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Nanotechnology News — ScienceDaily

Posted: August 22, 2015 at 12:46 am

Aug. 14, 2015 Researchers used their Campanile nano-optical probe to make some surprising discoveries about molybdenum disulfide, a member of the transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) semiconductor … read more Aug. 14, 2015 Using a method they invented for joining disparate elemental layers into a stable material with uniform, predictable properties, researchers are testing an array of new combinations that may vastly … read more Aug. 14, 2015 Researchers have developed a model system for so-called soft colloids. The model gives us a better understanding of correlations between the atomic structure of colloids and their perceptible … read more Aug. 13, 2015 An unusual magnetic effect has been discovered in nanolayers of an oxide of lanthanum and manganese (LaMnO3). The research revealed an abrupt magnetic transition brought about by the slightest change … read more Sediment Dwelling Creatures at Risk from Nanoparticles in Common Household Products Aug. 13, 2015 Biologists highlight the risks posed to aquatic organisms when nanoparticles ‘transform’ on contact with water and as they pass from water to sediment and then into sediment dwelling … read more Attosecond Electron Catapult Aug. 12, 2015 A team of physicists and chemists has studied the interaction of light with tiny glass particles. The relationship between strong laser pulses and glass nanoparticles is a special one — one that … read more Aug. 11, 2015 Scientists devised a new way of assembling ordered crystals made of nanoparticles. In this process, nanoparticles in the shape of cubes, octahedrons, and spheres coordinate with each other to build … read more Aug. 11, 2015 Scientists have developed a new technique for finding quantum dots. A quantum dot should produce one and only one photon — the smallest constituent of light — each time it is energized, and this … read more Aug. 10, 2015 Scientists have created a solid-state memory technology that allows for high-density storage with a minimum of … read more Aug. 10, 2015 A new microscope will allow scientists studying biological and synthetic materials to simultaneously observe chemical and physical properties on and beneath the … read more Nanotech Wound Healing in Diabetes Aug. 10, 2015 People with diabetes mellitus often suffer from impaired wound healing. Now, scientists have developed antibacterial nanofibres of cellulose acetate loaded with silver that could be used in a new … read more Aug. 10, 2015 An emerging technique called fluctuation X-ray scattering (FXS) could provide much more detail about a proteins molecular structure than traditional solution scattering. But a major limitation for … read more Aug. 7, 2015 A new method to extract more efficient and polarized light from quantum dots (QDs) over a large-scale area has been developed by researchers. Their method, which combines QD and photonic crystal … read more Aug. 7, 2015 The chemical reactions that make methanol from carbon dioxide rely on a catalyst to speed up the conversion, and scientists identified a new material that could fill this role. With its unique … read more Aug. 7, 2015 Molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2) is a crystalline compound that if pure enough can be used as a transistor. Its molecular structure is an atomic sandwich made up of one molybdenum atom for every … read more Aug. 7, 2015 There are no magic bullets for global energy needs. But fuel cells in which electrical energy is harnessed directly from live, self-sustaining chemical reactions promise cheaper alternatives to … read more Aug. 6, 2015 Chemists have discovered an unexpected way to use plasmonic metal, harvesting the high energy electrons excited by light in plasmon and then using this energy to do chemistry. Plasmon is a collective … read more Aug. 6, 2015 Easily manufactured, low cost, lightweight, flexible dielectric polymers that can operate at high temperatures may be the solution to energy storage and power conversion in electric vehicles and … read more Aug. 6, 2015 An international team of physicists has used carbon nanotubes to enhance the efficiency of laser-driven particle acceleration. This significant advance brings compact sources of ionizing radiation … read more Aug. 5, 2015 Researchers show that magnetic nanoparticles encased in oily liquid shells can bind together in water, much like sand particles mixed with the right amount of water can form … read more

Nanotechnology News — ScienceDaily

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