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What is hot/cold aisle? – Definition from

Posted: October 2, 2019 at 8:41 am

Hot aisle/cold aisle is a layout design for server racks and other computing equipment in a data center. The goal of a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration is to conserve energy and lower cooling costs by managing air flow.

In its simplest form, hot aisle/cold aisle data center design involves lining up server racks in alternating rows with cold air intakes facing one way and hot air exhausts facing the other. The rows composed of rack fronts are called cold aisles. Typically, cold aisles face air conditioner output ducts. The rows the heated exhausts pour into are called hot aisles. Typically, hot aisles face air conditioner return ducts.

A containment system can be used to isolate hot aisles and cold aisles from each other and prevent hot and cold air from mixing. Containment systems started out as physical barriers that simply separated the hot and cold aisles with vinyl plastic sheeting or Plexiglas covers. Today, vendors offer plenums and other commercial options that combine containment with variable fan drives (VFDs) to prevent cold air and hot air from mixing.

Best practices for hot aisle/cold aisle containment include:1. Raising the floor 1.5 feet so that air being pushed by air conditioning equipment can pass through. 2. Deploying high cubic feet per minute (CFM) rack grills that have outputs in the range of 600 CFM.3. Locating devices with side or top exhausts in their own part of the datacenter.4. Installing automatic doors in the data center.

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What is hot/cold aisle? - Definition from

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ACS – Definition by AcronymFinder

