, immune-suppressants, antidepressants and many more. Intermountain will integrate the resulting genomic medicine into clinical care while it also manages the information obtained through genomic sequencing, according to Intermountain.

The objective of this project is to provide the most comprehensive and evidence-based information to the physician,” David Loughmiller, laboratory manager for Intermountain Precision Genomics, said in a statement. The result, Loughmiller noted, is decreasing the amount of time and money spent to achieve the correct medication.

The results are used to guide proper dosage based on a patients specific DNA genotype, Tom Neuwerth, clinical technology consultant for Intermountain Precision Genomics Lab, added. Small genetic variations impact how a patient metabolizes and responds to drugs. Our test helps ordering providers prescribe the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time.

Patients supply DNA samples using cheek swabs collected by their physicians. Once samples are received, the lab makes comprehensive reports available within a week.

Intermountains announcement comes just three days ahead of the HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit, slated for May 18-19, 2018 in the nations capital.

Twitter: @Bernie_HITNEmail the writer: [email protected]

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Intermountain lab expands precision medicine with …

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Advanced Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Posted: June 11, 2018 at 5:43 am

Stem Cell Conference Highlights & Benefits:

Keynote Sessions on Stem CellOral presentations on Stem CellYoung Researcher Forums Poster Presentations on Stem CellVideo Presentations on Stem CellE-poster Presentations on Stem CellHonorable Guests Presentations Exhibitions on Stem CellCME Felicitations and CertificationsFree Abstract Publication & DOIFree Lunch and NetworkingQuestionnaires on Stem Cell

Early Deadline for Abstract Submission closing soon

Conference Topics:

The Importance of stem cell conference has given us the Possibility to bring the assembling in Prague, Czech Republic. Since its commencement in 2012 Stem cell series has witnessed around 890 researchers of great abilities andExceptional research presentationsfrom around the world. Attention of stem cells and its application widely prevalent among the Common Population. Stem cells are applicable to understanding the cancer the global stem cells market is segmented according to product type, sources, application, end users and geography and helpful to welfare of mankind. Stem cell medical aid is most promising treatment for diseases likeParkinsons diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, illness connected disease likeleukaemia, Parkinsons,Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Lymphomas, alternative Disorders.

Sub Track:

Reganerative Medicine Conferences | Genetics Conferences | Life Sciences Meetings | Rehabilitation Engineering Meets

Track 3: Regenerative MedicineDiscovery of stem cells lead to a wide new branch of medicine which is known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine focuses to help the body to form new functional tissue to substitute lost or defective ones. Regenerative medicine tends to provide therapeutic treatment for conditions where current therapies are inadequate. Regenerative medicine uses the idea of tissue engineering & stem cell technology.

Sub Track:

Tissue Engineering Meetings | Hematopoeitic Stem Cells Expo | Advanced Stem Cells Meets | Cancer Stem Cell Conferences

Track 4: Stem Cell TherapyStem cell therapy is becoming the main point of healthcare of India. The ability of stem cells self-renewing offers the potential for generation of tissues that can replace the damaged areas and dead tissues with minimal side effects. It is predicted by the researchers and scientists that adult and embryonic cells would be able to treat cancer and many more disorders soon.

Sub Track:

Embryonic Stem Cells Expo | Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cell Niche Events | Pluripotent Stem Cells Meets | Stem Cell Transplant Conferences

Track 5: Stem Cell NicheThe term niche here refers to where the stem cells reside & get activated to differentiate and proliferate. Niche cells show a strong interaction in keeping all the dynamic system (bone marrow niche) functional. They are the source of secreted or cell surface factor which includes member of Notch, Wnt, Fibroblast growth factor (FGR), Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-beta, Stem Cell Factor (SCF) and Chemokine familiescontrols stem cell renewal, maintenance & survival.Sub Track:

Stem Cells Events | Stem Cells Meetings | Rehabilitation Engineering Expo | Advanced Stem Cell Conferences | Regenerative Medicine Meetings

Track 6: Cancer Stem CellRarely immortal cells are Cancer Stem Cells which is observed within a tumour that has the ability to both self-renew by dividing and give rise to many new cell types that constitute the tumour. Cancer stem cells are small cluster of tumour cells with the ability of tumorogenecity, dedifferentiation, chemo and radiotherapy resistance which ultimately result in tumour relapse.

