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MBA after BCom; subject combo with maths; and scope in biochemistry – The Tribune

Posted: May 29, 2020 at 4:57 pm

Will MBA after Bcom improve my career prospects?

Q. What are my career options if I pursue MCom instead of MBA after completing BCom?

Megha Bisht

A. While an MBA is a professional, job-oriented PG programme in management, an MCom is somewhat more academic & theoretical in content and approach.

After completing your MCom, the main avenues open to you those in Teaching, Accounting & Audit, Taxation, Finance, and Banking.

By adding a BEd to your MCom youll be eligible to teach Commerce at the Plus II level. And if you clear the NET exam, you can even teach at the college level.

MCom graduates can find suitable openings in financial research and analysis, taxation, stock market, insurance, financial planning and advisory, banking, financial services sales in all kinds of financial product and service providers besides those in accounting, financial processing/modeling and documentation as well as in KPOs.

You can sit for general competitive entrance exams such as the Civil Services or State Selection Commission. Your MCom qualification will also allow you to take the selection exams for the Income Tax, Customs and Excise Departments, Comptroller & Auditor General, Bank Probationary Officers.

Which subject combinations are available with maths in Class XI?

Q. I am in Class X. I am confused about choosing a subject next year. I want to pursue maths, but I do not know which other subjects I can take along with it. Can you help me with this?

Arvind Kumar

A. There are three streams in which you can take maths:

Career opportunities are truly wide and varied for anyone who has a talent and passion for mathematics. No wonder its called the queen of sciences!

Whats more, mathematics is not just for mathematicians. The skills you develop while studying for a math degree such as the ability to think logically as well as in abstraction find valuable and multifaceted applications in virtually every walk of life.

Some of the areas where number-crunchers are particularly valued are in: investment banking, insurance companies (Actuaries), taxation, engineering consulting, medical research, bioinformatics, computer science, computer security, data science and Big data, defense, operations research, market research (specifically quantitative) and media planning.

Going places with BSc biochem

Q. I had PCB in Class XII, but I am not very hopeful of clearing the NEET. I am interested in joining BSc biochemistry in DU. Apart from research and lectureship, what other career options can I go for?

Arun Shukla

A. Though personally I think you should give NEET a shot and have a positive attitude about your performance, it is good that you have a plan B in place. And it is a good plan as biochemists are playing an increasingly significant role in biological, environmental and clinical fields, with employment areas stretching from health care to agriculture. Biochemical analysis is used in clinical and forensic science (e.g. DNA fingerprinting) and in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Growth areas, where recruitment is intense, include biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Employment prospects for Biochemists with a master's degree are on the rise. While some go on to pursue research and further study, the rest find employment in industry, Pharma, education and related areas.

Of course, you are free to look at other options in life sciences and healthcare industry or anything else for that matter at the PG level. All the best!

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MBA after BCom; subject combo with maths; and scope in biochemistry - The Tribune

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