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Integrative Medicine Clinic | Edward-Elmhurst Health

Posted: January 7, 2018 at 2:44 am

Getting healthy and staying healthy isnt only about medical treatments. Sometimes you need a little extra support to help you tolerate treatment and recover from illness and feel better overall.

Integrative Medicine takes into account the whole person. It makes use of different therapeutic practices to address all aspects of your health physical, emotional, social, spiritual and more. The goal is to restore and maintain health and wellness.

At the Elmhurst Integrative Medicine Clinic, we address your mind, body and spirit so you can live a better life now.

We offer the following Integrative Medicine services alongside your medical treatments:

Reiki is a complementary, holistic healing practice intended to promote the balance of energy in the body. The session is safe, gentle and non-invasive, and is used to enhance the effectiveness of conventional medical treatment. Reiki can help promote relaxation and release stress. It can also relieve pain, improve mental clarity and promote sleep.

Mindfulness therapy involves focusing your awareness on the present moment. Mindfulness meditation may involve deep breathing exercises and self-soothe techniques. During it, you acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings and sensations without judgment. By connecting with the moment at hand, mindfulness therapy can help you relax, gain mental clarity, reduce anxious thoughts, and feel restored.

Guided imagery involves the process of using directed thoughts and suggestions to guide ones imagination toward a relaxed, focused state. For example, it can help you to prepare for an event or activity by imagining a positive outcome.

Hypnosis is the process by which an individuals body relaxes while the mind enters a state of deep concentration. This therapy can be used to treat people with addictions, pain, anxiety disorders and phobias.

Advanced massage techniques are a useful adjunct to ones health plan to promote healing and maintain health. Massage is beneficial for many conditions, including chronic pain, soft tissue injuries and stress reduction.

This therapeutic practice includes an evaluation and treatment to resolve various body ailments through the use of acupuncture, cupping or gua sha. It promotes a state of optimal health to provide relief from pain, headaches, digestive disorders, sleep trouble, colds and sinus congestion, stress and more.

Maintaininga healthy, balanced diet is important to control your weight and improve your overall wellness. Heather Bautista, ND, CNS, LDN, naturopathic health coach with the Integrative Medicine Clinic, can help educate you in choosing healthy dietary options that are right for you.

Struggling to quit smoking? Our smoking cessation program can give you the support you need to quit for good.

Smoking is a strong, complicated addiction. You need the best tools to help with the physical and emotional symptoms. Hypnosis and acupuncture are great resources to help you succeed. During hypnosis for smoking cessation, a patient is often asked to imagine unpleasant outcomes from smoking, which can help later when the desire to smoke occurs. Acupuncture can help stop jitters, curb cravings, lessen irritability and restlessness, increase relaxation and detoxify the body.

Our Integrative Medicine Clinic offers a four-week smoking cessation program by hypnosis, counseling and acupuncture (if you wish). The program can give you the support you need to kick the habit for good. Learn more and call 331-221-6135 to register.

Be Activated is used globally by elite sports teams, the fitness industry and health professionals to treat injuries and enhance sporting performance. It is a powerful tool for stress management and can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction and chronic pain.

Eric Janota, D.O. is offering Be Activated at Edward-Elmhurst Health Center (located at 8 Salt Creek Lane in Hinsdale) for people with:

The Be Activated philosophy will change the way your body works. Simple changes to dysfunctioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed. The results are incredible. An activated body will quickly change from a state of tension and pain to a strong and relaxed state of excellent performance. To learn more, call 331-221-2550.

Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) is hands-on care. It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, your osteopathic physician (D.O.) will move your muscles and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

OMT can help people of all ages and backgrounds. The treatment can be used to ease pain, promote healing and increase overall mobility. OMT is often used to treat muscle pain, but it can also help patients with a number of other health problems such as: asthma, sinus disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines.

Julia Afridi, D.O., Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at Elmhurst Hospital, is offering OMT at Elmhurst Hospital and at our Oak Park clinic. Please call 331-221-1700 to set up your appointment for OMT.

A Whole Body Composition Test provides an accurate, in-depth body composition analysis that can be used to identify health risks and pinpoint problems in the body before they occur. Schedule your appointment online now or learn more, or call 630-527-3200 to make an appointment for the body analysis.

For people with cancer, Integrative Medicine therapies can help to diminish the stress and anxiety of cancer treatment and create a sense of well-being. Often patients forgo this type of therapy because its rarely covered by insurance.Instead, they live with the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Hope. Lives. Here. is an initiative launched by the Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation to increase awareness and raise funds for cancer programs and services at The Nancy W. Knowles Cancer Center.

The Foundation has raised funds to provide twocomplimentary 30-minute appointments in the Integrative Medicine Clinic to each new cancer patient that we treat in 2017. To make an appointment, call 331-221-6135.

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Integrative Medicine Clinic | Edward-Elmhurst Health

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