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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy & Bioidentical …

Posted: July 10, 2015 at 12:44 am

To Optimize Your Hormones, You Should Consult with the Most Highly Trained physicians

All medicine requires extensive training, balancing hormones especially, and this isnt something traditionally taught in medical school. The physicians of BodyLogicMD are all required to undergo extensive training as well as complete the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine focused solely on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There is no other team that all meets the standard of BodyLogicMD physicians Join over 16,000 patients who are experiencing the difference that BHRT can make.

Almost all of us over the age of 40 (and in many cases over 30) begin to experience hormone imbalance. Over our lifetime, we are exposed to environmental and dietary toxins, which contribute to the natural decline of hormones as we age. In order to balance your hormones for optimal health and wellness, it is critical to be evaluated by a highly trained physician - including comprehensive lab testing and in depth initial questionnaires - prior to creating a personalized treatment plan.

Many factors can contribute to conditions and diseases that can occur at any stage in life, resulting from an imbalance of hormones:

As a result of hormone imbalance related to these conditions, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

If symptoms like these have begun to affect your quality of life, you could be a candidate forbioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

There is a reason the physicians in the BodyLogicMD franchise are the most sought-after in the industry. Our network of experienced physicians is routinely inundated with the latest technology, cutting-edge research and superior education available. Every bioidentical hormone doctor that joins the BodyLogicMD network completes over 200 hours of advanced training with the American Academy of Anti- Aging and Regenerative Medicine to join and maintain their status within the network. When you become a patient, you receive the dedicated attention of your doctor. Your appointments, consultations and questions about your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy are never passed off to a nurse or practitioner you receive all the attention and information firsthand from your knowledgeable physician for as long as you are a patient.

The good news, for both men and women, is that hormone loss and imbalance is easily correctible. Through state-of-the-art diagnostichormone testing, using saliva, urine and/or blood analysis, we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bioidentical hormone needs.

Initial consultations with a physician near you range from $395-$595. Get started today by clicking the Contact a Physician button below.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy & Bioidentical ...

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