Posted: October 2, 2019 at 8:41 am

ACSACS (Automated Collection System) Call SiteACSAffiliated Computer Services, Inc.ACSAustralian Computer SocietyACSAmerican Constitution Society for Law and PolicyACSAdvanced Camera for Surveys (Hubble Space Telescope)ACSAmerican Community Survey (US Census Bureau)ACSArmy Community ServiceACSAccess Control Server (Cisco Systems)ACSAccess Control Server (Cisco)ACSAccessACSAmerican Chemical SocietyACSAcute Coronary Syndrome (medical condition)ACSAmerican Cancer SocietyACSAmerican Constitution SocietyACSAmerican Citizen Services (US Department of State)ACSAdministration for Children's Services (New York City)ACSAmerican College of SurgeonsACSAcute Coronary Syndromes (journal)ACSAssistant Chief of StaffACSAssociation of Caribbean StatesACSAcademic Computing ServicesACSArmy Community ServicesACSAuto Club Speedway (various locations)ACSAmerican Camellia SocietyACSAllen County Scottsville High School (Kentucky)ACSAlexander County Schools (North Carolina)ACSAccess Control System(s)ACSAnglo-Chinese SchoolACSAnimal Care Services (various locations)ACSAir Conditioning Service (various locations)ACSAdvances in Chemistry Series (American Chemical Society)ACSAuto Club SouthACSAnimal Care SpecialistACSAssociation of Community Services (Columbia, MD)ACSAdministrative Computing Services (Boston University)ACSAmerican Citizens Services (US State Department)ACSAsheville City Schools (Asheville, NC)ACSAssociation of Convenience StoresACSAndragoki Center Slovenije (Slovenian: Slovenian Institute for Adult Education)ACSAdventist Community ServicesACSAssembly Christian School (various locations)ACSAir Cargo SecurityACSAdvanced Card Systems Ltd.ACSAssociated Colleges of the SouthACSAdvanced Console Server (various companies)ACSAttitude Control SystemACSAbdominal Compartment SyndromeACSAdvisory Committee on Sustainability (various locations)ACSAmerican Cetacean Society (whale conservation group)ACSAdobe Creative SuiteACSAlumni Career Services (various schools)ACSAdvanced Computer Software (various locations)ACSAssertion Consumer ServiceACSAuxiliary Communications ServiceACSAlpha Chi Sigma (professional chemistry fraternity)ACSAmerican Ceramic SocietyACSAmbulatory Care SensitiveACSAustralian Cinematographers SocietyACSAxis Camera StationACSAutomobil Club Der Schweiz (automobile club of Switzerland)ACSAmerican Community School (Abu Dhabi, UAE)ACSAir Charter Services (various locations)ACSAustralian Customs ServiceACSAddress Change ServiceACSAnterior Compartment Syndrome (legs)ACSAdvanced Customer Support (various companies)ACSApplied Cognitive Science (various universities)ACSAmerican Coatings Show (trade show)ACSATP-Citrate SynthaseACSAmerican Corporate Services (various locations)ACSAir Conditioning SystemACSAutomated Commercial SystemACSAmerican Colonization SocietyACSAccrediting Commission for Schools (Western Association of Schools & Colleges)ACSApproved Contractor Scheme (UK)ACSAdvanced Communications Solutions (various locations)ACSAmerican Conifer SocietyACSAssessoria de Comunicao Social (Portuguese: Office of Social Communication; Brazil)ACSAthens City Schools (Alabama)ACSAerial Common SensorACSAssociation for Canadian StudiesACSAutomated Collection SystemACSAdaptive Control SystemACSAmerican Cheese SocietyACSAlcohol Countermeasure SystemsACSApplied Communication Sciences (Basking Ridge, NJ)ACSAnnual Cancer SymposiumACSApplied Computer ScienceACSAboriginal Children's Survey (Canada)ACSAdvances in Complex SystemsACSArsDigita Community SystemACSAir Control SquadronACSAnti Collision System (various companies)ACSAutomated Cartridge SystemACSArt and Culture StudiesACSAutomatic Class SelectionACSAudit Collection ServiceACSAlternate Character SetACSAdvocates for Children's Services (North Carolina)ACSAustralian Correspondence SchoolsACSAdvanced Composite StructuresACSApplied Computer SolutionsACSAdolescent Counseling ServicesACSArmy Combat Shirt (US DoD)ACSAdvising and Counseling Services (various schools)ACSAverage Class SizeACSAutomatic Control SystemACSAustralian Computer ScienceACSAssociate Customer Service (LOMA)ACSAdvanced Coating Solutions (insulation; various locations)ACSAlaska Communications SystemACSAlton Convent School (UK)ACSAdvanced Computer ServicesACSArizona Computer ServicesACSAssociate, Customer ServiceACSAdjacent Channel SelectivityACSAgile Combat SupportACSAutomation & Control SolutionsACSAssociation of Clinical ScientistsACSAmerican Cryonics SocietyACSAged Care ServicesACSApplied Control Solutions (various locations)ACSAdvanced Communicator Silver (Toastmasters International)ACSAcrocephalosyndactylyACSApplied Consultancy SolutionsACSAEGIS Combat SystemACSAtmosphere Control System (Linde)ACSAirfield Construction Squadron (Royal Australian Air Force)ACSAdvisory Committee for Scotland (UK)ACSAlternate Care SiteACSAmerican Carbon Society (formerly American Carbon Committee)ACSAdvanced Communication SystemACSAged and Community Services (Australia)ACSAdvanced Computer SystemACSAsynchronous Communications ServerACSAdult Correctional Services (Canada)ACSAuto Channel Scan (electronics)ACSAutomobile Club de SuisseACSAnti-Chop System (paintball)ACSApolyton Civilization Site (gaming)ACSAdd Compare SelectACSActive Control SystemACSArabic Computer SystemsACSAmerican College of Sofia (Bulgaria)ACSAutomated Characterization SuiteACSAutomobile Consumer Services, Inc.ACSAir Commando SquadronACSAdaptive Coordinate SystemACSAmerican Correctional Solutions (healthcare; Orange, CA)ACSAcquisition of SignalACSAdvanced Civil SchoolingACSauxiliary crane ship (US Navy)ACSAdvisory Cisco Secure (software)ACSAudio Car StereoACSAdvanced Communications ServicesACSAir Circulation SystemACSAccess Control SetACSALMA Common SoftwareACSAdventure Construction Set (game creation software)ACSAmerican Crystal Sugar CompanyACSAmerican Cooperative School (Suriname)ACSAmerican Community ServiceACSAutomatic Crane Stopper (safety device)ACSAdvanced Contact Solutions, Inc (Philippines)ACSAdult & Community Services (UK)ACSAutomated Case Support System (FBI investigative database)ACSAdmission Control ServiceACSArray Controller Software (HP StorageWorks)ACSAdvanced Conservation Systems, Inc. (Lancaster, CA)ACSAirport Customer ServiceACSAmerican Challenge Series (athletics)ACSAccommodation and Campus Services (University of Sheffield; UK)ACSAventis Crop ScienceACSAircraft Combat SurvivabilityACSAfrican Civil Society (UN)ACSAir Combat Systems (Northrop Grumman Corp.)ACSAmphibious Command ShipACSAntenna Control SystemACSAcro (SIL code for an extinct language of Brazil)ACSAfrican & Caribbean SocietyACSAmerican Computer SoftwareACSApplication Contents Service (distributed computing)ACSAlternating Current SignalACSAmerican Cockatiel SocietyACSAssociation of Cricket Statisticians and HistoriansACSAsian Cultural SocietyACSAbbotsford Community Services (British Columbia)ACSAircraft ShelterACSairspace control systemACSAdministrative and Commercial StudiesACSAudio Control System (aviation)ACSAutomated Circulation System (System that connects to a library's item and patron database)ACSAutomatic Contrast SelectionACSAmerican Clematis SocietyACSATM Circuit SteeringACSAdvertising Club Styria (Austria)ACSAyrshire Cancer Support (Ayrshire, Scotland)ACSArmored Cavalry SquadronACSAnchorage Christian SchoolsACSAgency Computer Systems, Inc.

