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Anatomy of an election: ousting incumbents in Manhattan Beach – Easy Reader

Posted: March 23, 2017 at 11:49 am

Added on March 23, 2017 Ryan McDonald Manhattan Beach. newsletter

Incumbent Mark Burton came in fourth in Manhattan Beachs March 7 election, missing out on reelection by 222 votes. Photo by Caroline Anderson

by Ryan McDonald

The Manhattan Beach City Council elections on March 7 produced a kind of political black swan: the unseating of not one but two incumbents. With three seats available, council members Mark Burton and Tony DErrico came in fourth and fifth, respectively, in the eight-candidate field.

But Burton and DErrico stand out for another reason besides their status as losing incumbents: they were targeted in negative attacks in the month before the election. A series of glossy mailers sent to some city voters and a widely circulated email from a school board member urged No votes on both incumbents, relying on potentially misleading critiques of their records. And while mudslinging in politics is nothing new, Burton and DErrico appear to have absorbed most of the grime.

It is impossible to say whether the negative ads made the difference in the campaign. (Burton and DErrico both declined to comment for this story.) According to results from Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder, third-place finisher and Councilmember-elect Richard Montgomery finished with 2,753 votes; Burton tallied 2,521, DErrico 1,923. But the negative tone of the campaign has left lingering a bad taste in the mouth of some voters, and raised questions about the influence of outside money in small-town politics.

I cannot help but think that had we had a fundamentally fair election we would have had a vastly different result, said resident Stephanie Robins, lamenting the defeat of Burton and DErrico during public comment at the City Council meeting held the day after the election.

Shadow campaign

One of the first in the volley of negative ads landed in the mailboxes of residents on Feb. 22. The 8.5-by-11-inch mailer featured the pictures of Burton and DErrico found on the City Councils website; a warning written in the style of a Donald Trump Tweet stood out against a canary-yellow background:

Dump the Incumbents! Burton & DErrico must go, worst fiscal management ever! it read.

The backside of the mailer spelled out a theme that would continue in at least two subsequent advertisements: that DErrico and Burton were poor fiscal stewards who presided over a profligate era for the city. It noted the approval of a $2.3 million home loan for assistant city manager Nadine Nader, which came in 2015 on a 4-1 vote that Burton and DErrico joined.

But while many of the figures cited by the flyer were accurate, it failed to distinguish decisions made by the City Council from the votes of the individual incumbents, who, both on the campaign trail and on the dais, positioned themselves as fiscal conservatives. For example, the flyer states, Last year they gave staff a 5 percent raise and additionally decided to close City Hall every other Friday. But Burton and DErrico were the two opposing votes in the councils 3-2 approval of its two-year budget in June 2016. And Burton specifically sought an amendment to the motion to study the efficiency of the citys 9-80 work schedule.

Two additional, substantially similar flyers appeared in mailboxes on March 1 and March 3.

Even more worrisome to voters than the accuracy of the mailers was their mysterious origins. Each came from a Long Beach-based organization called Voters for Good Government, an independent expenditure group not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate. In total, the group reported raising $28,000, almost $10,000 of which was spent on mailers opposing Burton and DErrico.

The money came in twelve different donations from people and businesses throughout Los Angeles County, none of them having apparent connections to Manhattan Beach. They include: Robert Alter, an Orange County hotel and real estate investor, who gave $5,000 on Feb. 22; Anna Sauceda a self-employed construction worker who gave $2,000 on Feb. 17; her husband Darrel, who also gave $2,000 on Feb. 17 through a Santa Fe Springs business; and a pair of maintenance companies, which share a Norwalk mailing address and each gave $2,000 on Feb. 14.

Of the 12 people and companies identified by disclosure forms as donors to Voters for Good Government, 11 did not return calls for comment. Farshid Shooshani, who donated $1,000 on Feb. 28, said he does not remember who approached him about making the donation. Shooshani, a real estate investor and partner in a Los Angeles metal wholesaler, was told that it would aid Paul Koretz, an incumbent seeking reelection to the city council Los Angeles 5th District.

I was told my good friend was running a bit short on funds, and thought I would help him out, Shooshani said.

Records from the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission indicate that Voters for Good Government spent $4,975 to support Koretz. And state law does not require independent expenditure groups to disclose to donors how their money will be spent, nor must donors live in the area where the race is taking place. But the lack of association with Manhattan Beach makes the groups motives for spending more than a third of the money raised opposing two candidates in the city difficult to discern.

