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Former UBC staffer must repay $600,000 in excess salary: judge

Posted: March 1, 2012 at 2:44 pm

VANCOUVER A former University of British Columbia medical school employee is on the hook for more than a half a million dollars after she secretly accepted almost twice the pay she was owed.

Dating back to 1998, Wanda Barbara Moscipan, a financial administrator at the school, received $610,427.82 she wasn't entitled to, according to B.C. Supreme Court documents.

Moscipan's employment arrangement with the school stipulated that 20 per cent of her salary would be paid by UBC, while 80 per cent would be covered by Vancouver Coastal Health.

In its termination notice to Moscipan, the school accused her of fraudulently accepting 100 per cent of her pay from the school, and an additional 80 per cent from the health authority.

"Effectively, Ms. Moscipan claimed and received an income amounting to 180 per cent of pay for 100 per cent of work," Justice Richard Blair wrote in his Tuesday ruling.

The judge granted the school an injunction to try and recoup its money.

"My order freezes Ms. Moscipan's assets before judgment and also permits UBC to obtain information about Ms. Moscipan's assets through access to her banking and other financial records," the judge wrote.

He said he was convinced Moscipan tried to bilk the school of its money, and he believed there was a real risk that she could hide or get rid of her assets.

Moscipan was fired from her job in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in November 2011.

The injunction comes on the heels of the conviction of John Mwotassubi, a former financial manager in UBC's pediatrics department, who admitted to stealing nearly $460,000 from the school over seven years, dating back to 2003.

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Former UBC staffer must repay $600,000 in excess salary: judge

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