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Dementia Friends

Posted: July 16, 2015 at 10:41 am

Get my dad to go to a dementia friends class by nicola Whittam

I am going to be more patient with people with dementia, and embrace their world more openly. I will also share the knowledge I now have with as many people as posssible x by samantha quinnell

Share facts and articles about dementia and latest news on social media, hoping to bring awareness to friends. Blog about nursing dementia patients, and the lessons that come with. by Alexandra Wong

Support my friend with his comndition and show understanding. by Ian Barnes

To tell my friends and family about what I have learned about dementia and to wear my dementia friend badge where ever I go by Lisa Chaffey

Tell friends about dementia and why it is important to have patience and look out for anyone who may be struggling to do a task. by Lauren Mackintosh

Attended first session and told family about what I had learned by Graham Hart

I am a student OT and I will wear my dementia friend badge on my uniform when on placement. by Donna Moy

To continue to raise awareness at my sons school and in the local area ... by Kelly Fraser

Teach my mother about dementia by JOANNE GRIFFITHS

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Dementia Friends

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