According to filings made by Voters for Good Government with the Secretary of State, the principal officers for the firm are David Gould, who served as treasurer, and Billie Martinez, a former South Gate city councilmember. Neither of the officers returned multiple calls and emails.

It is not the groups first time in controversial campaigns. News reports at the time said the group was responsible for a mailer targeting Gerri Guzman, a Montebello school board member, during her 2012 reelection campaign. The flyer said Guzman had once been arrested on suspicion of inflicting injuries on a former boyfriend. Guzman was never prosecuted, and later said that the case stemmed from efforts to defend herself from domestic violence. Guzman ultimately lost to Hector Chacon, who according to the Los Angeles Times spent more than $50,000 campaigning for the $750-a-month position. And according to settlement document from the state Fair Political Practices Commission, Voters for Good Government and Martinez previously admitted violating Californias Political Reform Act as a result of delinquent financial disclosures over a mailer sent out opposing a candidate in a 2013 Bakersfield City Council campaign.

Bob Holmes, a former city councilmember, said he has been observing politics in Manhattan Beach since 1978, and that this was the first time he could remember an independent expenditure committee being active in the city. (Holmes endorsed Montgomery during the race and and agreed with many of the criticisms of Burton and DErrico made in the flyers, but said he had nothing to do with them.) He said the opaque nature of groups like Voters for Good Government was symptomatic of the convoluted nature of campaign finance regulation.

We have such complex finance laws in California that an intelligent guycant figure it out on [his] own. You need to hire a professional campaign treasurer, Holmes said. Its so complex today. And there are very few people who actually do professional campaign reporting.

Gould has previously served as the treasurer for a number of local candidates, including a past City Council campaign of Mayor David Lesser. More recently, Gould served as treasurer for Steve Napolitanos campaign for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. After losing that race to Janice Hahn in November, Napolitano filed for the City Council race, and was elected March 7, garnering the highest number of votes of the eight candidates.

Reached for comment, Napolitano acknowledged that Gould was the treasurer for his supervisorial campaign, but said he had no knowledge of theeffort against Burton and DErrico, and pointed out that it would have been unlawful for him to be involved. Napolitano, who worked for Supervisor Don Knabe for more than a decade, said the coincidence was reflective of the fact that there are relatively few people who perform campaign treasurer services in the county. (Holmes agreed with Napolitano, comparing two entities having the same treasurer to two people buying a car from the same dealership.) And he condemned the negative tone the city campaign had taken on.

When there was a hit piece by an independent expenditure group against me during the supervisors race, it came from the same address as my treasurer. But thats the nature of politics, Napolitano said. It was a disappointment going through it then. And having gone through it myself, it is certainly not something I would wish upon anyone.

Councilmember Tony DErrico speaks at the citys Veterans Day Ceremony last year. Photo by Ryan McDonald

Taken to school

In the weeks leading up to the election, school board member Ellen Rosenberg sent out an email, titled Parents dont care enough to vote. Promising the straight scoop about the City Council race, it urged readers to prove wrong those who presumed Manhattan parents were politically apathetic.

Despite what you may have heard and they have said, the two incumbents running for re-election are not strong supporters of our shared facilities use agreement between the city and the school district, the email read, referring to an agreement under which the city pays a predetermined amount, currently $570,000, to the school district for use of its facilities, like athletic fields. In bolded type, it continued, Further, they recently voted against a Safe Routes to Schools grant for bike path access to MBMS. Who does that?

The facilities use-agreement referenced in the email was negotiated in 2013 and expired last year. The email claimed that Burton and DErrico had not been supportive of the schools during negotiations for a new agreement, citing at a PTA candidates forum. (At that forum, DErrico called the current arrangement great, but said he wanted to further support the schools.)

The bottom of the email urged votes for eventual winners Nancy Hersman, a former school board member, and Montgomery. It will be up to the incoming council to renegotiate a new shared-facilities agreement.

The spread of the email touched a nerve for the incumbents supporters.

A leading member of our school board abused her position of authority and respect to promulgate a misleading email blast to her vast database of Manhattan Beach parents, fallaciously portraying councilmembers Burton and DErrico as being biased against our children and our schools, read a paid political advertisement in the Beach Reporter last Thursday.

