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Posted: September 22, 2015 at 2:43 am

Dr. Janaka Seneviratne is a highly qualified Neurologist and a Clinical Neurophysiologist based at Monash Neurology, Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne.

Dr. Seneviratne Returned from USA after completing a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology (Electromyography) at the Mayo Clinic, USA, and joined Monash Neurology in 2007. He currently works as a visiting consultant Neurologist at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne and consults at private rooms in Melbourne, Kew, Berwick, Dandenong and Frankston. He also conducts the Laryngeal EMG clinic with the ENT specialists at Monash, which is the only centre in Melbourne providing this service for patients with voice/vocal cord disorders. He provides Independent Medico legal opinions and assessments on selected neurological conditions.

Janaka graduated from Monash School of Medicine, Melbournewith honours degrees in Medicine and Surgery. He undertook his Neurology training at Monash Medical Centre and Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne. He was awarded the Mayo Clinic Neurology Fellowship in 2004 by the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) for further training at the Mayo Clinic, USA. Janaka completed his 2 year Advanced Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiolog(EMG) fellowships at the Rochester and Scottsdale campuses of the Mayo Clinic, USA. While at the Mayo Clinic he participated in research which has been presented at major neurology meetings and published in international Neurology journals. He has authored chapters in internationally published books on the topics of Neuromuscular Diseases and Headache disorders.

Janaka has expertise in complex Nerve conduction studies, Electrophysiological studies (EMG) and Single Fibre EMG studies that he performs at Monash Neurology as well as in his private rooms. The laryngeal EMG studies are only performed at the Laryngeal EMG clinic at Monash Neurology.

Dr. Seneviratnes Special interests include Neuromuscular diseases including CIDP(Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating polyneuropathy), Peripheral neuropathies, Small fibre Neuropathy, Myasthenia Gravis and Motor Neurone disease. Dr. Seneviratne also reviews General Neurology patients with Headache, Parkinsons disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, stroke, tremors, dizziness, Plexus nerve injuries, head injury and entrapment neuropathies(carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy etc.). His current research involves Long term Clinical and Neurophysiological outlook of small fibre neuropathies and use of Laryngeal EMG in voice disorders.

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