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HFE gene – Genetics Home Reference – NIH

Posted: September 30, 2019 at 10:47 pm

Mutations in the HFE gene can increase the risk of developing a condition called porphyria. Porphyria is a group of disorders caused by abnormalities in the chemical steps that lead to heme production. Heme is a vital molecule for all of the body's organs, although it is most abundant in the blood, bone marrow, and liver. Heme is a component of several iron-containing proteins called hemoproteins, including hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen in the blood). HFE gene mutations are found more frequently in people with the most common form of porphyria, known as porphyria cutanea tarda, than in unaffected people.

Researchers suspect that HFE gene mutations may trigger this type of porphyria by increasing the absorption of iron. A buildup of excess iron, in combination with other genetic and nongenetic factors, interferes with the production of a molecule called heme. Heme is a component of iron-containing proteins called hemoproteins, including hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen in the blood). A blockage in heme production allows other compounds called porphyrins to build up to toxic levels in the liver and other organs. These compounds are formed during the normal process of heme production, but excess iron and other factors allow them to accumulate to toxic levels. The abnormal buildup of porphyrins leads to the characteristic features of porphyria cutanea tarda.

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HFE gene - Genetics Home Reference - NIH

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Lung Regeneration – Center for Regenerative Medicine …

Posted: September 30, 2019 at 10:46 pm

Lung RegenerationSee Transcript for_video Lung Regeneration

Dennis Wigle, M.D., Ph.D.: So it's actually a very exciting time in the space of lung regeneration right now with a number of technologies that have really leapt forward in the last couple of years and have really made it a potential clinical reality that you really might be able to take cells from a patient, use things like decellularized matrices in order to be able to repopulate a lung matrix and really build an artificial or new lung for someone. Now that's obviously all at a research stage right now, but what was really science fiction, you know, going back four, five years ago, there's now a number of individual pieces of technology that, when you bring those together, have really made the potential to be able to build new lungs artificially a potential clinical reality.

So if you look at the hundreds of thousands of patients that currently have end-stage lung disease just in the United States alone, let alone many fold greater number throughout the world, there's a large number of people that really are not candidates for lung transplantation or other potential therapies, of which a very small number might actually be candidates for, that don't really have any other treatment options. If you look at the whole population of people dying of lung cancer in the United States every year, there's almost 180- to 190,000 people every year that are gonna die of that disease. So the potential to be able to build new lung tissue, whether it's a whole lung, whether it's parts of a lung, whether it's to just make an existing lung that isn't working well work better, there's a huge unmet patient need here in terms of people that are either suffering or either dying also from these diseases where these technologies could potentially be applied.

It's a very exciting time. There's obviously a lot of work that needs to be done in order to really translate these technologies into something that's useful for patient care. But the future is very bright, and there's obvious progress here where you can envision this being a clinical reality, where going back even five years ago or more it was really just science fiction at that point.

Regenerative medicine has the potential to provide innovative new therapies for people with lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary arterial hypertension and bronchiolitis obliterans.

Currently, end-stage lung disease is treated with a gamut of medications or ultimately, lung transplantation. However, there is an ongoing shortage of donor lung tissue amenable to transplantation.

Research into lung preservation, lung recellularization and stem cell biology in the Center for Regenerative Medicine is leading to the development of new regenerative therapies for people with a wide range of lung diseases. Stephen D. Cassivi, M.D., and Dennis Wigle, M.D., Ph.D., both at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, lead these efforts.

Mayo Clinic researchers are studying lung decellularization and recellularization techniques to move toward a goal of on-demand production of patient-specific, transplant-ready lungs.

Lung decellularization involves removing all the cells from a donor lung, leaving behind just the native architecture that can be repopulated (recellularized) with induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells acquired from the patient's own tissues.