In an interview, Rosenberg said that she originally sent the email on Feb. 28 from her personal email account, not a district mailing list, and estimated that she sent it to about 100 total people in five waves of 20 recipients. Many of the people who ultimately saw it, she said, likely had the email forwarded to them, sometimes with her permission, sometimes without.

She said she has used email to weigh in on political issues before, including past local elections, and disputed the idea that sending the email constituted an abuse of her position. Being on the school board, she said, should not mean that she has fewer opportunities for speech than others.

Im a citizen and a resident and a taxpayer. I am other things in my life in addition to being a school board member, Rosenberg said.

The vote that Rosenberg referred to in the email was part of a unanimous decision by the City Council at their Feb. 7 meeting. That decision approved spending state and federal grant money on safety mechanisms along common routes to the districts elementary schools, American Martyrs School Catholic School, and Manhattan Beach Middle School. Addressing a bottleneck of students that often occurs before and after instruction hours at the middle school, the council also agreed to relocate a fence inside neighboring Polliwog Park, but declined to support building a bike path through a portion of the park. There was significant neighborhood opposition to additional pavement in the park, and Burton, DErrico and Councilmember Wayne Powell joined in the criticism.

Rosenberg said that, despite the unanimous vote, it was not dishonest to portray the two incumbents as she did because they clearly voiced their opposition to the project during the meeting, and that other council members appeased these concerns in order to ensure passage of the broader measure. Mayor pro tem Amy Howorth, who joined in the Feb. 7 vote, said she agreed with this characterization.

Burton and DErrico have been consistent supporters of green space in the park, and earned the support of the nonprofit Friends of Polliwog Park. Following the circulation of Rosenbergs email, the group distributed a response in which Burton pledged his support of district schools. And although the identity of the writer of the Beach Reporter ad was not disclosed, the language mirrored that used by Robins, a member of Friends of Polliwog Park, in her March 8 comments to city council.

Tension between residents of the Polliwog-adjacent neighborhood and schools increased after Election Day because of some Election Day confusion over where to cast ballots those residents should cast their ballots. Two MBUSD schools that had been slated as polling places, including MBMS, pulled back from agreements to do so less than a month before Election Day, and after sample ballots had already been sent out to voters.

Unlike in past municipal elections, the March election was consolidated with the county. According to Brenda Duran, a public information officer for the registrar-recorder, Pacific cancelled on Feb. 8. And the facilities manager for MBMS cancelled on Feb. 24, which she described as very late in the process.

MBUSD Superintendent Mike Matthews vigorously rejected the idea that the district had closed the MBMS polling place in order to influence the outcome of the election.

Thats just silly. One thing we always strive for is higher voter turnout, higher voter participation, Matthews said.

The decision to cancel the polling place came from the campus principals, Matthews said. It was done for safety reasons, saying that the campus did not have adequate security to conduct the balloting. He added that the district offices welcomed the chance to serve as a polling place.

MBMS has served as a polling place in previous elections. When reached by email about what had changed this year, MBMS Principal Kim Linz said that Matthews comments fully explained the reasons for cancelling the polling place, and noted that the campus parking lot served as a location to pick up and drop off ballots.

While county officials were able to find a replacement for the Pacific location at a nearby residence on Dianthus Street, the MBMS cancellation proved harder to rectify. The county moved the polling place to Aviation Park near the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, outside the city limits.

Despite the support of the incumbents from many Polliwog Park advocates, it is not yet clear whether the move affected turnout, or how a change would have affected the incumbents. According to unofficial precinct results from this election, 372 votes cast in a voting booth at the precinct served by the Aviation Park , an increase from 283 in the 2013 election. In that election, Burton fared slightly better in the precinct surrounding Polliwog than he did generally, earning appearing on 56.3 percent of ballots versus 54 percent. DErrico did worse in the precinct, notching 37.7 percent as opposed to 43.5 percent in the city at large.

Several residents, however, did complain that being diverted to Redondo, which had its own municipal election the same day, was confusing. At least one resident contacted the city, saying he was turned away from Aviation Park when a poll worker said that the location was for Redondo voters.

Duran said that while it was unusual to have a polling place for a municipal election located outside the limits of the city involved, the countys hand was forced by the late closure. County regulations require that the registrar-recorder send out postcards notifying voters of polling place changes at least seven days in advance of the election, which was Tuesday Feb. 28, only four days after the MBMS cancellation on Friday, Feb. 24.

