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How do you use the word neurology in a sentence – Answers

Posted: July 8, 2016 at 7:14 am

In the English language, there are four main sentence types: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. Choosing between them means first assessing what your purpose is going to be in writing or speaking the sentence. While spoken thought can give us the power of inflection and tone to indicate our mood, written thought relies on punctuation and word choice (diction) to do the same thing.This sentence type is intended to make a statement or provide information and ends with a period. It can vary in length, depending on how much information needs to be stated. Most of our every day written and spoken language is comprised of declarations.Bobby received an A on his paper.I am going to the store.A sentence that makes a request or a demand is called an imperative, and can end with a period or exclamation point, depending on the emotion within the sentence.Sam, please run this errand for me.Put your coat on.The purpose of this type is to ask a question, and ends with a question mark.Do you know what time it is?What do you think about that new television show?Question marks do not only indicate a request or ask for information, but also evoke profound thought from your audience. This last use refers to rhetorical questions which are interrogatory sentences used to create an effect, not to illicit an answer. These sentences either imply their own answer or ask a question to which the audience already knows the answer. Since the goal of writing is to inform, rhetorical questions should be used sparingly.To emphasize your thought, use an exclamation point; doing so will classify the sentence as exclamatory. These sentences are not exclusively exclamatory, but can also be classified as declarative, imperative, or interrogatory. Adding an exclamation point provides the thought with stronger emotion.I won an award, too! (declarative)Text me later! (imperative)What were you thinking! (interrogative)As with the question mark, do not overuse the exclamation point either as it will begin to lose its effectiveness for emphasis. Since writing expresses voice and voice is difficult to capture in writing, too many exclamation points on paper will make your audience feel like they are being reprimanded. Your writing will most likely come across as abrasive and insulting.You might feel that a paricularly important question or exclamation deserves additional emphasis by adding multiple question marks (What????) or exclamation points (OMG!!!). This is not true. With the exception of a few very specific examples like an ellipsis (…) or quotation mark usage (“Hi.”), the English language does not require punctuation en masse. One exclamation point and one question mark at the end of appropriate sentences serve their purpose.One of the key components of writing is to mirror how we think and speak, and how we feel at the time of doing each. These sentence types provide us a means by which to do so effectively. (MORE)

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How do you use the word neurology in a sentence – Answers

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