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Neurology | Vancouver Clinic

Posted: March 23, 2019 at 8:47 pm

Is there a cure for Alzheimers disease?

Some Alzheimers disease medications and management strategies may temporarily improve symptoms, thereby helping people with Alzheimers gain greater independence and maintain a good quality of life. However, there is no cure for Alzheimers disease, and its important to seek supportive services as early as possible.

An athletes prior history of concussions is perhaps the biggest risk factor related to his or her risk for another concussion. Research shows that if someone has already suffered one concussion, they are one- to two-times more likely to suffer another. The more concussions they suffer, the more their risk goes up.

Studies also show that females are more likely than males to sustain concussions, and that they require more recovery time. This is most likely due to a number of anatomical and biomechanical differences between genders.

Lastly, a history of developmental disorders, psychiatric disorders, or headaches/migraines can play a part in concussion recovery time. Since new research on concussions is always coming out, its important that coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes themselves stay up-to-date on information related to prevention and treatment.

First, there is a strong correlation between changes to your vision and the brain. For instance, strokes, aneurysms, brain tumors and even a brain infection can cause visual problems.

With that said, your first stop should be to either check in with an eye doctor, or consult your family physician. Plenty of visual problems are related to the eye itself, such as cataracts, glaucoma or astigmatism. If, after an eye exam, everything checks out, or if the problem includes other issues such as dizziness or migraines, make an appointment with the neurology department right away.

Neurologists do not perform surgery, but can recommend surgical treatment and refer patients to the appropriate surgeon if necessary.

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