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How long does numbness last after tooth extraction?

Posted: January 5, 2021 at 2:54 am

Numbness is one of the typical problems that people experience after tooth extraction.

That is, you may experience numbness in your gums, lower lip, chin, and some other parts of your mouth after extraction.

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But that's not a big problem as it is common for most people to feel numbness after their tooth extraction.

However, people still worry about how to cure numbness and how long does numbness last after tooth extraction?

Here's the complete guide regarding this issue:

Numbness is a lack of feeling around your gums, chin, and some other oral parts after the surgery.

According to dental experts, numbness can last for 10 - 12 hours or sometimes 24 hours after tooth extraction.

It usually lasts not more than a day in the typical tooth extraction.

However, numbness may go longer than weeks or even months if caused by nerve damage during the tooth extraction procedure. And in that case, you need to take strict care of your oral health to avoid any severe complications.

What causes numbness after tooth extraction?

Numbness is a typical condition usually caused by the dental anesthesia given during the tooth extraction procedure.

Not only anesthesia but also other oral treatments like Implant surgery, denture placement, root canals can cause numbness in your mouth.

Thus, one shouldn’t be worried about this issue unless and until it does not go longer than a few days.

Consult with your dentist if numbness last longer than usual.

How to get rid of numbness after tooth extraction?

It is genuinely possible to reduce or completely heal numbness at your home.

Here are some of the professional ways that you must try!

Watch what you eat

If you've recently gone through tooth extraction, then it's highly likely your dentist has already given you a list of items that you should forget eating for a while, these may include eating solid foods, drinking soda, and even smoking is something you should refrain yourself from doing until you fully heal so be sure you're not doing either of these things!

Massage your cheeks

Massage and a warm compress can help increase blood flow to the affected area.

Just soak a piece of cloth in hot water and squeeze it well. Then apply it directly to your cheeks where you are feeling numbness.

Repeat this remedy twice a day until the complete relief.

Also, massage the affected areas with your fingers.

Cold compression

It is a beneficial way to minimize swelling after extraction.

Just add some ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply them to your cheeks where you feel numbness.

Hold it for at least 5 minutes.

Repeat this remedy twice a day.

Note: You can skip it if you are experiencing any problem through it.

Anti-inflammatory medicines

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Anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce swelling, numbness, and pain from the extraction site.

Ask your dentist to prescribe you the medicines that may help you get rid of this issue.

Do not take any of the medications without the prescription of your medical expert.

Keep your head up

It is always recommended to keep your head upright position after tooth extraction.

That helps the blood to flow properly and avoids excessive bleeding and numbness from the extraction site.

Keep extra pillows under your head so you can easily elevate your head even while sleeping.

Take a nap

A nap is crucial after tooth extraction, because falling asleep can let to get your mind off about the pain or numbness.

Sit back on a sofa or bed, relax, and let the numbing sensation go away.

Sleep for at least 8 - 10 hours at night after tooth extraction.

Rinse after every meal

Rinse your mouth with warm water after taking any food or drink.

That will help to clean your entire mouth, especially the extraction site from the stuck particles.

But don't rinse forcefully, and keep care of your extraction site while doing that.

Be cautious while brushing

Wrong brushing technique can affect your tooth extraction site and may lengthen the healing time.

Do not use the brush over the extraction site for at least 24 – 48 hours after the extraction.

Use brushes with soft bristles and brush in light movements.

Also, don't spit forcefully, as this can also affect the extraction site.

Avoid tough activities

Eating, talking, and other movements through the mouth can cause post-extraction problems.

That is, you should avoid hard and spicy foods on the first day after tooth extraction.

Consume soft and semi-soft foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and less spicy soups on the first day.

Avoid smoking coffee, soda, alcohol, tobacco as they can cause infection.

Also, do not talk too much and give rest to your mouth and tooth extraction site.

How long does numbness last after filling?

As we mentioned above, numbness can also be caused after a tooth filling.

Numbness after filling lasts for a few days to a couple of weeks.

But you shouldn't worry about that, as numbness is typical for most people after dental filling.

Can your ear numb after wisdom teeth removal?

Ear numbness is a rare condition after teeth removal.

If you are experiencing this issue, you should consult with an ENT specialist.

Don’t get late, or you’ll worsen the condition.

The Bottom Line

Numbness is not a thing to worry about after tooth extraction.

You can quickly get rid of it using some of the simple tips we mentioned above.

All in all, we hope you've got the answer to what you were searching for plus have learned so many new things regarding your problem.

Recommendation and review posted by Ashlie Lopez