Although we try to save the original locations by informing the owner/contact of the importance of not changing locations after the sample ballot deadline, we are not always successful in convincing them not to cancel, Duran said in an email.

comments so far. Comments posted to may be reprinted in the Easy Reader print edition, which is published each Thursday.

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Anatomy of an election: ousting incumbents in Manhattan Beach – Easy Reader

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Yoga for the Blues – Anti Aging News

Posted: March 23, 2017 at 11:49 am

Posted on March 23, 2017, 6 a.m. in Depression Alternative Medicine Exercise

Study finds that yoga classes accompanied by home practice lead to a significant reduction in symptoms of depression.

Depression is a mental health condition that affects the brain and often begins in early adulthood. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association, more than 15 million Americans were identified as suffering from depression in 2016. Although anyone at any age may suffer from depression, its more common in women.

Depression is recognized as a distinct condition and treatments range from drugs to psychotherapy, to lifestyle choices. Most antidepressant drugs work to change the chemical reactions occurring in the brain. While the drugs each work in a slightly different way, they are each intended to balance neurotransmitters. Many people are successfully treated with these drugs.

Unfortunately, however, not all drugs work. Some individuals experience side effects, while others simply dont want to take drugs, and some dont find any relief from their symptoms. Doctors and researchers have worked for years to find alternative ways to treat depression. Diet, exercise, counseling, and supplements are some of the alternatives being explored. Another alternative is yoga.

In a recent study reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, individuals who participated in yoga classes at least twice a week and practiced additionally at home, experienced a decrease in their symptoms. Specifically, this study used lyengar yoga which is a practice that works to improve strength, mobility and balance. Particular attention is given to breath control known as pranayama. The poses or asanas used during practice all work to accomplish the lyengar goals.

Participants in the study were broken into two groups. One group participated in 90-minute yoga classes three times a week, while the other group practiced 90 minutes twice a week. Both groups were advised to additionally practice at home. Each group contained clients who were taking prescription antidepressants as well as those who did not. At the end of the study, both groups reported an overall decrease in symptoms. This held true for those who were on antidepressants as well as those who were not.

While drug therapy may be a viable option for some, a yoga alternative seems to offer substantial relief to individuals suffering from depression without to risk of side effects or harmful drug interactions. The good news for people suffering from depression is that yoga offers them an additional choice about treatment.

Chris C. Streeter, Patricia L. Gerbarg, Theodore H. Whitfield, Liz Owen, Jennifer Johnston, Marisa M. Silveri, Marysia Gensler, Carol L. Faulkner, Cathy Mann, Mary Wixted, Anne Marie Hernon, Maren B. Nyer, E. Richard P. Brown, John E. Jensen. Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with Iyengar Yoga and Coherent Breathing: A Randomized Controlled Dosing Study. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2017; DOI: 10.1089/acm.2016.0140

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Yoga for the Blues – Anti Aging News

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6 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Try –

Posted: March 23, 2017 at 11:49 am

Fill your plate with the following kinds of foods and you might hike your risk of heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other serious illnesses. Avoid or limit:

Charred meat: Studies have found that grilled or well-done meat creates compounds that have been linked to an increased risk of colon, pancreatic, stomach, and possibly other cancers.

Processed meats: Though red meat in general has been associated with an increased risk of colon cancer, salami, pepperoni, ham, and other cured meats may predispose you to esophageal, kidney, stomach, and prostate cancer.

Refined carbohydrates: Diets that are high in added sugars (candy, some cereals, pastries, sodas) and carbohydrates that have been stripped of many of their important nutrients (these are carbs such as white flour and white rice) may shorten telomeres and hike the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke, especially in those who are overweight.

Prepackaged meals: These food products may be convenient but they’re often extremely high in sodium. That has been linked to a higher risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease.

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6 Anti-Aging Foods You Should Try –

Recommendation and review posted by Guinevere Smith

Family matters: Bears feature chemistry, unselfishness – – Waco Tribune-Herald

Posted: March 22, 2017 at 10:44 am

Few people believed in Scott Drews basketball team as November approached.

Baylor didnt get a single vote in the Associated Press or coaches Top 25 preseason polls. Losing an NBA lottery pick in Taurean Prince and one of the nations top rebounders in Rico Gathers, this had all the makings of a rebuilding year.