Sub Track:

Tissue Science Meetings | Genetics Conferences | Stem Cell Expo | Stem Cell Conferences | Stem Cells Meetings

Track 7: Tissue EngineeringTissue engineering is the interdisciplinary field that combines principles of biology and medicine with engineering. Here, Tissue Engineering is the process to repair or replace damaged tissues and enhances natural regeneration. Source of cells for tissue engineering includes embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and progenitor cells. Design and construction of functional components that can be utilised for maintenance, regeneration, replacement of damaged biological tissues.

Sub Track:

Tissue Science Meetings | Advanced Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cells Event | Stem Cell Expo | Rehabilitation Engineering Conferences

Track 8: Rehabilitation EngineeringRehabilitation Engineering is the application of engineering principles which is used for designing and developing technological solutions and devices to assist people with disabilities. Individuals with impairments in the functional parts of body such as mobility, hearing, vision and cognition are concerned under the subject of Rehabilitation Engineering. The main task of Rehabilitation Engineering gives a supportive mechanism for the humans with physical and cognitive functions lost.

Sub Track:

Artificial Skin Expo | Regenerative Medicine Meetings | Pluripotent Stem Cells Events | Adult Stem Cell Meets

Track 9: Patient Specific Drug Discovery

The pharmaceutical industry faces innumerable difficulties in the production of novel compounds. Patient-specific drug discovery is the process of inventing new drugs by keeping in concern about the pros and cons and the physical conditions of the patient. Medicines are discovered on the basis of proper ingredients available from conventional solution or some coincidental discoveries.

Sub Track:

Stem Cell Congress | Hematology Confernces | Stem Cell Therapy Meets | Advanced Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cells Expo

Track 10: Tissue Regeneration

The revitalization of damaged cells and tissues involves cell proliferation. Tissue regeneration is the process of renew the cells injured tissues with the help of regenerative medicines. Non injured tissues have expanded cells in the overtime formation whereas new cells formed when injuries replace expanded cells in diminishing the wounded area leaving some scars in skin.

Sub Track:

Stem Cell Therapy Meets | Advanced Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cells Conferences | Tissue Science Coneferences | Regenerative Medicine Conferences

Track 11: Genetically Modified Stem Cell Therapy

It is a procedural technique which makes use of the genetic cell in modifying stem cells for treating or preventing disease. Genetically Modified cell therapy generally influences the course of various genetic diseases at DNA/RNA level. In Gene Therapy stem cells used are well founded which has some complex results for treating many diseases and many are not curable.

Sub Track:

Stem Cells Conferences | Advanced Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cell Meetings | Stem Cell Therapy Expo | Tissue Engineering Meets

Track 12: 3D Bioprinting & Biofabrication

The term 3D printing refers to the machine which gives the information of two dimensional images in the form of three dimensional objects. Computer controls the layer of materials to form a three dimensional object by providing the geometry of the object. 3D Bioprinting helps the process of Tissue Engineering by providing comprehensive information of the images & structure analysis of the image.

Sub Track:

Molecular Biology Meets | Cell Biology Expo | Stem Cell Banking Expo | Regenerative Stem Cells Meetings | Stem Cell Conference | Regenerative Medicine Conference

Track 13: Illness and Ageing

Injury or sickness of individuals makes their cells to die or dysfunctional. Ageing is the demonstration of the internal depletion of stem cells. It shows that human beings could not without stem cells. For a diverse group of treatment purpose adult stem cells can be used. Adult Stem cell resides in-vivo in the form of self- renewing pools & helps in repairing/replacement of damaged tissues over the survival of of the organism.

Sub Track:

Hematology Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cells Meetings | Dental Stem Cell Congress | Pluripotent Stem Cells Conferences

Track 14: Nanotechnology in Stem Cells

Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with small things that are less 100 nm in size. Here, to tackle the position of stem cells for some biotherapeutic applications we need to work at the size scales of molecules & processes that govern stem cells fate. Nanotechnology and nanoscience offers immense benefits to humans with effective amalgamation of nanotechnology & stem cells.

Sub Track:

Bone Marrow Transplantation Meets | Umbilical Cord Blood Expo | Stem Cells Conferences | Stem Cells Meetings

Track 15: Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation

During embryonic development Hematopoietic Stem cells starts growing. These cells are basically found in umbilical cord blood and bone marrow. Hemati is a Greek prefix =blood, poesies/poietic suffix= formation and expresses CD34. Self-renewing, multipotent cells progenitor cells gives rise to blood cells (Haematopoiesis). It maintains the production of blood cells throughout the life. Bone marrow Transplantation has become Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) after the introduction of peripheral blood and umbilical cord stem cells. This HSCT has become a standard treatment for malignant (e.g. Multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer) and non-malignant blood disorders (e.g. amyloidosis, Autoimmune Disorders). Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation is a unique effective treatment which provides normal `stem cell production for many malignancies and disorders.

