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MLB Hall of Fame: Breaking down the 2021 ballot – Call to the Pen

Posted: November 30, 2020 at 10:01 am

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(Photo credit should read KATHY WILLENS/AFP via Getty Images)

The announcement of the MLB Hall of Fame ballot is a time of excitement and remembrance. It is a chance to look back at the careers of those players, remembering their greatness and the highlights of their career. For some, it is one final chance to be in the spotlight, their names appearing on the ballot for that one year before falling off, their careers fading into the distance.

For others, it is a chance to have the fans remember how good of a player they had been. While they may not be inducted, they remain on the ballot for those ten years, their accomplishments being highlighted year after year. While they too fade away, their legacies stand out a bit longer, reverberating through MLB history a bit louder.

Then there are those select few for whom the MLB Hall of Fame ballot is a coronation. Whether they are inducted in their first year or their last year, it is a call for immortality. Those players are immortalized forever in the hallowed halls in Cooperstown, their legend secure. It is a time for celebration, of both those players and the history of the game.

Which players will get the call of immortality, finding out that they have been inducted in the MLB Hall of Fame this year? Lets take a look at the 25 man ballot.

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MLB Hall of Fame: Breaking down the 2021 ballot - Call to the Pen

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