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It’s just good vibes in here. The Role Chemistry Has Played In The 2019 Seahawks’ Success –

Posted: December 8, 2019 at 9:45 am

K.J. Wright has seen a lot as the Seahawks longest-tenured player, so when the nine-year veteran says theres something special going on when it comes to the chemistry of this team, its worth paying attention.

The closer the team, the better they play together, the better they play for one another, and this team is definitely close, Wright said. Its just good vibes in here.

Wright then paused to turn the tables on the reporters surround him who usually are the ones asking questions.

I dont know if you can feel the energydo yall feel the energy in locker rooms? Wright asked.

After some nods and affirmative answers, Wright continued, The energy is good in here. It feels good, everybodys happy, everybody wants to win, there aint nobody on no B.S., life is good around here, its a good locker room.

There are a lot of very measurable reasons why the Seahawks are 10-2 this season and in first place in he NFC West. Quarterback Russell Wilson is playing at an MVP level, which combined with a strong running game has given the Seahawks one of the most productive offenses in the NFL; the Bobby Wagner and Wright-led defense has made a big turn over the past month, giving the Seahawks a dangerous, ball-hawking defense; and special teams play has been a big difference maker in several games, including last weeks win over Minnesota.

Much more difficult to quantify, but imperative nonetheless if you ask players and coaches, is the team chemistry, which can fluctuate from season to season as players come and go. And this years team, carrying over what started with a young, retooling team in 2018, has found something special. With that closeness comes not just off-field comradery between players, but a belief in what theyre doing together on the field and a desire to do well for each other. That cant be measured on a stat sheet, but its powerful and a real part of this teams success.

This is the team that I think well look back on, there was this deep seeded, longstanding care for each other that comes about in terms of harmony that they really are together, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said last month. Theyre with us on everything and theyre going along with it. Theyre pliable in a sense. Theyre growing into the belief that they can win football games. Thats really powerful knowing when you get there. Its obvious with all of the close games that weve played. The ability to do that comes from the belief that they have for themselves, what they are capable of doing, what the guys around them are capable of doing. Thats a very strongness in here. Its like, the force is strong in this room. Its pretty cool.

The chemistry this team has is particularly valuable, players say, when the Seahawks go on the road. The Seahawks are 6-0 on away from CenturyLink Field this season, matching the highest road win total in franchise history, and while that has a lot to do with the talent on the field and the coaching staff, theres also some intangibles in play.

Thats why when Wagner was asked about his teams road success, the first thing he said was, I just think it shows how close of a group we are. When we go on the road, everybodys connected, everybodys together, and I think thats what makes us a really good road teamthe connection, the chemistry, especially on the defensive side because when the offense is up its so quiet. Were able to communicate a lot better, were able to talk to one another a lot better. You can only talk to other people if you have a chemistry with them.

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It's just good vibes in here. The Role Chemistry Has Played In The 2019 Seahawks' Success -

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