Sub Track:

Stem Cell Biotechnology Meets | Regenerartive Medicine Conferences | Stem Cell Meetings | Stem Cells Expo

Track 16: Stem Cells Technology

Stem cell technologies is the process of developing, manufacturing, selling product and providing services meanwhile supporting tutorial and industrial scientists. The team of stem cell analysis and development alliance academic and industrial partners to develop, manufacture and distribute products. In the world of biotechnology market stem cell has helped many scientific technologies to born in tutorial analysis setting to succeed. The corporate world makes a specialised way of growing and developing culture media, cell separation product, instruments and various reagents to be used. Stem cell biotechnology is necessary for regenerative medicine.

Sub Track:

Cord Blood Banking Meets | Neural Stem Cells Congress | Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Expo | Stem Cell Conferences

Track 17: Reprogramming Stem Cells: Computational Biology

Computational Biology is the branch of biology which involves the development of data-analytics and theoretical methods. It also includes the application of computer science to the understanding of mathematical modelling and computational simulation techniques regarding the studies of biological behavioural and social systems. Understanding dynamic cellular processes such as development, reprogramming, repair, differentiation is all fundamentally about the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Modern high throughput molecular profiling technologies are the vital approach to address the questions of profiling of tens of thousands of genes products in a single experiment. In these cases, bioinformatics takes the chance to interpret the information produced by these technologies.Sub Track:

Cord Tissue Expo | Stem Cell Congress | Regenerative Medicine Conferences | Advanced Stem Cells Meetings

Track 18: Stem Cell apoptosis and Signal Transduction

By induction of apoptosis self-renewal and proliferation of stem cell population is controlled. Apoptosis of stem cells is a dynamic process which changes accordingly to the response to environmental conditions. The number of stem cells are always balanced between the lost through differentiation and to the gained through proliferation. Self-renewal and multiplication is controlled to some degree by the affectation of apoptosis. Because of natural conditions apoptosis of immature microorganisms is accepted to be dynamic.Sub Track:

Stem Cell Summit | Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Research | Stem Cell Conferences | Stem Cells Congress

Track 19: Tissue Preservation & Bio Banking

Tissue preservation is the process by which a tissue or group cells are kept alive outside the organisms body. Adult stem cells are collected from adipose tissue and they are banked. These stem cells are said that they do not require umbilical cord & fatty tissue contains. Stem cells have been shown to regenerate injured tissue such as cartilage, heart and even kidney tissue. Bio banking is a type of bio repository which stores biological samples of humans generally. In bio banking blood is collected from fogeys and shipped to a wire bank. Samples are kept for preservation at -196 degrees in centigrade and then they are processed, tested. It is believed that stem cells will treat around 70 blood related & genetic disorders together including thalassemia, anaemia, leukaemia and immune diseases.

Sub Track:

Track 20: Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization

This convention presents business opportunities, challenges and prospective planning to prevail over challenges faced in all areas of stem cell & regenerative medicine researches including the applications, regulations, manufacturing, product development, funding, and the marketing of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine. Come attend learn what currently commercially viable categories.

Sub Track:

Advanced Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Market Overview:

The market was evaluated at $42.24 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach a value of $68.72 billion by 2022, witnessing a CAGR of 8.52% during the predicted period, 2017-2022.

Global Market Study of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine:

USA: The regenerative medicine & stem cell market is assuming to reach $38.70 billion by the year 2022 from $ 13.33 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 23.56%.

Middle East: The regenerative medicines market is expected $ 40.55 billion revenue in 2022 from $ 17.03 billion revenue in 2016.

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Advanced Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

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Transhumanism: Genetic Engineering of Man – the New …

Posted: June 11, 2018 at 5:41 am

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

There is a move afoot to reprogram humanity. To redefine it in the limited terms of scientific understanding, place it in a box, and then, all wrapped up in a pretty package, attempt to deliver this convoluted mess to us as progress.

There are those who think that, given the chance, they could and should genetically manipulate the earth and the creatures that inhabit it, including man, to suite a purpose of their own imaginings. They want to experiment on all of our precious resources, turn our rivers into streams of pollution, and take each and every living thing on earth and use it to create something better.

