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About the School | Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple …

Posted: March 22, 2019 at 12:46 pm

Founded in 1901 as Pennsylvanias first co-educational medical school, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine has attained a national reputation for training humanistic clinicians and biomedical scientists. The school attracts students and faculty committed to making a difference in patient care, research, education and public service at home and across the globe.

The School of Medicine and Temple University Hospital (TUH), its chief clinical training site, provide care for patients from throughout the region seeking advanced tertiary- and quaternary-level care. In addition, TUH serves one of the most vulnerable populations in the nation, providing more free and under-reimbursed care than any other hospital in Pennsylvania.

With clinical training sites that include other member hospitals and specialty centers of the Temple University Health System and educational affiliates of the School of Medicine, medical students gain experience in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural in- and out-patient settings. They learn to provide culturally competent, interprofessional care to a diverse population of patients with simple conditions as well as highly complex ones.

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine is a school that prizes not just technical excellence but diversity, equality and inclusion. It teaches the true art and science of doctoring. Moreover, its educational strategic plan, Improving Health Through Innovation in Medical Education, keeps pace with new medical knowledge and with emerging trends in care delivery.

The schools home base in Philadelphia is a spectacular 11-story, 480,000 square-foot medical education and research building that features state-of-the-art facilities and technologies for medical education and research. It opened in 2009. With specialized research centers focused on population health, metabolic disease, cancer, heart disease and other strategic priorities, the school conducts investigations to break new groundand trains future generations of researchers to follow suit.

On October 13, 2015, Temple's medical school was officially dedicated as the Lewis Katz School of Medicine ahistoric milestone in the schools history. Thousands of people participated in events celebrating this change which,Dean Dr. Larry Kaiser said, "joins our schools legacy to the values that Lewis lived by, and the values which we have always tried to instill in our students hard work, dedication, service."

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine is part of Temple University Health System, a $1.6 billion enterprise. It is one of seven schools of medicine in Pennsylvania and the ninthmost-applied-to medical school in the United States.

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About the School | Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple ...

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