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Adelaide Medical School | Adelaide Medical School

Posted: February 4, 2019 at 5:47 am

Learn from highly experienced staff and clinicians

Our large team of talented academics and titleholders, both clinical and non-clinical, will provide you with practical case-based learning, simulated and real world clinical experience, and valuable inter-professional learning opportunities. You will study in the new state-of-the-art Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building and Adelaide Health Simulation, and have the opportunity to undertake extensive hands-on practice at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Modbury Hospital, Lyell McEwin Hospital and in rural locations.

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Adelaide Medical School showcases a vibrant research and research training environment, with significant success in attracting external competitive research grant support. Research is undertaken across the entire translational medicine spectrum and is focused on our understanding and treatment of important common diseases, with an important emphasis on multidisciplinary research.

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Adelaide Medical School has a proud research record of vigorous and diverse research programs in basic science, with applications to health and clinical research across numerous core disciplines. Each of these discipline areas plays a valuable role in the teaching and research activities of the school.

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In addition to Adelaide Medical Schools accomplished lecturers and researchers, you will also benefit from the dedication and expertise of our extended team of clinical titleholders, who are medical professionals from a wide range of specialist areas.

A vast amount of our undergraduate teaching is performed by clinical titleholders who are highly regarded specialists in their field. We are greatly appreciative of their valuable expertise and support.

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Adelaide Medical School | Adelaide Medical School

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