According to whose design? Well, the so-called scientific one, of course. And if this means combining cows and humans, goats and spiders, man and machine in order to achieve the goal? Well, so be it. After all, the only thing that is important is the end result. And the end result is that a few will obtain immortality or so they think. And if a few eggs get broken in the process, well, that is the price paid for success.

This is Transhumanism the natural culmination of something called reprogenetics. Some call it designer evolution.

What is Reprogenetics?

In short, reprogenetics is the genetic engineering of man to create a human race according to scientific design. Here is a definition from Lee M. Silver, author of the book Remaking Eden: How Genetic Engineering and Cloning Will Transform the American Family (1998).

Reprogenetics will involve advances in a number of technologies not yet achieved, but not inherently impossible. Among these are improvements in interpreting the effects of different expressions of DNA, the ability to harvest large numbers of embryos from females, and a far higher rate of reinsertion of embryos into host mothers. The end result, according to Silver, is that those parents who can afford it will be able to pick out the genetic characteristics of their own children, which Silver says will trigger a number of social changes in the decades after its implementation. Possible early applications, however, might be closer to eliminating disease genes passed on to children.

According to Silver, the main differences between reprogenetics and eugenics, the belief in the possibility of improving the gene pool which in the first half of the 20th century became infamous for the brutal policies it inspired, is that most eugenics programs were compulsory programs imposed upon citizens by governments trying to enact an ultimate goal.

It becomes quite apparent, after reading the quote above, that the main difference between reprogenetics and eugenics is consent, according to Lee M. Silver. Eugenics forced. Reprogenetics consented to. Same thing, different mode of action. From the forced culling of those deemed inferior to creating a superior race through genetic engineering, the end result is the same. Those deemed inferior are eventually culled from the system using DNA manipulation techniques.

Eugenics renamed and defined as scientific progress. A life-saving technique that can reprogram the human race and create the ideal human family. Thats the spin. Im sure the promoters said the same thing about nuclear energy. Dangerous? Naw. We know what we are doing. Arrogance.

So, lets take this technique of reprogramming humanity through reprogenetics/eugenics and dig a little deeper, shall we?

Meet Genome Compiler


Genome Compiler is built on the idea that biology is information technology. We can design and program living things the same way that we design computer code. Genetic designers today are still writing in 1s and 0s they lack the missing tools to design, debug, and compile the biological code into new living things.

At Genome Compiler, weve built just that a simplified solution for designing DNA.

We are inspired by the breakthrough research done by the JCVI and Harvard with their achievement of whole bacterial genome engineering, as required for functional changes in the form of new codes, new amino acids, safety and virus-resistance and a vision of making biological design easier, cheaper, and open to people outside the research labs.

Genome Compiler Corporation New

After all, when all is said and done, DNA is simply DNA, and mixing it up has no inherent consequences, right? That is what we are supposed to believe. And who is to say what is human and what is not? Arent we all made of molecules?

The Transhumanist Agenda

The following quote pretty much sums up the Transhumanist attitude towards the relationship between you, me, the computer I am using to write this, and the chair I am sitting on:

Whether somebody is implemented on silicon or biological tissue, if it does not affect functionality or consciousness, is of no moral significance. Carbon-chauvinism, in the form of anthropomorphism, speciesism, bioism or even fundamentalist humanism, is objectionable on the same grounds as racism.

A Transhumanist Manifesto [Redux]

If we want to be half human, half frog, isnt that our right? If everything is the same, then anything goes. This is put forth in the guise of freedom of choice, freedom from disease, and freedom from suffering. Actually, this is a sure road to slavery, disease and suffering, and a path towards erasing who we are and simply becoming just another set of molecules on planet earth, much like a chair, or car, or vacuum cleaner.

The Transhumanist goal, based on this oneness of all things biologically and artificially created, is to use science and technology to control evolution of the species, because science is safer than nature.

Biological evolution is perpetual but slow, inefficient, blind and dangerous. Technological evolution is fast, efficient, accelerating and better by design. To ensure the best chances of survival, take control of our own destiny and to be free, we must master evolution.