Instead the Bears have rebuilt all the way to a Sweet 16 matchup against South Carolina at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Madison Square Garden.

Im always a glass half full kind of guy, so Im optimistic that if we do X, Y and Z things will work out, Drew said. But you never know how the chemistry will develop and you never know about injuries. We got dinged up at the end of the year but fortunately they werent season ending injuries, and thats one reason weve been able to reach the success weve had.

Since the Bears were picked fifth in the Big 12 race and werent on the national radar, its been easy for Drew to motivate his squad. The Bears won their first 15 games to attain their first No. 1 ranking in school history on Jan. 9, and finished in a second place tie in the Big 12 with West Virginia and Iowa State.

With NCAA tournament wins over New Mexico State and USC, the Bears have fashioned a 27-7 record.

Coaches use everything for motivation, but its easier to motivate when you dont receive a lot of awards and a lot of attention, Drew said. I definitely thought we had a chance to have a great year. But you never know who is going to step up and perform. Weve definitely been on the best-case scenario side of things.

This will be Drews fourth appearance in the Sweet 16, and the first since 2014. It might also be the third-seeded Bears best shot at reaching the Final Four since theyre the highest remaining seed in the East region that has been whittled down to No. 7 South Carolina, No. 4 Florida and No. 8 Wisconsin.

Drews two previous Elite Eight teams were knocked out by No. 1 seeds and eventual national champions, including Duke in 2010 and Kentucky in 2012. But Drew doesnt pay a lot of attention to seeding because hes seen so many upsets during March Madness.

The Bears were first-round NCAA tournament upset victims the last two years, losing to No. 14 seed Georgia State in 2015 and No. 12 seed Yale in 2016. Those losses have only made Drew more grateful to get back to the Sweet 16.

You appreciate it more after the last two years of getting knocked out quicker, Drew said. You can get spoiled when you win. But the longer youre in this, you understand nothing is promised. Now weve been blessed to stay longer in the tournament, and it makes it more special.

With talent, athleticism and great chemistry, this years team has some similarities to Drews previous three Sweet 16 teams.

The Bears have a certain NBA draft pick in All-America forward Johnathan Motley. The 2010 team featured lottery pick Ekpe Udoh while the 2012 squad produced a school-record three NBA draft picks that year, including Quincy Acy, Quincy Miller and Perry Jones.

Cory Jefferson was drafted from the 2014 squad and Isaiah Austin would have likely been picked if he hadnt been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome.

The 2010 team featured outstanding guard play in Tweety Carter and LaceDarius Dunn while the 2012 squad featured guards Pierre Jackson and Brady Heslip.

But the biggest difference in this years team might be its depth. The Bears attack opponents in a lot of ways and pull production from numerous players off the bench.

Theyve got a double-double machine in Motley and a 7-0 shot blocking ace in Jo Lual-Acuil. Terry Maston has given the Bears a big lift off the bench by amassing 19 points and nine rebounds in both of Baylors NCAA tournament wins.

After scoring 22 points against Texas Tech on Feb. 13, Maston had scored just two points in Baylors previous six games before the NCAA tournament.

Terry is one of those rhythm guys, Drew said. If he gets in a rhythm, the basket looks really large for him. He also benefited from teams not being that familiar with him. He looked very comfortable out there, he rebounded well and was tremendous on the defensive end.

Theyve got versatile guards in Manu Lecomte, Al Freeman, King McClure and Jake Lindsey. Lecomte made the difference in Baylors 82-78 win over USC by scoring all 12 of his points in the final minutes.

Meanwhile, Freeman came off the bench to score 21 against New Mexico State and McClure buried five 3-pointers to match his career high with 17 points against the Trojans.

I dont know if this is the deepest team weve had but weve had people come off the bench who have stepped forward in different games to allow us to be successful, Drew said. Its a little more challenging from a coaching aspect because you dont have the usual suspects in every game. You have to find out whos hot and whos blending well.

Tying everything together is the teams lone senior, Ish Wainright. He epitomizes the unselfish character of the team by contributing in various ways whether its passing, rebounding, scoring or playing lockdown defense. The rest of the team has taken its cue from Wainrights team-first attitude.

Ish does a great job of having a relationship with everybody on the team, Drew said. They allow him to lead, and they support him. It starts with the fact that Ish is such an unselfish person. They can see hes excited about his teammates success. Its easy to follow someone who cares about you and not about himself.

