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Our 15 Best Syracuse Neurologists | Angie’s List

Posted: July 8, 2016 at 7:13 am

“Horrible experience! This man wasted my time! I went to see him because of nerve pain and I cannot feel my lower leg. He used a safety pin to stick me. He diagnosed” …MoreRead more of this review “You can’t feel your leg, but you don’t need too. That’s not a disability. ” I didn’t say anything about a disability, I went to find out what was wrong and what could be done to fix it! He did not answer ANY of my questions. I did find out that he hates the use of coconut oil on legs and he is incredibly important because he had to go to the Clinic. He told me That at least 4 times but did not have time to answer my questions like why can’t I feel my leg or what can be done(the things I came to him to find out)! He left while I was asking. Got up and said go! I went to him to find out why I can’t feel my leg….he told me I can’t feel my leg….total quack…would not recommend for a pet rock!

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Our 15 Best Syracuse Neurologists | Angie’s List

Recommendation and review posted by Guinevere Smith