A Transhumanist Manifesto [Redux]

This mastering of evolution is accomplished through a scientific dictatorship:

Scientific Dictatorship is the utopian concept of scientific managerism whereby all facets of political, social and economic life are managed solely by the scientific method and dictates of science. (Patrick Wood)

And precaution? Well, that goes out the window. Quote from Dr. Max Moore, a leader in Transhumanism:

Many factors conspire to warp our reasoning about risks and benefits as individuals. The bad news is that such foolish thinking has been institutionalized and turned into a principle. Zealous pursuit of precaution has been enshrined in the precautionary principle. Regulators, negotiators, and activists refer to and defer to this principle when considering possible restrictions on productive activity and technological innovation.

In this chapter, I aim to explain how the precautionary principle, and the mindset that underlies it, threaten our well-being and our future.

Dr. Max More, the author of The Principles of Extropy, is one of the top leaders of the Transhumanist movement, and the two are tightly interconnected. One could consider Extropy as as the metaphysical backbone of Transhumanism. (Patrick Wood)

In other words, according to one of the top leaders in the transhumanist movement, the precautionary principle actually endangers us. How convoluted can you get?

So, throwing caution aside, onward we go by experimenting through DNA manipulation to create a world where the pseudo-science of a scientific dictatorship rules supreme.

Here are just some examples of DNA mixing going on right now:

The future of war is going to look really, really weird. The super soldier research that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is working on right now is unlike anything we have ever seen before. If DARPA is successful, and if the American people dont object, the soldiers of the future will be genetically modified transhumans capable of superhuman feats.

We are in for a lot more than those who actually believe in the medical benefits of DNA manipulation bargained for. All these examples are leading us down the road to the real Transhumanist agenda:

Transhumanism is the application of science to the condition of man to achieve characteristics of immortality, omniscience and omnipresence, among others, and to produce a God-like race of post-humans. (Patrick Wood)

Yes, there are people who are actively attempting a complete takeover of humanity in order to set themselves up as supreme beings. To transcend physical boundaries by intermixing any DNA that so-called scientists think is appropriate, discard the precautionary principle as too dangerous for proper evolution, full speed ahead, meld man, machine, computer, and eventually, transcend to Godhood. It doesnt matter if it works, it doesnt matter if it is sane, it is a plan in the works. And the people who are involved think that they know how to create a better man.

Here is a bit of the history of Transhumanism and its ties to eugenics:

Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous who authored Brave New World, first used this word (1957): Transhumanism. Huxley was a member of the British Eugenics Society, eugenics being the foundation of Transhumanism.


Eugenics is a science dedicated to a Darwinist philosophy applied to humanity, that the strong should thrive and evolve, while the weak are culled and eradicated.

Eugenics rests on a necessity of there being superior and inferior genetic pools in the human population. It might be very socially unacceptable to speak publicly of there being some races, ethnic or cultural groups who are inferior to the rest, yet in secrecy this is exactly what elite Eugenicists believe.

The public is guided to love the idea of Transhumanism by being persuaded that it is not a goal attached to race or ethnicity, but simply a means of bettering all of humanity. This is quite untrue.

Elite Transhumanists have no desire to evolve all humankind, their goal is one which seeks to advance only their own bloodlines and to leave the rest in disadvantage to them so that these unfortunate ones have no choice but to become their slaves, their lab animals and their labor force.

The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilization.

Julian Huxley

And wouldnt you know it, the Rockefeller Foundation can be found providing funding for the eugenics movement:

In 1927, the Rockefeller Foundation provided funds to construct the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics in Berlin, which came under the directorship of the appropriately named Eugen Fischer. Adolf Hitler read Fischers textbook Principles of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene while in prison at Landsberg and used eugenical notions to support the ideal of a pure Aryan society in his manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

What was termed in its early stages as a pure Aryan society, is now being repackaged as a pure Transhumanist society in which DNA is programmed to conform to the design of a scientific dictatorship, and sold as the salvation of man. The New Age of ascention. Same story, new box. When will we learn?

And the motivation for all of this? As usual, there are many:


Human transcendence



Eternal life immortality

The justification? Thats easy: Progress always requires sacrifice. To quote a famous activist:

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Even a superficial look at history reveals that no social advance rolls in on wheels of inevitability. Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. Without persistent effort, time itself becomes an ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social destruction. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action. (MLK Jr.)

Except in this case, it is not the beneficiary of the technologys sacrifice that is required, but the sacrifice of dedicated and ignorant servants and an unwitting populace. We sacrifice our health, wealth, and minds to the slavery of junk science that says it is okay to maim, torture, and impoverish millions so that a few may gain. It is okay to run widespread experiments on humanity so that a few may benefit from those experiments and transcend to a God-like state and rule over the universe. It doesnt matter if you believe it, or if I believe it. It doesnt have to be rational or sane. What matters is that people with enough money and power to go forth with this agenda do believe it, are working steadily towards it, and know how to market it in order to get the public to accept it as beneficial.

