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Posted: July 8, 2016 at 7:13 am

Helpful ReviewsGray Station Neurology: Dr. Douglas A. WrightAngie T.rated

i am very pleased with the services at Dr. Wright's office. The staff at the front desk are always very courteous snd helpful. The Nursing staff are also very kind and helpful. The other staff that I have had to see such as the Ultrasound Tech, Lab Tech, and the lady that did my EEG, all have been very pleasant and made sure I was ok and comfortable, they have went above and beyond. I have seen many doctor's trying to find something or anything that might be causing my issues and none of those Drs. could find anything and gave up on me. Thank God that I was referred to Dr. Wright, he has went above and beyond and did test after test even if I had already had it and he has found things that no one else has and he continues to keep a close eye on the things that they have found and he is still trying to find more things so that I can hopefully have a better life. He has went above and beyond and he has truly been a blessing to me, I cannot thank him and his staff for all they have done and their kindness and help. I would most definitely recommend Gray Station Neurology to any one needing their services. There is nothing I can see bad about any one or any thing..

i am extremly satisfied with the care i have recieved at dr douglas wrights office.i have been to many doctors in the past twenty years with fibromyalgia,he is the first dr that even seemed to be truly interested in my health problems,and believe me there are many.i am so thankful that i chose to this i had a nerve test performed and i had swore to myself i would never have another one done because it was so painful so many years ago.i am very pleased to have had it done today,it was not painful at all and the dr was very easy with me . i would recommend this office to anyone and everyone that need neurological care. i could not be more pleased with my far as i am concerned i will be a patient here for life. the doctor here and his staff are exceptional. have never felt more secure in the care of any physician in the past ,he has found out more about my health problems than any one else in the past and in such a short time. if you have problems that no one else has helped with do yourself a favor and visit this will be glad you did ,they are the best. kathy whitson .

Recently switched from a Knoxville based clinic....they took my insurance which is almost impossible to find these days dealing w/pain issues.....(saving me around 320.00 per month plus travel fees). They are a legit pain clinic that cares. They will not load you down with medications but are more than fair dealing with legit pain needs. They are super nice...nurses.....staff....and Dr. Desiree!! They have rules but are not overly strict to those that have legit "needs" & "pain issues". If you take your meds and follow with therapy and the suggestions and tests they ask of will be blessed with positive experiences and find your pain a bit more manageable !! And as long as you meet your appt. time you will find your wait and stay short compared to other places. In closing....I Ronald, feel blessed to have found them. But keep in mind THIS IS NOT A PILL MILL!

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Recommendation and review posted by Guinevere Smith