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Neurology Brooklyn New York | Neurology Services | Neurologist

Posted: September 20, 2015 at 2:44 pm

HealthQuest offers the quality neurology services to deal with the disorders of the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous system. Located in Brooklyn, New York, we offer short term and long term treatment protocols for treating various neurological disorders.


With long standing experience in offering patient-centered service, we treat those with acute and chronic pain, and musculoskeletal disorders, spinal column and surrounding areas. Here at HealthQuest, we offer quality treatment and care for neurological patients from various locations near Brooklyn, New York, including Bergen Beach, Dyker Heights, Canarsie, Park Slope, Homecrest and Manhattan Beach. Find effective treatment at our facility, for various neurological disorders including

Maintain the best quality life with our neurology services! To diagnose neurology diseases, HealthQuest offers various diagnostic tests on and off site such as EEG, blood tests, muscle and nerve biopsy, CAT scan, EMG/NCV, electromyography, lumbar puncture, cerebrospinal fluid sampling, trigger point injection and MRI/MRA. These tests are carefully conducted by our technologists. With these sophisticated diagnostic technologies, we can attempt to find the exact cause of your neurological problems.

A Great Team on Hand to Help You along

At our neurology center, we have a team of experienced doctors who supervise the testing, and treat the disorders of the nervous system. Here at HealthQuest, our neurologist works with all allied professionals, to offer effective treatment procedures to restore the functionality of the nervous system and the brain. We offer leading edge neurological rehabilitation care to patients belonging to all age groups. Most major medical insurance plans, No-Fault, Workers Compensation and Medicare are accepted here.

If you experience any symptoms of neurological disorders, you can straightaway avail of our neurology services by making an appointment over phone – 718-769-2521, or email – [email protected].

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Neurology Brooklyn New York | Neurology Services | Neurologist

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