Transhumanism is being sold to the public as bringing forth a new age of enlightenment. This story is as old as the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden, where Lucifer, masquerading as the angel of light, tells Eve that he knows a better way. It is also being touted as an extension of Darwinism: another step in the evolutionary process the better, scientific way, because the slow, biological way is simply too dangerous and inherently unpredictable.

Humans are about to decommission natural selection in favour of guided evolution. Darwinian processes gave humanity a good start, but Homo sapiens can be improved. Owing to advances in genetics, cybernetics, nanotechnology, computer science, and cognitive science, humans are set to redefine the human condition. Future humans can look forward to longer lives, enhanced intelligence, memory, communication and physical skills, and improved emotional control. Humans may eventually cease to be biological and gendered organisms altogether, giving rise to the posthuman entity. Human enhancement will irrevocably alter social arrangements, interpersonal relationships, and society itself. And theres also the added potential for nonhuman enhancement.

Much better to trust in man and his scientific knowledge to create a better evolutionary path, and manipulating our DNA is that way. And just who comes to mind as an expert at manipulating DNA and public perception?

The Monsanto Connection

Remember when Craig Venture of Atlas Venture created Synthia, a synthetic life form, and partnered with Monsanto?

Monsanto and Atlas Venture

And now Monsanto has recently signed a deal with Atlas Venture for funding of, well, who knows? Monsanto does. And Monsanto isnt telling. But we do know that it will most likely be some sort of disruptive innovation because that is Atlas Ventures specialty. Atlas Venture is an early stage investment firm dedicated to financing disruptive innovation in Life Sciences and Technology.

In the Grip of Mad Scientists: Business as Usual for Monsanto, Fort Detrick, and Atlas Venture

Well, it appears that Monsanto and Atlas Venture are working on a new type of genetic engineering using RNA. Is this the disruptive technology that I mentioned in my article cited above?

Generations of high school kids have been taught that only about 3 percent of the human genome is actually usefulmeaning it contains genes that code proteinsand the rest is junk DNA. Cambridge, MA-based RaNA Therapeutics was founded on the idea that the so-called junk is actually gold, because it contains a type of RNA that can flip genes on inside cells, potentially offering a new approach to modulating diseases.RaNA is coming out of stealth mode today and announcing a $20.7 million Series A financing led by Atlas Venture, SR One, and agricultural giant Monsanto (NYSE: MON). Partners Innovation Fund also participated in the funding.

RaNA Raises $20.7M From Atlas, SR One, Monsanto, for RNA-Based Tech

What is RaNA Therapeutics?

RaNA Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of medicines that target RNA to selectively activate protein expression, thereby enabling the body to produce desirable proteins to treat or prevent disease. RaNAs novel therapeutics work by precisely activating the expression of select genes within the patients own cells, increasing the synthesis of therapeutic proteins. The companys proprietary RNA targeting technology works epigenetically to make it possible, for the first time, to increase the expression of therapeutic proteins with exquisite selectivity.

This has the potential to turn on and silence, with a great degree of accuracy, gene expression in anyones body. For example,

The patchy colours of a tortoiseshell cat are the result of different levels of expression of pigmentation genes in different areas of the skin.

Monsanto is not working at Curing world hunger through biotechnology. That is a successful smokescreen and marketing slogan gone viral. Edward Bernays, the father of marketing propaganda to the masses, would have been proud.

The Inevitable Conclusion

Remember the definition of reprogenetics in the beginning of this article? Reprogenetics is the genetic engineering of man to create a human race according to scientific design. Well, it is 2013, and we now have the tools to silence and turn on genes through RNA manipulation. And its coming to us courtesy of Monsanto, the chemical/life sciences company that brought us Agent Orange, PCBs, and most of the genetically engineered ingredients in 80% of the processed foods we eat every day.

We know that a pseudo-scientific agenda called Transhumanism, which is bankrolled by some very rich and influential people, is intended to change us as a species, knows no bounds, is set to replace biology as we know it and is inexorably connected to eugenics. We know that this Transhumanist agenda is well on its way to changing the world in ways that we cannot fathom, and we know that Monsanto is involved through its research and application of DNA manipulation techniques in our food supply. Happy eating, America

2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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