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What is Neurology | University of Maryland Medical Center

Posted: September 28, 2015 at 1:45 am

What is Neurology?

Neurology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the study and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

Click here to visit the The University of Maryland Department of Neurology.

Who is the neurologist?

The physician who specializes in neurology is called a neurologist. After completing medical school, physicians specializing in adult neurology complete one year of residency in internal medicine and three years of neurology residency.

Neurologists treat disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Some of these disorders are listed below. For more information about any of these disorders, visit the Treatment Programs section of our site:

As a specialist, the neurologist see patients with a wide range of problems and may act as a patient’s principal or consulting physician, while the family doctor, or primary care physician, is generally in charge of a patient’s total health care.

For more information about the University of Maryland Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery, or to make an appointment, call the University Physicians Consultation and Referral Service at 1-800-492-5538 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians).

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What is Neurology | University of Maryland Medical Center

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