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Posted: July 7, 2018 at 4:43 am

Disclaimer: In posting this, I do not wish to do harm to any of the employees or students at Scripps. I only wish to bring justice and encourage others to come forward. Also, any statements that I make are ALLEGED. I hope that this will spur an external investigation into Scripps.

For the past decade, there has been multiple instances of sexual misconduct and academic misconduct at Scripps. In particular, the labs of Jin Quan Yu, Kim Janda (sexual misconduct), and Phil Baran. Here is a list of some of the instances:

- In the Yu lab, a student's research was stolen by a more senior member of the lab. Unbeknownst to the student, the senior member completed most of the work pertaining to the project. Yu did not object to this misconduct and instead rewarded the senior member with higher authorship than the student.

- In the Baran lab, multiple instances of sexual misconduct has occurred and Baran has been notified. In each instance the victim has been punished/blamed, with expulsion from the lab being a common outcome. One instance in particular, allegedly, involved sexual activity inside of Baran's office.

- In the Baran lab, published NMR spectras are manipulated using Mestrenova software. Solvent peaks are deleted. Additionally, yields are inflated. The yields of compounds are taken in the presence of impurities. I will not cite the exact publications due to anonymity.

- In the Baran lab, there have been multiple instances over the years where the credit for a student's work is taken by another member of the lab. Oftentimes this member is more senior.

- Within the greater institution, there have been instances of harassment due to racial background and gender. When these instances are brought forth to the administration, the victims are punished by expulsion from their labs or Scripps, or blamed for the actions of their perpetrators. In a way, they are harassed further by the administration of Scripps.

- The trip to Lake Arrowhead is an event where multiple instances of sexual misconduct have occurred. This trip is fueled by alcohol.

I also want to leave the story of Anna Owensby, a former fourth-year graduate student at Scripps:

To the victims of academic misconduct and sexual misconduct, please come forward. Hopefully this exposition will spur an external investigation into Scripps that will bring justice and stop the administration/faculty from ruining the careers of postdocs/graduate students. The environment at Scripps is unique from traditional universities in that their is little internal checks-and-balances to stop these injustices from occurring. Please do not be afraid to share your story anonymously.

EDIT: All parties discussed are innocent until proven otherwise. The purpose of this post is to encourage others to come forward and please reach out to the necessary authorities. You are not alone.

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