Mayo researchers are working to generate a functioning lung that is suitable for transplantation by first recellularizing an acellular porcine lung. Given promising results in animal models, Mayo Clinic investigators are now attempting to recellularize human lungs. Ongoing work involves differentiating iPS cells into lung-specific cells for recellularization.

To better understand how to effectively and consistently produce patient-specific iPS cells for lung-related clinical application, Mayo Clinic researchers are conducting a clinical trial in which iPS cells can be generated from small skin biopsies taken from patients with end-stage lung disease.

Investigators believe that with further research, iPS cells could be differentiated into patient-specific pulmonary epithelial cells and delivered back to patients via cell therapy. These cells could also be used to repopulate acellular lung scaffolds for implantation.


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Lung Regeneration - Center for Regenerative Medicine ...

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New Jersey Innovation Institutes Cell & Gene Therapy …

Posted: September 29, 2019 at 1:43 pm

NEWARK,March 15, 2018 The New Jersey Innovation Institute, (NJII) an NJIT Corporation, has announced that its Cell and Gene Therapy Development Center has launched a training program to upgrade the knowledge and skills of biopharmaceutical professionals in the processing of new, breakthrough classes of biologic therapies.

The workforce training program is in response to increasing demands from the biopharmaceutical industry for engineers and scientists to be trained in manufacturing and processing of the newest biologic and immunotherapies such as advanced CAR-T cancer therapy. The program will combine lectures and hands-on training to introduce the newest approaches and technologies applied to the development and production of these innovative therapies.

NJII President and CEO, Dr. Donald H. Sebastian said, The pharmaceutical industry faces formidable challenges as it adapts to the new culture of biotechnology. This training initiative demonstrates NJIIs commitment to advance cell and gene therapy manufacturing and processing innovation.

Dr. Haro Hartounian, NJIIs executive director, biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation stated, The pace of development in cell and gene therapy is unprecedented in the biopharmaceutical industry. It is imperative that engineers and scientists are proficient not only in in the latest processing techniques, but that they also acquire a basic understanding of the underlying protocols. Our instructional team composed of industry and university faculty experts is ideally structured to meet the needs of the industry for training of their workforce in the manufacturing and processing of these novel biopharmaceuticals.

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) is an NJIT corporation that applies the intellectual and technological resources of the states science and technology university to challenges identified by industry partners. Through its Innovation Labs (iLabs), NJII brings NJIT expertise to key economic sectors, including healthcare delivery systems, bio-pharmaceutical production, civil infrastructure,defense and homeland security, and financial services.

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New Jersey Innovation Institutes Cell & Gene Therapy ...

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Center For Anti-Aging Medicine & Hormone Wellness

Posted: September 29, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Dr. Peters has spent most of his 25 years in medicine as a board certified reproductive endocrinologist. During this time, his main focus was in vitro fertilization (IVF) helping couples who were unable to have children through simpler means. In addition, he has vast experience in academic work including teaching and scientific publication in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Peters also has taken care of many women with hormonal disorders including polycystic ovary syndrome, female acne and unwanted body hair growth as well as menopause. Along with his Western methodology his unique approach to patient care blends Eastern philosophies such acupuncture, yoga, and herbology.

He earned his undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University followed by his medical degree from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His residency training was completed at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA., followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive immunology at Methodist Hospital/Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN. Dr. Peters completed a second postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive endocrinology & infertility at Prentice Womens Hospital at The Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL. He is double board certified in obstetrics & gynecology and reproductive endocrinology & infertility.

Dr. Peters has presented more than 35 national and international abstracts and authored over 30 articles in peer reviewed journals, including the co-authoring of the book, Unexplained Infertility and Miscarriage: The Immunology Link.

Despite his extensive background in endocrinology, he grew frustrated when his own wife presented a challenge for him in her menopausal struggles. He tried many traditional medical options for her, but none seemed to restore her premenopausal health. Through research and study, he discovered that a carefully formulated individualized regimen of bioidentical hormones, selective diet, nutritional supplements and exercise restored his wifes vitality without the side effects of traditional synthetic hormone replacement. This led him to pursue yet another postdoctoral fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine so that he could effectively offer other women and men these restorative methods in order to optimize their wellness and quality of life. He uses these same principles for himself.

When Dr. Peters is not working in his clinical practice, he enjoys an active lifestyle of participating in triathlons, practicing Chinese martial arts, and dancing with his wife. They also both enjoy time with their children and grandchildren.

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Center For Anti-Aging Medicine & Hormone Wellness

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