Getting back to Madison Square Garden is a treat for Drew, who led the Bears to two NIT appearances at the fabled arena. The Bears finished second in the 2009 NIT before winning the 2013 title. Hes glad this years players will get to experience the Garden with a shot at making the Final Four.

Some of our former players who played at Madison Square Garden have shared their experiences with these guys, Drew said. Theyve passed on their thoughts and wisdom to them. I know everyones excited and wants us to continue to have success there.

Continued here:
Family matters: Bears feature chemistry, unselfishness – – Waco Tribune-Herald

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Nick Viall’s Awkwardly Silent When Asked About Lack Of Chemistry With Vanessa – Elite Daily

Posted: March 22, 2017 at 10:44 am

Its not a great sign for Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi that theyre still fielding questions about, yknow, whether or not they actually have chemistry.

BachelorNation is still recovering from that horrendously awkward After The Final Rose segment where the new couple didnt look exactly smitten with each other.

I mean, come on, Nick and Vanessa, you guys could have at least looked like you dont hate each other?


Anyway, until Rachel Lindsays upcoming season of The Bachelorette, were going to have to deal with months of Nick and Vanessa (Nanessa?) speculation.

And Nick, who is back on our screens on Dancing With The Stars, missed an opportunity to clear things up once and for all during an appearance on Wednesdays The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen, of course, mentioned the infamous interview, saying,

I didnt see the After The Rosebecause I could not commit to four hours of television. I heard that some people thought it was awkward, that yall were awkward together.

So what did Nick do?

Awkwardly, he stayed completely silent.

Instead, he was interrupted by Vanessa who was in the studio audience who responded,

I didnt think so. I think we both went in it wanting to be honest and open about couples, you know, sometimes things can get tough.

But were very committed to each other, we love each other, and thats what were focusing on.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Nick is apparently very focused on DWTS, but may have revealed a little too much to Ellen when asked about his partnership with Petra Murgatroyd, adding,

Most positions that Peta asks me to do are painful physically.

So you cant reassure Bachelor Nation, but you can make some dumb innuendo? Dammit, Nick!

Hes probably just fed up with having to constantly defend his relationship.

Nick previously revealedthey had decided to be honest on the show and wouldnt pretend its been easy.

After all, he was dating 29 other beautiful women when they fell in love, most of whom were recklessly throwing themselves at him.

Poor Nick.

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Harley Tamplin is a writer for Elite Daily and British guy lost in New York City. He previously worked for in London.

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Nick Viall’s Awkwardly Silent When Asked About Lack Of Chemistry With Vanessa – Elite Daily

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Chemistry Club to host ‘Star Wars’ theme demo night – The MidWeek

Posted: March 22, 2017 at 10:44 am

On March 31 at a university not so far away Chem Wars!

Northern Illinois Universitys Chemistry Club invites the public to its annual Spring Chemistry Demo Night at 6:30 p.m. Friday, March 31, in Cole Hall room 100.

This year, the Chemistry Club will put on Chem Wars, a show that will feature a number of thrilling experiments that could have been used by the big film studios in Hollywood to create the special effects in the science fiction franchises we all love and cherish.

We certainly hope that the Star Wars theme draws lots of people to come to the show, Chemistry Club President Marina Galluzzo said in a news release. However, I am confident that when they leave they will not only better understand the chemical concepts behind these experiments but also appreciate the love of chemistry that all volunteers participating in the show share.

Faculty members helping with this years demo include Tim Hagen, Lee Sunderlin, Chong Zheng, Tim Perkins and the Chemistry Clubs faculty adviser, Oliver Hofstetter.

The annual Chem Demo really is the highlight of the year when it comes to presenting ourselves and reaching out to the community. It is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate that science is fun and that scientists are just people like you and me, Hofstetter said in the release.

While the night will include some crowd favorites from previous years, such as the liquid nitrogen bomb and ping-pong madness, the Chem Club also will serve freshly prepared ice cream at the end of the performance.

Expect bright flashes of light and intermittent periods of low light and/or darkness during the event.

Free parking will be available in the NIU Parking Deck starting at 5 p.m., except for reserved and handicapped spaces.

For more information about the Chemistry Demo, email Marina Galluzzo at [email protected].

For more information about the Chemistry Club, email Hofstetter at [email protected].

See the article here:
Chemistry Club to host ‘Star Wars’ theme demo night – The MidWeek

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